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4:48 AM
@moshe Would you happen to be around?
5:01 AM
@george Yup. But only on the phone.
Still here?
@Moshe Ok, I sent you a message on G+. I have a friend who is considering a mobile app for psychology project. I figured I'd try to put her in touch with someone that has experience in the are to give her some perspective.
Ok. Hang on , checking my email.
Ok, got it. You can roll a basic survey app in two weeks, depends on how much you hack it.
I have to promote windows phone this month and it might not be a bad starting project. :-)
Yeah, that's basically what it is and I figured it should't be too difficult for someone with experience.
I don't even know if it's a survey app, as much as a bunch of quetions.
5:06 AM
Ok, so how can I help?
She mentioned something about providing feedback to the user about their answers. So, it may not even be about collecting info, like a survey app would work.
@Moshe I figured I'd see if I can get the two of you in touch, so you could give her more definite answers than I can.
I'll reply to your email then.
5:10 AM
Gern geschehen. :-)
Gutte Nacho - er, autocorrect - Nacht.
g'night man
2 hours later…
6:50 AM
The alt text on the site is relevant to Stack Overflow.
Wisdom of the Ancients
tooltip right there ^^^
XKCD gets first-class treatment around here
1 hour later…
8:18 AM
@Moshe hahaha re your palm card! :) Looks great.
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
would it be too pedantic to ask for a name-change for a tag?
it's just a small detail ;)
anyway, here we go
Q: Rename [multithreading] to [threads]

Jonasthreads is a synonym to multithreading. In my point of view "threads" are a more general name than "multithreading" and should be used as the primary name for the tag. I feel that "multithreading" is a subset of the subject where multiple "threads" are used. Sometimes the questions are only abo...

waiting for downvotes since it's only a small detail :|
2 hours later…
1:05 PM
@pekka - Thanks. (I modded a card that I designed last year for a politician who I worked for.)
1:17 PM
Here's a plug for the StackExchange system:
Two weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from a stronger, thanking me for a post I wrote. He said it saved him 2 hours. I just found the message this week, and replied. I think it's nice of the guy to find me on FB and say thank you. It just goes to show the power of StackOverflow.
1:34 PM
The post was written in 2010, btw.
2:21 PM
The strange thing about Google doodles nowadays is that when I click through the link, I see news article about the fact that Google has created a doodle to commemorate an event rather than the event itself...
I think they've been doing that for a while.
2 hours later…
4:16 PM
So when is this new profile view coming to regular SO?
4:40 PM
But it's already implemented here, so that doesn't apply :P
Hi all
@YiJiangs独角兽 lol
4:58 PM
pop quiz.
the answer is 42
Once votes have aged away, can the same user re-vote without detriment?
What? Votes age away?
You mean close votes?
@jcolebrand Close votes? No.
4:59 PM
@YiJiangs独角兽 or reopen, etc
@TimStone but once you VtC can you VtR?
@robjb some things, like spam flags, etc.
So if you VtR, that ages away, you can't re-VtR unless it gets R and then C again?
Also @robjb you'll have to forgive my shorthand, these guys have been around me long enough they just ignore my blathering and make up answers that appease me. ;-) So I'll shut up or whatever. Altho they probably aren't that hard to figure out. Probably Q or A are the harder ones ;-)
You're prevented from making the same vote twice, even if it ages away, I think is what it comes down to. There's a very related Meta post though, finding now..
Wait, so you can't VtC twice if it gets VtR'd in between?
But you can VtC and VtR on the same Q?
@balpha I smell inconsistency
how so? sounds reasonable to me
(and correct, FWIW)
5:02 PM
@jcolebrand This leads to close wars, the part after allows you to reopen after someone's corrected per the close reason.
@jcolebrand What the hell are you going on about?
Whatever it is, you're wrong.
Q: Bogus "You have already voted to close this question" on expired votes

CalebWe have two confirmed cases on the U&L site where the sliding vote expiration system is mistakenly blocking the ability to vote even after votes have expired. As a current example this question has one outstanding vote-to-close but both Gilles and I are seeing the "You have already voted" me...

