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12:31 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog man. I have seen that, actually at it's worst on the casino gig
Local casinos allow smoking, great air filtering but after a decade, the PC's in the pits get a certain.....
@meagar and apparently it kinda dosen't taste boozy
12:48 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I worked at a LEGO retail store as a seasonal employee. Got some stuff for 50% off just before that job ended
@Tinkeringbell I've never actually had a Long Island iced tea...
@Rob Yep, heard about that. Never really listened to Rush, but I knew they were a big deal
speaking of tea...
@V2Blast brews a cup of passionfruit tea for @V2Blast
1:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek And, as you might expect, tons of smokers in Vegas casinos...
I saw an airport smoking lounge somewhere, and the television inside it was encased in glass with an external ventilation system separate from the main one inside it.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog our airport smoking lounges are outdoors 😁
@V2Blast envy 😁
We don't have airport smoking lounges in the U.S. (as of 2020); I think I saw this in Hong Kong
I have a few sets for building when I move out. All pricy 😳
( the two Apollo sets and the giant batmobile)
1:54 AM
@V2Blast Actually they started as a small deal, their hometown growing tired of hearing about them. Still, they are part of The History of Rock and Roll - here's (partly) why:
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8:22 AM
gizmodo.com/… Isopods are ... kinda terrrifying
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9:50 AM
Has anyone an idea what the guy is talking about?
Can you please clarify more what exactly you are doing? Did you edit the settings in your profile? — πάντα ῥεῖ 1 hour ago
@πάνταῥεῖ they probably expect they can get notified of changes in their watched tags
@rene I understood that, but just adding a watched tag, you won't get any email notifications unless you edit your preferences in your profile, no?
Create a filter instead on StackExchange.com
Thus I asked for clarification in my comment.
@πάνταῥεῖ could be a bug as I have this in my pofile: i.stack.imgur.com/uJ3He.png but I don't recall I ever received an email that was about tags that I watched. Maybe because I disabled almost everything in my email settings.
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11:11 AM
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11:41 AM
could smokey do that automatically I wonder
oh i guess it'd need to be a mod.
11:52 AM
Or an RO
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3:04 PM
Jerome Hardaway on January 11, 2020

Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach coding to veterans who have varying degrees of education and experience. As such, newbies from all walks of life trying to get their eureka moment asked always ask me, “How do I learn how to code?” The first hurdle to learning how to code is learning how to learn. 

Learning how to learn is a subject where a lot of time and research has been devoted to. People spend thousands of dollars a year trying to figure out the optimum way to quickly learn, retain and apply knowledge to make them smarter or more employeable. …

3:28 PM
I am bored to death :-(
3 hours later…
6:23 PM
Why are people.
*unamused eyeroll*
Because we can't do mitosis, so we need others?
6:37 PM
@Tinkeringbell Is it worth it, though? Now we have to deal with... people.
Yeah, I don't think so ;)
What are people doing wrong now?
Q: Are puzzles that involve mention of real-world political situation forbidden?

user161005I'm new on Puzzling, so please inform me if such rule (or set of rules) exists. My puzzle: What is the maximum number of allies that you can have in this scenario? Original wording: Suppose you're the U.S. There is crisis in the Middle East, with many sides involved. Your goal is to get ...

Ugh yeah.
Great answer btw :)
Thanks. I don't think I'll be continuing to comment, though :P
Yeah, that sounds like a great idea too ;)
4 hours later…
10:38 PM
The problem with those sort of questions is that essentially they either censor participation or define whom can participate from certain countries while allowing others freedom to express their thoughts. While we all shouldn't have to bow to the lowest common denominator there's little benefit to wording that puzzle in such a manner. --- Sometimes one side feels free to express their opinion and othertimes it takes a breaking point to bring out the other side:
11:09 PM
@Rob in some cases though, the goal is literally to make a platform for things they know would not be acceptable
I cannot imagine too many folks happy about the specifics of the mess in the middle east
@JourneymanGeek Yes, all Q&As hereafter must be an allegory, like the classic: Animal Farm - (tongue in cheek).
@Rob and people doing things that they're asked not to do. Then claiming its not in the rules
You don't rules lawyer an old gamer.
We smell it from a mile away
It does seem to have died down, finally. A month ago the review queues were stuffed and I could do 15/day, recently it's dropped to 3-5/day.
Likewise on the mod queue
that's something folks complaining about deletions don't realise
there was too much activity to go look for stuff
we were/are relying mostly on the queue to find stuff
11:28 PM
Followed by the "Why was ... deleted, it's unfair ...".
But we can't really complain can we?
I've had multiple comments complaining about comment deletion on unrelated posts
Anger / feelings in once place spills / leaks over to another place. People are annoyed in one location and take their work home with them.
Noise pollution leads to a deafening of the senses and sensitization to prodding.

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