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12:12 AM
Before this gets closed, can someone please share me what reasons this question is shown as being "flagged as" and a screenshot of what's under the "more" button?
1:11 AM
I want this many cores.
Just so I can see htop going crazy.
1:43 AM
2:41 AM
Mor... wOaHhHh...
3:17 AM
@forest It's U$1500.
3:29 AM
@Rob To quote a review on that item: "also canceled my gas contract, wont [sic] be needing a heater anymore!"
@Rob Yeah I know. The cores are individually quite slow anyway.
Also 4 hardware threads per physical core.
4:08 AM
@forest Just get the Lambda Hyperplane with 8x Tesla V100s, or the DGX-2H - @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog you'll need to cancel more than your gas contract, to pay for the electricity:
GPUs 16X NVIDIA® Tesla V100
GPU Memory 512GB total
Performance 2.1 petaFLOPS
NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 81920
NVIDIA Tensor Cores 10240
NVSwitches 12
Maximum Power Usage 12kW
@Rob The point was, they no longer need a separate heater to heat their house; their computer system will do the job.
And the point made there is ...
4:24 AM
Sadly CUDA/OpenCL isn't useful for my compute jobs.
(Though that's an impressive amount of processing power)
Also would either of them turn up on htop?
There are 100 core arm processors thought....
Nah not Nvidia cores.
1 hour later…
5:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek The box has 2x 8174s (according to the old manual) but STH asked and it has (OEM} 8189s - so sadly only half the cores (even with hyperthreading enabled).
1 hour later…
6:50 AM
@forest Those 2 CPUs make up a measly U$20K of the U$400K box's price, they're not excessively slow; they clock slightly faster than 3GHz. Good thing it weighs 360 lbs (163 kgs).
7:04 AM
400.000 for a pc?
I could buy a house with that
Where could you buy a house for $400? :)
That would be highway Robbery
7:34 AM
@Magisch Please never visit The Sphinx's Lair. Your added punnery will cause a Pun Overflow Exception, and crash Puzzling.SE.
You punny bard...
2 hours later…
9:28 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog too late, @animuson did it.
What is the bug?
Q: Cannot vote to close a question as a duplicate because it would lead to a circle, except it wouldn't

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogI'm trying to vote to close this question as a duplicate of this one. The former question had just been asked 20 minutes ago, whereas the latter one was closed as a duplicate back in 2010 and hasn't been edited by a human user since 2011. However, when I try to vote to close the much newer one ...

