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12:21 AM
@Alex sadly yes
And probably a duplicate
2 hours later…
1:55 AM
Fasting morning...
2:09 AM
I didn't expect Stats > MO > Chem > Bio > Astro
(based solely on meta activeness)
2:56 AM
I'm mildly amused SE getting cosplay spam from Japan. Moreover, on Ubuntu.SE, not Anime.SE...
3:43 AM
@NoDistractionWizard AU is the most highly spammed site.
3 hours later…
6:53 AM
Morning! :)
Afterning! :)
man, I wish I could take a sickie.
Had a hell of a backache, bit we're short handed so I didn't really want to take day or two off cause I couldn't get out of bed
@Aibobot Had or have ;-) ... Sounds horrible :(
7:10 AM
have had
am still having, have had the past few days lol
Q: Completely incorrect ML-generated answers

HoppeduppeanutThere's a new website out there called Ask Roboflow, which learns from questions and answers posted on Stack Exchange sites and attempts to generate an answer for a particular question. The site tends to generate answers of... questionable correctness, which is acknowledged by the author of the s...

Huh, oh..
I just realized it's the answer-counterpart from
Mar 15 at 15:38, by bjb568
Step 2: Use https://stackroboflow.com/ to generate questions at a manageable rate.
If he had done that for meta, maybe no one would have noticed ;p
1 hour later…
8:44 AM
@Margarine it's still there I think, with positive score and answers. Removed manually from HNQ by a mod, spammer suspended for a week. Still, they got exactly what they wanted.
@ShadowWizard don't mourn over spilled HNQ
Sh!t happens
I don't think it changes the tides of the spam crusade, their biggest successes lie elsewhere
@Rob lol as if they care about a week suspension... they got what they want, and they'll spam again when suspension is over.
What if it's a spammer with integrity?
8:50 AM
@ShadowWizard shug people sometimes make mistakes
the guy who edited it, the folks who didn't realise it was a spam sig...
and eventually it gets fed into smokey nom nom nom
@NoDistractionWizard No such command 'spam'.
uhoh, so many spam after my command...
I keep reading that as 'hardware wrecks'.
hard war re-recs
9:05 AM
@SmokeDetector r00d SmoKey
Maybe grace period edit
9:26 AM
@ShadowWizard The Mod wrote to you. --- They got what they wanted? 141 Hits/Day for the page, suspended for a week, no link to their website, and after the suspension they've got 30 rep coming. --- For argument sake let's say they rake in 30/day so in a week they'll be rolling in a couple of hundred rep, arguably worth U$2. --- If you spent 5 minutes on this you lost an hour's pay by comparison.
9:48 AM
@Rob well,I did advise the custom flag....
10:20 AM
First message from my new computer!!!1!!!
Had to log in again though :/
@ShadowWizard Hello new computer!
@rene bzzz
heh also sound isn't muted... long time since I heard the ping sound... :P
@Rob I linked before to Google search results for the relevant key words: they are ranked 13th out of 240M total results due to that post.
That's SEO in its best. Wonder when other spammers will follow this pattern: posting "legit" question that just happen to have the product/company name as part of the code, then see their Google rank jump sky high.
@Margarine yup they removed this part during grace period:
> As for microsoft... You suck, cannot wait until android go into PCs.
(see here)
That's genius
10:44 AM
@JohnDvorak IKR?!
@Sonic thanks for edit, with all the changes I thought they made a full circle and got back to Channels. lol
(but on second thought realized it's just the old name in the db)
blatant NAA plz delete
11:02 AM
^^2k+ users can vote to delete here
11:15 AM
5 more upvotes and I'll have the Final Hammer.... :P
@Feeds Sounds more like a very talkative first date then someone going 'but' XD
@JNat cross site spammer for your gentle care. Thanks! :)
11:31 AM
@Shadow Here's how that close reason is supposed to look like
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog nice, thanks
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
!!/test kktashguru.com/
> Potentially bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in title, potentially bad keyword in username
Potentially bad keyword in body - Position 0-14: kktashguru.com
Potentially bad keyword in title - Position 0-14: kktashguru.com
Potentially bad keyword in username - Position 0-14: kktashguru.com
12:51 PM
> but sometimes you just have to live a little, you know?
I could not come up with a more specific ending to that.
1:07 PM
@Feeds "but I'm just your imaginary fiend..."
1:17 PM
"but I don't think that Jurassic Park is a good movie, or even an entertaining one."
Doesn't fit the setup, though.
1:28 PM
@VoteDukakis That line's vaguely familiar, but dunno where I've read it
1:55 PM
@ShadowWizard No it's not that genius. Only slightly genius.
2:10 PM
> I can advise [...]. You can configure CPU usage percantage right in your account. Also their code really undetectable by adblocks and antiviruses.
Stack Exchange making the Internet better...
And I don't think it's spam, it's answering the question, which had +1 score before I downvoted.
I dislike browser based cryptomining anyways
The scale of such an operation means the only way you can feasibly make more then mere cents is by using other people's computers for it unwittingly, which is just predatory
Sure, they mention "undetectable by adblocks and antiviruses" for a reason.
2:32 PM
It disguises as a browser, which will mine every time you click a link while using that browser
(wait, somehow it reminded me of something...)
3:08 PM
@Magisch Scale of economics, though.
Still underhanded as all get out, for sure. But pennies from thousands of people adds up to a nice chunk of change.
3:54 PM
@Feeds but "nobody expects a predatory multi-level marketing scheme" doesn't pack the same punch.
4:35 PM
Well. This latest question about suspension circumvention isn't going to end well.
@VoteDukakis Nobody expects the IRS?
Especially after being told not to copy
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
55 messages moved to Chimney
7:07 PM
@rene (unless it's changed) the comment tool IPS uses is not actually SOBotics connected... I think @Mithrandir is probably the best person to ask. My brain is failing to supply the name of the person who actually created it but Mith does a lot to manage it. Bhargav did start working on a comment tool but I'm not sure how far he got with it and I don't remember what it's called off the top of my head.
@Catija can you (as mod or CM) delete only a chat profile, leaving the main account intact? There's a suspended user who keeps joining and leaving to irritate people with the animation.
Even kick (which should prevent joining) isn't working since they're suspended.
@ShadowWizard Just put on ignore, that'll remove the animation and the annoyance :)
@Tinkeringbell already did, but still...
@ShadowWizard That action was already taken; the user recreated it. Doing it again would be futile, for this reason.
Q: What can moderators do about suspended chat users who attempt to engage with users via their chat profiles?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogRecently, we encountered a rather persistent user in a chat room, repeatedly attempting to engage with other users in the chat by editing their chat profile description and repeatedly leaving and re-entering the room in order to draw attention to themselves with the entry animation. Some users do...