Q: Please re-allow expired close votes to be re-cast

GillesWhen a close vote expires, it can no longer be re-cast. This didn't use to be the case: back when close votes always expired in 4 days, you could re-cast your close vote after it had expired. This behavior was unintended, and now you only get a single chance at voting to close. This is no good ...

@balpha I can still blather.
@Shog9 thanks, upvoted
Ahhh, there's the posts I was looking for.
smallish discussion ongoing here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/499/german-language-and-usage for those who wonder why the hell I care all of a sudden
The behavior did change - once upon a time, expired close votes were actually deleted (see also frustratingly-denied feature-requests for stats on a "success rate" for close votes).
5:10 PM
@Shog9 a success rate for close votes? hmmm, that sounds extraneous and silly to my ears (much as you view @waffles request on meta)
Also, I'm 11 rep from 5k on meta, for some reason that makes me happy
@jcolebrand I'm too lazy to dig these up, but the idea is if you're spending most of your votes on things that don't get closed you may want to re-think your tactics. Sort of like a batting average for closers.
@Shog9 wouldn't you know?
Also, who cares? You voted, you did your part. Now move on. Preferably if you downvoted there was a reason saying why or you left one.
@jcolebrand How would you? There's no record on your account, so unless you're keeping a log...
@jcolebrand Same reason you might care about not being able to vote twice on a single post - you think it's hurting the site and want it closed.
@Shog9 no, not wouldn't you know. Wouldn't you know? If you're that anal about if your close votes have efffect, you'll follow up on them. IDK, I'm not a stats-oriented person. I just try to make the site better as I come across stuff.
@jcolebrand This probably goes back to my frustration with voting in general - I don't vote to share my opinion, I vote because I think the question is unsuitable. So if it doesn't get closed, I'm failing to make the site better - I should be editing, or commenting, or notifying others in some fashion in addition to / instead of simply casting a vote.
Q: Revisiting recording close/reopen votes in the profile

jonscaUsers in the past have asked about a way to display close/reopen vote activity within their profile. I think it's handy to be able to see this information at a glance, rather than having to backtrack through the questions to find out the final outcome of the vote. This would also come in hand...

Q: Make "close votes" appear in recent activity

Jon SkeetRelated to this recent question where the suggestion is that users should see why people are voting to have their question closed - I wonder whether users are even aware of it happening. Admittedly it often happens very quickly, not leaving a lot of time for the question to be "mended" but it mi...

Q: Add a "voted to close" activity event somewhere on the user profile page

Jon SeigelOften when I vote to close, I want to go back and check the comments on the question, to see if it's been improved, to comment further, or to answer the question. It would be helpful to add a bit of a trail so I can find those questions again. I'm suggesting adding an event to the Activity page ...

