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12:05 AM
@b_jonas The way I read that is long ago "post" correctly found "parent" (so Qs or As found the Q), then it broke and "post" that is answer didn't find the "parent" (question). Now they've completely changed things, to use "post" only (so Q or A). --- When they recalculate and you were previously (long ago) awarded correctly for "postID" to either Q or A (second to last paragraph, and you used A but we're awarded for Q) you keep
it. If during the error period you lose it. And, now you get awarded for each post (one Q or multiple As) and so can get multiple badges per Q (if you link Q, and multiple As, or only multiple As and no Q).
Clearer? 🤣
2 hours later…
1:55 AM
was this question deleted by the OP
No, and you can tell even without 10k
> removed from Meta Stack Exchange for reasons of moderation
There's a different message if it was self-deleted
Something like 'voluntarily removed by the author'
that's kinda unfair. I mean, I know it's a rant but it's a post about potential "harassment" by a moderator. it's not like it could be posted on that site's meta without being removed
Meta isn't a place to complain about moderator abuse - the community can't do anything about it. They just need to email SE
And since a CM has already seen their 'complaint', if there's any merit to it, I'm sure it'll be sorted
^^^ this one understands these things well.
2:04 AM
You should have changed your username to ert.
Damn, too late!
I’ll fix it for you.
Go for it :). I don't particularly like the full name, as someone said in the blue room already - seems too formal :D
I see what you're saying and I agree with it to an extent but there must be a threshold that question like that might be allowed
@User37849012643 There's actually a precident for this from before.
Fundamentally - in theory and in practice, praise in public, blame in private.
2:09 AM
@ert Hee hee. Ping me if you think of something better.
If its about staff, in many cases, we would ping them and let them know
@Catija Thanks - and that's unlikely... as you can see by my previous names, I'm not that creative
And with that I'm off - time for my work's christmas party. o/
Have fun!?
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7:13 AM
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7:26 AM
Busy week. I think I am going to hit 10k steps all 3 workdayse
Oh. Did that last job too
At least it's air conditioned
another meeting today, but just one
7:40 AM
@Magisch Is it? It's 8:30 and still half-dark out...
@Tinkeringbell It is for me because I get up at 6.30 and darkness doesn't mean it's not morning
also because I start work at 8.00
I just got back from the swimming pool...
Utterly disappointed. Only got announcer badges. I'm obviously great at sharing non-popular topics.
@Tinkeringbell wish I had time to go swimming before work, but alas
@Magisch It's not as fun as it sounds :P
7:44 AM
I'm not a senior consultant like you, but merely a junior software developer & sysadmin :P
Life of a senior consultant can be harsh.
Friends that take you swimming... Managers that expect you to work more than 40 hours a week..
hey, some people try for years to get such a position and fail
It's not that hard...
Just mess up everything :P
8:03 AM
8:23 AM
@Tinkeringbell I'm working on part of an ERP system transition right now. I'm almost convinced I was a bad person in a previous life because this is tedious, mission critical and user-feedback driven
nothing can go wrong because we're in essence working on a semi-live system and the continued operation of the company depends on it
Then again, I did get a above average raise and christmas bonus this year, and some extra days off for next year, so I can't really complain
Well, my life is a tiny bit easier then, though I'm working on both a legacy and upgraded application, while another team is upgrading the last legacy bits.

So if you ever need a merge conflict specialist...
@Magisch Hmmm. That sounds nice...
@Magisch mm, money does not fix tedium and anxiety.
May your transitions be smooth sailing
Read that out of context and it's a really weird thing to say.
@Gimby yeah, but life isn't always smooth sailing and sometimes you get thrown in the thick of it and have to commit to making it
I'll have more critical and tedious work at some point after this, I'm sure
8:30 AM
don't we all. I regularly have to deal with doing flipping XML translations from one poorly specced standard (HL7v3, health care stuff) to another poorly specced XML format, or vice-versa. Pretty much the dullest, most unfulfilling work I've ever done.
reminds me of my work translating and generating EDI Messages (some kind of weird messed up poorly specced delivery forecast standard in germany specifically)
It's not even XML it's a text file with 128 char lines with fixed field lengths
Yes, I've had to deal with EDI in the past. In fact colleagues of mine still do :)
jeez, I need tea
@Gimby o/
@Magisch I think I am paying off karma at an accelerated rate 🤣
@Magisch \o?
