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3:00 PM
i think one should not create a space where people socialize and whose main sold feature is to express thoughts and moments and interact with others and then apply censorship rules that overreach an assumed inherent social contract.
ofcourse the latter can be biased, vague and changing depending on where one lives. just stating my pov.
Censorship is crucial, e.g. if one person's thoughts and moments offend other person.
@CptEric Hmmm... but one of the inherent things about social contracts is that social contract arguments typically posit that individuals have consented, either explicitly or tacitly, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority (of the ruler, or to the decision of a majority) in exchange for protection of their remaining rights or maintenance of the social order.
So your thing only works as long as nobody misbehaves. As soon as people start getting confronted with abuse, they're likely willing to give up something to keep using the platform but not be confronted with the abuse.
So the questions that are there then, are what are you willing to give up vs. what do you really need to see protected/be protected from
that's where a well stated social contract interferes and puts those offending or offended people in place.
take the bill of human rights as a base. based on it without needs of interpretation you have the basis for a healthy and respectful social interaction.
Q: When logged out, on Questions tab, after changing page size to 30 or 50 and clicking on a page number, page size resets to default 15

user1306322The URL seems to only include either the page size or the page number, but never both. This is true for both logged in and logged out states. https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions?tab=newest&page=2 https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions?tab=newest&pagesize=50 While logged in, the desired ...

