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3:00 PM
@JourneymanGeek did it pick up mistakes or pick up and correct them as well? I think the latter happened
@GaurangTandon picked up good things from the bad things of others
> Si potrebbe andare tutti quanti allo zoo comunale. Vengo anch'io. No, tu no. Per vedere come stanno le bestie feroci. e gridare aiuto, aiuto è scappato il leone,. e vedere di nascosto l'effetto che fa
@JourneymanGeek yeah. that's a hard thing to do imo, and SE has achieved near perfection in this type of Q&A
@GaurangTandon well, the folks who developed it had a clear idea of what they wanted at the time
3:01 PM
@GaurangTandon Basically, from what I remember, the song suggest going to the zoo, claim a lion has escaped its cage and then hide while watching the results.
"The hyphen site, without a paywall, +++ extra gamification"
@Derpy is this what you meant - "We could all go to the municipal zoo. I'm coming too. No, you do not. To see how the wild beasts are. and scream for help, help ran off the lion ,. and to see the effect that it does secretly"
@JourneymanGeek "hyphen" site?
get off my lawn
experts exchange
it's a funny song though
@JourneymanGeek but stackexchange is not as funny as expertsexchange :P
3:03 PM
@GaurangTandon see above, that is an Italian song a friend sent me some time ago. I explained the actual meaning in my preceding message.
2 mins ago, by Derpy
@GaurangTandon Basically, from what I remember, the song suggest going to the zoo, claim a lion has escaped its cage and then hide while watching the results.
@Derpy ah, had missed it, yep, it makes sense
lol, TIL that experts-exchange is a 100% real company, and not some random internet meme
And its worth remembering
how did they even come up with that name? i always assumed it was just an internet joke and nothing else
early SO was literally 3 guys
experts exchange actually sounds cool
heck, SE had half of that
@JourneymanGeek but once you see its problem you can't unsee it ;)
3:07 PM
and that wasn't really the issue
they stuck stuff behind a semi paywall
people could google it, but not find the information
Twas ..
what do they call it
an antipattern?
Man who holds treat over a dog's head will eventually lose a hand.
@GaurangTandon once upon a time, their site design was even worse than now. See the semi paywall that @JourneymanGeek is talking about.
@JourneymanGeek how does that proverb apply here?
@GaurangTandon if you find information on google
@Derpy oh, interesting
then find you can't read it. Unless you're highly desperate you arn't paying
or staying
3:09 PM
was it like... the original quora?
@JourneymanGeek oh
e.g. register to read the rest of the answers
SE's model, while not perfect kind of gives a core group of users an incentive to stay, done right.
@HTTPS I think that in ages long forgotten they even went as far as having the question, then a message "pay to see the answer", then a so-long-is-not-even-funny list of ads..... and then all the answers you were supposed to pay for.
On the other hand, the money dosen't come directly from Q&A so you're in an arkward situation where you have a core product that everyone knows about that dosen't make you money.
3:11 PM
@HTTPS that isn't a paywall I'd guess? i'd happily create a dummy account to see the content. that said, Quora is only good because of the people who post stuff there. the site itself and its management is a bit off. and many many questions are just like yahoo! answers
I mean, there's advertising but we're a technical crowd
@GaurangTandon its friction
the nice thing with SE is you can find answers and often ask questions with 0 friction
@JourneymanGeek yep that's very true
the big antipattern for us is...
a lot of folk don't get the model
"Why are people so terse?" "Why did my thank yous get edited out?"
or the folks who assume its a forum
@JourneymanGeek i often feel like telling them, "just stick around and you'll learn to appreciate the site", but it's no use; they'll leave anyway
well that's good and bad
I've often been a fan of lurking
and SE's a great place for lurkers and learners
3:16 PM
tbh tho
If I was new to SE I'd start somewhere other than SO
(but I don't code anyway)
simply cause quieter sites are easier to grok the mechanics on
exactly! starting in smaller communities is often the best idea.
on smaller sites, there are people willing to teach you the ABCD of how the site works
there are on SO as well but so many need their attention ...
@rene SO's large and chaotic. ;p
if I was a brand new user, an entire fresh face, I would be scared by so many people around me
3:21 PM
see this one. Commented to the guy, offered links, he didn't seem to get it and then he links to his question on main and I go oh my .... and that is not a fresh user ...
I spend 15 minutes or so on that question.
I can't do that on every post or user that comes by
"people"... what about all the cats, dogs, wolves, ponies, flowers, eyesight correction devices and so on? Don't we deserve consideration too? :?
ofc, some new users never really get it
@Derpy sure, when I say people, I mean objects.
@Derpy all these are people
@rene that's something people miss.
Being helpful takes time, and its often better spent helping people with a clue.
3:31 PM
Being helpful is stresful when they ignore the effort
That should be the job for a emotionless bot
(and that's why I won't be a good mod)
@JourneymanGeek maybe I am a real pony and I am writing this in a magic notebook using a phoenix quill and kraken ink, who knows....
And even forgetting me, won't you include those poor bots that work 24/7 to help keeping the site clean?
Poor @SmokeDetector... ;_;
@HTTPS actually
as a mod, its remarkably easy to get sucked into the mechanics of it
@Derpy In that case your favorite mod should be @YvetteColomb
She likes horses a lot
(also using this as a shameless reminder for yvette to post foal pictures when they arrive)
@Magisch hah
3:53 PM
I wanted to point out that Sandbox is not for playing with flags, but I can't open it anyway, so perhaps others can't either.
What if... new private betas got a featured post (hence, a mention in SO sidebar) a week or so after they launched.
There may be fewer instances of "aww that interesting site got closed before I knew it existed"
4:09 PM
@SFTP We used to do that, in fact new sites used to get a blog post once they got out of private beta. It attracted lots of spectators that had opinions, but few people with actual topic knowledge that were willing to contribute. So, essentially, that kind of broad publicity more or less just makes a mess with a lot of onlookers.
At that stage we really need to attract a specific kind of worker bee instead of a swarm.
Chance of site's survivability ∝ chance of get into HNQ
@TimPost But it looks like you're willing to make a mess at Quantum Computing...
@SmokeDetector fp- Remember the good old times of waves of Chinese diploma mill spam?
@Magisch oh yes :)
@YvetteColomb How's the flag queue treating you?
4:20 PM
@Magisch nice - am looking at a certain persons flags. Will start clearing them tomorrow :)
Hi guys,any idea about what computational natural sciences is?
Quora is not showing answer 😠 😠😑😑😠😠😠
4:48 PM
@Fawad I see the answer
Why can't you?
5:08 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector tpu-
5:42 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector fp-
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Heh, thanks @rene ;)
you're welcome ;)
6:08 PM
Maybe @username thanks! :) comments could go too, SE can always elect more mods.
A: Dismiss Company Ad - Block Company Entirely

