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The logic of diamond-giving is sometimes hard to discern. Eric Andres has accounts on 15 sites, of them two with diamonds: Stack Overflow and Woodworking (?).
@VoteDukakis I don't know if anyone has said this... but thank you. Please, don't hesitate to ping us if you see concerning things in the future.
12:18 AM
@Rob Okay, maybe I should clarify; domestic 3D printing isn't quite there yet.
A very curious question: do past suspensions impede one's prospects of being hired as a Stack Exchange employee?
If you've got a few tens to hundreds of thousands lying around to drop on 3D printing, you can get much better results.
12:37 AM
@Catija Very interested in getting the technical info on what happened here, as someone who has looked for these kinds of holes a lot.
12:54 AM
A thousand dollar 3D metal printer is a thousand bucks down the drain.
1:04 AM
@Undo There was no hole here; both of these users also have the staff bit. Are you referring to the prior case where a non-staff user managed to get network-wide moderator rights?
That's what Undo is talking about, sure.
> @Github needs a @StackOverflow style point system to encourage civility in the issue tracker. -- Tim Gallagher at 1:29 PM - 14 May 2019
The irony...
Is Beta Launch Tuesday a lost tradition? OR site is still waiting.
Granted, the launches were too few and far between to have a rhythm of any kind.
1:14 AM
Sad fact: the previous non-blockchain site launch was in March 2018, Quantum Computing
1:50 AM
@Undo Still not sure what the plan is for that.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog "Whose bright idea"... is kinda rude to say. Can you rephrase without the snark?
2:07 AM
Now this is scary.
2:20 AM
@VoteDukakis I think it's scheduled for next week. We're slowly getting back in the swing of things.
Is the next Unicorn Meta Zoo being recorded? I believe it's next week that it's supposed to come out?
3:04 AM
It looks like it's necessary to totally disable Hyper-Threading to mitigate this.
Freaking Intel man.
3:21 AM
I'm surprised that Intel decided to brand dual-core hyperthreading processors as i7
3:36 AM
i7-powered iMac
3:47 AM
2 hours later…
5:43 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog i7 is just a type of core.
It doesn't necessarily mean it has a lot of physical cores.
But IMO it shouldn't be branded as an i7, but as an i5, because dual-core isn't really high-end, even if you slap hyperthreading on it
its not really a kind of core. Its just marketing.
@Aibobot It has a set of different features.
Its just the highest... well second highest model in a line
Yeah i9 is higher (also Xeons usually out-compete them).
5:45 AM
@forest how intel sets features is maddeningly arbitrary
I know.
I just mean that a dual-core i7 is (pretty much) the same as a hexa-core i7, with the exception of the hexa-core likely having a lower clock rate and a bigger L3.
(Assuming the same family e.g. Broadwell)
and a core i5 might be built out of the same basic core, with different enabled featues...
Yeah, the features are often just "disabled" in the in-CPU ROM.
so model numbers literally mean nothing
Like VT-d and stuff.
@Aibobot Yeah the only thing that really matters is number of cores and family.
5:46 AM
My home computer has a Xeon E3 with hyperthreading disabled
a dual core core i7 sounds like a laptop class core though
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Manually disabled or it just doesn't support it?
Doesn't support it
Probably disabled in hardware
5:47 AM
Yeah, they use OTP (one-time programmable) fuses for that.
That allows them to build a high-end machine and progressively cripple it so they can sell the crippled version for a lower price.
and/or sell systems with bits that failed in testing
I know they do that with RAM, but is that done with CPUs as well?
I'd think the stuff that would have a high failure rate would be things like the cache, not tiny little features like VT-d.
Do you remember the old three and 5 core AMD chips?
5:51 AM
Yeah those quad core ones that had one disabled core?
@forest oh, VTD and such is totally product differnciation
@forest folks would enable a extra core in software
Yeah I remember that.
It was rather unstable wasn't it?
shrug Some people just wanted more (unstable) bang for their buck
Yeah just like overclocking.
actually exactly like OCing
5:54 AM
I haven't seen overclocking really been done for quite a while, at least not on desktop CPUs. I think Intel has gotten their turbo thing working pretty well.
