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1:41 AM
Is there any query that shows number of closes/reopens by gold-badge-users for a given tag in a particular date range? E.g. in 2019 in User X closed 14 questions and reopened 6, User Y closed 11 questions and reopened 1, etc.
@Alex There's a Data Explorer room on this chat server
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog For real?

Data Explorer (SEDE)

For discussions related to SEDE queries and anything related t...
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5:56 AM
I leave for 3 weeks and there's a gofundme with 15k. What is going on.
6:10 AM
@User37849012643 nothing new. Check the GoFundMe page for more (or less, the same) details.
1 hour later…
7:19 AM
We've successfully metamorphosed into discussing discussing things, rather than discussing things.
Evolutionary advantages include important-sounding procrastination
meta-morphosed you say?
Yeeees. eye roll
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@Alex no, it's a figment of my imagination
Ur a figment too, figment.
There's rarely ever anything that's too much for me, but figs are that
At least the real ones
Not fig figments
7:30 AM
Morgen Mag
Goeiesmorgens deze morgen
Selamat pagi
(language too far away...)
@MetaAndrewT. I think I've heard it before though...
Or read....
7:44 AM
What's wrong?
Oh, I thought we were doing shorter and shorter greetings
Ohhh... people don't grumble over here, that'd be rude :P
7:49 AM
:grunt: then
8:03 AM
@JAD How's snor these days?
@mag Actually, I was gonna throw some pictures into the litterbox today
lemme do that right now
8:21 AM
@mag see the Litter Box :)
9:17 AM
huym de dum
this sickness is NOT fun :<
today i feel like i've been punched in the stomach
9:36 AM
Ugh. That sounds bad, get well soon!
slowly wearing off this morning
/me wobbles
That sounds better :)
I'm at an office where I used to work everyday 2 years ago... It's good :)
Nothing changed?
Oh, there's plenty of new faces... but the old ones are still there too, and just as nice as I remember them ;)
9:47 AM
@Bart did you ever use Unity web player? Thoughts? Things to be aware off?
10:19 AM
@rene, I can see one downside, a quick search turns up this 3rd party comparison: filmora.wondershare.com/video-player/…
@Rob LOL, I didn't get that far
Point is, its not video content I need to play. It is more VR like / 3D visualization stuff on a map.
What features did you want? - Tiny, different video containers / encodings, ... OK, I'll take a look.
@Rob I'm probably looking for ways to combine IFC on a map, for example openstreetmap.
10:26 AM
@Rob that looks promising
I think this is what is recommended: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/F3DB
IE11 support is kansloos in proper Dutch
*proper Dutch
I think here: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/openstreetmap is the place to ask, I have to go for ~ 1 hour.
10:32 AM
I'll have some things to read, thank for now!
2 hours later…
12:38 PM
@SmokeDetector Is this really F?
Oh, well, I trust tripleee
1 hour later…
2:00 PM
@IamMonica what locks will it open?
@rene the old Web Player no longer exists. You can however export to WebGL. That should work fine. It depends a bit on what you want to do. 3D vs 2D. Content size. How graphically expensive, etc.
2:28 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard the windows to your soul?
2:49 PM
Close them again right now, please :P
@Bart Yeah, the WebGL and the openstreetmap stuff I saw looks like a better alternative. I need to support a municipality and IE11 doesn't do WebGL so I have to check if that become a blocker.
Thanks for the feedback
3:07 PM
Ben Popper on November 08, 2019

Welcome back to The Worst Coder in the World. Last time I talked about my experience learning HTML and CSS. Since then I moved on to the JavaScript portion of the FreeCodeCamp curriculum.

Like my experience with the basic HTML lessons, going over grade school addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division made me feel silly. Does it feel less embarrassing if you’re learning to code when you’re still a kid, and this kind of work is part and parcel of regular school? 

