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12:01 AM
I think Glorfindel won:
the winterbash site is like MS paint for knitted patterns
It's fun. You can save the designs. :D
Who you calling a ho?
Santa :P
12:12 AM
Did anyone get more than 27 hats in one shot?
ok, that save/load thing is kinda fun
I'm disappointed
the konami code does nothing
you knitted the konami code?
@Alex I got 66.
12:31 AM
totally not going to spend winter bash doing this and ignoring hats at all
2 hours later…
2:08 AM
Mor... HATS!
apparently I just got a passel of still fresh hats.
How many?
seems vaguely random
I got 66. :P
(actually been gaming this morning ;p)
Also a few other distractions.
Some of them potentially good, but I'm horrible at waiting for things ;p
and apparently I need to read the scrollback
2:31 AM
Anyone get 173 of them?
There are more than 151?
Well there are 173 sites.
@Catija well, I don't need accounts on every site. ;p
.... yea... but I only got 66... :P
@Catija had some activity orrrrr?
2:41 AM
Unified theme meta post
That means I already had over 100 accounts.... (charcoal).
ah makes sense
I'm a grumpy old coot who grudgingly automates stuff XD
@andmyself Nope. :)
I think they're no activity/new accounts
Good to know :)
2:42 AM
I think I had some of them for spam flags
Yeah, I got 4...
Stellar, Korean Language, Emacs, and the experimental account on 3D Printing because that's the first site on the site switcher
~20 of mine were for flags.
3:27 AM
Q: As soon as I create account for SO I cannot ask

no oneI asked this question which I later learned is apparently preposterous and got heavily downvoted. I decide to log in to this and apparently I have not joined the stack overflow site and I clicked confirm and create this account. I thought hmm this is odd because I thought I joined stack overflo...

Is "preposterous" this troll's signpost?
Looks like a simpley unhappy user
Considering there are 2 recent "preposterous" MSE post...
and both with very anonymous name...
let's just give them a Hat™️.
4:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek I got absolutely none. I guess that's what I get for having had an account on every site for a while.
finally a good use for upcoming leave
@Mithrandir association bonus count, so create new account on a site where you don't have account before
@AnkitSharma Such a site does not exist.
I have an account on literally every site.
@Mithrandir check once again, you will surely get something
Some new beta etc
4:16 AM
That's what get for creating an account as soon as a beta starts...
Can't see your account there
Mithrandir, Tauremornalómë
107 4
@Mithrandir or delete and recreate an account on 1 site... I think...
@Mithrandir hidden community ufff
4:18 AM
Like what I have done multiple times on 3D Print... (really, for science!)
@andmyself is it allowed
@andmyself lol
@andmyself Meh. I lose my flag stats then ;)
@Mithrandir but you can earn Member of The Hand hat there ;)
What? You care more for flag stats than hats!? Blasphemy! ;p
4:19 AM
Hats are more imp
Even more imp then breathing
Uff still one hat less for being no 1 on networkwide
@Mithrandir any sites with zero flags?
@Catija Probably, but I don't care enough to go looking for an account to delete. Maybe if I get desperate later :p
make a new account and then request a merge
how hat merge work O.o
Should I try travel for Member of The Hand O.o
I never asked anything there so I am new contributor
or art and craft
Do DIY count?
4:28 AM
I assume posting on child meta doesn't count for hat?
And no rainbow hat ;'(
Is it too late to cry for rainbow hat @Catija
@andmyself discrimination ?
haven't tried anything for hats... but you can easily be a New Contributor on child meta even being long-time user on main site...
Mithrandir, Tauremornalómë
101 1
Anyway... hats! Lego!
Q: Winter Bash 2018 LEGO Prizes!

jncratonHappy holidays everyone! Bricks Stack Exchange is once again participating in the Winter Bash celebration with the rest of the Stack Exchange network! While this is a "just for fun" activity, there are also a few different prizes available this year. The user with the most hats will win 10263...