Only ever see it on embedded systems nowadays.
well and a lot of traditional OC methods don't work any more
Because the chipset prevents the methods?
I remember hearing something about some Xeons doing that.
I suspect its a little more complex
but not really 'my' scene
Same. I'm still a novice when it comes to x86 architecture.
now I'm totally going from memory here but in the old days, you'd simply just turn up the FSB speed
5:56 AM
Yeah that's still done for embedded systems.
Which is why the early generation celerons with no cache OCed well
Er, AHB.
@forest Third paragraph from the bottom: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wafer_testing - They make a wafer, test it to determine how much of each chip works, and cut it up into the different families.
in theory though, there's nothing stopping them from cutting up a perfectly good chip to meet demand for a lesser chip
6:05 AM
Well that's what's done with HDDs, SSDs, RAM, etc.
7:03 AM
I think this guy might want his name dissociated from his post:
He's been vandalizing his question with the revision comment "privacy".
@forest flaaaaaag
7:35 AM
I won't blame my junior dev... I won't blame...
8:14 AM
@NoDistractionWizard It's Shadow Wizard's fault.
8:47 AM
@Aibobot cached Oded?!
> ZombieLoad. The ZombieLoad attack resurrects your private browsing-history and other sensitive data. It allows to leak information from other applications
You got affected?
@ShadowWizard OCed. Evil twin brother
@ShadowWizard most of those sorts of exploits are kinda...
really hard to actually make use of
least for now
9:29 AM
Q: Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

Shog9Five years ago, we set out to write up some guidelines for folks asking debugging questions on Stack Overflow. Andrew Thompson, author of the much-loved guide to writing a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example, gave us a solid start; with a few tweaks and updates over the years thi...

Sounds like a weight loss pill
I've never heard reprex used as a word
9:52 AM
@Aibobot The author of that question was an SE employee at the time
The problem is the substitution. Min-Reprex is just a technical term you have to look up to know what it could mean.
Minimal, complete and verifiable example contains within its definition everything that it is
"The least (minimal) amount of information I need to (complete)ly reproduce the problem and verify that I have found a working solution"
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ah, but see
It wasn't the question
It was an answer
It was the spam answer to it deleted 2 minutes ago
@Aibobot You linked the question
10:00 AM
It would be nice to assume that by my saying "quick chatabuse" I had my reasons
I couldn't find the question from my phone
I do often know what I'm doing
10:21 AM
umm... what's MCVE??
Sounds like some Microsoft test? No?
sigh... let's Google...
not spam.
@Margarine to you... to me, and likely many programmers, it sounds like a new type of regex.
So having it is a big mistake, much more confusing than whatever it was before.
@Aibobot what "chatabuse" means?
This word was never used before in Tavern
Google leads to #CHATABUSE hashtag on Twitter... (with 6 tweets)
10:42 AM
@ShadowWizard Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example
@ShadowWizard its an... abuse of chat ;p
10:54 AM
I used it to send links between systems
11:34 AM
The Min-Reprex thing is at -55 owch
I wonder how much of that is genuine dislike of the phrase and how much is procedural again
@Magisch And I wonder for how many people the answer to that is just 'both'
@Tinkeringbell There's a crux though: What if you're the recipient of such negative feedback and can credibly think of it as "Ah people just hate us nothing to see here" because you have the feeling that has happened before
@Magisch Oh, you're right on that one. Love your answer there too ;)
I don't think there'll ever be a way to substitute a paragraph's worth of question and fact specific advice with a single word or phrase
@Magisch In a way though, that sounds like what happened with MCVE. People got tired of writing that paragraph over and over and over and... so it became shorter, until it was just 'Give us an MCVE'
11:48 AM
Hence canned comment scripts
@Tinkeringbell I reckon not commenting is still shorter then throwing MCVE boilerplates
And probably less alienating.
