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1:05 AM
A: What is Serverless?

Sai Addankiserverless computing is "server less" as a "chicken burger" is vegan as you didn't personally meet the chicken

I'm going to adopt this definition of "vegan".
Nick tweeted that a couple of days ago.
Yup. I was thinking the same thing
Argh, I upvoted plagiarism...
I........yes. Yes it is. https://twitter.com/iamdevloper/status/1123531597314019329
1:26 AM
I'm happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but can we please remove the 'featured' tag now? It's been three weeks, it's not really news anymore. Thanks a lot :) — hiergiltdiestfu 16 hours ago
"stfu applied here"? I don't know much about German acronyms.
It's like a serverless restaurant, with a server:
1:57 AM
In case of food, I strongly prefer serverless.
Wish Panera's model was more widely adopted.
2:08 AM
@VoteDukakis I've visited and then become a member of sites because of HNQ, as well as asked questions and gotten great answers. I would never have known those sites existed if it weren't for the existence of HNQ.
What is with Peter's editing closed posts (particularly ones by @ShadowWizard) - he received a comment about this earlier.
What's wrong with editing closed posts?
2:24 AM
It bumps it and puts it into the Review Queue, so instead of being closed by one person (Hammered) it becomes re-reviewed by up to five more people. If either one had edited prior to closing it would be preferred (and unnecessary). What are your thoughts, forest, as to why it's a good idea?
Well from that edit at least, it looks like it fixed several mistakes.
It'd be better if there were an option to not bump an edit though.
Something like an IB's "sage".
@Rob semi-automated script. Has been asked and told many times but no response.
@Rob If you're looking at my comment, for context to others, that was not related to the reopen review queue at all. Rather, I was referring to the edit summary, which asserts that he "did not bump it" since it was already bumped earlier as it was closed (it wasn't, since closing posts doesn't bump them).
Q: Add a checkbox to indicate whether a third-party edit makes the question reopenable or not

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogThis is not a duplicate of Give 2k users a 'don't put this in the reopen queue' checkbox. That request has been declined; this is a request to reconsider that decision. There is a known issue of users editing questions that get closed recently after they get closed, for grammar. While the edits ...

@Rob @forest You might consider supporting this feature request, for what it's worth.
Unbumped it would have been Roomba'd slightly sooner. Sort of like washing dirt before throwing it on the floor, only to vacuum it.
@Rob Duplicates aren't Roomba'd 9 days after closure.
@Rob Some users think it's an invalid reason though
(Eventually, that specific situation was resolved as a CM gave it a binding Leave Closed review)
It's the bump and requeuing that I dislike the most, not the pedantry.
@Rob I mention that user (not by name) at the end of my request.
The answer makes the mistaken assumption that he uses a fully automated script, rather than semi-automated. (You know it's semi-automated since he's published said script.)
Yes, there a Moderator Ⓜ️ (unnamed) whom spellchecks where he moderates, I know it's a spellchecker because occasionally it will swap one letter for another and change the meaning of the sentence (and catching the editor).
When the result is correct it's a bit more difficult to argue with the method - that doesn't mean that I enjoy the bump & grind.
I'm complicit there too. When I edit posts for grammar and spelling, I've often been accused of editing valid British spellings to American - in many cases, those are flagged by my (American) spell checker as incorrect, and in others, I've either never seen a word spelled that way or it sounds very weird (e.g. BrE prefers an 's' instead of a 'z' in many words, and in AmE both are pronounced very differently; I often read words letter-by-letter rather than letting my brain interpolate).
tl;dr I tend to make localized spelling changes. (I actually typed "localised" there, but my system "helpfully" autocorrected it to "localized".)
2:46 AM
Technically, initially, it ought to be American English spelling, but if it turns out to be Canadian or British then is the edit really needed.
Back to the main issue at hand, in the meantime, you can support this feature request:
Q: Let users editing a question know if editing it would add it to the reopen queue

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogThis is sort of similar to Let reviewers know if a suggested edit will push the question into the reopen queue, which was positively received, but was declined for technical reasons. I propose that users who are editing a post that was closed within the last five days be shown a notice on top of...

