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1:33 PM
Done... an interesting one was about compiling SO Q&A as a "book"... (and let's name it... SO TV "SO Book")
@Somewhat lol speaking of religions... that question is going to be interesting
@Somewhat dosen't someone sell a bunch of those on amazon as print on demand?
@Somewhat pretty sure copyright comes into play very very quickly there
@Mgetz as long as you attribute its probably all good
@JourneymanGeek I think it's actually more complicated than that because answers before a certain date are covered under a different license IIRC
1:40 PM
@Mgetz really?
I thought it was always under some flavour of CC
Q: The MIT License – Clarity on Using Code on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange

samthebrand Update (Dec. 22, 2015): Thanks, everyone, for your feedback to this proposal. We're going to digest this one over the holidays and should have a follow-up announcement answering your questions and addressing your concerns after the new year. We won't be making any hurried decisions on this top...

I thought the MIT licence thing never happened
wait more 6-8 years...
.... this is wonderful.
Q: What is the name of this Dragon Ball character?

LCarvalhoI bought this toy for my son. Came along with a character named Cell. Who would this character be?

Q: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

samthebrand Update: January 15, 2016 Thank you for your patience and feedback. The changes proposed here have been delayed indefinitely - we'll be back later to open some more discussions. Important context for those arriving from reddit and slashdot links: The status quo is not "public doma...

1:42 PM
@Derpy ahh, yes, I remember that question...
wait, with such votes, I guess it went into HNQ?
wow I'm surprised meta.stackexchange.com/q/7931/226653 hasn't been edited to remove 'Help Vampires'
@Somewhat no, just random reading on my side.
@Mgetz while TPTB hates the term, there's no good replacement for the HV post
"Giant Vampire Whore" ← 3 taboo words?
(I asked... but there's nothing that really seems to work)
1:45 PM
also, there is something that tells me that the "Cell" was actually another pokemon too.
@JourneymanGeek TPTB? TBH the post it links to I'm surprised hasn't pissed people off too
@Mgetz the powers that be
I think it was mentioned that Jaydles wanted to ban helpvampire along with....
rep horses.
@JourneymanGeek ..............................
1:47 PM
Q: What's a less offensive substitute for "rep-whores"?

KyleMitThis is a frequently thrown-around term on Internet forums in general and Stack Exchange specifically. Although it conveys a lot of meaning, I'd much prefer a phrase with a less offensive origin. Urban Dictionary defines a "rep-whore" as: A person who is obsessed with their status on an inte...

I think I am going to be called uncouth.
Well the terms have something in common
they're a label on people, not behaviour
@JourneymanGeek {insert_derpys_you_are_so_uncouth}
@Magisch they might make a version in fractur just for me
@JourneymanGeek ... don't stuff beans up your nose.‌​..
@JourneymanGeek 𝔜𝔬𝔲 𝔞𝔯𝔢 𝔰𝔬 𝔲𝔫𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔱𝔥
1:50 PM
@Somewhat point
2:04 PM
Is there anything in the grapevine on the coming blog post?
@JourneymanGeek 𝔪𝔞𝔶𝔟𝔢 𝕴 𝔰𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔩𝔡 𝔞𝔡𝔡 𝖅𝔞𝔩𝔤𝔬 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔬𝔭𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰 𝔱𝔬𝔬.
𝔒̭𝔯͕͚͈̫̖̟̩ ̯𝔧͕͔𝔲͈̯͎̩͔͕̫𝔰̤𝔱̶͍̹͙ ̩͜𝔲𝔰̸̰𝔢̩͎̭̞̤̠̳ ̸̩̣̭̻̼̯̤𝔟҉͓̟̬̼̞̞𝔬̞̤̼𝔱͕̳̥̠̣𝔥͍̖͈̲̩̞ ̨̞̜̠̯̪̯𝔞̜͖̼̩̳̀𝔱̸̦̦̦̖̳̠ ̝̘̫̯̠̦͝𝔱̝̭̰𝔥𝔢 ̴̣̞͇𝔰̯͚̟͖̪̦𝔞͇̬͘𝔪̝͚̮̺͎𝔢̥͈̙̻͓̯̹̕ ̞̲̣͔̩͞𝔱̙͜𝔦̝̘̗̤̰̙̫𝔪̱̩̞͝𝔢̥̮͇̼̲.͍̯͇̪̰̬̥.̴͕.̤̘̰͓͡.
@ShadowWizard you here?
2:26 PM
@Derpy somewhere
2:40 PM
very weird "bug" just happened.
@Derpy ?
2:54 PM
Must be a really nasty bug...
basically, ordering on a "newest question" list for a tag was REVERSED
can't replicate it
but at least two coworkers saw the thing.
Was going to post a bug report on meta, refreshed the page to check other tags.... now the bug is gone
I just don't know what went wrong
Tag questions list has weird caching, saw quite a few bugs about it, all can't be reproduced.
Q: Sort order of "newest" tagged questions broken?

