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5:01 PM
belongs on MSO meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312128/… /cc @ShadowWizard @Catija @Glorfindel @JourneymanGeek @TravisJ
and would be nice if it can be migrated so everyone that is eager to answer will do so , most importantly, the mod who handled it
It is really not about deleted answers and a generic policy across all sites. At least that is not what the OP is interested in.
5:15 PM
@Andy They're locked in for the day due to repcap
you got lucky
Hey all, I stumbled on this curious thing for a userscript...apparently there are SE devs who have mod powers but don't carry the mod diamond around. Do you know of an example of one such dev? I have seen some examples but they are old and it seems the employees concerned have since retired, so I can't test their profile on the SE API
(Laura's profile gives a negative on SE API for employee status)
@GaurangTandon maybe you can start from here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/95625/…
I let you do the clicking ...
5:33 PM
@rene users/moderators is nice! Thanks :)
It would be helpful at times if the flag-window also contained info about how often you have flagged before (in case you have).
@AnneDaunted It sometimes does, in the sense that it says something like 'you've already raised this flag' and you can't flag using that flag again ;)
@GaurangTandon I'd still be interested in such an example though, to validate or invalidate my assumption about this particular fact. If anyone recalls it, then please tell. Thanks.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, I know. But it doesn't say so if you raised a mod flag already once.
I usually only find out if and after I have a look at my pending flags.
That's true. That actually sounds like it's not a bad idea :)
5:41 PM
And then I feel like wasting the mod's time or even worse - like a flag wh....
Well, if it's not the same problem again, that's okay I guess.
I never came across a bad answer getting changed in a way that you have a completely new reason to flag.
But I forget that I flagged it after some time (months) and have no indication I already did, so I go ahead...
@GaurangTandon Mark Henderson doesn't have a diamond on (M)SO but does mark questions as status-completed
6:02 PM
@GaurangTandon here is a query you can use to find users on meta sites that add [tag:status-*] tags to questions. That is something only moderators or SE staff can do. For MSO that returns the moderators and some SE staff members. You need to visit each to check if they match your criteria. SEDE doesn't have info on if a user is a mod or employee.
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7:23 PM
@rene but API has
Yes, but then I can't quickly find which users edited a tag in
I already did screwup in that SEDE query as the text column contains all tags that get stored in a revision.
> Product manager emerita, Stack Overflow
To see "secret" employees, just check active chat users here on MSE.
They chat like crazy... :D
Let's see...
7:43 PM
To quickly pull the plug, if necessary
Here you go!
Employee, no diamond.
And even better, employee without diamond here on MSE:
OK, another one. Hope that's enough? @Gaurang
@AnneDaunted you have high confidence ;)
wait... what plug?
oh, Tim and his plugs.
7:56 PM
I learned to always assume the w...best ;-)
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9:51 PM
Hey guys. Did you know that Literature's new highest scoring answer is literature.stackexchange.com/a/6893/139 , which was originally posted on Sci Fi but the question got migrated?
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