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8:00 AM
@ShadowWizard :o Ancient knowledge
I'm sure if someone talked about Jerk Chicken it would be fine
@Mithrandir so your service isn't going to be physically hard... you're just sad due to the loss of few good years to do something that isn't really needed?
@forest the RO has thrashed 2 messages before the kick happened
@JourneymanGeek Right, just like "screw in a bulb".
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ huh?
8:00 AM
@andmyself I did not get any messages about that until after.
Is it merely a coincidence that both the wizard of shadows and Gandalf speak Hebrew? I think not!
@forest but if you're saying it just to say screw....
or to test if you can say it...
ʇɐɥʇ ǝʞᴉl ǝʇᴉɹʍ oʇ ǝɔᴉu ǝq ʇsnɯ
@ShadowWizard also I might get a really bad profile and so get an awful job
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ maybe its actually quenya
8:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek can't... get... it... out... of... my... head!
@JourneymanGeek No, I wasn't. In fact before I even knew the term was bad, what I said was something about "someone scr*wing with the rep". In fact, it was very possibly the first time I ever used that phrase on this entire site.
And was immediately kicked for 30 minutes.
especially since, you know, I never went to school or anything - I need to really schedule those tests now
@Mithrandir all jobs in the military are aweful
the trick is to... get away with doing as little as possible
@Mithrandir nah.... these days I'm pretty sure even profile of 21 doesn't affect getting a job very much. Maybe still in high level security companies, but not much others.
@JourneymanGeek Except being the apex predator general
8:02 AM
@ShadowWizard @Mithrandir wait... waiitt
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ that's the worst of all
Hey you get badges!
Yanno what they do with retired generals here?
@JourneymanGeek Eh, I could deal with doing an English job :P
@JourneymanGeek Don't insult the chicken - Bukaah
8:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek Turn them into zucchini?
it made me hungry
^ generalivorous
@JourneymanGeek he means getting a job after army. It's affected by army service.
@JourneymanGeek Anyway, in the future, please just tell me. Assume I'm from a backwards country where "j*rk" is not an insta-kick, ok?
Just warn me in the future and I'll try to remember. That's all I want.
e.g. one who didn't serve in army at all has really hard times finding a decent job.
8:04 AM
@ShadowWizard ah
Or used to be... it's changing these days.
here everyone serves
Here everyone should serve, but many find ways around it.
@ShadowWizard Oh so it is kinda a compulsory-ish thing like here
@ShadowWizard I've seen a dude in a giant leg brace ....
unless you're utterly insane, or missing a limb...
8:05 AM
It reach stuff like people shooting their own leg.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
But most I know of just bribe doctors to get official letter saying they're unfit.
@ShadowWizard that's just like taking an arrow in the knee...
(either physically or mentally)
Well I'm unfit without the letter, haha
@ShadowWizard Here I've heard half the asylums are filled with youngsters who're evading military service
8:07 AM
The army is being careful with mentally unstable people, so that's the best bet, yeah. lol
@ShadowWizard I think I've said both my insanity stories
@JourneymanGeek ?
One guy went nuts at range
@JourneymanGeek shot others??
got... sat on by people and eventually got rated medically unfit
8:08 AM
But why did he do that?
I don't think he intended to shoot anyone
Ooh Full Metal Jacket in da house
I think he was faking it
Bah boring
now, chap seemed harmless
now there was this another guy
skinny, short fellow...
came in PES E (so non combat)
8:09 AM
Please tell me this one ended up doing some damage
used to scratch himself when he bled
I once had a bullet shot by mistake in shooting range. Turns out the officer didn't check my gun properly after the shooting, so a bullet was still inside. He got suspended.
Uhun, UHUN
(I'll be deleting all this later ;p)
best part
tie him to a wheelchair?? lol... why on earth to a wheelchair?!
8:11 AM
The best part of the story was summarized in two bloody words eye roll
@ShadowWizard So he could still move
cause he was on an island, and they wanted to get him to medical on the mainland
they sent him back pending paperwork
Oh so more Robinson Crusoe than The Joker
We do basic training here
Pulau Tekong, also known colloquially as Tekong, is the largest of Singapore's outlying islands, with an area of 24.43 km2 (6,037 acres). The island is still expanding due to land reclamation works on its southern and northwestern coasts which will eventually subsume many of its surrounding small islets, including Pulau Tekong Kechil. Pulau Tekong is found off Singapore's northeastern coast, east of Pulau Ubin. Geographically, it is nearer to Johor, Malaysia than the Singapore main island itself. The Pulau Tekong Reservoir is also on the island. == Etymology == Pulau Tekong appears in t...
Heh. We got a big desert for training.