In summary, just mark them as "ignored".
@Catija Oh, I thought Bhargav and Petter worked on that but I didn't verify. Will check.
7:21 PM
@rene thesecretmaster made it, if I recall correctly :)
is it public somewhere or is it mod only?
Mod invasion ...
@rene the closet :)
I heard my name being thrown here... so came to catch it.
Link to comment bot room: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/63296/the-closet (no transcript link)
Good ears ;)
7:24 PM
been training them these days ...
@BhargavRao I think the last paragraph of my answer here is under discussion. It seems I got my facts wrong.
thanks ... was in the process of digging that up, looks like I don't need to :p
@Tinkeringbell thanks
@rene the OP can use Boson to track them throughout, or use Blaze (a charcoal product, that I'm not quite aware of).
> 0 2
"Homebrewing Stack Exchange Moderator Election 2019"
7:29 PM
So that's true, you can download election data... Nobody said there would be a lot of it.
@BhargavRao Ok. I edit that in, thanks
I think I will post a complete answer/comment under your answer, with the details of how to use it (I mean it is a one line command, so not sure if it is worthy of a separate answer, lest the mods just delete it..)
I heard there was something to delete? :D
yup, the answer that I am going to post ... :p
I'll stay up for a little while longer then :P
7:34 PM
@rene ^^
If you can just edit your post, that's enough ... I don't want to let Tinkeringbell get the opportunity to delete my answer today :p
Lemme guess. You'll post one in half an hour, guessing I'm in bed by then? :P I'll drop a note in the mod room XD
@BhargavRao I have done so
@Tinkeringbell nah, I'm not going to post one ...
You sure? Then I'm going to sleep :P Good night all!
yup.. gunnite \o
I'll get going too... o/
7:38 PM
@ShadowWizard It's possible but serves no purpose. They can recreate it and, when they do, it's likely some of the history will be lost. It's harmful, in the end.
@Tinkeringbell Yes!
@BhargavRao Hiya!
8:10 PM
@rene pokes head in wondering about anything in particular?
@Mithrandir no, not really, just if it works as I claim in my answer
It makes an API request every two minutes to fetch new comments
Okay, so it could do that for Quantum Computing as well, if you set it up?
Yeah; just change "interpersonal" to "quantumcomputing" in the config file
@Mithrandir you use that same API call I assume?
Okay, added that link as well
8:33 PM
@Catija o/
2 hours later…
10:08 PM
@Catija so maybe a feature request asking that chat account won't be auto created for suspended users, or after being deleted by mod?
Q: Extend profile hiding in chat for suspended users

