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12:06 AM
Are keyboard shortcuts mainly for accessibility?
I’ve never noticed them before
@Stormblessed after a fashion
Some folks just don't like to use a mouse
Do you use them?
12:08 AM
Does it mess up responsive mobile, or can I still use my phone normally with them on?
12:56 AM
Why don’t we have a feed?
1:12 AM
what feed?
1:47 AM
there is a chance it's just me but can someone middle-click the page number buttons on a network activity page and tell me if there's any css applied to the page in a new tab
I think one of my students just posted a question about an assignment and I'm actually impressed (its a good question and the project is independent so not a "gimme answers!" type question)
....I'm mildly (and happily) shocked by this :)
@LinkBerest links or it didn't happen /s
no (sorry)
don't like associating this account with specific assignments
meh. That's reasonable
still it's just nice to see in this sea of nastiness I've been seeing lately
1:57 AM
@LinkBerest Oh c'mon, unleash the downvote horde!
Sarcasm for the record, before the flag fairies show up.
is there an experiment going on with answers getting upvotes from users without their knowledge?
That wouldn't be accurate or appropriate
@LinkBerest so you saying they bumped themselves a grade? ;p
looks like this wasn't supposed to work at all stackexchange.com/users/-1/community?tab=activity
2:09 AM
considering I tell my classes they can use SO (or Reddit or etc) for their personal projects as long as they correctly cite the usage (and over-usage = same as over citations in any essay) - not really a bump (their using a DB which is not required so already on the high-end)....still a very pleasant surprise I must say
it looks beautiful
So... I ordered a cheap dodgy chinese mechanical keyboard
and the description has this gem
very accurate
how did they know when to use c or k
2:11 AM
(I have too many keyboards ._.)
not possible
if you have to many then you just have enough to make a dog house
@LinkBerest 2 blackwidows, (gen 1 and 2, cherry blues), a logitech wireless, an iogear HTPC keyboard....
Shog rhyme something with Kacakaca other then Kacakaca
or glue the keys on a cup and you have a cool holder for your pens
2:13 AM
Wow, pulling ou the Primus. A plus.
on order, that chinese thing
kono.store/products/keystone-analog-mechanical-keyboard and one of these, with the beam spring option and PBT keycaps, 87 key
@JourneymanGeek that's not too many. That's too few - keep going until you've built houses for all the doggies! ;)
and I have ONE PC with a keyboard at the moment
I remote into the router and the old PC ;p
I can't wait until I get my curing station design finalized. I'm gonna make ridiculous keys for my keyboard at work
granted, my current keyboard will be handed down to my absent nephew when he is old enough XD
2:14 AM
that's cheating!....but I do the same thing with a few systems I uses for distributed stuff
can you tell me what kind of work one can do normally without any F keys or arrow keys or numpad or screenshot, page up/down, etc old.reddit.com/r/electronics/comments/djkymo/… what kind of keyboard is this
> Too many puppies are just like me.
Too many puppies are afraid to see.
The visions of the past brought to life again,
Too many puppies, too many dead men.
my son actually built is own "computer" with a cardboard box and one of my old keyboard/mouse combos
@user1306322 folks who just want to type
Man... Sometimes I really miss the '90s
2:15 AM
a 40% keyboard is on my wishlist ;p
Now I put his tablet (he got last year) in it and connect the keyboard and he loves it (cause he's "coding" just like daddy)
That's sweet :-)
it's the same as only having a phillips screwdriver and nothing else and calling it "there, I prepared my workbench"
mild insanity
........though his sister is a better coder (seriously, she's a year younger but has just destroyed all the "hour of code" activities I've given her) but I'd never tell him that
@user1306322 Actually...
2:18 AM
how much time must pass since a vote for it to lock?
what else do you need?
Actually I have a wrench
It is useful
hammer is best tool in a IT toolbox
I need Mouse4 and Mouse5 buttons on my mouse
I have these plyers... And a rock.
just grab it every once in a while to remind all the computers whose boss
A rock works too
2:19 AM
It feels very nice to just hold.
Also, apparently the original was made by a company called...
King Dick
I hear that guy was an a**hole
Close, but not quite
how much time must pass for a vote to lock in until the post is edited?
^^ that was horrible. I remove it in shame
@user1306322 that's probably documented on meta somewhere...
2:22 AM
yea I can't find it at the moment
A: Why can't I change my vote if the post has been edited during the initial 5mn grace period?