Jürgen ThelenThe sort order of "newest" tagged questions seems to be currently broken on SO. Maybe it's the same (or a similiar) issue as we already had in the past? Or is it just me? Update: Now (about 1.5 hours later) the issue is gone for me. I don't know what fixed the issue, but since I haven't cha...

And there are more... probably most deleted as "abandoned".
A: Newest tab - sort order is messed up

Marc GravellI've broadcast a "reload", which has cleared out a lot of buffered / cached data; I don't know why those tags were particularly impacted by stale data - looks like I need to go gremlin hunting... again.

3:22 PM
heh, found this image and wonder if it's just a joke or from a real game?
@Derpy ^
I doubt that is a real Yu-gi-oh card
The meme is OVER 9000!!1!
not even started, the old site is still there.
Can anyone try and post a tweet ranting about reused/not-creative/too-few hats?
3:38 PM
> Congratulation! You earned Mad Hatter on Meta Stack Exchange!
3:52 PM
@Somewhat think they should have this hat this year.
hehe was going to post it too. :D
Hat description: "Posted a tweet that caused at least 5 meta discussions".
Master gave Tink a sock...
I'm finally freed from secretary hell!
Guess tomorrow won't be much better though
@Tinkeringbell that can sound kinky. Guess it's not. :D
So. translation-plz! ;)
3:58 PM
Tomorrow means closer to weekends...
@ShadowWizard Go take your ruined thoughts off of SE :P
@ShadowWizard It's a Harry Potter thing ;)
@ShadowWizard !bjb Master gave Tink a sock
looks like borked...
Only one single user pingable at @b! And it's neither @Bart nor @bjb... :(
4:01 PM
Is devdoodle still up?
4:14 PM
No clue. What's a devdoodle?
The better alternative to SO proper made by bjb ...
My Wifi is staying behind in utrecht
Hah! The train from Arnhem to Zwolle has good WiFi for once :)
(and jinxed it, of course)
I had a connection to the Wifi in the train to Enkhuizn ....
I'm in the train to Rotterdam...
Aww. Enkhuizen? What are you doing in that middle of nowhere? :P
@rene nope. Appears to be dead. :(
4:25 PM
Rotterdam is cool. Ajax is better though.
@Tinkeringbell I'm not there, that IC was on the platform next to me ...
nvm, it is confusing
you should have been there
it was hilarious
The crazy one is @UniKitty. :D
Or a friend of his, never figured it out. lol
Again via HNQ, a question where the highest-upvoted "answer" is in fact just a rant about how the asker is a bad person for even asking the question: https://academia.stackexchange.com/a/119395/86725