But like Paul said on the podcast below, the nice thing about acquiring some new knowledge, even basic stuff, is that you …

3:48 PM
@rene IE11? :/
@rene they can't use Edge?
Does Edge work on XP?
hmm, looks like it does
@JAD I don't support dead OSes?
if it's not in MS's support list I don't care
4:05 PM
if only we could force users to not use garbage software
@KevinB I just won't accept jobs that require supporting it? Not unless MS signs off on it.
I can't be held liable for the security or other issues that arise from using unsupported software
@IamMonica yes. That is what you get if there is a monopoly and that company simply refuses to update their stuff so it works on a modern platform. And you can't shutdown all public services for 12 months to build something new.
@rene but edge has an IE11 mode?
I'm not intimate on the exact details why they force IE11 on their users. I'll ask around a bit next week.
We still technically support IE11, it's just an afterthought
4:13 PM
@rene my guess? FUD, and resistance to change. But Edge has Enterprise Mode
that they can set up to support the single sites that need IE11
I still use CSS and HTML techniques that specifically work on IE11 over ones i know won't work in IE11
This will continue to work in the New edge seemlessly
@KevinB I do CSS that falls back to basic layout in IE11 but doesn't look like complete garbage
i'm not sacrificing performance/functionality for new stuff, but at the same time i'm not gonna leave the page looking like crap in ie11, it's gotta at least work
Well for example I'll use CSS grid that IE11 can't use
but make sure that the flow layout works fine, is just maybe a little less efficient
i haven't messed with css grid yet
4:23 PM
@Mgetz that analysis fits. I'll see if that Enterprise Mode is something of interest for them.
@rene it significantly improves user experience and security
IE should be avoided except when it absolutely can't be
we used to have that problem here, but they ripped off that bandaid and now just deal with the old stuff not quite lookin right in new browsers
@KevinB that's really the best choice if possible
4:36 PM
@rene! New development!
They've cut me a check and want me to pick it up today.
@rene :/
Five days before court.
that's the whole... solar panel situation iirc, right?
@fbueckert wow!
@rene Also, I turned it down.
@KevinB Yes. It's been a debacle this year.
4:48 PM
@Mgetz I though IE11 could support Grid (I know 10 cannot....yes, I know of companies that still have 10 and don't get me started)
as I recall, its grid support is spotty
Or is it just IE11 supports an old version of Grid and I need the new features too much to support a small subset of users who won't/cannot upgrade (which is understandable)
@LinkBerest MS specific non flexible syntax
doesn't handle templates properly
I have used it
4:54 PM
I remember there being a lot of problems with -ms-grid-row & -ms-grid-columns but then again I was lucky enough last year to get higher up approval to add a check and banner that says "The displays on this page do not support IE. Please use another browser to view them" so haven't looked at it past that point :)
@LinkBerest well they aren't dynamic for one
no auto-placement? bleh :P
nope, no grid-template
again I say bleh :P
feels good to be able to use modern features
Still cracks me up that Opera uses Blink and Edge is going to use Chromium.
5:04 PM
we actually switched because of issues with realtime charts (which was the main HTML/CSS/JS things I made) when dealing with IE.
Final straw was when someone asked for support for "IE9".....manager lost it, was pretty funny (and effective)
well... IE9 is better than IE6 I suppose
@ArtOfCode I don't support browsers not in support, and I advise against supporting browsers that take a ton of extra time to support
not really, cause if you give room there it leads to "Well, we really like Win XP"....its a bad rabbit hole to fall into
@LinkBerest generally speaking I advocate latest only
our answer to XP (also Vista but I never really hear anyone ask about Vista support) is: "we'll point you to a recycle center & give you a suggestion on new computers"
our answer to "how can I ensure my data isn't going to be stolen off my old XP machines" is: "don't worry, we have a lot of volunteers and plenty of hammers" ;)
5:30 PM
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6:08 PM
@LinkBerest And what's your answer to "But a hammer doesn't really destroy a hard drive"? :P
@terdon Degauss, destroy, bake
6:26 PM
kind of wish we could migrate this to meta.SE so I can get a boatload of rep.
Actually, I guess votes probably wouldn't transfer... womp
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8:35 PM
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10:16 PM
11:00 PM
@terdon You drill through the platter
@LinkBerest I used every dirty trick I could to get my dad off XP 🤣
There are specialized disk-killer machines that are usually not far from the racks (at least in the datacenters I've been in).
11:19 PM
@LinkBerest Many XP PC's would run 10 fine. My dad ran a 2007 era Thinkpad with a SSD upgrade
I checked one of my refurbished desktops and it had 4 RAM sticks from three different manufacturers. They're not even at the same speed. Still passed memtest86.

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