This sort of just-in-time feedback should be coming from the UI anyways, the question wizard already asks you to categorize your question roughly, no reason it can't also tell you how to make the problem reproducible.
both are gone
@Magisch or dislike of being told what to do
12:02 PM
I'm more interested in stats on how many posts failed each component of MCV... like... how often we tell users that even though their code is Minimum and Complete, but not Verifiable?
Otherwise, I'd just go with "Minimum (ex/s)ample code".
All of this tech lingo is just unneeded complexity
"You need to give us enough so we can reproduce your problem and realize when we've found a solution for it"
> What is a reprex? It’s a reproducible example, as coined by Romain Francois.
In the context of a specific IDE instruction in RStudio
explains why I haven't heard of it. I don't code in R.
Let's go with MWE instead :)
Whee~~~ raining~~~
12:32 PM
@Magisch I used to post 'please help us help you by providing more information....'
12:47 PM
@Magisch my dv is due to genuine dislike of the phrase
1:18 PM
If you already know what an MCVE is, min-reprex more or less conveys the same meaning.
If you don't...it has the same issues.
Mobile Construction Vehicle...
@fbueckert No. I can understand MCVE is some fancy acronym related to the topic, even without knowing what exactly it stands for. But "reprex" is a different story. I won't ever guess it's related in any way to asking questions.
@ShadowWizard Unless you have an idea of what it represents, MCVE is a meaningless acronym.
@NoDistractionWizard I really thought at first it's Microsoft Certified [something]. lol
it reprexents... wait, never mind...
1:23 PM
I'd be interested in seeing how often pointing a user at the need for an MCVE actually resulted in one.
@fbueckert suppose I'm a new user. I ask a question and get a comment "Please read about MCVE and edit your question". I can tell it's related, can look for the meaning and move on. Being told "Please give reprex", I'll just go "huh?!?!?", ignore, and not do anything with it, considering it some random trolling on my question.
@fbueckert 6-8 times... out of 1000? ;)
please also give Zombrex
Zombies pain relief?
turning @Marga to become a zombie
Turning? Is my make-up so good you can't tell?
@ShadowWizard As with either one, context matters.
"Please read about making a min-reprex and edit your question" will work just as well as your first example.
1:30 PM
@fbueckert sure... still, four upper case letters are clearly some related acronym. Some unknown short word is just... something that appears not related.
Same as, "Please give MCVE" doesn't do anything either.
An acronym that you don't know and don't understand.
I'm exceedingly dubious it'll have any benefit, but the damage is probably limited in scope as well. People who weren't gonna read the article will continue to not do so.
So, the real question is: which one will make someone curious care and read?
I feel meh either way, and haven't voted yet
@fbueckert but appears as first Google result. Sadly enough, reprex search gives unrelated results, which is even more misleading.
1:32 PM
Hej @Mar did you see our new mods?
Please be nice to them. ;-)
@Loong Wha . . . How did I miss that
@Loong shit, I've closed chat, that's why
removes room owner status
@NoDistractionWizard neither, but the later will confuse those few who would want to read.
@ShadowWizard Ideally, both of them should be smart links, and link to the same place.
That way, if they're not going to read, they're not going to read, and we don't have to worry about their question anymore.
1:34 PM
@Margarine I can still see your nose
@Loong My ROness has been eternally carved into the room. If you want site-wide chaos, go ahead
@ShadowWizard No you can't! Nose gets longer
Reprex just sounds like a fancy regex.
No, weight loss pill, I tell ya
flagging Shog's question as spam
runs away
1:35 PM
@fbueckert .replace(/[^0-9]/g,'');
Or a widely available drug's commercial name
@Magisch Considering regex needs a degree in spelunking and constant refreshing, that's all greek to me.
Do we have some kinda data that "MCVE" itself caused confusion?
I don't even recall anecdotal evidence of that
@fbueckert remove everything from a string that is not a number
Sure, having to do something about your question came off as a big enough surprise for people
1:38 PM
@Magisch so -100 becomes just -?
Awesome and useful. :D
No, it becomes 100
that is NOT a number
Honestly, if someone asks a question that needs an MCVE, I have serious doubts the question will ever get one.