2 hours later…
11:23 AM
@JNat cross site spammer, posting nonsense "answers" just to have links to their profile which contains the actual spam.
11:33 AM
Not spam just.... useless?
1 hour later…
12:43 PM
What is security through obscurity? Answer: Hiding Information Security.SE behind Meta SE.
New New New New Nav is on all sites?
definitely... since I didn't recognize the "Saved Filters" on the right sidebar...
1:00 PM
@NoDistractionWizard no, I see it only on SO.
(opt-in only, disabled by default.)
Maybe when enabled on SO it affects all sites though, didn't check.
Hmm... weird... anyway, it happened....
I won't waste my time on a feature with a very high chance of never coming to life.
SE can pull the plug down any moment, if they find something more "urgent" to work on.
@NoDistractionWizard might be a bug then. Go go bug report! :D
@AnneDaunted kaboom
1:48 PM
so the question filter beta is on SE, MSE, and SO, in an all or nothing way ~ meta.stackexchange.com/questions/313940/…
Anyone have 10K on Meta?
I don't, but I can probably help anyway :)
Oh, I want to see a few deleted posts
Not like secret ones
Just blatantly off-topic ones
To see common keywords between them
SEDE. PostsWithDeleted is the table you want
Ah... well, that's not really something that's easily done, I don't think 5 or 10 are going to help there and I really don't have the time to dig up hundreds ;) I think Magisch is right, use SEDE
1:53 PM
Might be hard since most of them are about programming (question banned on SO)
searching for specific posts by keywords is easy
@Magisch How do you mean?
Well, what kind of posts do you want? All posts deleted as blatantly off topic? Possible. All posts deleted as blatantly off topic with certain keywords? Also possible
All posts by users question banned on SO deleted as blatantly off topic? Only the CMs can provide that if at all
@Magisch all posts deleted as blatantly off-topic, please
I'm no good at SEDE
On the other hand, I'm curious what do you want to do with those posts ;)
1:58 PM
@NoDistractionWizard Writing a Meta on a possible detector of them to warn people that their posts seem off-topic and push them away to Stack Overflow
`QuestionAsOffTopicCloseReasonId 7` is `Questions about **unicorns** are off-topic because I really hate unicorns. For more information, bite my shiny metal horn.
What on earth
@Magisch Someone testing closing something? :P
@Stormblessed if its MSE, there's a rediculous number
@Magisch too bad, you activated their trap card...
Can you get banned for mass-retagging? Just wondering
2:02 PM
manually suspended, yes...
@Stormblessed Well, if its potentially disruptive, sure
Depends on the tag, and what the community thinks about it
Also depends on the site, especially on the quieter sites
(for edit bumping in general)
Protip. If a new person, let alone a site regular has no idea what's going on with a tag, its bad. Also the person creating the new tag should buy everyone a drink help write the tag wiki.
(I just realized an internet radio channel is not streaming until now...)
@NoDistractionWizard on any other site - I often also recommend a meta question if its something less than obvious
2:08 PM
yeah, I guess SE Radio might be a good idea
@NoDistractionWizard we do have a podcast...
@Stormblessed I looked into it, you can't filter deleted posts by close reason. Best I can do is all posts that were deleted and closed
Oh, that would be okay, too
Thanks for trying to help :-)
@Magisch would the quickly close/nuked ones turn up?
MSE does have a short halflife on a lot of them
@JourneymanGeek yes they do, but the Body is blank
meaning you're stuck with dates and id's, unless you have 10k to click through & view
2:14 PM
Depending on what you want the data for, can be less useful sometimes
Well, if someone could build a general Ask a Site Wizard covering all 175+ SE sites, then... it'd be good...
Well or a platform for it, and maybe get folks to work out what it needs
Soemthing like Akinator, but for SE sites
"Hmm, I think I know what site you're thinking finding"
"Are you question banned on SO?"
@JourneymanGeek "Can I interest you in this trash can quora?"
2:23 PM
@Magisch or suggest searching for the problem
which is amazingly useful
well no
I suppose if you're going to write a wizard, a 'fun' problem would be how you could structure searching
(granted , whatever they use to suggest similar questions works better than search but shhhhh)
2:48 PM
also as for lost folks here
while its probably a little annoying, it seems to be a problem under control
3:14 PM
Anyway... I just realized there's no timeline page that shows all activities on a questions and all of its answers in the same page?
Been trying to following this meta post periodaically. While it's easy to notice post modification (based on last active date), noticing if there are new comments is harder...
Given that you are a @ConspicuousCompiler I expected you to have a -pedantic flag. — Braiam 16 hours ago
3:33 PM
@NoDistractionWizard have you tried a browser extension like firefox's check4change? that one even has adjustable sensitivity.
Hmm, interesting extension and idea, might use it... :)
oh wait , since ff addon revamp it requires the tab to stay open, but still, it's another avenue
Q: Are you here because of a hormone-rush?

Yossi LonkeAlready five years ago it was observed that one of the main functions of MSE is to be a place for students to get other people to do their homework for them I would love to do the statistics if only I had the time, but I would dare to suspect that nowadays more than 90 percent of the ques...

