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12:00 AM
Worst case, I can use the GF's PC.
Or the laptop she's probably getting me for Christmas.
lol, I've been contemplating if I should goto black friday and get a laptop at 40% off or whatever
they tend to loss lead on those pretty heavily
I'm somewhat concerned, since I tend to be quite picky. However, it doesn't have to be a spectacular laptop. So long as it has enough ram and normal laptop keyboard it should be fine.
@jcolebrand Good point. She may be able to find a good deal.
Alright, I'm going go lie down for a bit and get some rest.
That's an unfortunate combination of keys for a baby to smash.
12:19 AM
12:57 AM
"Can you add some information to the logo?" Pardon me?!
jpeg can suffer degradation of bits to some degree, so you can hide information in the logo. It's called steganography I believe
Or let's make search engines trust this information less by putting it in an alt tag.
Essays Due Tomorrow: 1 of 2 complete.
Drat! Just realized that I have math HW for tomorrow as well.
@jcolebrand loss lead?
@Moshe They call it that because they take a loss to get you into the store, leading to more sales.
it's also called a loss leader for the same reason
Ah, so in other words, a really really good price?
1:08 AM
This year supposedly Walmart will have laptops for $188, $248 and $388, for not terrible machines
2GB, 3GB and 4GB, increasing processor speeds (all AMD) and 250, 320 and 500 GB HDD
All should have webcams, wifi G (probably not N) and a memory stick reader, as well as optical drives and widescreen
Well, I'm waiting for my MSP welcome kit, so I'm not shopping. :-D But generally I'm broke during Black Friday season. Not sure why, but that's how it has been.
I'm looking forward to the supposed $248 40" 1080p
@jcolebrand Wow, nice.
I used to work at a 1 hour photo in a grocery store. The whole idea behind that is to loss lead on it and get people into the store for an hour.
Heh. People used to use this thing called film in those days. Crazy stuff that was.
wow, what is that all about?
Also, funny how it's backfired now, since you can send in your images via a website most times and just show up and pick them up.
3 hours later…
4:01 AM
@jcolebrand Probably less cost involved as well.
8 hours later…
11:51 AM
3 hours later…
2:39 PM
Q: Why [sharepoint-2010] is synonym to [sharepoint2010], but not vice versa?

abatishchevWe have a lot tags on SO containing a hyphen, e.g. visual-studio-2010 or .net-4.0, and I was sure that is a common approach for tags containing version or year. But sharepoint-2010 is a synonym of sharepoint2010, not vice versa. Please swap.

2:57 PM
Synonym, Y U NO go both ways??!
3:34 PM
Awesome CSS documentation/reference: instacss.com
@Fosco Which ironically requires JavaScript to display anything at all. WTF? Really? Y U NO have noscript tag?!?
@Fosco Looks like a bunch of content scraped from MDN and the other documentation sites
@GeorgeMarian It's a JS intensive web app... instant regex search of CSS properties.
@Fosco properties
@Fosco All the more reason to have a noscript tag. :)
3:39 PM
Just began an AMA session on Reddit. For those who have no clue what that phrase means, continue on with your day.
4:24 PM
Nom nom nom nominations ends in three hours.
@Moshe and everyone hates me lol
@YiJiangs独角兽 Thank you, Reddit, for making me curious about NDT speaking at the American Medical Association only to reveal some horrible GTKY meme instead.
@Shog9 And thank you, Shog, for saving me from looking into that myself.
4:55 PM
My grammar was wrong there. It should be "nominations end" not "nominations ends".
5:19 PM
Very nice
I'm surprised there aren't more high-rep users in nominations. Only 5 have more rep than me (and I don't consider me to have that high of a REP, there are over 300 people with more than me)...
I rather suspect high-rep users know better by now...
That's a good point...
I should know better... :-P
$waitThreeHoursAndThenPost(@ircmaxell Ha-HA, too late now, sucker!)
Has anyone asked Cody Gray to run? Because he should.
5:34 PM
you have 1.5 hours... (or maybe 2.5, depending on rounding)
I vote @Shog9 does it. He's good at telling people to nominate.
@CodyGray Nominate thyself!
@popular - done.
Nominated by @popularDemand. Heh, nice.
6:14 PM
A: Programmer's career path

NickThere seem to be two advancement paths (manager and senior coder), and different people prefer each one. I would not say there's any downside to having managers who used to be coders; the best managers I have worked for/with were engineers (previously or current). The one caution I'd say is that...

