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1:47 AM
If anyone likes a little puzzle, the CS chair posts the HW on his class website. I'm in a different class, but this one interests me: eilat.sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu/cis1_5/Hw5i_c.pdf
2:01 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Can you just clarify, how does the code repo for the election stats page work?
how do you mean?
1. Push code
2. Harass
3. Code is pulled into production
4. Profit
Well, if I make an edit to the code in the repo, how does it get into production?
@TimStone Seems about right. I'll get my stick... :P
what Tim said
not the stick
> employees will never be poked with a sharp stick
It's just that I think this entire thing could be made slightly better
Like, have some sort of minification process for the JavaScript before its pushed onto the server
And maybe some sort of testing area, since I'm now not sure about how to test the page myself
2:06 AM
I don't think I killed the server I spun up for this, so if you want to test things somewhere we can get you a login.
Well sure
Although it might be better if I can run this locally
This thing runs on node, yes?
Shouldn't be hard to get it to work then
btw, remember that jQuery's .text() combines all matches, there's no implicit :first (: (see my commit)
Yeah, it was pretty trivial to get going
2:10 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, that was my fix too
...And mine. :D
I would've pushed the changes in, but, eh, I can't get hg to work
I was planning on making a few more changes and only wanted to harass @RebeccaChernoff once, but I guess the huge delay kind of made that illogical.
@RebeccaChernoff You added a first? Hmm, I added a class selector so it only selects headings
Probably more secure that way?
2:11 AM
Yeah, I think I .subheader h1'ed it.
well, either way, there were a few people that had h1's in their nomination like vote <name> and that was being shown there. I needed a quick fix
So, eh, how do I give hg my name?
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, we know :D
well nobody mentioned it >_<
Nov 10 at 1:15, by Yi Jiang's 独角兽
user image
@RebeccaChernoff We did :P
2:13 AM
Then we had a conversation about how it was wrong that people were allowed to have additional <h1> elements anyway.
The code changes were easy. Getting hg to work wasn't.
ok, let me put it another way...nobody yelled at me to get it fixed asap (:
Yeah, my bad >_<
I committed the change locally five days ago, fail.
@RebeccaChernoff Well, nobody yelled at me at the Stack Apps post and the elections answer, so I'm fine too :D
Yeah, I don't know how that went unnoticed. People are usually so picky
Nobody yelled at me to fix the heading
Now, how does resolving a merge in hg work?
And why are there three panels?
@YiJiangs独角兽 I just committed it myself so I could get it updated on the server asap shrugs
Anyway, is there a graphical interface for hg on Linux? I'm not getting anywhere with the command line...
I use windows with TortoiseHG and BeyondCompare (:
2:22 AM
@YiJiangs独角兽 A common base (the right-most panel, for some reason), your version (the left-most panel), and the incoming version (the middle panel). You have to pick the appropriate lines and save to resolve the merge, but I'm not entirely sure how that works in that interface.
Eh, it looks like vim. I think.
Yeah, I'm not positive. I use kdiff3 on Windows since it comes with TortoiseHg. It works on Linux too, so.
2:54 AM
Weird, I'm quite sure compress is installed, yet node won't run telling me it can't find the module
Maybe if I update node
I wrote a shell script to automate the updating process
@YiJiangs独角兽 a) have you asked Raynos over on 642 on the chat.so?
b) how did you install it that you're sure it's installed? Does it run in the REPL?
@TimStone Hahaha :D
@jcolebrand Quite sure Raynos isn't online right now
3:09 AM
well I didn't know how long you had been messing with it
@TimStone congrats
why is my fricking script broken again?
let's see if /update works
doesn't know
tests it again
sees that it works
sees that /cheer doesn't work.
look innocent
Well that worked
3:13 AM
no no, it's my rabble of computers
I have about five that I may use during the day somewhere stranded about
and looking at buying another this month >.>
1 hour later…
4:21 AM
Are moderator elections over? I noticed the banner is gone but I didn't have a chance to vote.
No, they are not
It's just the primaries atm
IOW we decide the top 12 users to be voted on
Thanks very much. Now why did I have so much trouble finding a link?
Because it's sort of that thing that you need to participate early, not late. So they don't advertise it to all late comers
Those who care will generally either vote right away (a lot of people did in the first 30 minutes) or they'll ask. If you can't be arsed to do it right away or to ask, you don't need to see the link ;-)
So I did the right thing then! Good.
And thanks very much for taking the time to set me straight.
4:44 AM
I would never call my snark doing that
@MarkRansom but you're welcome for the answers I give, such as they are.
Also, banners almost never stay up for more than a day or so.
just as a matter of principle
No, the initial election nomination stays up for a few days
and when you're on child metas they stay up almost the entire election
Hey @Shog9 what do you think of Sams proposal on the flags?
5:11 AM
been cooking. Did I miss something?
Not really, it's been up on metaso all day
Q: Can we have a feature to delay a flag for a short period of time?