Users just don't understand, and either through confusion, stubbornness, arrogance, or whatever, just don't edit their question.
Or what also happens is they don't immediately get an answer but still have the problem so keep googling to eventually get an answer instead
Oh, to me, regex is basically a common enough English word with an excessive amount of punctuation around it.
1:41 PM
in which case aint nobody ever coming back to that (now solved) question
@fbueckert I got the vibe from Shog's post though that the whole reprex thing was more related to trying to clearly communicate an expectation up front in something else than a four letter abbreviation?
Or they try somewhere with lower standards
Kinda strange to shoot it down with 'it's not going to make people edit their posts to include it'
I think the contention people have with it is that nobody that isn't a R developer will know what it is and those who do might confuse it with the R package of the same name
1:43 PM
@Tinkeringbell you're not jaded enough
@Margarine Duh. Jade is greenish
Well it's your fault anyway.
Now gimme your chi.
@NoDistractionWizard yeah we all know your handwriting is awful
@Margarine You want my life energy? At this point? sends over two atoms
1:46 PM
@Feeds reminds me of MCVE
@Tinkeringbell Confusion is confusion; it still doesn't communicate what it is we want the user to do.
@fbueckert That's a better argument ;)
People just need more practice using reprex in a sentence to see its benefits.
> Hey girl, are you a bug? Cuz I'd totally reprex you.
1:53 PM
or something better...
I didn't vote on the reprex post one way or another. But I do dislike the hyphen.
It shows how far SO departed from its antihyphen roots.
@VoteDukakis Why do girls never get to use lame pickup lines?
@VoteDukakis stares at SE's generated URL slug
@Tinkeringbell What's stopping you?
I hear the success rate is quite high
1:59 PM
@Magisch Mainly, never heard of any that exist ;)
"You could totally ruffle my feathers"
I'm not very good at this
@Magisch Hahaha I see :P
And Pickup is banned on IPS so :P
Uhoh... the CM is frowning ;) Let's change topic
@Tinkeringbell Stereotypes?
2:05 PM
@fbueckert Probably ;)
@Tinkeringbell I have a general distaste for pickup lines but I've never been seriously target of one so it's a "meh" tier issue
@Magisch I've... subtly ... retorted a few in my short life ;)
On a different note, it's aspargus time and fresh strawberrys will be soon
they always sell these right near the field in my town, and they're always delicious
also rhubarb
2:21 PM
As Garrison used to intone...
One little thing can revive a guy,
And that is a slice of rhubarb pie
homemade rhubarb jam
Perfect for an invigorating breakfast, the end of a long day, or when someone rejects your cheesy pickup line
@Shog9 Raw rhubarb is awesome.
It's also wild garlic time
And strawberry rhubarb jam. Yum.
2:23 PM
I'll go out collecting some this weekend
you can make so many things with wild garlic
Q: Why in India when it rains, a electricity transformer always blasts?

jaskaran singh randhawaWhen ever it rains, some corner of street or other a electricity transformer always blasts

And this is SE's fault.
@Magisch Like garlic toothpaste
if folks weren't glued to their computers drawing all that power using SO, the transformer could be shut down safely and disconnected from the grid prior to the electrical storm
garlic pesto, butter, infusions, salad, dried and ground up as spice, just as random greens in your soup or omelet
so many uses
And biological samples to look at under the microscope and pretend are exciting.
warding off vampires... curing pinkeye...
2:27 PM
they even make wild garlic infused liquor
So strong you can smell the garlic 2 rooms away when you open the bottle
"Love drinking to excess, but hate the halitosis it gives you?"
my grandma used to love it
It's truly amazing how far technology has come in the past half century, what used to take up a whole room has been reduced to something you can hold in your hand. Example: We used to have this, now we have the XKeyboarCD.
@Rob And what you could hold in your hand has turned into an icon
And used for the same purpose too. Imagine King Louis or whatever sending 5 million pigeons telling people he'd make France great again
2:36 PM
I saw it happen once
with no rain
was quite ... dramatic
Not just the sparks, the burning transformer oil flying out
@Magisch I've never used pickup lines. No idea what it makes me, but hey... I was able to find what I looked for even without it. :D
@Rob yeah that biggest achievement of humanity is making things.... Smaller. :P
@ShadowWizard said the actress to the bishop....