Any word on this yet?
7:02 PM
@mootinator That's off topic. vTc, migrate to programmers.
@Moshe Great, now we just need 3 more votes :P
@mootinator Heh, ok. If I were a mod.... Vote Moshe for mod in 2011!
@Moshe Vote Moshe For Mod!
> Nominations close in 48 minutes.
> primary voting begins
in 47 minutes
7:13 PM
Insert pun about the idea of nominating myself being moot here.
A brief summary of my experience with Oracle so far.
SQL> help
SP2-0171: HELP system not available.
SQL> wtf
SP2-0042: unknown command "wtf" - rest of line ignored.
Oh. Apparently I just used a different SYS password than I thought. Oops.
7:36 PM
sooo... am I going about this the wrong way?
I'd like to find information about something on the StackExchange sites
in this case, I'd like to find out how to get an RSS feed for questions with a particular tag
so I go to the faq, expand all, and do a Ctrl+F - nothing
then I go to meta and type in RSS - nothing at the top dealing with simply subscribing to RSS
Go to a tag's question list: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/php
On the bottom of the page, the RSS link is there
And if you want multiple tags, just do a search and the same link will appear
thanks - that answers my original question, but where do I go for similar stupid/easy/beginner's questions?
if not the FAQ, or general meta search?
@CodeJockey Typically Meta, but if it's that obvious, try here
7:41 PM
"here", as in meta chat, then?
Yeah. that's what I would do
okie doke - I guess I did it right then
@ircmaxell I think there's a problem with the chat's inline tags if people use them when inappropriate like for but not when appropriate like for ;)
@mootinator LOL
7:49 PM
What happens when the nominations close in 10 minutes? Is there a delay before the primary?
> primary voting begins in 11 minutes
So nope, doesn't look like it
\o/ downvote ALL the nominees!
Go for it
just kidding, lol..
/me wants to start a war on non-obvious, non-commented downvotes (where it's downvoted with no obvious reason why)
7:53 PM
That is a war you cannot win.
Yeah, I know.
> Nominations close in 30 seconds.
We're all primed for this, for some reason.
8:00 PM
Not allowed to vote for withdrawn candidates? Pfffft.
done voting... see ya next week.
That was...
8:05 PM
Wow, -16...
yet it's still only showing me -1 on the summary
I never withdrew.
why is it saying that I withdrew from the race?
Are you not eligable/
thats not very fair.
I am
8:08 PM
(due to badge requirements)?
it says i withdrew on nov 7
i did no such thing
hrm, alert a mod?
(well, a dev perhaps)?
Q: Eeeeeeeeek! I never withdrew

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaIn the election it says that I withdrew on Novermber 7th 2011. I did no such thing. How can we remedy this?

I think it was because they withdrew me originally due to the badge restrictions, but then they put me back
man, the vote totals are wonky. I am at +14 -3 and it shows +9 total...
I think the unit tests need to be reviewed here...
It seems not to be showing negative numbers?
8:12 PM
well, I could understand limiting negatives to -1. But it's not even summing positive totals correctly
And three people withdrew nov 7 between 20:13 and 20:32?
I'm glad it's not a because that tl;dr nomination is taking up a lot of scroll :P
Q: Election page shows zero votes instead of negative until I view vote count

MosheOn the elections page, candidates with a negative number of votes show zero votes until I specifically request the vote count, either by voting or by explicitly requesting it. I'm using Safari 5 on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2.