jcolebrandAs a moderator, sometimes it's nice to defer a flag but not have it in the mod-queue. There are various reasons, but the simplest is that if the (1) count is static, you kinda gloss over it, but if it disappears today and reappears tomorrow, we're not going to gloss over it as often. This is par...

oh that
impulse reply is, "So you want a button labelled 'kick can down road'?"
sure why not
Sam's idea, he wanted a non-SEI-post on meta
5:16 AM
I'd prefer an option to defer action until another flag was added to a post
@Shog9 that was one of the lower suggestions
I think we may need a consideration based on the flag type
low quality -> edit resumes flag immediately
other flags -> new flag resumes immediately
@jcolebrand what
why would an edit resume LQ?
because an edit implies they improved the low quality
so either it needs more guidance OR it needs to be dismissed.
we can't have the system automagically dismiss flags, that would defeat the purpose of auto assigning them, no?
@jcolebrand Why does the system need to do anything? If a mod has already said, "I don't really see it, but I'm willing to reconsider if someone else does" then all an edit will accomplish is reducing the chances that anyone else will flag. So the first flag just sits and rots.
but it's not a dismissal
5:25 AM
The big worry I'd have with a "sleep" button for flags is simply that it gives mods a way to ignore sticky problems they don't want to deal with.
it's a way of preventing the flags from living in the queue and bringing them back to make sure that someone did something with the post
A really easy, tempting way.
So snoozes need a limit?
or does a second snooze imply a dismiss?
It needs... Some kind of resistance.
Maybe, force a comment? A public statement that, ok, I sorta see a problem, but I'd rather see y'all try to solve it first?
I can go with that
doing an edit atm
5:27 AM
"Hey folks, someone flagged this q as offensive to all senses - but strictly-speaking, I can't taste the rot yet. Maybe you spend 5 minutes and clean this up before the next guy flags, and I don't delete it with prejudice?"
I dig it
6:19 AM
11 hours ago, by balpha
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 14 mins ago, by random
You closed a question. That OP later finds your home phone number, calls you up at 3am and asks for you to clarify the reasoning. How many days should they be suspended?
Will anyone be upset if that doesn't make it into the digest? |: There's already going to be an insane amount of questions, and I can't believe that's a serious question...
That... sorta happened, you know
the scenario
A SO mod got a phone call - cold, pulled his # from a phone book - from someone he suspended.
Fair enough, then...
Which isn't to say any of the candidates took it seriously
Most of them actually took it far more seriously than I would have, as it turns out.
Not all of them, but.
Just tack on, "...and when you trace the call, it's coming from inside the house!"
6:37 AM
Hmm, @TimPost ?
Not sure if he's been in here recently or not..
6:59 AM
Did @YiJiangs elections page get hacked/bugged or something? elections.stackexchange.com
I see the following title for SO: "Stack Overflow 2011 Moderator ElectionsslugsterStu for Community Moderator!And as a last ditch effort, some bold words to draw your attention :-DWhy?"
@Benjol Reload without cache, it's an odd bug that's been fixed already
@YiJiangs, ok, thanks
I still think there should be an 'order by meta-rep' :D
@YiJiangs独角兽 Triple-fixed, even. For great justice!
7:27 AM
So, I'm awfully curious about something, but I didn't feel it merited a meta question.
(regarding potentially editing a SO answer to be community wiki)
So, I spotted this one particular question, where the guy posted an answer to it, almost immediately afterwards (like, under one minute), where his answer was this huge (albeit well-phrased, and looked to be thought-out) message, that he later (a day or two) accepted as the answer to his question.
I'm trying to judge between thinking "rep-whoring", or "legitimate question", and/or to edit his answer to be CW.
The question I'm referring to would be this question. If you look at the post times for question/answer, they're all of about 40 seconds apart, and the answer is far too long to have been typed up from scratch, it had to have been pre-prepared.
I'm just on the fence on whether this seems like acceptable behavior or not.
7:48 AM
Well, presumably the OP had the issue and wanted to provide the resulting solution, which is certainly acceptable. The original question seems valid enough to me that posting it was ultimately beneficial to someone (although whether or not that question is a duplicate is another story).
Yeah, I considered the possibility that he had the question in mind long before he posted it, and then just happened to think of posting it again when he had written the answer. (I agree on the duplicate part, but like you said, it's another story entirely)
In other news, I should've posted this to "Posse comitalus". Whoops. >_>
You can /blame @PopularDemand for making things confusing by changing that room's name.
Yeah, definitely had the second tab open to copy the name verbatim - couldn't have done it without reading straight from it.
But now that I've gone through all the trouble to go search through old CW discussion posts on meta, I still don't have a clue entirely how it functions.
I keep seeing mention that it's supposed to be for exactly that: multiple users to work on a single post, but I also see mention of it being used for vote protection, or to justify questions that are somewhat subjective. (mainly just wonder about posts that would otherwise be closed as "Not a real question")
Eh, whatever, I'll get to the bottom of it eventually.
8:40 AM
@balpha If you have a quick second, would you mind CW'ing and adding to this post?
but only because it's you
Thanks! :)
Oh, also... I can bold NullUserException ఠ_ఠ's name, but not italicize it. Is that expected? I get the "weird characters break things" bit, but I was confused why one works and the other doesn't.
I bet that's not even related to the weird characters, but to the underscore
NullUserException อ_อ NullUserException อ_อ
8:46 AM
Yeah, that would make a lot more sense.
looks working to me
A: November 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest #2