Chess didn't become smaller... I think? lol
@Margarine you play chess? I forgot, remember only @Pro is pro in chess. :D
The phrase "Said the actress to the bishop" is a colloquial and vulgar British exclamation, offering humour by serving as a punch line that exposes an unintended double entendre. An equivalent phrase in North America is "that's what she said". Each phrase is an example of a Wellerism, exposing a second meaning of what precedes it. The versatility of such phrases, and their popularity, lead some to consider them clichéd. == History and variations == The term, or its variant "as the actress said to the bishop", is British in origin. It was in popular usage in the Royal Air Force c.1944-47, but may...
One of my former neighbors probably didn't get pickup lines, no one could lift her.
2:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek ohhhhh lool
Since when you became British?! ;)
Next you'll start using grey instead of gray, etc... :D
She seemed to average three dates a week, so I also presume that such (in)formalities were unnecessary.
@Rob exactly
@ShadowWizard actually that is how I spell it....
I don't remember how my dates started, but sure that we just jumped into small talk, trying to know each other, etc.
@JourneymanGeek wait, does Singapore use British English?
In Israel we use/learn US English.
That said.... Madonna arrived!1!! :D
Ah Guest is back. o/
2:54 PM
@ShadowWizard yes
America also uses grey, as in Greyhound et al. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/grey#Usage_notes
@ShadowWizard quick question: did you watch the first round of the EU song context? Remember to watch tomorrow and Saturday as the Netherlands is going to win this time.
3:19 PM
@rene No spoiling things! We're watching that just now ;)
> After an amazing 9 years, today is my last day at @StackOverflow <3. I will be joining @Grafana soon. Consider joining me ( grafana.com/about/hiring ) or replacing me! ( stackoverflow.com/jobs/263065/… …) -- Kyle Brandt at 7:58 AM - 15 May 2019
@ShadowWizard practically, they use Singlish though...
@Tinkeringbell I guess we can campaign for tele-voting or is that considered to be voting fraud and we will be suspended?
This means none of three authors of SF blog work at SE anymore.
Netherlands, this is categorically similar and better - but this is the winner.
3:31 PM
I just want to Maiyahi...
@rene We should. If you're going to end up suspended, it's more likely going to be for spam ;)
My IP entered spamram ....
@JourneymanGeek What are you? 70?
Thanks for the TIL tho
@ShadowWizard all I know about chess is the king is useless and the queen does everything. Something like Britain, dunno.
Q: Can ultra and infra

John Hunter-2 This is my first question on here—I hope I get it right! I am 69 years old and I believe the victim of gaslighting and ELDER ABUSE. On the nights of February 8 and 9 of this year while being a guest at a former friends house while trying to sleep in my room by myself I experienced symptoms of...

3:51 PM
@rene Apparently boots instead of pants are all the rage this year. Makes me wonder what Duncan will wear.
@Tinkeringbell Mr. Google tells me it's a Dutch singer. What about him?
He is going to be the successor of Teach-In
@Margarine We're watching the first round of Eurovision songfestival semifinals that happened yesterday evening (yay for on demand). I was critiquing the amount of insensible outfits ;)
@rene No I mean will he go to the contest with shorts and boots?
@Margarine I was hoping not ;)
3:57 PM
Also WTH. You Dutches need to be better at naming. Teach In sounds like some parent's club.
We have no idea.
@Margarine he doesn't have a dance act so I guess even no pants will do ....
@rene He does need to enter the stage though.
@Margarine Try 'Toppers' or 'Drukwerk' ;)
Unless he's planning to glue the piano to his privates for memorableness's sake
De kast, De Dijk
4:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell Durkwreck doesn't sound so bad. What does it mean?
@Margarine printed stuff or a nr. 2
Wow, OK. This reminds me of when my friend said Hans Zimmer looks like a boring history teacher.
@Margarine he kinda does though ;)
@Margarine when we don't win, we try that for next year.
