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2:00 PM
@ShadowWizard oh, I didn't think that question needed to go anywhere
@andmyself Depends on which side of the US you take for comparison :P
@Tinkeringbell Indeed, Asia is closer to United States than Europe is:
so many clouds...
@ShadowWizard Have you seen the licker video?
@Alex does Alaska help?
2:15 PM
@JohnDvorak Alaska's in the second image.
I meant, with Europe
Is USA's mainland (minus Alaska) closer to Europe, or to Asia?
What's the 'over the North Pole' distance from Alaska to the EU (any country)?
@JohnDvorak Ah, discounting Alaska the distance is much larger.
Quick dragging around in Google Earth says it's a pretty close match now.
2:21 PM
Iceland to Maine 3 400 km, Chukotka to Washington 3 300 km
@Rob door bell licking? (that's what Google gave as top result for "licker video")
No, didn't watch yet.
Worth watching?
Greenland is Danish, though, which puts Europe at clear first place at 2000 km.
... and if we cede Greenland to USA, the distance drops to a mere 300 km. Could reasonably put a ferry service there.
AK - Greenland 2200 km, AK - Iceland 4200 km
not if its 3 hours no
@ShadowWizard - Worthwhile?, It's perhaps possible to judge from the Thumbnail I guess you wouldn't want to say you never seen it, and appear uninformed ... Or maybe it's for the best!
What's wrong with a three-hour boat ride?
2:31 PM
Farallon de Pajaros is closer than some of the suggestions.
You'd need a lot of ships, but that shouldn't be an issue because, at least in Transport Tycoon, ships can occupy the same place at the same time.
@JohnDvorak It's "owned" by a European country but it's technically not part of the continent of Europe.
Hm. Sauce?
@Rob He probably wanted to taste the sweet melody the doorbell produced
> Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe
That'd be an unhealthy amount of ketchup
2:34 PM
Wikipedia, Greenland
Greenland could eat France and Germany whole
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ And have Spain for dessert
That's a lot of cheese, but at least you have more than enough beer to go down with it.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Ash Ketchup?
Mmmm ash ketchup
2:38 PM
Now I want fries and ketchup
I thought it was Ketchum, as in "catch them"?
You gotta Ketchum all
I dunno. Names can mean all sorts of things :P
Although, it could be "gotta Ketchup with all those new 5gen and 6gen additions"
And with that, I'm out
@JourneymanGeek the act yes, the vid only 1 minute
@Rob lol. Best vid I watched in the last 20 minutes. :D
2:57 PM
Probably the best comment thus far is by David Russell: Don't recognise the face, but the tongue rings a bell.
hehehehehhe!!!11!!! dies laughing
(I didn't read the comments)
And that creepy person did more, the articles I read said he also "relieved himself" in the yard after the licking action. o_O
(no vid of that for some reason ;))
Anyway, noted to self that licking doors is a crime, wasn't aware of that before. :P
3:12 PM
@ShadowWizard You can see a bit, but he did so underneath the camera. They didn't think to install a camera that could catch criminals crawling around, which makes sense if you are wearing a hoodie and stealing packages.
It's not so much the licking that is the crime, it's the entering the property without a lawful reason. Had he rang the bell and asked a stupid question he might be OK.
hmm.... yeah good point.
3:59 PM
random pony song of the day.
1 hour later…
5:24 PM
wait what
why do I have mail from evan carroll
who gave out my email? :,(
Do you have a GH account?
just ignore him
@PrincessLuna tl;dr - someone accidentally CCed instead of BCCed for the watch emails. Evan decided to troll a bit.
Depending on how bad it is, it might be worth reporting to SE. I think, I can't find the post on (toxic) emails related to SE to back that up :*
5:30 PM
they know
unless Evan started emailing people personally, he just replied to the thread
Oh well... Hopefully something's done
5:58 PM
@ShadowWizard Way, way better tongue: giphy.com/gifs/world-tongue-longest-z4713UWRF7TEY
@PrincessLuna they are aware, and deeply embarassed
4 hours later…
10:28 PM
15 messages moved to Chimney
Voting has become family business: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/378788/…
10:50 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected (167): What does "this… thrusting upon" mean? by SHAKESPEARE LOVED DICK JOKES on ell.SE
11:19 PM
@SmokeDetector rude
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