It won't resolve the specific problem you mentioned, but it will at least quell it when it comes to others. Plus, it's positively received and thus more likely to be implemented.
(I did request the same for suggested edit reviewers, and it was much more positively received, but declined for technical reasons.)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I can't think of many words that are pronounced differently in AmE and BrE, other than aluminium. The vast majority are the same
I read that carefully and skimmed the linked one. A solution seems to be that if it stays closed the edit gets no credit That way the editor gets paid for useful work (even robo-edit work) but if it remains closed they get no edit credit - and we either keep or reject the edit.
lieutenant/leftenant is another.. but much rarer
If you like writing those similar sounding (but not duplicate) requests it's yours.
2:56 AM
@Rob If the rule was clearly documented in the UI I'd agree, but it's not, so given the current state of the UI I'd disagree with that.
(since there are multiple Rob's, I'll use replies to make it clear who I'm talking to so only the relevant person gets pinged)
Rob, it's that one person has 'completed' the work (hammer closed, no edit) and after closing it gets edited (possibly by script) re-entering the queue for five people to deal with.
@Rob I'm on the neuro-atypical spectrum, and one of my "oddities" is that I read words letter by letter, so for instance when I see the word "realise" I think "realisssssse? Oh, he meant realize (with a clear "z" sound)".
I GTG, so you'll be replying to the other Rob. Thanks for the chat.
For the same reason, the word "manoeuvre" confused the hell out of me; I literally had to Google it and find out it was BrE for "maneuver"
Or more accurately, French English ;)
3:00 AM
Or manure.
The word "diarrhoea" gave me diarrhea (and was also "helpfully" autocorrected)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Hmm. Trying to think of a counter example, but for the most part 'ise' is pronounced the same as 'ize'
Well, it does have an upside: I can easily spot typos
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Out of curiosity, does that mean you're unable/have extreme difficulty reading something like this?
I remember at a local science museum there was an exhibit where you had to count all the letter F's in a sentence. I correctly answered 6, but so many other museumgoers answered 3 and I couldn't figure out why initially
3:05 AM
That one of those multiple 'of' things?
Yeah, because in AmE the word "of" is pronounced with a "v" sound, and there were three "of"s in the sentence, so people would only spot the other three
It's pronounced with a v sound in all versions of English I know
Not in Indian English; there it's pronounced like the word "off"
Not in my experience
At least, the difference is subtle
@Rob Actually three
But those three are clearly willing and OK to do it
3:14 AM
It looks like it's OK afterall, extrapolating that Q&A to someone over 2K it's thought to be useful - maybe Waffles would be willing to waffle ...
It seems like my earlier proposed solution would be most useful. Reasoning: If the edit was rejected there's no 'edit credit' and no bump. If it was closed and the OP edited, and it wasn't reopened, it would remain closed (though the OP does get an 'edit credit', even a Badge if they don't already have one). So why give a bumper a credit if it remains closed - tag fixing is arguably better but minor edits that remain
closed just bump (and reward the pedantic).
3:32 AM
How do you reject edit by fully privileged user?
You don't. You can revert the edit though.
... and it bumps. Again.
well yeah
@NoDistractionWizard well the idea is we trust folks past that point to make any edits, with the bumping + notifying the OP acting as a impetus to review
3:35 AM
also damn it wizards. I can't remember which is which except the OG wizard ShadowWizard
I felt like rolling it, but my only concern was undoing the close (which shouldn't happen, and I didn't need 5 minutes of helping the queue to turn into 10 minutes of researching "what happens when ...") so I just pressed "Leave Closed" (which isn't wrong).
Apr 23 at 14:28, by Sonic the Wizard Werehog
Might as well topple the wizardry tower while you're at it.
tl;dr I'm the one who encouraged it in the first place; now I'm officially dis-establishing it
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog It's No Distraction Wizard's fault.
3:41 AM
Actually the whole themed username has been going on for longer
and its confusing.
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogMeme: Wizards Originators: Shadow Wizard, Ask a Question Wizard Cultural height: As tall as the wizardry tower goes Background: Shadow Wizard is one of the most prolific users here on Meta. While their name previously didn't hold that much significance, after another prolific Meta user, Sonic,...