is it considered an exact duplicate if the parameter of the problem is the same but not the object?
I'm talking about the questions tab but the other post is talking about hot network questions page
@CptEric Except that there's no universal human right's bill that every person agrees with. So we're now veering into a territory where humans are going to make decisions about which human right's bill, and how to interpret that (things like, does artistic freedom override each person's right to be accepted as they are).
3:08 PM
it doesn't seem like "exact duplicate" in a straightforward meaning of the phrase to me
there's one though that the majority of the world agrees and there's a fancy pdf that keeps updated by the UN when there's a change published
I could agree that it would be duplicate enough if the pages were on the same tab list but this is a pretty different page
There is also a very important distinction between "offending" and "taking offence" - one that is often interpreted with bias.
@user1306322 not exact, but fixing one should give trivial fix to the other.
@CptEric can I read that pdf?
3:09 PM
@CptEric Okay, but that doesn't handle the second part yet... the one that judges and courts around the world are struggling with too
@ShadowThePrincessWizard except maybe not because they are different enough pages
The issue is that the system counts on the page size to be stored in a cookie, not just passed on URL, so when there's no cookie, it reverts to the default.
idk if devs would agree with that
If they'll change it so page size always go on URL, they should apply this change on all places.
3:10 PM
@Tinkeringbell The UN would be a decent place to start. But freedom of speech isn't in there
those are much more basic
anything that is beyond the reaches of the rights we all agree to live by when we become citiziens of our countries, voluntarily or not, should in my opinion not be treated.
If they don't, and the other one is fixed while "yours" isn't, feel free to ping me and I'll reopen. @user1306322
@JAD I used artistic freedom because CptEric used that a few messages earlier...
@CptEric That's another thing the book touches... 'your opinion' on moderation as a platform user/community member...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard this is why I'm largely in favor of bug-tracking these as separate issues, but alas the dupe votes have decided otherwise
idk if I care enough to keep track of this issue myself, there are a number of other "insignificant" bugs that never got fixed and I don't remember them either but they're all in my post history
All in all... meh. :)
3:14 PM
yea yea
time for some evening tea and a slice of cake
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'take'.
@JAD Also... article 19?
3:14 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard brews a cup of jasmine tea for @user13
take = tea and cake
just take me lol
hold me, Smokes
3:15 PM
And the human rights declaration isn't really so much a description of a social contract... it's a list of rights, but it doesn't state the balance between rights and what you give up so that others can be protected... which is social contract theory.
what you give up, is your capacity to stripe someone from those rights
He is the real @user13! :P
I have no idea about this reference or whatever
3:16 PM
verbally and effectivily, harm to those is a direct threat to them
Ugh. Is this from the book we talked about tink? 😄 I really need to find time to read it
@JourneymanGeek Some of it yeah, but somehow we got to human rights... I didn't get to that part of the book yet either ;P
in other words, Article 30 is everything we need
@CptEric Do I? Do I give up that right only? I think in some cases, people give up a bit of e.g. Article 9, when there's massive riots and police are just trying to clean up...
@JourneymanGeek you should. I'm in chapter 3, it's a well done and well argued writeup
although I don't agree with every point
3:18 PM
we don't give the right up, the government is breaking that right.
that doesn't make it correct to do so.
@Magisch yeah. Busy week
that fact that there's massive riots somewhere is not a valid cause for arbitrary detention.
what's the book being discussed?
giving up that right gives space to the government deciding what massive and riot mean
@user1306322 Scroll up :)
3:21 PM
I did but I couldn't find it
if there's an amazon onebox somewhere it might not be loading for me coz geoblocking probably
about moderation on the internet, the story behind it, where it's going, how communities behave, etc
@CptEric You don't give up the entire right, perhaps... but you give up some freedom associated with that right (to never be accidentally swept up by police, to never be mistakenly arrested) so the police can do their work, and don't have to resort to arbitrarily detaining everyone all the time...
i don't give it up, nor anybody should.
The human rights bill is interesting, but also so broad... it doesn't deal with particular freedoms or smaller rights...
Or priorities of those.
The real world does.
There's a court case in the Netherlands that's gone on for years, just to find out if a politician can really incite a crowd to chant they want 'less Moroccans' ...
which particular freedoms or smaller rights?
3:24 PM
@CptEric Well, for one... the right to post whatever you want where ever you want vs. the right of companies to decide what they want to host...
Cat gifs don't go on pornhub, porn doesn't go on Imgur... that kinda stuff.
@Tinkeringbell I would think in every civilized country people would expect not to be swept up by police
or at least, compensated for losses incurred because of
@Magisch Oh sure, it will be unexpected...
Doesn't mean it never happens.
Perhaps we're talking too abstract there, let's get back to the book and how it's about stuff on the internet instead :)
I'm personally leaning more towards the zero false positive then zero false negative approach to policing
it's better that a million guilty people go free then that one is unfairly detained and imprisoned
back to the internet and speaking about content: that's a not a right i recognize them to have.
not that it matters that i do or not
I think social media companies should be regulated as public utility providers
3:27 PM
@Magisch but everyone on the internet is innocent
@Magisch and how are those regulated?
And abuse of personal data for profit (e.g advertising, behavioral analysis) should be generally illegal. But I'm rather out there on that
@Magisch I'd rather be the one that's arrested for something I didn't do if I can rely on the court system, than having the one million always walk free...
@CptEric Yeah, well... that basically ends the conversation then :|
for me as long as the content does not directly conflict with those rights, they don't have a say on it
It's also going to make participating on any internet site miserable for you...
3:28 PM
@user1306322 with various forms of non discrimination mandates. Can't discriminate based on categories, opinions, all that.
If they're serious about wanting to be a centralized platform, fair enough. Be a monopoly then but don't complain when we regulate you like one
public utility providers are generally limiting their services to within their country's borders, but social networks transcend country borders, so idk how you could make Facebook listen to every single country's demands on how to treat their users
i maintain my participation low key casual
@CptEric You probably also use each platform 'as intended' to an extend... you don't post cat gifs on SE, I hope!
yes but for the same reason i wouldn't dress as a buzzlightyear to pay city tax
every platform serves a purpose. if the purpose is sharing gifs, let there be gifs -> as long as they don't break those fundamental pillars of society, we're all fine.
@CptEric So, to an extend, platforms (or societal norms) have some influence over how you behave... you give up the freedom to dress as buzz lightyear for paying taxes to gain some societal approval/avoid some weird looks?
3:31 PM
do non-animated gifs break fundamental pillars of society? >.>
non animated gif is quite pointless
I think there are cases where gifs take up less space than pngs
sure, because they support only 256 colors.
but they do transparency, unlike jpeg :P
Then the way platforms are moderated (and they shall be moderated).... by deciding cat gifs don't belong on main sites, users participating here give up the 'right' to post cat gifs on main, in return for seeing valuable information.
3:33 PM
So bad quality, you can "achieve" the same with jpg where you can set quality level.
I don't trust tech companies to be arbiters of public opinion. Whether we like it or not, social media is in essence the public forum for many societal issues. So it needs to generally adhere to the same restrictions on viewpoint discrimination a government would
my 2 cents
@Magisch I think the book works towards something like that too...
But you're already on chapter 3 so no spoilers...
I only got to the first one yesterday.
yes and no, because cat gifs as much as i love them aren't a right
@CptEric Hence the quotes... I get you, your definitions of 'rights' are way more strict than they are sometimes used... let's call it a freedom then ;)
Still fits the social contract theory :P
3:35 PM
i know, that's why i said i don't usually discuss it :D
freedom gives you grey tones
a 'right' dividend...
@CptEric Those grey tones can use a lot of working out though..
but the same way they give you a hand when moderating conflictive topics, they also allow for many other topics to exist that if strictly speaking an abiding those rights wouldn't.
And essentially, if you use a site, the site has some say over how much freedom it gives it's users...
freedom of speech is vague and allows 10-year long trials on wether racist messages are ok or not. bill of rights says they don't, period.
3:38 PM
@CptEric And that's where people either start arguing moderation isn't strict enough, or should not exist at all ;) < Again, book :P
Book book.... what is it all about??
scroll up!
book indeed.
I didn't find it :p
3:40 PM
custodiansoftheinternet.org < For all those that are really bad at scrolling up.
but that problem only arises when moderation is based on the company's or communty's freedom to decide what is okay and what is not.
I'm just gonna star it for us scroll-deficient folks
Or pin 🤣
I'm also room-owner-deficient so can't even do that!
3:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm booking the book.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard throw the book at it
@Tinkeringbell not secure
Okay, so ... community. A company can listen to it and act on that. Works great if small, and basically every user is speaking up.