These are irritatingly common.
(And, of course, HNQ attracts them.)
@rene Oh, I think I know what you mean! at 9.24 in Utrecht, both the intercity to Venlo and Nijmegen leave from platforms 18 and 19 :P I regularly ended up being connected to Nijmegen instead of Venlo ;)
4:33 PM
Half a carriage of cursing people, because their internet stopped working. That is hilarious :P
Wow. Here in the UK, the WiFi working at all on any train, anywhere, is a remarkable novelty.
It still is over here too :P
Here in Israel people are squeezed together in the train, no way they can even hold their phone.
Over here, if the trains are that full, they usually end up cancelled.
Which of course makes the problem worse
4:35 PM
I'm at my station, brb from home
Once upon a time, Tink took a train home
cancelling a train for being full is the opposite of a solution
When arriving at the station, the platform was so full, it was a perfect target for a terrorist attack.
When the train arrived, Tink was lucky to be near a door.
Typical train in Israel: i.stack.imgur.com/7NrFU.png
4:36 PM
Tink quickly got in and managed to acquire a seat.
When are the midterms due in the US?
The rest of the people piled into the train
At the next few stops more and more people started forcing their way into the train
To the point that when the train arrived at the next 'big' station, it was full and delayed by almost 20 minutes just because of the times it had to stand still to let people in and out.
@MarkAmery I don't see this as a rant. It's the same is if someone will come over to Stack Overflow and say "I insist using eval() in JavaScript, I don't care what others say, it's none of your business." While true, it's their right to tell such a person how wrong it is, and why.
So a few people got out, but of course at the next big station there were more people than the little train could ever hope to carry
So, the driver announced and asked people to please get away from the doors, so they could be closed and the little train with Tink could be on it's way
Of course, people are people and not very nice in general, so people didn't do this.
In fact, one nasty one even pulled the emergency brakes.
I'm picturing a lil colorful parrot in a train seat with a tiny seatbelt on ^^
4:39 PM
@Tinkeringbell If you do that on the Tube, other commuters will just push you off :P
After announcing desperately a few more times, the driver had a face as red as Tink's feathers from anger, and had to announce that everyone had to get of the train, that it wouldn't be driving any further today and was cancelled due to a delay that got too large.
So Tink was sent onto the cold, dark platform and had to wait for another train.
End of story!
@Magisch Hehehe, that was kinda the intent :P
good story
you could make a comic book series out of this
parrot among people
@ArtOfCode Good commuters! We need a few of those over here. I think the problem with Dutch trains is that they have these nice handles to allow less abled people more easy boarding (to hold onto). Pushing people out is kinda hard if you're holding on, and also there's usually a difference in the height of the train and platform and pushing people off little stairs is ... well ... I wouldn't want to have the injuries on my karma if I can prevent it.
@Magisch Except I'm not that good at drawing, so it would take waaay too long.
I'll stick with enjoying writing them down in here ;)
@ShadowWizard So, leaving aside that I disagree with the premise that what the OP wants is wrong in the first place, it is possible to provide a "What you're trying to achieve is a bad idea" answer without toning it like you're chastising a naughty child or littering the answer with personal insults against the asker
@MarkAmery well, it is Academia...
4:48 PM
@MarkAmery It is really difficult to do though, even I've fallen for such a trap.
Sometimes, you just want to really, really, really make clear something is a really, really bad idea
but generally on IPS there's edits to tone stuff down, if that leaves a valuable answer without rudeness. If not, there's flags :)
I would think/hope the same goes for Academia, in essence.
@ShadowWizard To put it another way, using your example - it's like if somebody asked a thoughtful question about how to do something with eval, outlining thoughtfully why they thought it was the right thing to do, and got an italics-laden reply saying "You should never use eval! Listen to people with more experience than you who know that legitimate use cases for eval do not exist! You do not have a choice; if you don't like it, you should just stop using JavaScript."
It's just kind of derangedly aggressive as written, and there's no call for it
Ah. No 'this is what you can use instead'?