@andmyself sites where I participate, I always go to meta. SO not that case for me
4:34 AM
I can actually do the opposite on one site
I have meta participation on hinduism, but no main participation
@AnkitSharma ?
@AnkitSharma that means... uhh... you have at least posted a Q/A on each child meta? O_O
@Catija I think he wishes for a rainbow hat.
I came out on SE this year so I can use that hat ;)
sue? ;p
I trying to figure out how to mention that ;p
Bit late now though, unless its a secret hat
4:39 AM
A: Winter Bash 2018 LEGO Prizes!

Ankit SharmaFew questions I have and they can be too much for a comment so asking in answer: Any restriction for any country due to shipment issues etc. New contributors will be considered? only hat activity counts or other things will change the probability in tie cases?

That's just sweeet
glares at his lego apollo
I am waiting for the day I can build it ;p
@andmyself If I am active on that site then I will else I will no nothing about that site to ever be on meta. Like on Arquade I know nothing much to go to meta
@AnkitSharma make sense, though I can still answer general SE technical question unrelated to site topic :D
@andmyself so much work but I did one on bricks now lets see ;)
4:43 AM
btw, @JourneymanGeek, your avatar thumbnail reminds me of...
I need moar hats!
5:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yes. But stopped it now?
@JourneymanGeek Get a hat by answering my question. :P
1 hour later…
6:31 AM
@Catija ooops
7:17 AM
@NogShine well, it gets messier than I like tbh
I don't see any new questions on Meta Hinduism (from SE Filtered Questions), so I thought that's a good progress.
Dunno about answers or comments though...
@andmyself I had a few specific problems
I found sometimes people twisted what I said a fair bit, and it seemed super odd to stick my nose in meta on a community that I wasn't involved in directly
7:34 AM
@andmyself there is one meta question recently. I answered it already.
Does a star give secret hat this year?
@ShadowWizard On Jan 1, yes. Not a secret hat.
deja vu
like, I remember setting up a JavaScript timer to automatically post "Happy New Year!" while I was sleeping...
7:41 AM
103 messages moved to Chimney
puzzled ...
maybe 103 messages was a bit too much?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog not just comment, answer body is clear spam too.
@ShadowWizard didn't assert the post body wasn't spam
just that they spammed in a comment
@JNat cross site spammer for you. Will you get a hat for nuking them? ;)
Secret Employee hats ... so called SE Hats
@Chris can nuke both accounts, but he's not chatty.
@rene Punyon Beard was the best.
7:50 AM
@Shadow Does this count as a spammer worthy of pinging an employee? It has a linked account on Stack Overflow and has spammed at least once.
@NogShine and the Reddit one ._.
Good morning!
@rene Winterbash started to them a week ago.
@Tinkeringbell Good hats!
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes I already pinged JNat, see above.
7:52 AM
@andmyself hats will have to wait till tonight ;)
And time for WTF moment....
This is Jalapeno Nachos.
How the heck he was able to post in chat???
(screenshot is from now)
@Tink any idea? ^^
@Tinkeringbell no no that's his original account, deleted.
Y'all are a curious, nosy, dramatic bunch :P
Also, I can't see any message in Jon's room, not even with "deleted" notice.
So..... really really, really, weird.
@Tinkeringbell thanks, first time I'm referred to as a "bunch". :D
Me, my hands, and my legs, are indeed nosy. :P
7:56 AM
@ShadowWizard Not just you :P There's more nosy people in this room. Perhaps it's just a weird thing?
@rene is not nosy. ;)
@Tinkeringbell noses around
I think you'll have to ask Jon if you want to know. If something happened, it's cleaned up so well I can't find anything either!
So you did stick your nose into it?
8:00 AM
I know what happened.
Chat is SO weird. lol
But for calling me "nosy" I won't explain! :D
nosing around intensifies
@rene eww it smells
The last message was one hour ago, but it's been all feed messages. The last message by a non-feed user was by the deleted account.
@Mithrandir almost!
8:06 AM
@ShadowWizard will I get a secret hat if I deduce it correctly?
Last event was hour ago, Jon unfreezing the room. That's why it's saying "1h ago". However, the last real message was long long ago, from the deleted user.
Oh well, you kept the secret hat on yourself :(
If Jon would have posted actual message after/before unfreezing, his name would be there.
@ShadowWizard See? Now you made people suspect drama where there was none! One drama-queen tiara hat for Shadow! :P
happy dance with a tiara on head
8:07 AM
Careful, or there'll be glitter everywhere :P
Has anyone else noticed the snowflake being slow? It's kinda annoying...
@Tinkeringbell it depends on your connection/download speed, since flake is loaded after everything else in the page finished loading.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, it is slow.