Well, I am alive because of various hormones and whatnot doing their business (with special thanks to insulin), so...
@NoDistractionWizard That idea wasn't well thought out (it seems to me, and a few others) and now Cat says they're not going back to the drawing board, they're stuck with it. Following it is just rubbernecking.
3:46 PM
Oh, I'm just a persistent lurker. And I love drama
I always want to click the small-size icon of A&M to dismiss the item, but it never works...
The author of the MO meta post appears to be ranting about MathSE, but can't do it there, being suspended.
FR: allow suspended users to post on meta. Just don't show those posts to anyone else.
It's a form of therapy.
I keep assuming MSE is MSE and getting confused
3:56 PM
MSE being MSE? A ridiculous notion.
meta meta question; what's with the recent increase in uptick of users asking about an increase of blatantly off topic meta posts on metas?
(that was a joke, but i think i just scared journyman off, oops)
At least not Ask a Question Wizard... not yet...
Learned behavior. See also: tag burnination requests on metaSO
but some burnination requests have such ingenious puns in the titles!
4:47 PM
Am I correct in saying Code Review is a bit different from other sites (in terms of focusing more on helping the asker instead of trying to help anyone with a similar question as well) and is the reasoning for this somewhere linkable?
If so, then PPCG is also a "bit different"
so it looks like chrome 75 gets much more aggressive with tab discards
So it looks like I'll get much more aggressive with Chrome discards.
yeah but you can't tell users "Just use firefox"
their response will be "I'll just not use your site"
5:00 PM
I explore the internet with Chrome, so my Internet Explorer is Chrome.
IE isn't a web browser. It's a glorified HTML parser.
just use wget
@JohnDvorak Either way, the goal doesn't seem to be to build any sort of repository of searchable questions, unlike on Stack Overflow, for example.
True that it doesn't seem that way.
5:04 PM
I almost responded with Puzzling since that site doesn't trying to help anyone with a similar question, but instead giving new problems to their users...
so it looks like it's a chrome bug, I tested with google music and it stops playing after about five minutes in the background
so it looks like it's being super aggressive
At least Puzzling is up front about its intent.
@ocæon Better yet, use curl. Because now we know why it's free, which is supremely important.
Why wget is free is still a mystery.
5:21 PM
@VoteDukakis lols
5:53 PM
Counterpoint: Arqade is about gaming, and we are trying to build a repository of knowledge.
If only all SE users had that mindset of "building a repository of knowledge"...
And we get a lot of arguments about, "We play games!! Why are you being so serious, man!?"
It's all because of the hormones.
Yes, I am here for the hormone rush (and some useful knowledge, but that is rare). Any problem with that? — schematic_boi 48 mins ago
I didn't expect that post to be above 0 score...
5:57 PM
(and 3 out of 4 commenters have less than 102 reps on MO...)
I can't tell if the author is serious here...
I've heard that fungus as a class generally express less concern about being chopped up and eaten than plants. That said, there are some select few mushrooms and plants that are exceptions to that general lack of apparent concern. But that's just something I've heard, I have no references. — Ed Grimm Feb 21 at 3:37
... or just subtly referencing xkcd.
What if they want to express concern but are unable to? As in "I have no mouth & I must scream"
6:02 PM
@NoDistractionWizard ReWordify is the solution to what ails them.
I just tried with its own description and returned 5 changed words. Looks like the site is not good at demonstrating it... (or isn't it?)
@VoteDukakis much like plants communicating by chemical gasses, and humans use pheromones (though im not sure they're very effective anymore), i would assume that mushrooms are quite capable of emitting something. the worry would be that nothing hears them,
@ocæon They're very effective if you don't take a shower for a few days
> Based on your (reactions or responses to something/helpful returned information), we decided to rethink the whole UI, removing some confusing and (having more than one for safety or backup purposes) parts/pieces, and bringing back some much loved pieces.
This doesn't look like what I expected rewording to be.
6:11 PM
oh .. it's for reducing the vocabulary .. then it reintroduces the original words one by one with explanations and text-to-speech
it's a thing-explainerifier!
Guest Post on May 06, 2019











[num_labels sized array] – 5 in our case[num_examples sized array for each label] – 25[vocab_sized attribution array for each example] – 400

[num_examples sized array for each label] – 25[vocab_sized attribution array for each example] – 400

[vocab_sized attribution array for each example] – 400

BigQuery Public Datasets

Cloud AI Platform


@VoteDukakis I have a mouth, and I must scream, but if I scream, people try to lock me up
@JohnDvorak You can pretend you're screaming at a screen. No one would lock you up for that
In fact, abnormal would be if you look at a screen and don't shout or exhale
Wife: Why do you never speak to me? You always stare at that phone of yours even when we're together.
6:32 PM
@Feeds FR: post a link to original on top of such posts, so that readers can go to nicely formatted, syntax-highlighted original without suffering the SO.blog version.
6:47 PM
There's always punch the monitor.
7:18 PM
Actually the tour pages seem to cover it: Stack Overflow says "build a library" while Code Review does not (although Code Golf also does...).
Why is the layout of this feeditem different from all others: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/7702344 it is the same feed...
@rene Because it's deleted?
Feed item + no post => formatted as a blog
oh,. it is deleted in under a minute
@VoteDukakis this one was also deleted but much later
8:06 PM
On a personal note, I really have appreciated all the hard work Manishearth has done on this site. — Jon Ericson ♦ 4 mins ago
His last diamond is gone
mbq, one of pro tem mods on Physics, was then elected and eventually deleted, leaving a broken image link on the election page.
Notably, all elected mods on Physics kept their diamonds except for mbq and now also Manishearth. Physicists do not quit.
8:23 PM
Unlike mathematicians... there are 12 formerly elected ex-mods on MathSE
9:13 PM
@VoteDukakis Ping a CM to have the broken image replaced with the "departed" symbol
10:01 PM
@VoteDukakis Manishearth still has his diamonds

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