Jeff AtwoodThis makes sense. I am relaxing the vote undo window to 5 minutes to coincide with the editing grace window.

I thought it told you when you tried to un-upvote (so just try an un-upvote something you upvoted yesterday?)
is it 5 minutes?
somebody posted an answer under my several year old question yesterday and it had my upvote
I could un-upvote and re-upvote it just fine
then I thought "huh weird I don't remember upvoting it initially in the first place"
and then all the pages where the dates of upvotes and reputation gain/loss were already refreshed and lost the time of initial upvote so all I can see now is my latest attempts :I
@Shog9 My dad used our pestle as a hammer for years
having a mild lapse of sanity over this
2:25 AM
annoyed my mom to distraction
So yes. He was literally hammering in nails with a rock
Y'know what works great as a hammer? A glass bottle
is there some way to look up the date of my initial upvote on a post?
@Shog9 my dad....
2:27 AM
He also tried to use a cheap chinese style cleaver as a ... digging tool.
@JourneymanGeek what the heck
That was an utterly horrible typo
@Shog9 (page not found btw) I tried that but it only had the latest date of my final upvote on that post
pen knife as a trencher ain't the worst thing
(yes, he is an actual engineer ._.)
@Shog9 wide blade, but... no thickness
2:28 AM
I screwed up the URL
@user1306322 ah, yeah, that's about what you're stuck with then
really? I hate pen knives in general and wouldn't think of using them for that
I'm a firm believer in not worrying about spending money on the tools you use every day, but also making do with the best ou do
yea I suppose we'll never find out :p
@LinkBerest that's a great reason to use one as a trenching tool
well, even if SE is running a minor hidden auto-upvote conspiracy, eh
2:29 AM
I mean... you wouldn't use a good knife...
....though I did live more rural so maybe in a flower pot/box it wouldn't be as bad
@Shog9 ah, we have no good knives.
oh! can you change your vote freely after someone ninja-edits a post?
within the first 5 minutes of posting I mean when the edit history isn't recorded visibly
So, ikea occationally randomly sells these pretty nice, reasonably priced ceramic knives with covers. My dad lost the covers and broke one or two in two.
and since its random we never know when its in stock
Most of our knives these days are from daiso ;p
(dollar store)
oh, I had a massively chipped pocket knife from when I used to actually hand pin cable (cause I'd use it to pull of covering, screw in the small screws, close it and hammer in a dent in the case, saw out some drywall to run the cable, etc....)....that was the meanest I ever was to a knife
2:32 AM
I now have... 4 hammers
Ikea, heavy, light and crappy one I made as a teenager in shop class.
naw. It's supposed to be ajax-loaded
well, I loaded it like a normal page :p
I do that with the inbox there
also -1 user's page doesn't work but the links to it exist
2:34 AM
well, have a nice weekend everyone, I gotta get back to my backlog of normal human activities for weekends...
eww normal human activities
People do it with NORMAL HUMAN HANDS
that's discrimination against all the bots
they work hard too! ;)
@JourneymanGeek It's a dog-eat-dog world out there
Yeah, Shogs a bot but we don't hold that against it
^ see a fine example of a hard working bot
Also, I'm putting on Futurama now
2:50 AM
Did the legal hub/GDPR erasure thing ever happen?
erf. I'm sure it did
(reference meta.stackexchange.com/questions/310321/… Tim's post, posted_
Is this about the question about "how do I erase my account (not just delete)?"
if it is, I was looking for the same thing and have yet to find an explicit answer (on meta)
found what I was looking for ._.
Q: Where can I download my user data? (GDPR data portability)

neverMind9The GDPR (not to be confused with GDFR) does mandate data portability, which even Instagram listened to by introducing a user archive download feature. Does the Stack Exchange Network also have such a feature? Jeff Atwood: “We generally don't do preferences” Gladly, this philosophy does not ap...