At some point though, communities grow, become more diverse. At that point, either the company is going to get called out for catering too much to the specific group that's consistently speaking up, the people that are speaking up can get dismissed as a loud minority, and an assumption of a 'silent majority without complaints' sneaks in.

Soooo... not all decisions are always going to be made by communities or the outspoken parts of those...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It's safe, I promise.
huh changing to https:// leads to a parked domain page... with A CAT GIF
@Tinkeringbell any virus is on you. ;)
@user1306322 LOL
3:44 PM
(Also.. .didn't get complaints about it on my home PC)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard sneezes
i know i'm hardskinned on this, please accept my apologies if i sound (or sounded) harsh
@Tinkeringbell me neither, but surely not far in the future modern browsers will block non secure sites.
i'll never grasp irregulars correctly.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Get your copies while it lasts, then :P
3:45 PM
@CptEric if referring to past messages, sounded. If referring to something you're still typing.. sound :P
sounded about right
@user1306322 it's free SSL
Also.. if you have to say that before posting something... remember that very first article I linked you, about how delays and thinking twice are proven ways to make the internet nicer :P
it's not meant to be a warning for a block of text, no worries
just that i know i'm pretty unflexible on my thought-train
well if you consider chat, comments and forum posts (or meta posts) those are 3 different "speeds" or delay durations, and the longer the delay, the less chance you'll see "not nice" content indeed
3:49 PM
i'd be a terrible moderator anywhere
but that's the "nice per second" ratio, idk about "nice per post"
I was a super mod on a small sized forum. :D
while we're gamifying things :p
dream job: the speaker of the house of commons. "Order! Order!"
I kinda like the sount of that
3:51 PM
Well, it's time for me to start packing and catch the train... If I come back, it'll be on mobile... which will mean a pretty nice 'delay' due to slow typing :P
imagining a godzilla-sized parrot with a backpack catching a train with one of its feet and lifting it up in the air some 150 meters to inspect its contents
Remind me, are question posts on meta sites supposed to actually be questions or is it totally fine to post a non-question to a meta site?
I just came across the Area 51 proposal about model aircraft and I thought it may be a good idea to post a link to it on Aviation.Meta.SE.
i think there's many non questions but i'm frankly not an expert on this
@TannerSwett you should ask on their chat, I guess
per-site metas can be less restrictive
if you have a discusion to start about that proposal, that could be a valid way to phrase the post, not just to get through the technical barrier of what's allowed, but to actually start a useful discussion
@TannerSwett I would always try to have it in some form of a question. For example: I came across the Model Aircraft proposal in A51. If that proposal comes to live can we and they benefit from content that applies to both sites?
4:00 PM
I went ahead and posted it without asking a question. This meta site is pretty quiet; I don't think anyone will mind.
two minutes later
nuking all dem non-questionz
@TannerSwett this one?
Drones and Model Aviation

Proposed Q&A site for experienced flyers, pilots and builders of drones and model aircrafts.