(It has a wikipedia page so is hardly classified)
8:13 AM
Stage 1: Be the survivor of a sinking ship
(Negev... already linked to it in the past. ;))
Well we both have islands and deserts. Noobs
@ShadowWizard there's stories of a secret unit of singaporean armour based there
8:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek armor?? Or army units?
oh, you mean like tanks?
Tony Stark didn't seem of Singaporean descent
@ShadowWizard allegedly we had a unit of centurion tanks, upgraded hidden somewhere there
funny thing is no one actually in armour ever heard of it.
(I mean, now we have leopard 2 A4s upgraded to look better)
That's the genius of the plan
Remember all the workers in the nuclear bomb project had to be illiterate
8:16 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ stealth armour?
@JourneymanGeek well, being that makes sense. Won't be good for your country to publicly admit getting help from Israel.
tanks so invisible that no one ever sees or hears of them?
@ShadowWizard its an open secret these days
also, erm...
all our last gen tanks probably used to belong to you lot
Nice. With the dynamic defence system?
The AMX-13 is a French light tank produced from 1952 to 1987. It served with the French Army, as the Char 13t-75 Modèle 51, and was exported to more than 25 other nations. Named after its initial weight of 13 tonnes, and featuring a tough and reliable chassis, it was fitted with an oscillating turret built by GIAT Industries (now Nexter) with revolver type magazines, which were also used on the Austrian SK-105 Kürassier. Including prototypes and export versions, there are over a hundred variants including self-propelled guns, anti-aircraft systems, APCs, and ATGM versions. == Development == The...
we bought the AMX 13s you lot hated cause they were more suited for the military docterine of the time
no one else had tanks in the region
Did you make sure to say tanks for the stuff...?
8:23 AM
8:43 AM
@rene thanks! Using them to slice tomatoes, mostly. ;)
@Rob nah, the box is small, maybe pic makes it look bigger. See the toilet paper roll to its left for comparison to "known element". :)
@MEE yup. What about it? (didn't read everything up there)
9:00 AM
of course, it's always tanks in advantage...
@ShadowWizard Smokey FR: If there isn't anything to flag, post something flaggable as target practice on a random site
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ of course not! We have a secret Conclave here. :P
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ makes total sense! Also, add audits! :D
Who's suvitruf BTW? Name change or new/old guy I haven't met?
How the hell is this still alive? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/322289/…
Probably the argument in chat is why it's still alive
i also sliced open my finger
I appear to be bleeding a fair bit
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I think he's a SO.RU regular
seen him on meta a few times
Or something like that
9:11 AM
alex just has umaluts these days
@JourneymanGeek Wolverine healing abilities, activate
just lots of bandaids
Were you fighting X-24 or a jar of jelly?
some help would be nice but eh.
I was actually trying to save a plant and pruning it with a fairly sharp knife
Burn the plant
9:13 AM
it did nothing wrong
I should have been more careful
It coaxed the universe to make you slip
You should AT LEAST ask for more oxygen.
Maybe post about it on Twitter, "make pruners great again"
We had to move the plants cause they were repainting the building
this one was a money plant that was stuck to the wall
That's it, bring out the billionaire TV host in you
anyway the bleeding is mostly stopped (and I really don't want to bleed all over my lovely light fabric covered chair...)
9:28 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ because @rene is sleeping so nobody scan for off topic questions with -8 or lower score. Duh.
9:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek was. No longer active there after clash with the site's CM. (I think) /cc @M.A.R.
oh wait, maybe he's active there again, saw new bug report he posted. meh
@ShadowWizard at -8 you made it all counter productive: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317379/…
It's.... a quite late morning?
(well, it's weekend...)
1:32 p.m. is definitely morning unless you're one of those darn early risers
10:03 AM
11:03 is morning
^ 11:04 now, but yeah ;)
It's late, but that's what happens when I'm allowed to sleep in ;)
That's prenoon, not morning
Morning ends somewhere before 10 a.m.
Morning ends at 12, Afternoon at 6, Evening at 12 and Night at 6, over here :)
Morning ends at 11, Afternoon at 3, Evening at 7, and Night at 3 ... and the rest is Dawn until 5 :O
(that's my opinion though)
Wrong. It's very rare for off topic question to survive more than few hours. To be honest I don't downvote off topic question if it's not really bad by itself and already has the required -3 for deletion, but I do not expect others to follow. — Shadow Wizard Oct 28 '18 at 16:07
So... not me! :D
10:10 AM
praise you
@Tinkeringbell I woke up at 9, took an hour to get out of bed xd
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ no, it's morning
10:27 AM
@ShadowWizard ah. um
I don't keep track of stuff there I guess
10:53 AM
Bird Box Challenge... oh great...