Tim Stone* NullUserException ఠ_ఠ asked:* All of you have amassed a fairly large amount of reputation. If you are elected, how are you going to balance your time between posting answers and moderating? Neal answered: I do not plan on posting as much. But when It comes to it I believe that if I see a gr...

oh, in posts
I'l have a look
Yeah, should have qualified that, sorry.
Appreciated, otherwise I'll just have to chop off his face. :P
I just assumed you meant in chat because that guy is nothing but problems anyway :)
8:50 AM
Yeah, I was tempted to make a "Your face breaks everything!" joke on that post earlier, heh ;)
yeah, it's definitely the underscore. I've used <i> for now
Oh wow, I get so spoiled by Markdown I forget that's even an option
9:36 AM
How we can create new tag ?
If I type the tag name and press enter will it create new one ?
10:21 AM
Done it
10:34 AM
is it possible to create a loop in "close as exact duplicate" votes?
@awoodland Like question A closed as dupe of B, and B closed as dupe of A?
It shouldn't be now, but I think I've seen it before on Meta
@YiJiangs独角兽 exactly that - I just noticed I voted the opposite way around to someone on a "identical posts" where the questions seemed to be dupes (I thought the newer question was better asked and had better answers). What happens to the dupe close votes on the one that doesn't close first then?
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
At work again before 7am... this only happens when I haven't slept.
12:29 PM
@fosco Ouch. What's up?
This girl and I are total night-owls... she left at 5:30am to go to bed, I got ready for work.
12:54 PM
Ah, well. I was a night owl, then I started getting up really early instead. Hanging out is obviously not the same as writing code, but the principle still applies.
Actually, I prefer to say:
The principle still apples.
(see what I did there?)
I certainly wasn't writing code... although you could say a code of some sorts was transferred.
1:27 PM
dorkiest double entendre ever?
1:37 PM
Haha, well...
Just got on the bus. There are promo copies of the Post here, shame... Paper is losing to digital. Not surprising, just sad.
@Moshe - is it sad? Journalism of the printed sort has never been the shining light it's been made out to be sometimes
True. But still, I grew up on the sports section.
So yes, @awoodland, it is.
Ok, train time. Bye.
Today's paper is so yesterday.
1 hour later…
3:21 PM
I think I'm missing some history here. What did TheTXI ever do? Beside orchestrating the whole "Many Meta Memes" question for rep. :P
@John I assumed he was named after a famous calculator so didn't answer that question!
Q: We miss TheTXI!