Currently in definition.

@ShadowThePrincessWizard Yeah, that's the one.
You should share with friends and spread on social media sites if you want it to go live, not share on a dead meta site. :)
Well, my thinking wasn't "I'd like to see this site go live," it was "oh shoot, the Aviation.SE folks will probably be interested in this."
For what it's worth, it looks like questions about drones and model aviation are technically already on topic at Aviation.SE (and I once posted one that was well-received), but it's pretty uncommon that someone asks a question about them.
@user1306322 Hah, then shaking stuff into a giant slice of bread like sprinkles! ;)
fairy bread, right
fairy bread isn't real
but there's gonna be a lot of red sprinkles
4:15 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I remember the first winterbash swag contest I did there was a drone hat... If that person is still around and not involved yet...
@Tinkeringbell hmm? What person?
I missed the moment when Firefox removed the built-in RSS reader meta.stackexchange.com/feeds/user/63550
I vaguely remember such hat, but not a specific person... ?
i won stuff on the 10M users thing
4:20 PM
ohhhhhhhh this one!
Q: Probability distributions

Ofosu Manusuppose the demand for domestic gas has an approximate exponential distribution with mean 100 cylinders per day. (a) Find the probability that the demand will exceed 200 such cylinders on a randomly selected day. (b) What supply capacity should the gas filling station maintain during the day so ...

@CptEric are you really that tall?
@user1306322 who said it's height? ;)
i don't get it
bruh x_X
4:20 PM
Does a flag downvote?
M as meters.
@djsmiley2k-CoW only red flag
@ShadowThePrincessWizard o_O
an unred flag is in a state of supervotition
@djsmiley2k-CoW only spam and rude/abusive flags
4:22 PM
I wonder if I make enough dad jokes I'm going to spontaneously gain children
@rene do these downvotes help get posts deleted?
they do what any other downvote does
Q: Do closed questions automatically get downvoted or not?

Gilles 'SO- stop being evil'In April 2011, closing a question for some reasons (then off-topic and not a real question) caused the Community user to downvote the question. Officially, this feature was removed in August 2013. Yet I still observe that closing a question as off-topic, too broad or unclear instantly decreases ...

@user1306322 not directly but it's a way to gain the means to have children
seizing the means of procreation?
@djsmiley2k-CoW "very low quality" flags by humans on answers result in automatic downvotes if marked helpful.
In the past, this applied to both questions and answers, and to both human VLQ flags and the system's "low quality" automatic flag. It was removed for the former former in June 2018, and the latter latter in August 2019.
4:26 PM
@user1306322 beware, dad jokes can quickly become uncle jokes.
@user1306322 yes, when an answer has -1, or a closed question has -3, high rep users (20k) can vote to delete it.
So it helps to delete, in a way.
A: Does piling up downvotes help the site in any useful way?

Tinkeringbell I am new here, but I’ve noticed that downvoting on this site tends to be quite virulent with respect to off-topic questions or questions which probably are poorly formulated. Off-topic questions are downvoted to a.) decrease their visibility on the front page (-8 is needed for that), and b.)...