8:36 AM
my software reads VDA4905 Orders and compiles and sends VDA4913 delivery forecasts
directly integrated into our ERP system. So the order processing people make a delivery note, and when the parts leave our warehouse the delivery forecast gets automatically created and sent to the customer
"my software", I like how you've taken ownership of it.
I mean, I wrote it entirely
the EDI part of the ERP software was 100% my own project
What the heck, it awarded me a gold Publicist badge? Now I know the script is doing absolute nonsense.
oh have badges gone bonkers?
I got the one for 25 unique views on a shared link
Which is possible i guess, but I've not shared a link in many a eon.
Probably the task was dead, and now it spewed out badges like crazy when revived.
8:46 AM
@djsmiley2k-CoW Something got fixed so a lot of people got some retro-actively
Come to think of it, I earned three bronze announcer badges out of the blue
Same. All for IPS Meta ;)
@Tinkeringbell And now it's broken in a different way, as described in that answer, so now I've got like 20 duplicate Announcer badges
@b_jonas Just enjoy them :P
I really don't understand that Publicist badge though.
8:55 AM
Why not? You probably shared something very popular.
Ah excellent.
I think getting 25 clicks off chat is possible
... or bot/web crawler
9:15 AM
(207212 Row(s) affected)
Good sign when executing a "UPDATE" on the live database
ha ha :) unless you were expecting 20 rows to be affected, then it's a nightmare.
@Magisch A parakeet? Not Jimi Hendrix's fault: bbc.com/news/uk-england-50755015
this is a green parrot I'll have you know
9:30 AM
I'm supprised they manage in some of our coldest winters.
I'm surprised I manage some of the colder winters :P
Love a good cold winter I do
I suppose I should do some work
been here an hour, and all I've done is get some stats from a load balancer :O
@Tinkeringbell don't you migrate as a tropical bird?
It's Friday, after all.
@Magisch I'm a bit of a 'huismus' :P
well yes, I tend to take it easier on fridays anyway
and all the reports from 'above' are full of praise etc, so I'm doing something right
just makes me wonder wtf other people do.
bevcause, I only work to the ..... best of my ability, I don't rush....
9:39 AM
dunning kruger works both ways
@djsmiley2k-CoW I even manage to get those when I'm doing absolutely horrible. :P
@djsmiley2k-CoW not rushing tends to improve quality of work though :)
@Tinkeringbell didn't you in the past express frustration about that?
@Magisch Probably just a little ;)
10:19 AM
People have reached Peter's Plateau and can't take on an additional task.
I like my Peter's Plateau then :D
I just refuse management duties.
I'm being molded into the senior on my team, which is fine.
10:47 AM
@djsmiley2k-CoW That does sound a little bit like "team lead" though, and that implies management duties ;)
Molded into shape:
There's a better one than this, but this one is still pretty good:
I wonder what it's like to stand next to that monster when it's working
uncomfortably warm, most likely
And probably you feel the impact drill down to your bones :)
10:58 AM
Notice the inadequate hearing protection.
11:19 AM
If you have another half hour: youtube.com/watch?v=oJYGSy6fRic youtube.com/watch?v=Ql8DqSRBRNg - the second isn't quite so interesting 3/4 way through.
Ehh.... I do need to get actual work done today :P
And another users deletes their account.
11:37 AM
@Hitodama who this time?
11:47 AM
@Magisch I'm guessing Nobody. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/340331/…
@Gimby yep. Won't use the old name since they changed it, but it isn't exactly hidden if you look at the profile
Aww. It breaks my heart to see it get to that point.
2 hours later…
2:06 PM
@Hitodama thank you for that poem on my knit, it's beautiful!
2:17 PM
@curious ? Oh, you mean the one with the fire?
To be fair, that is "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold" from the book "The Hobbit"
I haven't read it (shame on me, I know!)
Hot take: I like the Hobbit more than the LotR
(the book)
I heard a lot of good stuff about the Hobbit
I definitely need more fiction in my life :P
The Hobbit is fun. Dragons, trolls, treasure, freakish spiders.
It lacks most of the doom & gloom in LOTR.
2:30 PM
@Gimby You forgot Legolas.