Three other users did so after I adopted it, then four more after the SO feature rolled out (three if you discount the usual NH/AT game)
I don't
its confusing and I will complain a lot.
The real problem is on NH/AT though
even it spawned a userscript to fix it...
Yeah, I found it confusing too (which is part of why I posted that answer, as a log of it). Unfortunately, as soon as the 30-day restriction lapsed, the SO feature rolled out and more users adopted it into their usernames, so I couldn't bring myself to move away.
Eventually I got fed up and decided to dis-establish it
The Robs have discussed Rob, and apparently Rob won't be changing his name; nor will I.
3:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek I still don't even get it.
I blame @Shadow since he's the one who decided to muddle hedgehogs and wizards together.
@forest In otter words: following users who frequently changing name every 1 month to other unrelated names is hard...
For the longest time, I thought these everyone with Wizard and Sonic in their name were the same people. It was quite confusing.
3:56 AM
But if the only problem is the "wizard" meme, not the NHAT game, then I'll gladly stop the former (not that I participated in the first place) and continue the latter...
Though in the end, we are just another dogs behind the monitor...
@NoDistractionWizard yup
It's not wizards specifically
It's constant unrelated name changed
Alright, I'll keep in mind.
Over-respecting someone is dangerous...
4:18 AM
At least I try and make it less confusing, by always beginning my name with "Sonic".
HNQ is cancer. It should be that votes from outsiders aren't counted.
The top voted answer will be literally whichever one gets 5 votes first.
And then the 50, 100, 200, 500 other votes have almost no meaning.
3 hours later…
7:32 AM
@Rob Rorys took a different approach to avoid accidental pinging: security.meta.stackexchange.com/a/881/485
Some have interesting unicode chars in their names
as there are so many
@forest I'm with you on this
The only sites where I see a valid reason for HNQ are those small enough to need the traffic uptick
3 hours later…
11:00 AM
@forest oof, emotions
If this was a movie it would have turned out HNQ killed your best friend or wife or something
Hard to picture a forest with a grey, noir-as-heck hat though
@ShadowWizard YOU DID THIS
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
@NoDistractionWizard NIPIIWS
Saturdays are infinitely better than Frydays
Even here. Being the Monday of our week.
1:42 PM
If a mod getting review "banned" due to failing audits too many...
2:01 PM
is there a meta post on when feature requests should be closed?
aside duplicates and anything that isn't a feature request, but still tagged with feature-request
@Olivia I don't think there is one, but taking the two exceptions you mentioned below into account, I can guess they're only supposed to be closed when they're too broad or unclear (which would be rare for a feature request, I guess)
Good, probably handled it correct then ^^"
Hi there. I realised earlier that spam/RA answers were shown "fully" in the dialog box when dupe-closing. I wanted to post about that on Meta but isn't sure whether it's a bug, or intended behavior and therefor a FR. Can anyone shed some light on this please? :)
There is meta.stackexchange.com/q/303671/398063 which is related but from the phrasing I don't get what the "not hiding it is the point of it"is...
Better screenshot if needed: i.sstatic.net/MRHqj.png. The post is otherwise flag-nuked as it should
2:16 PM
I'd call it a bug. It should be hidden unless you're explicitly looking for the text.
@NoDistractionWizard ...I think @JourneymanGeek did that at some point...
2:41 PM
@NoDistractionWizard happened to me
@JourneymanGeek You're full of surprises
Also I'm probably gonna make Google Calendar remind me this every time I wanna tease you.
Well, remember when they tweaked the thresholds?
Technicalities . . .
so we had a few hundred posts in the review queue, and mods don't have limits
I was basically doing a few hundred correct reviews a day
and failing a few
Mods do have limits. They're human. You, on the other hand.
2:44 PM
and then I got review banned. And I was like "oh well"
@Margarine I can be dogged
then someone requested I be unreview banned
and another mod was like "Yanno, you can unreview ban yourself!"
and I was like "REALLY?"
@JourneymanGeek Ugh, these social media fans
@Margarine chat actually
Ugh, these social media chat fans. OK that doesn't make sense.
@Margarine shrug I'm a visible, mildly popular part of the community
sometimes even outside the sites I mod ;p
@JourneymanGeek Then you realized you've been review-sober for 3 minutes and 46 seconds and you wanted to break a record?
2:48 PM
@Margarine shrug we had trouble clearing it
eventually it was under control
@JourneymanGeek Ugh, these egotistical social media figures
@Margarine honestly, its slightly baffling
@JourneymanGeek The review queue, or your review count?
@Margarine the former
@JourneymanGeek Fame has been called many things, but not baffling
But yeah, it's baffling
2:49 PM
@Margarine Depends on your level of fame, I guess.
Woot, I got electorate on meta.SO.
Or level of infame...
So what if you're infamous for being famous?
@Margarine Then I guess you're a Kardashian?
@NoDistractionWizard Same thing just *-1
2:53 PM
Journeyman Kardashian. Sounds legit.
And fame is somewhat subjective as well.
Now that's subjective
My statement about fame being subjective is subjective?
I feel like we're starting the inception.
Careful, random objects are falling on your head.
And everyone is looking at me?
I'm not liking this attention. Am I famous?
2:58 PM
Only if you want to be.
Q: Invisible Chains and Breaking them

hemantlatawaThe parent who tells their child that the child has no chance at being a singer because he or she does not have a superstar “look! What is the impact?