@Tinkeringbell I see you went all-in with the "Toppers" ...
@rene ah yeah, sometimes you just gotta let your light shine ;)
4:09 PM
@Shog9 FWIW, the term "Min-reprex" doesn't explain anything either; I thought it was a mathematical term until I read your post. Not only is it longer than MCVE, but reprex isn't a word... it's parts of two words arbitrarily smashed together. "Min-repro" (for one example) would be shorter than "Min-reprex", and better than both "Min-reprex" and "MCVE" in that you can guess what it means without having to google it. It also has the added benefit of being a common abbreviation for reproducible and is already used here in the phrase "no repro". — TylerH 2 hours ago
"reprex" is ... reprexive...
@JohnDvorak I am deeply reprexed by your reprexion comment.
How about "not the right amount of code"? It's not minimal, but it reproduces the intent.
> Posting too little or too much to count
> P is for posting imperfect amount
MCPEV? Pronounced McPeeve. I like it
Notice that I made a brief appearance on stage!
4:22 PM
MCVE™ Overflow: a crowd-sourced site for assisting the problem maker in creating an acceptable MCVE™ post for Stack Overflow
@Rob I retract what I said about boots. I've seen worse outfits by now ;)
@Margarine mini Brexit?
Ah, the ask a question chatroom, AKA Stack Overflow mentorship program
How are those outfits "bad"? - no glitter, tears, or lack of mechanical gizmos ...
@Rob okay, let's say 'insensible' then. Anything that requires tape to stay in proper places....
4:27 PM
I don't think they're bad. I like the idea of singers wearing their casual clothes on stage.
Or just looks ridiculous ;)
Like boots instead of pants
I didn't notice any boot-pants. Looked like regular shiny leather pants to me.
@Tinkeringbell because this is so much more sensible? !
@Rob cultural appropriation of French mimes
Also, it's sensible per se
Casual, yes, but that's far better than suits made of meat or Kermits.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, instead of pants. Relatively speaking, they are OK.
@Rob I was expecting her to start singing let it go.
4:59 PM
1 hour later…
6:08 PM
@Rob Googles Mr. Methane . . . WTF.
Just lost 62 reputation to a removed user...what happened?
my guess: a user who voted for some of your posts was removed
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog You just got assassinated from the shadows.
You're bleeding reps as we speak.
@Shog9 Quick question: your post regarding vote preservation decisions says that if the user "is or ever was involved in voting fraud", the votes won't be kept. Does this mean that if a user is, say, involved in voting fraud in their early days and years later goes on to become an active constructive user who later requests deletion, are they forever precluded from having their votes preserved because of the past years-old incident?
@Margarine At least the system is kind enough to disclose to me how much of the rep invalidation was upvotes vs. downvotes...
it can mean that
it doesn't have to mean that
6:19 PM
So then the words "ever was" should be changed.
I really wouldn't want to set any unreasonable expectations here
6:32 PM
@Shog9 Without giving away too much detail, why was the decision made to invalidate the votes here? Did the user not vote enough times and it was an automatic decision, or was it a manual decision?
I feel like any answer here gives away much details
1. Does it have to do with Rhubarb
6:51 PM
I gained reputation, so it seems positive to me.
@Rob Oh you were the assassin!
Lifesteal enchantment
@Margarine Mar Mal Aide.
7:09 PM
When life gives you marmals, make marmalade.
@Rob stop linking me to YouTube dude. It's censored here
If regex means regular expression, then reprex is ... repressed expression?
In any case, it appears that metaSO needs emotional development at least 5 times more than metaSE
Well, you're not wrong
7:41 PM
MINimal REProducible t. REX:
How do you make a fence for a creature that small? Wouldn't a terrarium be a better choice?
@Margarine They block 50% of the Top 500 websites.
A tiny raptor fence
7:52 PM
> The web is crowded and you will have to shout very loud to be heard. writing.stackexchange.com/a/45186
Nobody goes to the internet anymore because it's too crowded.
Yeah, too ma ... wait. I'm not allowed to say that.
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