@Moshe also it says i withdrew when i ddnt :-(
8:16 PM
<campaign>Seriously, folks who nominated and can't vote for themselves, mind throwing me your vote? :-)</campaign>
@AManAPlanACanalPanama On one hand, you're being protected from the zeal of early downvoters.
@Moshe already did
Really crappy silver lining
@ircmaxell Thank you.
@mootinator but im being blocked on by people voting me up
8:17 PM
@mootinator Haha, silver lining is the same as silver plating - they both need to be polished and are usually cover something totally worthless.
I'm not involved, so don't ask me for answers - but your "eek" has been noted; I'm sure someone who knows will get back to you ASAP
@MarcGravell ^_^ thanky
A wild Nick appears.
Sympathy upvote given. Nah, just kidding, you had me at .
8:20 PM
it seems to have been fixed :-)
the errant withdraws are cleared in the DB, should be good now
@NickCraver lol now all of us are 20 minutes behind lol
and here come my downvotes ^_^
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Recount! Florida 2000!
@Moshe ^_^ ill bring that up when voting is almost over :-P
Wow, there's a lot of negative voting. I didn't expect that.
8:25 PM
it is probably just a conspiracy by the man; if so, take it to skeptics.stackexchange.com
@Fosco lol there rly shouldnt be a -1 in a vote. that would be funny if u could do that in a real election lol
Unexpected gaming going on in highly gamified Q&A site. Details as they develop.
@mootinator Zing.
lol... genesis -50
8:31 PM
watches the tight race between @Moshe and @jcolebrand. Grabs popcorn.
javascript:void($(".post-text").remove()) is nice if you want to look at the vote counts.
@Fosco As if you thought anything else would happen
+40/-10 for me
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Ah. A 3 way close race hovering around zero. But there's still a chance! I only see 11 candidates with a double digit score, lol! <-- corrected.
8:36 PM
@ircmaxell Looks fine to me -- my bet is that between the time you loaded the page and the time you pulled the vote counts, two more votes had come in. Those votes kept pouring in, especially in the first few minutes
@balpha It seems better now, but it was definitely buggy before...
since on reload it showed the same totals and vote counts (unless you're caching that really heavily)
@mootinator Heh, working on campaign materials.
@ircmaxell mine is always showing 0
8:49 PM
groklaw.net/article.php?story=2011111122291296 <-- Every developer should read that. Holy Cr@p...
@AManAPlanACanalPanama After the last election, they decided that if someone has a negative score in the primary, they just display zero to reduce embarassment.
@PopularDemand hmmmm ok then :-P
@PopularDemand Then why are/were some -1?
@ircmaxell I only see one -1, and it's for someone I personally downvoted, which I assumed was an exception.
it'll be -1 if you downvoted personally... 0 otherwise.
Likewise, if they have a negative total but you upvoted, you should see a 1.
8:56 PM
Ah, that makes sense then...
Wait, who starred that? I just updated it.
@Moshe You forgot "looks like professional poker player in gravatar"
@Moshe unstarred it then :-P
There we go, better.
@mootinator Heh, was a candid shot when I was on my MacBook.
Just a reminder that this room exists:
9:00 PM
Duly noted.
Also, since I'm pointing out chatrooms, Regulator Headquarters is now known as
And don't forget @AManAPlanACanalPanama if you feel cheated out of 20 minutes, you can always visit:
@PopularDemand Can I go to all chatrooms and post my palm card? I'm slipping it under doors.
9:04 PM
To post some non-election related content: I predict an Eeeek! post on meta within the next 12 hours.
(A real one, not @AManAPlanACanalPanama adding "Eeeek" to random question titles)
@balpha New feature rollout?
no, just regular cheese-moving
@balpha u have a problem with Eeeeeeeeeeek? :-P
I want to rollback ur edit ^_^
Who moved my cheese?
9:06 PM
for the record, this is how we move the cheese in my neck of the woods... we find a steep hill then...
@balpha Speaking of cheese-moving, is it intentional that the avatars of chat participants are now split into two sections, or am I witnessing a bug?
not sure where the mankini came from there
this site is amazing!
@happyseaurchin Most of the people who bother coming to chat would agree. Welcome!
9:08 PM