The impact seems to be getting upset about and posting it on Skeptics (!).
@Margarine Well, that's a crappy parent.
@fbueckert Maybe the child is 35?
@Catija Can anything be done about all the user457782 leaving and rejoining spam?
@Margarine Okay, not a crappy parent. Just an adult that can't face reality.
@fbueckert Unfortunately, no. :( You can ignore them, I think that will make it so that you don't see it ... but I'm not 100% sure.
@Margarine Wasn't there that wonderful but homely singer from England who made a big splash on one of those competition shows years back?
3:04 PM
@Catija I'm assuming both users are the same one?
@Catija IIRC ignoring made them small (. . . yep) but it does help with the entrance animation
@fbueckert ... Not actually sure. I've been kinda in NYC for the last week so I'm a bit out of the loop.
@Margarine refer them to Adelle or Jay-Z, imo.
And don't kicks prevent rejoining the same room?
@fbueckert for a minute
3:05 PM
@Margarine Successive kicks make it longer.
@fbueckert Yes ;)
But you can't kick someone if they've not talked, I think... someone tried to last week.
Oh that's a dangerous wink
@Tinkeringbell Figured. Thanks for the confirmation.
@Catija Also true, that was me :)
3:06 PM
@Margarine I guess the claim is if you can break an invisible chain
Can you kill the Schrodinger's cat?
That explains the very quick network ban, anyways. Wasn't sure why they ate one that quickly.
I'm such a genius
@Margarine Nah, it's already dead. Or not.
@Margarine That depends; where's the observer? In the box with the cat? Or outside the event horizon, where time moves differently?
3:08 PM
...the cat scenario was an example of how ridiculous a certain quantum theory was, not intended to become what it has...
@fbueckert Both inside the box and outside the box.
@Mithrandir Was it? I used it to explain quantum theory to my wife.
Uh oh, QC.SE powered by Physics.SE, here we come!
Her response: "You suck at explanations".
I think that's a pretty decent response to someone trying to explain quantum
3:09 PM
@Mithrandir Did you by chance check out those books I mentioned?
> Schrödinger did not wish to promote the idea of dead-and-alive cats as a serious possibility; on the contrary, he intended the example to illustrate the absurdity of the existing view of quantum mechanics. - Wikipedia
@fbueckert not yet, haven't had a chance
And so far it seems what we practically have done with the knowledge is colliding tiny marbles and HOLY CRAP that's got some zap
Fifty Shades of Black Hole
How did anyone get to count them? o.O
I can't reliably count the number of keys on my mousepad.
@Catija Susan Boyle
3:19 PM
@Mithrandir Fair enough. I think it's a good primer to quantum mechanics, though, as it makes your head hurt.
@JourneymanGeek Thank you!
Which is a pretty reliable indicator of what quantum mechanics does to you.
My introduction to quantum physics was basically George and the Big Bang by Stephen and Lucy Hawking :P
Physics is hard.
3:38 PM
4:04 PM
Q: Are pictures of this or that past dictator appropriate as avatar pictures?

GhostCatI just came across a user who used this picture of fascist dictator Mussolini for his avatar. Is that legit, or well, not?