It is kinda aggressive, so how would you phrase it?
@Tinkeringbell you mean how would I rephrase the entire answer I linked?
I think I'd start by removing most or all of the italics; they seem shouty
@MarkAmery Nah, just the thing you wrote above ;) I haven't actually read the entire answer yet. Should I?
up to you. If your sensibilities are anything like mine, it will annoy the crap out of you, so decide if you're in the mood to be angered or not :P
4:56 PM
I'll read it once I get home then. I can curse at my monitor there :P
after removing italics, the next thing I'd do is strip out the personal insults that are rooted in actual factual claims that the answerer has no evidence for - that the student is not "experienced" as either a student or a teacher, that they've never before had to deal with "the real world", and that they "can't" manage to sit through the length of a lecture without using their phone
@Tinkeringbell Oh, the Tube has handles too, but you can hold on as tight as you like and you still can't resist a pack of like-minded commuters who all want you off the train
Woe betide you if you fail to conform to transport etiquette in London
@ArtOfCode Oh that sounds like a great pack mentality :P And here I thought (from my last IPS question) that social policing only happened in the Netherlands :P
then I'd either eliminate the opinion-based personal insults (that the OP is "immature", "disrespectful", etc) or reframe them as how the asker may be perceived
but honestly, it reflects pretty horribly on Academia, IMO, that an answer that literally makes up a bunch of unknowable details about the asker's circumstances, background, and beliefs just to be able to insult the asker with them has been upvoted to +245 :/
That's most certainly HNQ and not Academia
Are there downvotes? Can anyone see how many?
5:02 PM
ah yeah - upvotes are possible with association bonus, aren't they?
Yep, and downvotes are not.
I was thinking upvotes would have to have come from actual Academia participants
yeah, your analysis is probably correct, then
and reflects badly on Stack Overflow users, in that case
Or you can downvote once or twice? I dunno, I thought you needed quite a bit more than 100 to downvote on graduated sites. I'd have to check the privs page to get really sure.
I think it's 125 to downvote
@MarkAmery SO is the root of all evil on subjective sites! :P
5:04 PM
and association bonus gets you to 101
so you need like 3 answer upvotes to get the downvote priv
So you write a really ranty HNQ answer and you're there :P
@MarkAmery academia is full of professors and lecturers
people using their phones is a personal peeve of a lot of them
of course that type of question was going to get that type of response
anyway, gotta get some work finished. bbl
@Magisch can confirm
@Magisch that's sad if true. I'd've thought we could generally hope for better :/
5:07 PM
This is like going into the national librarian's convention and going "I want our town library replaced with amazon book credits but the librarians are opposing me, what gives?"
5:33 PM
39 messages moved to Chimney
@ShadowWizard Congratulations for attaining 100k on MSE!
@Pandya thanks!
@MarkAmery school, university, and army must all have some basic level of discipline. Without it, students will be hurt more.
5:49 PM
@Shadow Congrats. Don't forget to take a pic of your swag as soon you get it and share with us.
@Tinkeringbell ouch! Well, it wasn't due to train being full but rather people being outright fools. So no policy that says "train won't go if there are too many people".
@πάνταῥεῖ hehe... No swag for 100k on MSE.
Thanks though! ;)
@ShadowWizard So, when are you joining the team? Haha
@Pandya right after @Bart! ;-)
@MarkAmery hmm...
@ShadowWizard but he is not satisfying the criteria. It would be good idea to claim a diamond on MSE after 100k! Lol
6:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, repeated url at end of long post (101): Can I apply for a transit visa in Oman? by Vicky on travel.SE
@ShadowWizard lol! It is hard to tell, is that trolling, or do you think they actually thought it worked like that?
@Tinkeringbell @MarkAmery I know of a couple SE employees who used their mod privileges to downvote a bunch of answers on beta sites, and ended up with, like, 3 rep as a result.
7:07 PM
@Shadow FYI:
Q: Should users modify older-style duplicate closures to the newer style?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogShould users with gold-badge dupehammer privileges modify older-style duplicate closures where the duplicate targets were edited into the question body by the Community user, into the newer form of closure where the list is an automatic box added above the post? Here's an example revision histor...