Is it possible to get the candidate's votes/nomination posts through the API? It doesn't look like it...
don't suppose anyone can guide me to finding where my inbox is? i got a message from a moderator but i can't find it again hehe
sorry about being so pedestrian...
which site was that on?
Your global inbox would be here, you may be able to find it there.
(I should note: nobody but you and site-moderators can see that message)
@MarcGravell do only you read this message, marc, or is this going to everyone too?
dang heheh
@MarcGravell ah how about this...?
9:10 PM
the message itself is private
but ...
@Moshe -1 needs freehand arrows.
but again: even with the link, nobody can read it except you. And you yourself disclosed " i got a message from a moderator"
@Moshe an excellent diagram, but I'm not sure that mod-messages actually show in there. Perhaps they should!
@MarcGravell Oh, you're right on both counts.
9:14 PM
@Moshe what, that it is an excellent diagram? very modest of you
hmmm... i can't find it in my global inbox... i did get an email... but that has a no-reply address... thanks though mark and jeremy and moshe :)
@MarcGravell Heh, no, that mod messages do and should show there.
@happyseaurchin I will add a note to myself to ensure it does go in the global inbox too.
@happyseaurchin You're welcome.
@happyseaurchin the email should have a link to it though?
9:17 PM
aha! thanks
i have gone through the link from the email to the post (no idea where it is in terms of inbox though) and i have clicked on the moderators name, qiaochu-yuan... how do i respond to him... or ask a question...?
btw, is the only way to get a profile pik through gravitars (if i remember the term correctly)?
On the screen marked "Moderator Private Message" (the link in the email), there should be a reply option
if there isn't, let me know
@happyseaurchin If you login using Facebook, it can use your profile picture instead. That's the only alternative. (I haven't used it, so I'm not sure exactly how that works.)
@JeremyBanks arg, i have been using google... can i add more login options simultaneously?
@happyseaurchin Yes, though I don't know how to make it switch from using your gravatar to using your profile pic.
Can anybody explain how that works?
9:22 PM
@MarcGravell hmmm, nope... i have taken a photo, but not sure how to add it to this chat...
@happyseaurchin There's an upload... button to the right of the message box. -->
gads, i really am jumping in with two feet, two hands, a head and what appears to be no brain!
You can use the "upload..." button to the right of the text entry box, but it'll be visible to all.
The empty space should assist you with floating, at least.
@JeremyBanks nope, just a send button... i am using safari, does that effect the look of it?
hmmm.... did we rep-limit that? you could just email it to me...
9:25 PM
@MarcGravell will do :) sorry about this...
@MarcGravell UploadMinRep = 100,
apparently we did ;p
also, very artsy how you censored the debug message container
@JeremyBanks Thanks for this, by the way. I really need to learn jQuery.
I felt it was classy, yes
9:28 PM
@PopularDemand You're welcome; it does come in handy for things like this.
@balpha speaking of artsy, did ya'll like how I got one over on rchern?
interesting... i've been in a discussion with a bunch of people regarding the mozilla initiative regarding open badges, and quoted your site when i initially discovered it a few days ago
@jcolebrand What are you referring to?
@Moshe my post on meta earlier and a conversation that you can't be privy to until you earn a diamond.
Effectively she called me a dirty stinking liar and then I proved myself right.
Only, she may not have been that harsh.
@happyseaurchin I replied by email
9:30 PM
@jcolebrand But you were unable to prove that you're clean and non-malodorous?
I feel like you would have mentioned that along with being right, if you had.
@PopularDemand I had a stand-in double verify it on her behalf. I am apparently half-odourous
@jcolebrand I'm trying to earn it but someone is being all "who the F are you to come in and campaign because I'm never seen you before" on me. Oh well, I'm being polite, as a good mod should be.
@rchern: please add "How odiferous are you?" to the Armadillo Election THC question list.