Madara UchihaWhen a user is suspended, his account is reduced to 1 rep and all of his privileges are stripped. However, they can still join chat rooms. This leads to various forms of abuse possible (all of those I've seen by suspended users): Join/Leave spams Expletives in profile messages Hold one sided ...

is stalled
IMO if we chat about them here, it will only entice them further; if we don't engage or mention them in any way, they will eventually realize their efforts are futile and move on.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog heh partly done. (name and avatar are reset for any <20 rep user.)
@ShadowWizard Actually, their chat profile was deleted then recreated. Once a user gains enough rep to chat, their avatar and username are shown permanently, even if the user later loses the rep.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog this one specific case, sure. But I want some permanent solution.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog oh didn't know that.
@ShadowWizard Follow the instructions in my post on how to get attention for unresolved requests to get attention for the one I linked here
10:19 PM
A userscript that completely hides ignored users would be nice.
The main site has a toggle between "grey out" and "completely hide" for ignored posts. Not much hope for something like that in chat, of course.
This was changed recently, wasn't it:
you could do it with a userscript
Capitalization, for one thing. But now it bugs me with its inconsistency: Deletion vs Undelete, Closure vs Reopen. Can we decide if these should be nouns or verbs?
10:21 PM
one thing i notice for ingored users in chat is that the vertical alignment causes a weird space between rows when there's an ignored user on the upper row, that could be fixed to make them less obvious
but some ignored users i actually would want to see, as an RO
as a regular user, here for example, I have no reason to know if an ignored person is in the room
A: Ignoring somebody screws up the avatar list

David X. RandomThe missing CSS rule is: #present-users > .present-user.ignored { height: 16px; } The following userscript adds the rule to all chat rooms: // ==UserScript== // @name SE ignored chat user fix // @description Add missing CSS rule to Stack Exchange chat rooms to fix display of ignored users...

i need to get that added to so dark chat
Reported in November 2012, so is exactly in the range of 6-8. Time to fix?
@KevinB we can, they have smaller avatar.
that was referring to "hide them completely when ignored"
10:24 PM
@VoteDukakis Picky, picky. ;)
like, i can understand why you'd want that, but... i'd only want it when a user is abusing the system, otherwise i dont mind seeing an ignored person in the list
in JS chat for example i can ignore a problematic user that was suspended so it'd be super obvious when they come back
with their tiny avatar
10:50 PM
11:24 PM
@Shadow Please change the dupe closure of this question to the new form; one of the targets is deleted.
Actually, don't; I found a bug in the system and would like to keep that post as-is for evidence.

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