Also, if you're viewing a page with lots of content/images, it will take much longer until flake appears.
Are we supposed to write all the five answers and get accepted the same day for getting a hat?
It deserves a badge!
Ah, okay, so it's just me/my internet connection the.
8:20 AM
@NogShine nope. You should get the hat also if 5 old answers of yours are accepted in one day.
> post 5 answers that get accepted, all posted in a single UTC day or all accepted in a single UTC day
@Tinkeringbell We are on the same page (Time contest answers page ;).) it's a bit late.
@ShadowWizard lol
That's one of the problems with this place ;p
time to accept 4 answers of someone in a day and the 5th right the next day
maximum BM
Bribe Meter?
8:25 AM
BM is a gaming term that means messing around when you're sure to win something
Like having already won a match but stringing the opponent along for giggles
Black Mesa?
Never heard of "BM" and played lots of computer games... though I'm not really a gamer. :)
> end quick plz
@NogShine You scared me! I'm still in 16th place, luckily. I could always use a bit of help to keep that place, if people haven't done so yet :P
8:27 AM
hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Bad_manners @Magisch appears this is local term in one game.
that's not really a hearthstone only thing
although it is prominent there
up to three unique hats ;)
first page is 25 entries right?
Well, surely not as common as "XP", "HP", etc. @Magisch :)
8:28 AM
If so I'm #23
rip :(
I thought 30 per page?
@Tinkeringbell I voted on it. My answer is in 57th place? Don't know.
ahh rip even more
Hats! Glasses!
Glasses! Windows!
8:32 AM
Hats! Circles!
/me checks if he ended up in the Den
the knitting tool has too few colors
Knit more to unlock more colors.... or so I dream...
Or just pay with Unicoin >_>
@Tinkeringbell now you are the one whining? What should I say? 25 jokes to do, no one cares the littlest
@Derpy I've only missed yesterday, so far
8:38 AM
@Tinkeringbell you can see past days at anytime.
I know. I just missed yesterday ;)
Oh, "yesterday" was a little weird.
I based it on the fact that where I live Winter Bash started on Dec, 11th - but I realize that many user had to wait until almost Dec 12th.
Today reference may be a little more obscure.
Is that "visit teams" hat awarded by a batch job that only runs in-frequently?
I think so
There was a delay on mine
8:55 AM
@rene was going to ask the same
@Derpy hey! I'm not "no one". :)
offended by @Derpy
9:12 AM
cue 'get item' sound effect
@Derpy cute
but I still can't unsee those... knit... as Undertale souls...
\o/ I top the leaderboard for meta! :P
Now I just need a Necromancer badge and I'll he even further in the lead...
9:24 AM
@Mithrandir I did for networkwide :p
Yeah, I'm just trying to be meta this year :P
I am just one vote away from Necromancer on movies
@Mithrandir leaderboard for?
Winter Bash.
Super Bash Bros.
9:36 AM
Player Unknown's Bash Grounds?
I wonder if there's a secret hat for repcapping. If so, I might get it... :P
@Journeyman @Tinker can you please put an end to this spammer? They keep spamming, remember yesterday for sure, probably more in the past. Thanks! :)
Today the network access here is beyond bad.
It is SharePoint level of bad.
9:45 AM
(I won't bother with new spammers, but this one is was alive for 9 months)
@Derpy why?
@ShadowWizard That's okay :) We missed this one and it indeed already had two posts.
Only two? Heh, so they waited 9 months?
anyone else having issues with loading winterbash2018.stackexchange.com?
It's slow?
@balpha won't load for me
the winterbash dropdown in the menu bar also doesn't
9:54 AM
@ShadowWizard latency. And I was talking about the connection on --MY-- side of the network. SE has nothing to do with this, our pathetic ISP does.
Things seem to crash when I try to log in.
Reloading fixed that
@balpha yes it's loading.. and loading... and loading.
Guess too many requests?
With thousands of people going there every moment, no surprise. :/
@ShadowWizard 3 minutes ago you guessed something completely different ;)
Looks like too many people play in the same time, so whatever jobs running to make winter bash work have crashed. :( — Shadow Wizard 3 mins ago
@balpha too many people playing ==> too many requests to server ==> server crash, jobs crash
just skipped a step ;)
tooooooooooooooooooooo slow for me
9:59 AM
Oh hey, I'm now getting 'this page is taking too long to respond.'. Guess it stopped liking me :P
maybe you should stop guessing
I guess I should stop guessing.
@balpha Are you going to tell us what's wrong with it then? :)
Can I get 150 rep with only one question on travel.se O.o
@AnkitSharma sure, make it HNQ and you'll get even more.
10:00 AM
You need one with 30 upvotes. If you reach HNQ, I think that should be possible ;)
@ShadowWizard already in HNQ:
Q: Do I have to hide anything related to swastika while travelling US?