How is it compared to GoT?
@Hitodama Legolas wasn't in the book was he? Its been too long since I read them
@curious less uncouth.
@Gimby that was the joke :P
doh :)
Let there be no mistake: I dislike the Hobbit movies. It would have been so good as one movie that stuck to the source material, but no it had to be padded into oblivion...
@Hitodama I'm not sure if you are referring to the books or the TV series :)
2:33 PM
@Gimby Same.
I don't recall the books being particularly vulgar (it's all relative though!)
@curious You mean LotR vs GoT?
or Hobbit vs Got?
Hobbit VS GoT is like comparing South Park to Disney :)
Yeah comparing the Hobbit and GoT would actually be pretty funny. They are so different
2:56 PM
@Gimby lol!
@Rubiksmoose ... whichever, just curious ;)
@curious Well the Hobbit was written as a children's tale of adventure to introduce the LotR world and Hobbits in general. It's tone is light and folkstalesy with danger but very few (if any) significant character deaths.
@Gimby At least with GoT you probably will soon realize what you are reading.
Compare that with things like Puella Magi or Made in Abyss
GoT is a very adult very grim series where there is lots of brutal main character deaths, twists, complex politics, moral grey areas, and .... lots of explicit sex.
LotR is more adult in that there is more grimness and death and politics, but it has a pretty strict category: good guys are good and bad guys are bad. Also it is very chaste.
Made in Abyss looks like it will be a "Kids explore fantasy world for treasures", Goonies like manga.....
It is not.
@Hitodama hah! [it is, however, extremely excellent]
[looks up when season 2 is coming for the millionth time]
3:03 PM
@Rubiksmoose let me guess... you only know the anime?
You never read the manga past the anime?
@Hitodama You got it. Somehow I'm stubbornly refusing to read Manga until my Japanese gets good enough to read it in the original language. Which means maybe in 10 years lol.
@Hitodama Yup, that's me. [cries for Hunter x Hunter]
@Rubiksmoose OK. Will only say that it doesn't get any happier.
@Hitodama I wouldn't expect it to! I like it a lot so far.
and obviously, the covers continue to be all cute and cuddly.
@Hitodama Naturally lol
3:09 PM
@Rubiksmoose You are learning Japanese? Respect. I am learning Spanish and I'm already having a hard time :)
@Gimby Heh. I'm not learning it particularly fast for sure. And I even have an advantage in that my company is Japanese so I get to learn from someone at work. But learning any language is just so hard.
@Rubiksmoose I would suggest you try this one, but a) it is not exactly available in many countries and b) it is manga only (with the exception of a 10 minute OVA)
@Gimby I have respect for anybody trying to learn any language.
@Hitodama oooo, that art looks great.
3:14 PM
@Rubiksmoose Same here. I'm using duolingo for now and when I've worked through most of that I'm jumping into a proper course (not online).
@Gimby Good plan. In-person learning is just the way to go with languages.
@Rubiksmoose I have respect for myself
> In a land far away, there were two kingdoms: the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace. The girl and the beast should never have met, but when they do, a quiet fairytale begins.

This is a story of two people--one human, one inhuman--who linger in the hazy twilight that separates night from day.
and yep, the art IS great
@Rubiksmoose indeed. My partner is Spanish but I'm kind of keeping it a secret from her so I can spring it on her and her family by complete surprise some day :)
@Gimby That adorable! I'm sure that will be a very nice surprise!
@Hitodama I might have to check this out for sure.
3:17 PM
@Gimby Do it whenever they're gossiping about you and thinking they can't be overheard. That'll go over well ;)
@Gimby Well whenever you do make the big reveal you might even be able to have them help you learn!
@Tinkeringbell Ha ha :) I know enough Spanish to know what people are talking about though, the less adorable part of this whole deal is that I am about 12 years late in doing this. In all that time enough of the language has rubbed off on me that I can follow it...
Wish I had that too... my best friend lived in Costa Rica as a child, and whenever I'm around and she gets mad at her mom, the two start talking rapid Spanish with each other ... It does sure sound angry :P
That's Spanish people for you, they would give Magisch a migraine that would kill him. Regularly I have witnessed conversations at the dinner table where 4 people are talking at the same time - to each other - successfully.