We used to play that game... on the playground :P
11:28 AM
And there they go again xd
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ any "hello" phrases are redundant though
In a question like that I doubt anything is nonredundant.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ - hey, that it easy. — user070221 5 mins ago
No counter argument provided. I'm throwing one of those null things.
I wanna say either "NO U B CAML" or "I'm perfectly calm" but I can't find a reason to continue the discussion
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ actually I failed to parse that sentence... is it "take it easy"? or "that is easy"? or...
and... poof!
Once you're in the "this is aggressive" mood it is not easy to accept a stream of comments that state "we're not"
@andmyself Eh, for the better
aggresive mood on a discussion about aggresive downvoting, I see wat u did thar
11:46 AM
@rene I look at it differently, maybe. Someone perceives hostility/aggression/marginalization/insert keyword. Comes to meta, "let's post something about it. SOMETHING has to be done", and the most common question is "am I wrong in thinking this and perceiving that?" or variations thereof. Whether or not they were right affects the outcome, but when they're not, they don't realize that they weren't ready to change perception most of the time, even though they imply it with their post
IOW, most people with such posts are looking for confirmation. They don't consider that they might be wrong, so when they're told they are, they're not ready to change perspective
Well, for me, they were at least 25% right. Why is that support question so heavily downvoted?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That sound like a good analysis of the root cause
@Tinkeringbell Which?
Q: Prompt when I accept my answer within 2 days seems miswritten?

illiterateWhen I try accept my answer, I see a prompt: You can accept your own answer in 2 days Is this miswritten for "you can not accept your own answer in 2 days"? See also: Why must I wait two days before accepting my own answer?

And the only real answer will probably be "more people than usual clicked on the post"
11:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell first comment is passive aggresive, that sets the tone. Also, first revision is a tad unclear.
Every individual can only affect the post score by 2
@rene Ugh. You're right. I got rid of that comment, but it's really annoying to see questions that are asking about stuff that isn't documented anywhere get downvoted so much
(Even if someone misses that it's not a bug)
@Tinkeringbell can you see how many votes came in before the 2nd revision?
I dunno. I'm not advocating that that question should be at +10... but not voting is an option too ;)
I'll look that the votes
Sorry, votes are daily... so it's just up/down for that same day :/
Normally, that post would have probably ended up with a -4 or similar
A short comment immediately pointing out the flaws in the request changes the mind of the visitors, however
Those that wouldn't have cared enough to vote immediately see the evaluation, and click the arrow before scrolling down
11:54 AM
@Tinkeringbell ok, so that is basically what us mortals non-mods can see
@rene Yeah.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I almost asked what a CAML is
> - Confuse someone in chat — Daily task done ✔
Not yet actually
I'm confused
So you don't have to untick that ....
11:58 AM
I'm fused
I'm confused how Journey isn't confused, so yeah
Now, where is that MSE post that mentions about "tone", "wording" and "interesting" which was probably posted as an answer by Shog...
yeah, I realized I failed any of the conditions...
Well, you were being so descriptive I'm not sure Shog himself would have known which answer you're talking about
But if it's about "interesting", maybe it was on a language site
12:06 PM
Basically a guide to write a better meta question.
(and this is, an example of XY-problem)
Maybe it was on the not-die-trying post?
Huh, edited in by an 8ker
Hehe the guy keeps byebyeing at @Tink . . . Hope it doesn't get creepy
Didn't find anything close... perhaps my memory was playing trick with me...
but I found this instead though
Yup. And sometimes on meta, the downvotes actually are a sign you're doing something right ;p/ — Journeyman Geek ♦ Dec 13 '17 at 6:47
Oh well, can't please them all
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ It's like one of those awkward phone calls :P
I never like seeing people go like that though :(
I also mentioned a while earlier is that one of the things language barrier does is make the environment more fragile for the ESL. Things start looking hostile way too early, and it's not about a thin skin or whatever
12:17 PM
@andmyself Hah
@Tinkeringbell You hang up first
Or just give them the taken speech
Did you mean: free speech (as Google suggested)
@Tinkeringbell We don't need people to participate here, so I guess the only-be-here-if-it's-fun-or-necessary applies.
Either visit meta.SE for fun and reps or if you have a meaningful bug report
Everything else, either you deal with an unpopular opinion you have or listen to people when they say this is established norm regarding the foo issue.