Ankit SharmaSwastika is religious symbol in India and many countries don't find it offensive but due to Nazi connection do a traveler will get in trouble if he carry anything with swastika in USA? Like a T-shirt, Tattoo or religious book with that logo? Do I need to hide it or avoid even carrying?

91 rep already
@AnkitSharma oh. So give it time, you should reach 30 at some point. :)
@Tinkeringbell my current guess is load balancer, but not sure. Trying to get a hold of an SRE
Association bonus count for 150?
10:07 AM
@balpha have you checked that the hamsters are still alive and well feed? :P
I have disabled winterbash for anonymous users on Stack Overflow for now to decrease the number of connections, that seems to have relieved things. Will keep you posted. — balpha ♦ 10 secs ago
@balpha My snowflake is showing up quicker too. Seems fixed? :P
same issue -- the snowflake JS talks to winterbash2018.stackexchange.com as well
and in the meantime....
now, let's see if I can finally automate closure comments.
@Derpy You made an anime version of Clippy for SE? :P
put Clippy on AskUbuntu, Siri on Android.SE, Google Assistant on Apple.SE
@AnkitSharma depending on how bad a day the cop is having, that could get you arrested in germany
displaying it in any way that is
@Magisch I was talking about US
hence why I'm not posting an answer there
And it was clearly mentioned purpose of having it is non-nazi
@Magisch lol valid point :D
And this will be my second swastika question on non religious site
10:21 AM
@AnkitSharma The U.S., unlike many European nations, guarantees freedom of expression, so you won't get in trouble merely for putting a swastika in public.
So in European countries I can't?
especially in German...
Neo Nazi
@Tinkeringbell trying to.
@andmyself soon
10:25 AM
@AnkitSharma No, I said that many European nations don't guarantee freedom of expression.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog well... haaretz.com/us-news/…
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ohh ok
For instance, some countries are banning face veils, whereas such a ban would be illegal here
I think in India even showing Hitler's swastika will not get you in trouble
People will think you tilted the religious swastika by mistake
Do Red Baron work for old questions?
10:41 AM
and you can find that here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/319923/171199
@andmyself ^ happy now?
11:08 AM
...star the Toriel... you know you want to do it... do not resist... do it.. give the pony a free hat...
@Derpy :D
No hat fro chatting this time O.o
@AnkitSharma there is the one for chatting on January, 1st
but that's it.
11:20 AM
It is not like balpha would finally add the asteroid hat I suggested about one thousand times, triggered by playing the asteroid game in the Arqade chat room
11:52 AM
hehehe... it is done...
wait... hats aren't as fun as I expected this year
Q: The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔

SPArchaeologist...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here. So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, hoping no one would notice them too soon. And as every year, they attempts are fooled by a single medd...

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