@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog ah ok
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog just I see -8 on that question, and I'm like it doesn't need a DV, it needs flagging
I see this regularly on SU. People DV instead of flagging stuff that's literally in the wrong place.
i see more of commenting instead of voting at all than downvoting instead of close voting
actually a little too much commenting ._.
4:35 PM
Ah, but comments have a 'human touch' to them
that's why their bad
A downvote feels like someones punched you, abet lightly
a comment, telling you why they punched you, helps you understand
But people expect everything to be 'Human'
this is why society is having such problems with algorithms. We expect them to act like humans, with compassion and care.
the computer has feelings too, lad.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog That needs a small edit to point out that I now still believe downvotes are never cast to be mean, but are currently the easiest way of moderating content... So while they may feel mean, they're not meant to be ... Is a bit more nuanced than saying they never are mean. Hmmm....
that image just proves my point.
Is taking away rep, "mean" ?>
@CptEric Meanie! Look what you did to the poor thing!
@djsmiley2k-CoW For some sense of mean, probably yeah. It's meant to be an encouragement to improve to get it back, but that's like getting scolded by a parent as part of growing up... Never really is appreciated in the moment.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Could've done that myself XD I was still wondering if it was worth bumping the old post
Looks good though, thanks!
@Tinkeringbell Do you not want the extra upvotes? :)
4:43 PM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog I'm betting on down ones.
Well, in any case...
The December 2019 Travel photo competition is now open! travel.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/6405/…
Q: December 2019 photo competition: "Winter or near winter public holidays"

gparyaniThe theme for the December photo competition is "Winter or near winter public holidays". I'm looking for photos that depict a public celebration of a holiday that is celebrated either during the winter season proper, or in the 6-8 weeks leading up to the winter season. Examples would be a large...

I submit this one:
hmmm. I may have to take some Photos when I'm in DLP to submit ;)
4:46 PM
Had to make the batter first :P
Oliebollen \0/
@Tinkeringbell Are those pakodas? They sure do look a lot like them
Whatever they are, they look yum
@rene I only like them freshly baked by mom... The rest all suck.
@Tinkeringbell totally agree.
4:47 PM
So I eat three while she's baking them, then I'm good for the year
@Tinkeringbell So yours suck too...?
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog TBH, never tried and probably never will...
Can I put in a pre-order?
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Dough/batter with raisins and.. let Google translate 'krent', I'm on mobile so...
@rene I'll ask mom ;)
Me freezing in dlp ;D
4:49 PM
@Tinkeringbell So then, definitely not.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Disneyland Paris?
@djsmiley2k-CoW Oooh! Looks cold but fun. I've never been at a time when stuff was all Christmas decorated.
I recognized the Tower of Terror on the top left, but then the rest of the picture didn't seem to match with my local Disneyland (Anaheim, CA)
Yep, Paris, from the looks of it
@Tinkeringbell oh it's amazing
yeah paris
@djsmiley2k-CoW Provided the park was celebrating any sort of holiday at the time, that qualifies as an answer
4:51 PM
It's always holiday in DLP. But yes they'll be celebrating christmas.
Why fly all the way to Paris when I can just drive two hours to Anaheim?
That reminds me, need to sort out Euros.
@djsmiley2k-CoW sort out?
Because french? XD
@djsmiley2k-CoW Okay, you can submit, and let the voters decide.
4:52 PM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Not gone yet. this year.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog So you can wave your stack of Euro bills at Dutch people like a proper American stereotype? :P
After calling the Dutch people Germans
Well, I guess if you want to avoid spending time in the supposedly crappy CDG airport on a long layover, you can go there, as it's just 10 minutes away by train?
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog The entry fee is also over a 100 euros, I wouldn't of I didn't get the whole day there, including evenings.
@djsmiley2k-CoW I don't know these Disney characters ...
@rene Clearly from Frozen 2 ;)
Haven't seen that movie yet either, but the theme is there ;)
4:58 PM
@Tinkeringbell From what I can tell, Disneyland Paris is much cheaper than either of the U.S. Disney parks. Especially considering we paid US $160 to visit Disney World Orlando on a very peak day, July 4 (American Independence Day).
Last I checked, the entry fee was 60-something euros...has it gone up since?
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog 0.o... Well, it's whatever the fool wants to pay for it, I guess...
Friendly request of meta moderators: if answers and comments on this question require moderation, please moderate the answers and comments, not the question.
Seems the high days are over a 100?
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica Oh, the question needs moderating alright.
5:04 PM
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica - eh, if folks constantly tell us what to do, and undermine it, well, moderation gets harder
People need to rebel smarter, not harder.
@JourneymanGeek are you saying I shouldn't have made the friendly request?
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica oh in general
I closed the question cause... literally there wasn't much of a question
Its... worse now IMO
And when it gets reopened, it will get closed again - possibly by the community
and I doubt it will have any real impact on TPTB
Well, in general (not about this question), I'll keep making suggestions and voicing my opinion about what is or isn't helpful. I hope you don't take it personally :)
None taken
and my statements too are more general
5:08 PM
problem is of course
moderating MSE has gone from herding cats
to herding pumas on fire.
The "clarification" didn't clarify anything, other than the asker believes it doesn't exist, whatever it is
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica If you don't want to end up feeling like those suggestions and opinions are like shouting at lamp posts, probably take Geeks advice about rebelling smarter not harder to heart.
seems like a pretty useless question to me
Q: Can we get a comments only lock?