12:22 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ yes and no
In a sense, we need people participating - but, well, in the best interests of their part of the network
the tricky thing is sometimes... that might take an odder turn
Also, that's why some SE users on some SE sites are hating other SE sites
that's just people being silly
Because their ideology is different than their usual site's culture
@JourneymanGeek Yeah that's the minimum, but a post like the most recent one is when someone has probably promised themselves to hang around and post often
It's different from working in the best interests of anything. More like a transition to meta.SE guru and "REALLY knowing the way around"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I honestly think the best way to be a MSE guru is to stop caring about rep ;p
12:26 PM
Now if they were told downvotes aren't supposed to be perceived like knockout punches and they disagree with that and won't change their mind, then they can't do the transition thing. Best if they do the minimum thing only
ah there's that
@JourneymanGeek Well that's like step 2.5 of transition. Loving rep is a very good initial catalyst though
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ rep is like money
Rep is money
you want enough to comfortably do all the things
past 25k though...
12:28 PM
I'm agreeing with you now and it freaks me out
on the other hand, I'm happy to make a less than popular post, and have it DVed into oblivion if I felt it was a conversation worth having.
Sure, that's the metaguruness
Q: Electorate gold badge not awarded

Daniil ManokhinToday I was awarded the Electorate badge on Ask Different: Vote on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions After doing so I was presented with the screen saying I earned it and to track the next one. On my profile it isn't there though: Yet going into the which badge...

It has been around 600,000 milliseconds.
Is our dupe finder @rene?
Pretty sure even the tracking part is answered
I understand the enthusiasm though, first gold badge
> Ismail Afandi (a.ka. Ismail Khan) of the Ottoman Empire — Designer of the main dome.
Ustad Isa and Isa Muhammad Effendi of Persia — Credited with a key role in the architectural design.
'Puru' from Benarus, Persia — Mentioned as a Supervising Architect.
Qazim Khan, a native of Lahore — Cast the solid Gold Finial.
Chiranjilal, a lapidary from Delhi — The Chief Sculptor and Mosaicist
Amanat Khan from Shiraz, Iran — The Chief Calligrapher
Basically we're the reason Taj Mahal is cool.
Q: Did the builder of the Taj Mahal have the workers' hands cut off?

JoseKLocal legend has it that once Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, the hands of the workers were cut off. I cannot find any historical reference to this but some examples which say so http://library.thinkquest.org/27638/tajmahal.html Shahjahan cut off the hands of the workers after the completion...

12:45 PM
@andmyself no con?
I'm not con-ning anyone!
@andmyself that question ... seems posted under the influence
@andmyself neither vincing
2:28 PM
@ShadowWizard I think that's a dwarf
@JourneymanGeek meh. Same concept. ;)
on the contrary
when it comes to tennis.... they're the same.
The dwarf will cleave your head in twain if he loses.
No! They have honor.
As for dogs and tennis...
1 hour later…
3:48 PM
It's a majestic feeling to be pinged by a removed message
@ShadowWizard Recorded answer as an NAA in metasmoke.
Wow, the aggression thing still going on?
Hmm, seems like they calmed down a bit and we did help someone understand some SE stuff today
Yay I guess
Look at the voting though, someone would have earned a Red Baron or something
4:14 PM
Hmm, I dunno, it has affiliation
(¬_¬ )
The site doesn't immediately want to sell me stuff
@Suvitruf ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I didn't click the link, I like my PC to remain clean. But if it's not, people can always override it, right?
4:19 PM
@ShadowWizard I hope everyone is aware that if you write a comment after an "sd" command that it gets recorded in MS. If the comment was directed at the chatroom audience (rather than MS) it should be made separately on a new line. Yesterday someone else made a comment probably not intended to be preserved in the logs.
4:30 PM
@Rob We are aware of that
4:56 PM
You two likely are, someone else's name whom appears above was not and may either be asked to remove their comment or leave it to the administrator and receive a similar reminder naming them directly.
@Tinkeringbell Sure, they can invalidate the feedback
Are you kidding me? 68 rep for a blatantly obvious answer? It's so easy to gain rep
@Rob Heh, was that me?
I never pay attention
Perhaps that's the answer to the easiest site to gain rep: MSE on Announcement, Featured, and Contest
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Here is the transcript - probably not useful for the Metasmoke log file. Could have been typed on a subsequent line, so it wouldn't have been logged. The comment has been deleted (by the admin, the only one whom can do that, or the owner).
5:24 PM
@Rob K, I'll (probably) pay attention in the future. The commenting under an MS report thing came after I went MIA for a while, so it's a feature I'm not used to
sd 2k
✌ ✍ ✌
la main en écrivant
j'aime la omelette
Or du, I dunno
5:38 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ je pense que du est correct
6:23 PM
And that is about all my French quota for the day. You from France @ɪBᴜɢ?
7:03 PM
Hmm . . .
2 hours later…
9:12 PM
Title was changed from "Black Holes" to "Gravity", which made the existing comments and answers confusing. — GrumpyCrouton 2 days ago
Someone should fix this
91, must have been a pain selecting them
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Script.
I usually just press 'load older messages' until I find the previous cleanup, this time I decided to give up on that :P
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