yeah, but I don't see a "do this and it will happen" as much as "contact us and we'll try" in that
might be my reading, as someone who works with pretty strict data requirements I have pretty high standards
3:04 AM
Its the closest thing to what OP is asking for :/
and I commented as such (to be fair I don't think there is a "real" answer to the OP's question based on the level of mistrust they seem to have)
@LinkBerest some of it is valid, and kinda maginified I suspect
!!/watch- intelliflareiqboost\.com
I have my own angry posts from a year ago
I get where its coming from
after a whole year....even I can see its not helping anyone
except maybe to just vent (which SE's model is terrible for)
Well maybe
I do have a few - but there's the whole "Long term influence" thing
though the value of that feels like its getting less and less
3:12 AM
oh, don't get me wrong I needed to vent back then and still standby my posts but at this point it feels more like: either something changes or its time to move on
@LinkBerest some change takes time
I'm not going anywhere today (but seriously its been a year since those posts) :)
And an ent would say
" You people are so hasty"
yes, but Ents are also quick to action once a decision is made
As Saruman learned after they saw the destroyed forest
^ which might be an apt description actually
I also completely understand when people say their main issue is they don't believe SE and how it will enforce (and yes, force is the correct word) this policy change
but again, at this point its just wait and see
@LinkBerest It is a lot
Talk is cheap
3:20 AM
unless your a voice actor
one of these days I'm gonna watch Castle....if only because of Firefly
Its a great show
His new show is pretty good too
though stuffed with failed sci fi alumni ;p
(Has Melissa O'Neil from Dark Matter)
Good show but died on a cliffhanger
yeah, cause creators didn't know it would be cancelled until too late into season 3 (and yeah, I watched it on SyFy)
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
6:27 AM
24 messages moved to Chimney
7:21 AM
4 messages moved to Chimney
7:45 AM
At least it's easily detectable, this new wave
8:06 AM
Q: Could you tell me what was rude about my answer and how I can avoid making the same mistake in future?

Christine H. RichardsYesterday, I posted a now deleted answer to Does Stack Exchange, Inc. really care about the LGBTQ+ community?. It has been removed by the Community user with a penalty of loosing 100 rep which indicates serial flagging. I do not want to risk another attack on my account so I will refrain from re...