@rene Would you mind retracting your close vote on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/234680/…? See my comment on it.
Hmm, I forgot I can flag deleted answers. My flag on my own question now looks stupid and might lead to me being marked as a spammer ...
7:27 PM
@rene explained in an edit why it's not a duplicate: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317895/…
your edit of the dupe target invalidates the answer. Don't do that.
@rene No it doesn't.
yes, it does
"You shouldn't do this" is a valid response to "will doing this do [x] or not?"
7:35 PM
@rene I'm not going to argue about that other question anymore. Instead, I've made further edits to mine; can you please consider reopening it? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317895/…
the queue will handle it
Today's dumbest spammer award goes to this user who edited in spam links in an already deleted post.
@MarkAmery did we say something wrong on that answer on your fhir synonym post?
@ShadowWizard Hmmm. It may not be a written down policy, but that wasn't the only time it happened (it was the most eventful one though). Basically: full train == longer stops at stations == cancelled due to long delays. That only goes for the trains that stop at all the little stations in between, I've never had it happen in an intercity (one that only stops at large stations)
@ShadowWizard I think you mentioned that it was a spammer.
7:42 PM
@Glorfindel I had that inro.in domain added to the watch in charcoal (makyen did that for me)
^ somebody upvoted that
@EKons someone's playing with the vote button
@rene Lol, I was confused by what you meant until I went back and looked
I did also have a little trouble parsing that answer, but got there in the end
Yeah, I was in the middle of a comment when I saw yours come in and went huh? meh
all is good
I am curious about the two downvotes on the Q. Was one yours?
I think one may be from before I proposed a direction for the synonym
(and have been motivated by that)
but I've got no idea what motivated the other
8:24 PM
@MarkAmery I commented when I saw your question and the current voting triggered me to leave a comment yes. I never voted on the post.
In general there are meta regulars that have strong opinions on tags and their stance seem to be: don't touch them.
8:47 PM
@sonic_gparyani @Nick_Craver Let me say it again: This issue was *not* missed. It was known, and we decided to release anyway. FWIW -- I do disagree with the design, with or without pointer. If we continue to offer this functionality, it should work on e.g. phones (where Ctrl-V is not an option).
> It was known, and we decided to release anyway.
what was known?
Serious changes need to be made to the thinking of SE employees
@KevinB That there's no clear pointer to how to upload an image from Web.
So many users have posted duplicates about this.
But in general, "we knew there was an issue, but we decided to release anyway" is not the right way to approach things.
i mean... i don't think it's that absolute.
There's certainly reasons you'd launch something early knowing that it still has issues that need to be resolved
There is a workaround afterall
8:57 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Please be respectful to SE staff. That wording is on the edge in my book.
@rene Right. I have an unfortunate habit of being brutal.
operating under the assumption that they do in fact know more or less what they're doing and aren't incompetent would probably help
Since... you're giving kind of a condescending air, to be frank.
@Mithrandir But no dev team (SE or otherwise) is fully competent when it comes to releasing things. As an example, Wikipedia rolled out its VisualEditor in 2013, but was forced to revert it back to opt-in beta due to too many bugs. See enwp.org/Special:PermaLink/656325480
Then you're being unduly harsh on them.
@sonic_gparyani @balpha Every piece of software ever is released with known things you'd like to be different and better. Everyone has limited resources, time, and priorities. And not everyone can make every call. That's just how the world works. We're just being up-front about it.
9:03 PM
Cut 'em some slack. Let them do their jobs. And, honestly, tone down the "I know better" stuff.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog That depends on what the end goal is.
Expecting perfection out of anyone outside NASA is...kinda unreasonable.
If you have this kind of testing and public facing software, chances are you'll have 100s of known bugs