g3rv4We've shipped this today! You can now dismiss jobs and companies altogether. We're syncing this information with the ads system, so that you won't see jobs you dismiss on /jobs on ads (and the other way around). Dismissed jobs also won't make it into jobs emails or appear as results on any sear...

\o/ oh wait I use uBlock Origin
6:34 PM
@SFTP Have you heard of Nano Adblocker/Nano Defender?
@Moron: Thank you! — whuber Aug 26 '10 at 0:56
The user has changed their username long ago, but it remains in such comments. :/
7:04 PM
@SonicWizard gone
7:15 PM
hi there
i notice i can't find one of my questions on software engineering ....
If it's not in your questions list, it was probably deleted.
there was some kind of a failure and they restored data from a certain point ?
Do you have a link to it by any chance?
If so, you could still find it. Alternately, you could ask on their meta site and a moderator could explain why it was deleted or what else might have happened to it. It's difficult for anyone other than a site mod or staff member to find deleted posts.
I can't see it since I don't have the requisite rep on that site. It may explain why it was deleted. If it was downvoted, the roomba may have removed it as an "abandoned" question.
7:19 PM
it's fine seems was not the right place to ask...
i try to find out where :)
You can always ask on MSE where the right site to ask is. :) Use the tag.
We won't always have an appropriate site but, if we do, that's your best bet to find it.
MSE is meta stack ex...
It's the site that owns the room you're in now. Yes. meta.stackexchange.com
many thanks !
My pleasure.
7:51 PM
@Derpy English does have constant rules. You're just being taught or using the wrong ones
@GaurangTandon because you need to actually know something and have some free time to be able to do that?
Well, most of the sites
Just not LH and IPS
As opposed to reading hobbits, which are frequently encountered.
8:36 PM
let's fix this test. oh, this is a deep issue,
let's fix this utility. oh, this is a deep issue,
let's fix this framework. oh, this is a deep issue,
let's fix this compiler. oh, this is a deep issue,
let's delete it all and start on a better foundation.
gotta know when to cut your losses.
hint: it's before you give them years to compound.
"oh, we'll rewrite it some day!"
really? after it's even more rotten and ten other systems are integrated with the rot?
i do not believe.
8:40 PM
@SmokeDetector naa-
1 hour later…
9:49 PM
In the spirit of Easter, here's a user script to more easily access SE Chat's Easter eggs
@SFTP Access the "Wheel of Blame" Easter egg without needing to open the JS console
@JeremyBanks insert bongo solo here
@Shog9 What's the purpose of the "Wheel of Blame" Easter egg, which without the above user script can only be activated by entering commands into the browser's JS console?
10:09 PM
oops, was playing with the console easter egg via @Sonic's script
@Shog9 let's see if Garage Band can provide that...
@JeremyBanks Did you try WoB?
@SonicWizard I have seen it many times in the employee rooms. :P
@JeremyBanks Why is it disabled in most rooms?
Because blaming non employees isn't fair
10:21 PM
Staff add a lot of silly features for each other, bit those usually haven't gone through like proper product development or review.
@JeremyBanks Oh, so it's only enabled in staff-private chat rooms? (cc @Shog9 )
10:34 PM
Yeah. I don't know what all's enabled where, but there are a set of features that are only enabled in certain internal rooms. Mostly dumb jokes like the wheel of blame. Some minor internal features, like oneboxing of internal private content. I wouldn't expect to see any of this stuff added to public rooms, and I probably wouldn't want most to be.
Not all rooms are as cool and laid back as the tavern. 😎
@JeremyBanks curious to know, how you activate WoB where it's enabled? What you need to type?
not my fault
10:51 PM
It’s not my fault!
@Jeremy was it first also internal only egg? ^
I was not aware of that.
11:03 PM
TIL usejournal.com "Over 6000 people on the waitlist. Currently in closed beta."
11:15 PM
1 hour ago, by Sonic Wizard
In the spirit of Easter, here's a user script to more easily access SE Chat's Easter eggs
@TelKitty Install this script and tell me what you think of the Easter eggs
Q: Request for a userscript to activate the "Wheel of Blame" Easter egg in chat

gparyaniNote: This is not the same as The Unofficial Wheel of Blame. The Stack Exchange chat sites have an Easter egg called "Wheel of Blame" that activates for the current user only. Right now, the only way to activate it is by entering commands into the JavaScript console. I'm looking for a user scri...

I got 'Invalid script header'
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