TroggyI can't help but wonder what has happen to TheTXI lately. Has he been put on demanding project that has taken all his free time? He hasn't responded to anything on meta since Nov 6, on SU Oct 9, SO Nov 4, etc. We miss his sly helpful answers on meta and his blunt to the point SU responses, and...

(Jeff's answer there seems to imply he was a mod who went AWOL)
@awoodland Not permanently though. He was seen yesterday.
@John but rescinded mod status after a period seemed to be the key point from that
@awoodland Ah ok. AWOL mod loses mod status. I can see how that could be quite a topic. Thanks for explaining that!
(I searched about it yesterday as things were finishing up, but didn't know by name so didn't answer it at the time)
4:16 PM
did the h3 font or color on question titles change recently? it looks different today for some reason, but i can't quite put my finger on it
@John Actually he resigned because he got to busy with work.
Also SU eats moderators. Non of the original SU mods are around anymore.
Also, ponies.
@qntmfred the font did. There was a meta post about it just recently (it'll be on about page 15 I imagine)
@mmyers Too a lesser degree. It loves unicorns and ewoks however
4:40 PM
Is there a unified rss for blogoverflow?
@Midhat not yet
@jcolebrand what does that have to do with blogoverflow? (:
I swear I started out on blogoverflow.
you people and your logic ...
Attempt #2
are you even looking at these feeds or are you just tossing urls out? q:
yes, I was pointing out that the engine does support it
So why is it not turned on
@jcolebrand this is a feed for the single blog at blogoverflow.com. we don't use that single blog, so the rss is empty. that is not a feed for all of the blogs on the domain.
4:49 PM
Yus. I already established that. I asked a new question.
5:11 PM
@RebeccaChernoff meta. okay thanks. I opened a question meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/112618/…
5:58 PM
feels like he's been overusing abstract classes lately.
When you've spent a week fleshing out a class hierarchy, and have yet to write a single line of executable code, that's a pretty good sign you're being overly abstract...
I've yet to find a good reason to have a class heirarchy more than 2-3 deep.
Heh. There's a snowstorm passing just South of us here. That always makes the weather people look bad.
1 hour later…
7:29 PM
yawns @PopularDemand, if you still want to help out with the Town Hall digest I could use a coffee.
7:47 PM
@balpha Saw this .. yesterday midday? Also, I want to know if that means that now somebody like Apache will be in charge of the Flash plugins that we have all come to loathe, and if that means that it can be fixed up.
@balpha wow, that's a total game changer - "Adobe also suggested that Web application developers in the future would be using HTML5 rather than Flash" sounds like an April fools though
nah, they've been saying that for a couple months now
I think since the big issue with Apple + 3 months, nes?
hey @balpha five tag limit per Q right?
7:57 PM
RE: Above, a quick test suggests that it's indeed not working (i.e. profile count isn't updating), but maybe I'm Doing it Wrong.
Also, Y U NO PSEUDO-ONEBOX comment?
@TimStone "/ob" stopped it didn't it?
That's my guess.
Comment oneboxing isn't supported by chat, but is supported by the userscript...which is disobeying me, evidently.
Oh, right.
> Did you change how profile views are tracked? I don't see the usual dummy request anymore. – Tim Stone 18h ago
Just had to shake my fist at it, apparently.
8:08 PM
Oh is that how you guys are always inserting comments ...
Here I am doing it the long way
Might as well accuse me of three seashells next
This "delay flag" idea is making less and less sense to me the longer I think about it.
@jcolebrand Now I kind of want Taco Bell
8:30 PM
@Shog9 it's waffles idea you know
And I agree I'm a cankicker
You & @waffles, man... Nothing but trouble
2 hours later…
10:12 PM
Anyone remember the Moshe's Brother Inc. question I raised some months ago?
@mootinator Is that a yes?
Ok, well he's just about 13. The Bar Mitzvah is tonight. I should be getting ready soon.
10:14 PM
Just had a quasi interview over Skype and before I was helping the set up.
Yup, and I'm filming, kinda by default. I got my mom to rent a large camera and I'm borrowing some other equipment from a cousin who does videography.
Busy-ness for the win!
What was the point of your story? To tell us that your bro is having his BM or to tell us that you're not going to be online?
@jcolebrand Both, also adding that he's allowed on the sites now.
Actually, I'll have my phone, so I might be online, heh.

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