not all of which there's time budget to actually fix
a good PO categorizes these into blocking / non clocking but still important / nice to have for deadline purposes
@Magisch Yes, I'm aware of priorities. I just believe that SE makes incorrect decisions on what constitutes what priority.
opinions are fun
Also, duplicates are a good measure of how widespread a certain issue is. Apple considers it that way.
9:07 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog That's not your call to make.
To change the topic, did anyone else notice that @TimPost's Twitter seems to be...gone? I'm somewhat concerned by that.
antagonizing the team over it on twitter isn't going to endear them to your line of reasoning I believe...
@fbueckert Hey, it is...
he was dealing with online harassment. i'm guessing that's why.
@fbueckert Email him
9:11 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Or don't.
actually, Tim's Twitter account is no longer there at all!
That's weird, I replied to one of his tweets just today
and I was a follower...
Considering he was posting about being doxxed, I hope he's okay.
by making some quip about too much jquery
9:12 PM
@Magisch Ah, so it was our terrible jokes that drove Tim off of Twitter then.
I made one today too :P About voting stickers ;)
He had a tweet asking people what they did today on election day
And I was like "a medically dangerous amount of jQuery selectors"
@Tinkeringbell real talk though I hope we didn't cause any annoyance with that
was an attempt at just good fun
I forgot about your self-confidence :P I'm pretty sure it wasn't us ;)
I highly doubt that would cause Tim to delete his Twitter account.
btw @Tinkeringbell
I saw this today and immediately thought: that's tink i.imgur.com/kScvzUD.mp4
Oh no... I don't do btw :P
9:15 PM
Again with the green parrots...
How often do I have to say it? NO GREEN PARROTS!
@Tinkeringbell 21%?
always with the discrimination against the color pallet challenged parrots
@rene I think it may fall under 6 :P
is there an inside joke about btw?
is it the acronym for a political party?
9:17 PM
It's the Dutch for VAT :)
@Tinkeringbell I take your word for it
@Tinkeringbell ouch
think vat is 19% here
It always was 19 here too, until they increased it to 21 for non-necessary stuff. Labour is still 6, as is life supplies
@ArtOfCode I know.
I'd favor implementing new features and DAG discussion over resuming support for the mobile apps any day. — Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog Nov 2 at 21:08
9:18 PM
There's a few other things that fall under 6 as far as I know, for support reasons
And here I'm wincing at Canada's 5% GST, and whatever flavor of PST each province levies.
CoL isn't too high here anyways
@Tinkeringbell Sales tax on raw food items in most U.S. states is 0%
@Magisch Other fun fact: Rabbit food falls under 6%, because people eat rabbits. If you buy guinea pig food, you pay 21% because we apparently don't eat guinea pigs.
some people eat slugs... are they taxed 6%? :P
9:21 PM
Nah, but removing them from a garden counts as pest control. The labour can be charged with 6% :P
@EKons Well, with a lot of garlic butter only?
I think that if you actually go to a restaurant and eat them, they're at least 6. But I wouldn't be surprised if restaurants were declared 'not a first priority to stay alive' and can use 21 too
> WE REMOVE YOUR SLUGS!!! For only 75€, you can enjoy a slug-free garden! Tax not included.
Never make promises you can't keep :P
I like slugs in the garden though
9:25 PM
'slug free'... there'll be new ones 10 minutes after you got rid of the last one!
@Tinkeringbell who, me?
@EKons Who else?
they're part of the ecosystem, like worms
so if I pay you 75 cents, you'll hop on a plane and de-slug the place? sounds cool
I can add slugs for 0.75€ :P
btw, I feel sad for the guy who died by eating a slug 8 years ago...
(just googled "garden slug")
9:31 PM
@Magisch Really? On your salad?
I don't eat my garden
well, I don't have a garden, but I don't eat from the garden next door either
I am pleased by Sonic taking Twitter-driven-development seriously.
I'm not.
An Atwood-Approved Approach
Only if your heart is in the right place.
9:40 PM
I'm sure his is.
yeah, let's stop this
Not Zalgo. Anything but Zalgo.
9:44 PM
1 message moved to Trashcan
That was inappropriate, @SomethingBadHappened.
2 messages moved to Trashcan
10:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Misleading link (12): Restore BIP44 HD wallet by user89294 on bitcoin.SE
10:44 PM

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