My aunt and uncle speak fluent Chinese (my uncle is Chinese) and the way my aunt switches back and forth between languages is always astounding to me.
3:24 PM
@Gimby Oh, you should join mom or dad's 'kringverjaardag' some day... everyone just seems to talk at once.
To the point where you start wondering if there's anyone left listening.
ugh, I hate that Dutch tradition. I stopped celebrating my birthday because of it.
You don't have an aunt who is louder than everyone else and tries to make every conversation about her?
@Rubiksmoose Actaully... Whenever we have people around that don't speak Dutch and I need to talk English... the way I switch back and forth between Dutch and English is amazing too? :P
@Gimby The advice about planting trees is probably appropriate here as well:
> The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
3:26 PM
@Rubiksmoose Love it
@Gimby Do. Unless we're at the grandparents, then it's not about her but about Mormel the dog.
That art looks pretty @Hitodama :)
@Tinkeringbell Yes! It boggles my mind when people can hold more than one language in their head at all, much less in a fluent way.
@Rubiksmoose XD I just keep forgetting English words, so fall back on Dutch ;)
3:28 PM
@Rubiksmoose That is a funny thing I find about the Dutch - it takes training. You can trick a lot of them into completely stumbling by switching from Dutch to English and back, it really throws them off their game :)
@Tinkeringbell it is taken from the manga I mentioned before
@Tinkeringbell hah!
@Hitodama Yeah, I figured ;) It looks very similar :)
and the final piece to trap the Moose forever.
I am having this weird problem where when I'm trying to recall a Japanese word, I keep digging up random Spanish words I learned from 10th grade Spanish class instead. Words I haven't thought about in years.
3:30 PM
^ an AMV made with some scenes from the OVA
@Rubiksmoose That is weird...
Btw, did I mention I like your site? :P
@Tinkeringbell hahahaha, just solving life's most important problems XD
Well, I did tell you that all I know about DnD is that it ruins relationships, right? :P
@Rubiksmoose To be honest when I'm watching Japanese anime I do often get the sensation that I just heard a Spanish word.
@Tinkeringbell I've actually heard the same thing independently from two other people. I wonder if this thing is a known effect of maybe my brain is just weird.
3:35 PM
@Rubiksmoose Only one way to find out!
Time to take apart the rubikscube.
@Tinkeringbell As long as you don't take my stickers off! They have a hard enough time staying on by themselves!
As far as I can see, that's not necessary? Or can a cube with three 'complete' sides have hidden 'defects' on the other three? :P
@Tinkeringbell When done right, I've found that D&D is fantastic for building relationships as well ;)
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, probably a bit too good at too XD All in the same story ;)
@Rubiksmoose isn't that the official approved way to solve a Rubik cube?
3:38 PM
(The only person I know playing DnD played it with a significant other, only to meet another significant other... so now there's a divorce and a new relationship all at the same time.)
@Tinkeringbell Not necessary at all, but seriously I feel like 80% of the people that saw me solve a Rubik's cube would suggest peeling the stickers off. They don't even think about the fact that it is so much easier to take it apart.
To be honest... all cubes I solved in my life were done by taking stickers off :P
I never play fair...
hahaha. I have a feeling that many cube stickers met untimely deaths in that way.
For future reference though, turn one layer 45 degrees apart from the others, pry out center cube of that row and then all the other cubes will basically fall out.
Just be sure to put them in the right way again lol
3:43 PM
@Rubiksmoose Has nobody ever told you to not show any weakness on the internet? :P
You know, there are cube solvers that scan the cube through your webcam...
You can put them in such that it is impossible to solve.
@Rubiksmoose and that is something you have to remember whenever you want to give someone a nice present
A "nicer" version of the troll is to just replace a single sticker on a face so that now the cube has - for example - 10 red squares and only 8 white ones
If done well enough, most won't notice very soon
The algorithm I learned is just 2x2x3 (intuitive) -> edge orientation (trivial algo) -> F2L (more block insertion) -> CPL (Sune) -> EPL (U-perm)
@Hitodama Caaalm down!
3:48 PM
@Hitodama hahaha, I've had friends try to pull that on me.
@Hitodama Satan must be impressed with your work.
@JohnDvorak I think that's the way I do it too. Petra method IIRC.