looks like the answers to this question has attracted a troll
Could we have some flagging assistance please?
Yes, flagged
Went in hoping it was obvious which answer. (It was) lol
At least it's just poetry :P
@djsmiley2kconsumerofworlds you missed one actually ;p
there comments too?
there's only tywo answers.
8:19 AM
oh there was one other answer
Mari's ok, she's a MSE regular and while we have our differences, she's definately alright.
Sometimes good people post dumb answers (Proof: me).
@djsmiley2kconsumerofworlds to quote g'kar....
in cases like this
> No moral ambiguity, no hopeless battle against ancient and overwhelming forces! They were the bad guys, as you say, and we were the good guys. And they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I flagged that nonsense. Flagging other stuff is hard. I want to be able to give people a voice, but not at the detriment to progress.
That, obvious trolly stuff I'll go ahead and flag, when I'm not sure. I'll think about it, then likely wander off :/
There were two troll answers. One disappeared immediately and the second one took time.
8:25 AM
Ah ok excellent.
And one sane answer?
@NogShine sorry, I was slacking
But Mari's answer doesn't answer the question? It's just a longly-worded "me too".
"The OP can flag their post and hope they will be luckier than me."
Meta's quite generous about what counts as an answer
It's a very longly worded around about answer
TL;DR is 'flag for review by mod'
8:34 AM
Should I flag new answer too @Journey ;)
That question is going to attract lots of borderline posts. Because until a moderator responds, the lack of information in the post (it rightly does not repost the offensive content) makes it a Rosach Blot Test for preconceptions.
@Raedwald and having looked at the post - I'd rather not repost it
And if I vote to close as unclear, I get accused of censorship ._.
There's just a whole wave of "me too", and "I'm also angry" posts around. I get that volume creates an appreciation of how many people are affected, but there's a lot of noise there that ends up obscuring rather than helping.
The only good sigh is an italicized sigh
8:37 AM
I'm tempted to flag "me too" posts as "not needed". That's what an up vote is for. It's the meta equivalent of a "+1" comment.
9:14 AM
I don't have enough rep to see.
"It looks like writing anything that criticizes the LGBT+ community (or some of its members) seems to be now a suicide because the answer will not be a conversation but a flag-attack. " Is it me, or is criticizing in the first place inapropriate ? We could just answer like this.
@Snow I am working on it
Yeah, I can't comment on things that I can't see. Otherwise I'd be able to comment in a way that might prompt a positive outcome., if I felt that commenting would be appropriate and supportive of the community.
9:47 AM
@ChristineH.Richards while I agree it is far from be nice from @Raedwald to call you out like that, do know that in the last few weeks the stance there is no problem is seen as denying the serious issues these specific group of people faces day in, day out. Your deleted answer has that smell and your line of defense is the same as used by others that seem to care less about a fair treatment. That is now seen as hurtful.
She's not saying there is no problem though....
People seem to take offense to that answer because at a glance it could be interpreted that way.
So, for a crude comparison, that answer has been Monica'd.
Deleting things is never received well. It's censorship, and prevents people from forming their own opinion. So people like me wander by, and can't read the original post, can't make my own decision, and just see the argument instead.
@Cerbrus I don't want go there. I tried carefully to explain how things might be interpreted. Take the discussion to the question and write an answer
> I bet you experience no more unfriendly behaviour than any other member on MSE.
I can attest to at least that being false, especially right now.
@rene The right place for that discussion is under the deleted answer... That's the problem
9:56 AM
the OP provided the text in a pastebin , you can take it from there
Repost it, then?
So then what? We can't discuss the answer, we cant repost it...
10:01 AM
@Cerbrus Find more stuff to clean up?
Eat stroopwafels?
This is the link to pastebin. I have copied and pasted the text from the question and re-add the formatting but I now see that it is only available in the pro version. Since the post is locked I could not copy the source but had to use the rendered text. — Christine H. Richards 20 mins ago
@Bart Good idea! They make a perfect a lunch :)
10:17 AM
@rene You pinged me then deleted the comment while I was about a mile away from the keyboard. Sorry for missing your message.
It became obsolete the minute I posted it. And it still is so I won't repost
@Snow there was othing good about this one lol
i have a small tree to cut down an roots to dig up
@rene No worries.
10:33 AM
yeaaaaaaaaah nuked those.
10:54 AM
I really, really need to work on my diplomacy.
Why do I feel that's the caption under a photo of you punching someone in the face?
:P it's just that I am a downvote magnet. I'm not especially disrespectful, just lacking basic diplomacy to express my ideas well
often making too big simplifications etc.
and sometimes its not that and i don't understand at all
@ArthurHavlicek I agree with your most recent answer. Its just... well...