Orwell was not a dictator. Not as far as I know.
Or maybe they're asking Orwell. Closes as a dupe of animal farm
4:20 PM
Are pictures of this or that future dictator appropriate though?
@Mithrandir Once you do, let me know how you like them. It's always fun discussing books.
@NoDistractionWizard And what about pics of people like Genghis?
I don't think you Khan use it
Or Attila
Or ice creams with too much sprinkles
> What is the definition of a “duplicate”? [duplicate]
Another day, another meta irony
@Margarine Not so much irony, as, "This, again?"
4:30 PM
@Margarine pic or it never happened
Waiting for "Stop closing questions as duplicate! [duplicate]" now...
@NoDistractionWizard We've had that before.
People are hurt when they don't get an answer they can't just copy and paste.
Yeah, your question is in another castle though...
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
@JNat @Shog9 Offensive remarks towards Super User moderators in network profile: stackexchange.com/users/7402729/userthatgotbulliedbybadsumod
(a CM is needed to clear a network profile bio)
7:19 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog funny thing is I think the mod in question is aware of the username
meh, what's so bad about that profile?
Utterly disappointed by following all links ...
Khkhkh the username
I had a kindergarten flashback
> thats the evil man:
7:25 PM
And David, of all people. I would understand if it's Journey
Maybe they took David as Dr. Eggman? Haha
He just lacks the very definitely charismatic mustache.
@Catija Fair enough, I deleted my comment and moved a more technical explanation to G's first link.
7:43 PM
Just 30 minutes until I see Endgame
Welp, another sockpuppet, another protest.
@fbueckert yeah, it is a lost case. I discarded my answer when I saw yours come in
There's not going to be anything we can tell them they'll ever understand.
If it doesn't validate their position, you either don't understand, or you're wrong.
They have come to meta for a different outcome. That is not for us to decide but I would be surprised if anything will be unsuspended.
I'm more surprised of the support for the question.
7:54 PM
I ... didn't notice ... :/
... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/327320/… (and answers) This is all in code markup... which - if I understand correctly - isn't accessible to screen readers? Can someone fix it?
How though? Lists?
@Olivia I fixed the question by adding a list yes
I try Glorfindles answer first
@Catija It is a bit hard to fix as you have to prevent SE markdown creates an <ol> which will screw up the numbering. Can you check or ask if the person having issues reading the answer can check this one as I gave that one an edit for testing purposes
8:16 PM
semantically it is not that ...
@Catija that ... does look weird : meta.stackexchange.com/a/327693/158100
What about no list at all... just put two spaces between paragraphs to keep them in a clump?
Ok, that is now done on that answer in the sanbox (1st and 2nd block)
Looks good to me.
You could bold the number/name?
Will help with multi-line ones.
Ok re-edited @Glorfindel his answer once more. Just pinging him for context
8:28 PM
Looks good to me.
8:44 PM
@Catija the big answer is done as well
@rene You're awesome! <3
9:10 PM
@rene Sorry, from the title I assumed it was about Stack Overflow.
don't assume ... facts matter ..
Null is just a very low value of zero, it makes sense to me. — Tim Post ♦ Oct 1 '14 at 14:38
@TimPost Since my idea to survey askers of blatantly off-topic questions got stuck in the mud (one year ago you told me you were working on an officially-run version which never materialized), is it possible that I can restart my unofficial one?
9:45 PM
hi? not sure if it's the right place to ask but can anything be done if after i reported a user's comment, they go ahead and downvote a post of mine? (just 1 post)
Also, users do not know that you flagged their comment. Flags are invisible to anyone except moderators.
If you have a habit to declare "I am flagging your comment" in another comment, that's not a good habit.
in this case they can guess
Still nothing to do.
9:47 PM
They don't know if anyone flagged the comment at all. What would they be guessing about?
It's a single downvote.
yes it's nothing
@vote you removed an apostrophy yesterday, i think it's funny
Vote Dukakis: no, i pointed out in a comment why their behaviour was unreasonable
9:52 PM
@VoteDukakis sorry thanks
@VoteDukakis That message got flagged; please be a bit more careful.
what does that mean? 😅
i think it means fire that secretary
> I was editing a Stack Exchange post all the morning, and took out an apostrophe. In the afternoon I put it back again.
9:55 PM
I think I saw a case where a user editing posts would also intentionally make typos, so that their edits would be reviewed faster (as reviewers would use the Improve button which is binding)
Also supposedly a good strategy to get your report approved. So that the reviewer has something to point out and sign off with the satisfaction of the job well done.
Please, don't try to correct the behavior of other people. That's what moderators are for. Flag and move on and keep comments on topic.
gawsh, i hadn't thought of mods as 'behavioural correction officers' until you said that.
I mean... they are the ones who send out moderator messages telling people to cut it out...
@ᆼᆺᆼ Oh, and you're wrong, by the way. The two events are unconnected.
oh, is that the case? that is reassuring
10:10 PM
sometimes when following a user's profile, to see what knowledge and experience i can assume them to have, i forget what i'm doing and get lost in their posts. then i spend ages fretting because i've bumped a decade old post or voted on the same user again
the SO equivalent of accidentally liking your ex's post from 1998
10:28 PM
@ᆼᆺᆼ lols, if i meet any exes here i will probably tiptoe away
11:11 PM
@ᆼᆺᆼ If it's "Why does for-of ..." the answer might be that someone else thought one might know the difference. Sometimes technical people are less forgiving of less technical people, and on more technically oriented sites it's easier to get downvotes where people prefer difficult questions. -- To me it seems OK to ask, the DVer could have just moved on but chose to leave a mark before they left.
11:40 PM
@Rob True. it's just that the timing was suspiciously close and also that question is what one would see on top looking at my profile
actually thinking about it now it might be off-topic for StackOverflow because it's more about why for..of was designed this way, but i don't know where it belongs (although I'm still not convinced it was designed this way
@ocæon I do that occasionally. It's gotten me accused of serial downvoting when I happen to look through the profile of someone who has a lot of really bad posts.
/me hides their profile from forest
11:57 PM
makes no difference if it's dow, up, or a mix, going via a profile can result in a block
i just realise their name keeps coming up and think "why did i have all these pages open again?"

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