@Gimby I didn't say I would do that ^_^'.
But I recognize that few trolls could be worse.
Hiding a single small block from a just opened Lego kit is probably one of those.
@Hitodama oof. That or a single puzzle piece.
Imagine giving someone a 50000 piece puzzle with one missing.
4:03 PM
@Gimby oh, I saw worse. I have a puzzle at home that had two perfectly identically shaped pieces. The fun part is that the picture too is almost identical.
Funny times arguing which one was which.
I am still not sure they are in the correct position.
I guess that at least that means that no one will be able to tell too....
So it doesn't really matter much.
I had one puzzle where one piece just had the wrong color, so for the longest time I thought I was missing a sky piece. But nope, at the end of the puzzle I had this one really weird purplish piece left over and it slotted right into the otherwise brightly blue sky.
@Gimby Like this?
user image
What the hell.
No that's... that's worse
@Gimby that was clearly supposed to be an UFO.
Well, I'm going to celebrate the fact that it's weekend. Have a good one!
4:14 PM
You too!
4:27 PM
@Glorfindel Given your past foray into hacking the protect/unprotect option, can you please tell me if you're able to unprotect and re-protect this question? Trying to gather more information for this bug report.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Christmas party @ work, I hope I remember your request tomorrow ...
5:05 PM
Where are we supposed to share our suspected (un-scienced) triggers for secret hats?
24 messages moved to Chimney
5:56 PM
@curious the chatroom? No clue, actually....
6:08 PM
@curious There is a Winter Bash room on the chat.SE server
6:49 PM
7:02 PM
@Rubiksmoose The frog says: Ribbit - ribbit
@πάνταῥεῖ Are you sure it's not moose?
I knew I was doing it wrong!
7:10 PM
@Rubiksmoose How does the fox say?
Nope. Wrong again:

@πάνταῥεῖ I will enjoy having this song stuck in my head for a bit lol
@Rubiksmoose Whenever I think I fortunately forgot that song, someone comes and drags it from my brains lowest swamp :-D
7:29 PM
@Rubiksmoose Well, more (serious) background:
Apparently Julia left too :(
can't open those here
or, won't, moreso than cant
7:46 PM
@user400654 "Reddit was once a community, but now it's an attempt to monetize its users - nothing more, nothing less."
Dinge Ding Ding Ding ...
sounds familiar
reddit though actually has some good communities
both KSP and POE come to mind
@user400654 Sure, Kudos and welcomeness guaranteed. No "toxicity" noticed ever.
"Good" and "Toxic" don't have to be mutually exclusive
With no tolerance for toxicity, you're left constantly walking on eggshells.
that's no fun
@user400654 Depends on the dose. Just like with any drug.
@user400654 We never liked fun at the SE sites. Just to note you.
@Shog9 Some ideas?
8:02 PM
what does reddit sell tho
is it advert views too?
they don't sell 'reddit', for sure
@djsmiley2k-CoW Advertisement reachouts.
"The Sandman" (German: Der Sandmann, 1816) is a short story written in German by E. T. A. Hoffmann. It was the first in an 1817 book of stories titled Die Nachtstücke (The Night Pieces). == Plot summary == The story is told by a narrator who claims to have known Lothar. It begins by quoting three letters: 1. A letter from Nathanael to Lothar, the brother of his fiancée, Clara. Nathanael recalls his childhood terror of the legendary Sandman, who was said to steal the eyes of children who would not go to bed and feed them to his own children who lived in the moon. Nathanael came to associate the...
8:42 PM
someone want to nuke them?
8:55 PM
Okay, so the recent implementation of the comment lock made yet another fragmented type of lock, operating differently from most locks, and as such rendered the general locking FAQ outdated again.
In the case of historical locks (another forked type), this situation was resolved by creating a whole new FAQ for it.
I didn't think this was necessary for comment locks, and there wouldn't be too much to say in it, so after much deliberation I opted to edit in info on them into the commenting FAQ, and edited that into the "note" at the top of the locking FAQ.
I don't see how I got the Mother of Dragons hat, but somehow I did?