5:25 PM
@Shog9 yes, editing.
@Shog9 waitasecond, skeetifus is asking for that?
There are others as well, but these are good examples of requests for the sort of data that was unavailable back when close votes were actually deleted
@Shog9: Even if a close vote is "unsuccessful" I would still argue that it's helping the community. Think of it like voting in an election. Just because your guy didn't win that doesn't mean you wasted your vote. The process itself was important. You used your voice and spoke in some manner.
probably if I had clicked through I would've seen the date stamps
@balpha feature-request (judge it's worthiness before I invest more time ;-) ) ~ OB of Q or A should show post date / edit date?
@Shog9: But I do agree that a trail would definitely be useful. I'd like to be notified if a question I voted to close has been updated and be provided with the ability to cancel the vote.
5:29 PM
@David In most elections, there are stats. You vote for the "Issue #C" candidate, and he gets 3% of the popular vote, and even though he doesn't win the candidate who does knows that 3% of voters care strongly about that issue.
If you vote to close, and that vote expires, it's gone without a trace - if you didn't leave a comment, you wasted your time (and vote).
(so, good reason to comment)
@Shog9: True. Commenting along with a vote would be good. I'd hate to see it be compulsory, but it's certainly encouraged. I've seen a lot that say "voting to close because ___" and they're very helpful to the owner of the question.
I don't always comment, because sometimes it's pretty obvious, sometimes someone already left a good comment, and sometimes I... kinda want to discourage the author from coming back... Cold-shoulder, y'know? But I'm actually a much bigger fan of comments + close votes than I am re: comments + normal votes.
6:15 PM
When the election phase starts are the votes counted/displayed immediately (as for the primaries) or are they revealed only at the end?
at the end
This is the bit where it gets serious ;-)
@Shog9: Haha, alright. Is it also correct that the detailed results aren't displayed anywhere official, and folks will have to download the voting data to see how badly someone has lost? (I can't see it anywhere on the election page, but I might be missing something obvious, and I didn't vote in the last election.)
Correct - you'll see the winners, but if you want gritty details you'll have to crunch the numbers yourself (or wait 'till @jco spams every message board with them)
Okay, thanks.
6:47 PM
@Shog9 I would NEVER.
I would only spam three rooms
I wish I could figure out a way to do that breathless southern damsel "I would never" via text ... intent and intonation have so much to add to expression
Also, it would be funny to see me doing a lady's part, but whatever
This is what Hangouts are for. Go find a wig. Then invite Fosco.
would not watch. ;)
Oh, if only casting close and reopen votes bumped questions the same way edits do.
6:53 PM
@PopularDemand So vote and then edit...
@PopularDemand F-R?
@Shog9 whitespace edit?
@Shog9 I sometimes do.
ok, seriously @jco - what's with the proliferation of initialization today?
@jcolebrand Boo. If you're going to edit, edit for real.
^^^^ THAT
6:54 PM
@Shog9 laziness?
@jcolebrand If you're closing and want a bump, do your best to edit it such that it doesn't need to be closed - you'll either succeed, or fail and still see it closed, or see it rolled back and then closed.
If you're trying to re-open, address whatever stupidity got it closed in the first place.
And closure is no excuse for poor grammar, spelling or formatting. Google will happily send people to closed questions.
@Shog9 Usually when I am VtRing it's because people have already cleaned it up.
I prefer commentary and editing over closing, except in cases of deletion or outright dupes.
@jcolebrand Do it more then ;-P
I should probably prefer more editing of dupes, but again, laziness.
ok, this is NOT me writing code (and has not been all day) so ... I'm off to put on my headphones and write code.
7:00 PM
Make sure to mute chatroom notification sounds, @jco
1 hour later…
8:02 PM
It is time.
I'm not sure why we need a system message and a notification banner.
@mootinator Do 1st choice votes carry more weight than 2nd choice?
8:19 PM
Voted, done... and @Moshe, Yes.
I had trouble narrowing it down to only 3.
I wonder how much the average voter cares about the nomination blurbs and town hall chat results. I vote almost exclusively based on my personal experience with the candidate, or the endorsement of other users whom I respect. May not be 100% equitable for candidates I've never interacted with, but the three people I voted for are more than capable.
I'm guessing 95% of people have no idea the town-hall chat even occurred...
2/3 of my vote was also based on personal experience @PopularDemand.
The primary does a good job of ensuring that everyone who makes it to the election is capable, imho.
8:30 PM
@PopularDemand In this election, I'd be very surprised if someone actually read all of the digests....There was a lot of text. Definitely useful, but.
@Fosco Perhaps. There's one person there who I downvoted in the primary. But that happened last election too, and that guy got elected, and he hasn't singlehandedly caused the downfall of SO yet, so... what do I know?
The only reason I didn't down-vote 2/3rds of the primary candidates is some of them had already been down-voted < 0 and it just seemed pointless.
i up-voted a majority of them... down-voted a few..
@Shog9 Yeah, that's what I thought at first, too... but then some of them surged into the two digits!
Town-hall kinda soured me on some folks... If your impulse response to, "I don't see anything that needs to be done here" is "Better talk it over with the other mods", you're gonna waste a lot of time...
8:50 PM
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
Is it just me or does the total number of bounties offered peak around the end of the day on Fridays? As in "Dangit, I still haven't figured this out. Hopefully The Internet will solve this problem for me over the weekend so I can get a fresh start on Monday."
10:32 PM
Looks like some data about bounties are available in SEDE, so it might be possible to figure this out. I'm not volunteering right at the moment, though.
10:53 PM
Looks like Mondays are by far the peak day to offer.
Which doesn't mean my observation is necessarily wrong, just my hypothesis =)

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