yannisCurrently moderators have the ability to lock posts, for any of the following reasons: Content dispute (~ edit wars), Historical significance (to prevent great but off topic questions from being deleted), and Offtopic comments Wiki Answer The locks can be applied for an hour, a day, a week, o...

Kinda hard to curtail a bunch of off-topic comments coming in all at once without locking
At best it starts up a conversation in the comments that is borderline offensive. it will never result in a real answer from SE or resolve any problems the OP might have with SE's approach.
5:12 PM
Old master once say - if you pour gas on a fire, you can't say you didn't burn things.
While I respect JourneymanGeek, we disagree about some fundamental things. So, my "rebel smarter" won't look like his "rebel smarter". But I haven't tried to set anything on fire for a while now.
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica which is understandable
I lit a matchstick to find light, only to accidentally set things on fire. Multiple times.
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica Just a note: saying you respect people doesn't excuse actively undermining stuff. It's basically empty of there's no behavior to match it.
I note you have a habit of doing exactly that.
@Tinkeringbell is there something I'm doing that you feel is undermining?
The statement was just that. I do respect him. I also am not using that statement to excuse anything I'm doing.
I think both stand on their own. Respect and disagree.
5:25 PM
Just think about it. If this needs pre-chewing, it's probably already a lost cause.
I don't like being told I'm a lost cause. I am surprisingly good at taking constructive criticism, though. If there's something that I'm doing that you don't like, give it a shot and tell me.
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica so - pretty much, the unfocused chaos on meta probably feeds the folks who feel meta isn't useful
@M.A.R. Goedenavond!
I wanna be a lost cause but I keep getting found
5:28 PM
there's a certain degree of important issues that need to be addressed, but this makes it harder, not easier for the folks to focus on what's important
I want meta to be its best self
i'd rather it burn
Uh, where do I need to scroll up to
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica So... Perhaps Google how people undermine moderation then. I'm not going to explain it as that's exactly one of the tactics used.
2 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
http://custodiansoftheinternet.org/ < For all those that are really bad at scrolling up.
it's being actively undermined from all sides
5:30 PM
Hmm, page not found. Then a picture of a couple staring at a crystal, then another pic, then food that looks like little Pikachulings
I'm wondering if Pikachu would taste like chicken
If you ever feel like giving me specific constructive criticism, I'll listen with an open mind. I don't feel like being told "google it" is effective or respectful. I'll log off now. Feel free to message me or ping me.
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica well - despite the diamonds, our ability to act effectively does actually depend on folks trusting us to do the right thing
there's nothing more annoying, or dangerous than folks armchair quarterbacking
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog well I have a feeling authors like this often can't offer an impartial look on things and usually end up demeaning the moderating side.
But that's just a presumption
I didn't see anything that would catch my eye
I rather throw armchairs
@M.A.R. actually its a really good read I am told
and recommended by folks I respect
Well I have a nice little backlog; it'd feel reeeeal cozy there
6:25 PM
@M.A.R. Don't let it get too cozy there. I just read the first chapter, but it's goooooood!
7:18 PM
Well done Fonzies ;-)
scuse me?
@Tinkeringbell How's a Fonzie like? here ya go
@πάνταῥεῖ More like what's a fonzy and what does it have got to do with anything in here...
urban dictionary doesn't give me a great impression of fonzies.
I am doing a final reflection about some recent discussions about heatenings here.
7:26 PM
please don't ...
7:57 PM
@user400654 You're giving away your secrets there...
which ones

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