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。 ᵀᴴᴱ ᴳᴬᴹᴱ'
9:10 PM
@GammaGames Apparently people don't know yet... which surprises me but... :shrug:
A: ❄️🎩👒🧢❄️ Winter Bash 2019 Hat list ❄️🎩👒🧢❄️

DavidSecret hats The Merlin Warm Welcome Universe Brain This Is Fine 007 Blue in the Face Propel Thyself Rubber Ducky 180° Mother of Dragons

9:23 PM
12 messages moved to Chimney
9:39 PM
@Catija Huh, weird. I've only done a handful of things on the community I got the hat too
10:03 PM
@GammaGames which community?! That could help us figure it out.
Ah nvm I found it
10:23 PM
@Rubiksmoose In case anyone else wants to look, there's only 10 actions: bricks.stackexchange.com/users/13374/gammagames?tab=activity
And only one vote, for that question
@Catija Is asking for hints on secret hats allowed?
@GammaGames This will require testing lol
If so, does the Blue in the Face hat have something to do with Taryn (formerly bluefeet), given the avatar similarity and the fact that there was previously a hat for interacting with a specific staff member's post(s)?
My understanding is that after hairboat’s revenge, we agreed to never involve a staff member in future.
Revenge? Link?
Also, that doesn't necessarily invalidate it for other staffers.
10:29 PM
Is there a link to the "revenge" she took, or was it all in internal channels?
Use search? It’s a hat.
Hat was called “hairboat’s revenge”.
I thought it was just called "hairboat"?
10:34 PM
it was, one year
it wasn't another year
hence "revenge"
Ah, then it was probably during my SE downtime (2015-2017).
Back in 2013-2014 it was just called "hairboat".
i only recall the revenge one, the other... maybe i wasn't active that year
Anyway. Moratorium on involving staff posts.
So...in any case, can I please see a link to the discussion where this decision was made? Or was it completely internal?
10:38 PM
I know it's not @Feeds because I replied to one, maybe it's @Community
That could have been someone using that account to earn a hat for it.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Considering I understood this before I was hired, I’m guessing it’s public but I have no clue where. Do I really need to cite sources, though? It’s a huge headache for us to put on staff, particularly over the holidays when they should be resting and any pings they get should be urgent rather than frivolous.
Q: Winter Bash 2015 post-mortem

PopsI was a big fan of Jon's approach to wrapping up Winter Bash last year, pairing the traditional blog post with a deeper dive here on meta. So I'm stealing it continuing to implement a successful feature. First, though, for those who haven't seen it yet: this year's wrap-up blog post. Statistics ...

it's touched on there
there's quite a few posts complaining about the purpose of hats that year
10:49 PM
this year has seemed... quite a bit quieter, at least in terms of complaints about specific hats causing problems. Only one that i can think of
We’re in danger of actually being active in here during happy hour, y’all.
Well, I couldn't participate for a while since it was 4:30 AM in India
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog The way I see it, SE's going about locks entirely the wrong way. Instead of coming up with purposes for locks and then picking what actions they disallow, the lock interface should have a list of actions to disallow, and an independent "explain why the post is being locked" section.
@Mark File a new FR
It's all historical. A while ago, a lock only meant one thing, you couldn't even specify a reason for it.
If the system were being designed today, it would probably be like how you described it, but the reality is that it was designed by Jeff in '09.
But there aren't much resources within SE to completely redesign things at the moment.
11:00 PM
@user400654 Thanks, the first revision of that was well-needed.
When I got back here (to SoCal), I was falling asleep at 4 PM, awakening at 2 AM. One drink of coffee (which I don't really drink at all) pushed the timeline forward by three hours, but it's still not quite correct
Now, for the moment of truth - how much did the X-ray machines damage my photographic film?
In general, it doesn't unless you use ultra-special types of film.
IS0 800 or lower you're generally fine. Most people use 400.
11:15 PM
@Catija Yeah, that's why I brought mostly 100 ISO films with me.
A few 400, and two 800.
I was hoping to find a place to develop film in the places I was visiting in India, but there weren't any I could find (in the short amount of time).
I've taken 3200 ISO films with me on a few flights, but always gotten hand inspection on them.
Most U.S. TSA agents are aware of it, and while it is allowed in India, most officers there don't.
The Photo.SE X-ray answer, what you said.
A couple of film rolls I shot and published:
By coincidence, that plane happened to be in Mumbai airport the same day I was flying out of there.

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