@Moshe given your competition, I think you would do better to study up on meta.so for the next year and try again in a year.
Also, aim for about 35k before your next election (cos you can do it, you've shown that)
@jcolebrand Agreed.
Anyone care to conjecture when the next one is?
9:36 PM
In approximately 12 months
Got it, thanks!
@jcolebrand 9 is an extremely low value of 12.
fixes his math and hopes @jcolebrand doesn't notice being pinged twice.
I have desktop pings turned off for a while
9 is as close to 12 as 15 is
The point was moreso "uhh, look it up and guess for yourself"
all mod candidates should understand the SE2.0 election system (including how to look up prior elections, and how to compute those results)
i realize I'm an ass.
9:44 PM
thanks all, and @MarcGravell for the assistance... i've fired off an email to the moderator... i really like how you are running things here -- well, apart from not being able to ask a certain, admittedly odd, set of questions :)
Heh, jcole no your not.
@Moshe meh, better to apologize for nothing?
Next year: All nominees will be required to implement an STV counting system in their top language tag.
@happyseaurchin k... but you could have replied through the message system... via the "respond" link I pointed out, or the direct link I supplied earlier... email should work, though.
@mootinator on stats.se, they get a pencil and paper
9:49 PM
@mootinator Hm... I'd better go delete my detailed explanation of how the system works, to lock up the advantage.
I look forward to the intensely dramatic fictional STV outcomes from writers.se if it ever graduates from beta.
fictional vote outcomes? sure you're not thinking of americanpolitics.SE?
wait, "intense" is bricks.se, "drama" is math.se, "fictional" is history.se -- where does writers.se come in here?
@moot we studied votin systems in math class this morning. Stv is also called ... Can't remember now.
Preferential voting?
9:53 PM
Hare-Clark system?
Proportional representation?
First past the post! Borda count! Why are we throwing out random election-related terms?
Two party system, plurality!
I thought we were throwing out STV related terms, but I can get behind random ones.
Electoral college!
Popular vote!
@PopularDemand: by which I mean I am also surprised that you didn't think you'd do well if you nominated yourself.
9:59 PM
What do we want? Something!
@mootinator Speak for yourself. I'm good where I am. Well... I guess "the status quo " is technically "something."
@mootinator The evidence seems to indicate that what we want is Anna Lear. :P
@JeremyBanks Which raises a question. One I'm not willing to ask.
@JeremyBanks I assume that a lot more goes into the job than I realize.
But thank you for the vote of confidence!
@PopularDemand I can understand that you might not want to do it, I just think you'd do well if you ran. (Consider this a pledge to vote for you if you do decide to run next time.)
10:04 PM
Okay wait. . . C# developer and part time theatre nerd from Canada. I'm starting to suspect this Anna Lear person is just some opposite gendered doppelganger of myself.
@JeremyBanks I appreciate that. And now, I deflect attention from myself by saying "what's the deal with Cody Gray not running?"
javascript:void($('.post-text, .vote-down-off, .vote-down-on, .vote-up-off, .vote-up-on, td[align="right"] div, .user-action-time, .reputation-score, .vt a[href^="/posts/"]').hide()); That's a great little bit of script to really see what's going on in the election
No, wait. Anna Lear is actually helpful around SE. I'm going to have to assume I'm the doppelganger.
That's an unfortunate revelation.
I have to go console myself by drowning a bag of kittens now. It's the only thing which cheers me up at times like this.
10:07 PM
@mootinator > insert joke about kittens can't drown in a pool of ansi terminal codes
@mootinator Excuse me? Who do you think you are? Brad Larson?
> Windows has detected that you haven't rebooted in a while; initiating self destruct sequence.
11:05 PM
@MarcGravell sorry marc, i've just noted your statement and have responded with email... there doesn't seem to be a way to respond with "inmail"
11:34 PM
@happyseaurchin I saw, ta. I'll look in the morning. That is... odd. I know it is generally working, as I saw some replies earlier. Something must be afoot.

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