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9:01 PM
Not to mention my yacht, and my domicile at Jamaica ...
Also I'm a 99% fault free, the one percent(er) is about lying a bit, but who really cares?
xml meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308617/… /cc @all who can vote @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel @TravisJ @JourneymanGeek
@PrincessLuna Digging your profile in more depth, you seem to be experienced about surströmming. Could you give me some serious advice what to do? For now I'm keeping it merely as a menace.
What's surströmming again?
persistent user here ...
@PrincessLuna fermented herring ...
9:15 PM
@PrincessLuna I thought you were familiar with that stuff, no?
@PrincessLuna Your profile says "Troms, Norge", so I thought so. Are you a little 1% liar as well?
Surströmming is mostly popular on the wrong :p other side of the border
@PrincessLuna Sweden?
9:23 PM
Yeah, that's where it's traditional. I didn't know it existed until a few months ago when someone else mentioned it
@PrincessLuna I'll keep it as a serious chemical weapon :-D
Sweden doesn't seem to be as neutral and innocent, as they want to be looked at internationally.
9:49 PM
Yeah, they didn't even want to sell .se TLD to Stack Exchange.
Maybe Somalia needs money more.
10:19 PM
@rene that was useless, Adam stole our deletion! :D
So you pinged us all before even voting to delete it yourself... ;)
10:38 PM
^ all gone....
11:28 PM
Posting offensive shit under a mod's question
You don't come around great ideas everyday
@Magisch the horse
@JourneymanGeek hahaha nice one
11:55 PM
@JourneymanGeek the horse looks nice tbh
compared to when yvette got it
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