lacking diplomacy ? :D
Folks disagree on why and where the lines are
11:07 AM
sometimes it's hard to understand the room, we've all been there....
I'm reading your last answer and you're writing in absolutes, which is going to make at least 50% of users mad. Absolutes would have been really good to use when all of this started because there was one problem that everyone who was upset was upset about Monica, now that everyone has branch off into their camps try to appeal to a group without painting the opinion as being held by all of SE. It's hard to understand where the ground to stand on is because it keeps moving
I thought I was allowed to as being paraphrasing the (previous and current) CoC but I definitely see what you mean
I really enjoy the answer you left on "Why are the Code of Conduct changes received so negatively, and what can / could have been done to change that?"
Thanks :)
@ArthurHavlicek I suspect the current COC is still a ... work in progress
sometimes it isn't what you say it's how you say it. Don't worry you're not alone, I'm guilty of that too
11:19 AM
.... That sounds oddly familiar....
Clever fella who said that.
@JourneymanGeek I took it right from the dog's mouth ;)
@JourneymanGeek Looks like it is, judging by the most recent staff answer
@Zoethetransgirl Yup
@JourneymanGeek so far this whole network is still a work in progress ;)
@Bart oh, true
and occationally we have wassnames...
Technical debt, and the thing where old bugs come back
11:32 AM
@StephanS That's an important point I think is missed a lot. One problem has given a platform for many, and arguments aren't neccessarily aligning with the topic anymore.
In today's episode of Question Titles You Wouldn't Believe Don't Come From Arqade: How to find the maximum amount of diamonds in a mine
yeah it seems to be the case. If you notice that the topic of discussions has been changing very quickly but the same complain is still aired, the complaint against the company. Some people are just using anger towards a topic in exchange for anger against SE.
It links to stack overflow. Am I missing the joke?
@Tinkeringbell got edited completely. See history
Can't, I'm on mobile for a few minutes :(
11:40 AM
@Cereal I guess life likes playing with dominoes
12:05 PM
There should be a FAQ about "What happens if I disagree with a moderator decision" somewhere. But I can't find it. Does anyone have a link? No I'm not disagreeing with a decision.
@Raedwald The standard FAQ post perhaps? meta.stackexchange.com/q/28867/369802
@Raedwald I always search for "recourse" and sort by votes.
12:39 PM
Thanks. The magic word is "recourse"
(or the standard list of faq entries) :P
1:40 PM
@Tinkeringbell It was missing from the FAQ index. Fixed.
@Raedwald Ah, that's not good. Thanks! :)
1:55 PM
Well, that's community built
and sometimes stuff slipps through the cracks
I could've sworn it was in there though, and that I had found it through there before :|
2:21 PM
hmmm....torn on latest post by one of our Greek members (or at least the name is Greek). If it wasn't that I knew this member I would flag R/A and assume troll.....as it is, I know its not and it just makes me go "huh? what the?!"
@LinkBerest sounds true to form
he's german if memory serves
And flag/vote by the post, not the person
ah, I only looked at the name (and Greek symbols are pretty familiar to people who do a lot of math).
I vote by post, I mostly flag by post (known spammers & new users - given current environment - would not see me giving a post a 2nd read-over though)
@LinkBerest not Greek, German
....the name is Greek and everyone sees which post I'm referring to, based on that without having to link to it (to avoid chat/meta effect at least a little), so I call that a win :)
I did not click on the profile link (and to be fair I have American friends who are stationed in places like Germany or Okinawa so location != nationality.....silly profiles ;) )
eh, re-reading it I find it horrible but don't care
or find it horrible that I don't care
not sure anymore
@LinkBerest what’s that mean?
So there was some talk saying that someone is spamming anonymous posts about this stuff?
2:36 PM
what's what mean?
"meta effect" (or Greek name - the characters making up the name are Greek characters in this case)
A: The Many Memes of Meta

gnatMeme: Meta effect. Originator: Mat (?) Mentioned: MSO comments, 2011-09-08 Background: Increase of voting activities observed on main-site posts that have been exposed at meta. Most ironic when someone complaining to Meta about "unfair downvotes" on another site gets more downvotes. Also se...

^ meta effect
Not all those who use Greek are Greeks // Not all those who don't use Greek are not Greeks :P
That user even specifies they're not Greek. Probably because various Greeks had assumed they were. I know I had.
3:18 PM
Technically anything on meta cannot be meta effected
3:33 PM
@202324 brews a cup of Affogato for @202324
3:57 PM
Q: Users need to be able to remove themselves and all their data from the site

terdonMany users no longer feel safe participating here and don't feel comfortable with SE having data about them. While there is a way to delete your account which will result in all your posts being dissociated and your username replaced with a generic "userNNNN", that isn't enough. Your old userna...

oh boy. that explicitly goes against the license terms.

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