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12:02 AM
I still have no idea how election works
by human's definition, I am probably profoundly retarded
@TelKitty Basically, the ballots are counted in rounds. In the first round, all ballots are assigned to the candidates listed as the first choice on the ballot. Then, the candidate who has the least number of assigned ballots gets eliminated, and the ballots formerly assigned to that candidate get reassigned to the candidate listed as the second choice.
Then, in each subsequent round, the same thing happens: the candidate with the least number of assigned ballots gets eliminated, and the ballots formerly assigned to that candidate get reassigned to the next choice on the ballot if there is one, or removed from the count ("exhausted") if there isn't a next choice.
This is better to explain in graph form; take a look at the explanation behind the last SO election: opavote.com/results/5927932925050880
To be honest, I'd prefer to see this type of system used for the UK parliamentary elections
12:23 AM
@SonicWizard It does look like a way to fairly represent a compromise of the electorate while eliminating the spoiler effect
Meaning people feel free to vote more like they want
@JeremyBanks +1 diurnal cycle is much better visible on log scale
it's clearer than I expected.
But the orange line is on top for some reason?
Yeah... log(0) seems to be interpreted as max()? Not sure.
12:34 AM
I just did logarithmic = True.
But why would it be zero most of the time? Not just on the right of the chart, on the left side too.
Constituent badges are only awarded in the final phase, but caucus badges are awarded from the first phase. That's why the chunk of zero values (constituent counts) on the left.
The zero values on the right, of course, are hours in the current election that haven't happened yet.
Makes sense. Except of course for plotting log(0) as Max instead of Min.
12:51 AM
I want to hear cat & dog fighting then making out success stories
2:07 AM
@SmokeDetector fp-
2:45 AM
tried to clarify the ranges, labels, colors, fonts
@JeremyBanks what's the story here?
Q: How does StackOverflow handle images from external URLs?

Brandon MontgomeryWhen you ask a question on SO, you can add images. One of the options for adding images is to add them based on a URL. SO wouldn't be able to just accept any URL for an image, however. For instance, if someone created a site that required basic http authentication in order to serve up the image...

It used to be that sending the Authentication required header would pop up auth dialogs in all browsers.
I was doing a live test. Pleased to see it doesn't affect most any more.
ah, yeah... I remember that.
3:25 AM
@Shog9 Is there a reason why users who have >3k rep can't cast recommend closure flags after they run out of close votes?
what would be the purpose of that?
Did you see the question on MSO asking that people get more close votes per day on weekends?
They find more bad questions after close-voting that they simply can't bring to attention.
There are always more bad questions
you get n votes/day - gotta pick which ones need 'em the most
Also, on other sites, users with >3k can't negatively review questions on LQP if they've run out of close votes: they have to skip those
@Shog9 Also, on Triage, I think it should be possible to review questions that should be closed as "Unsalvageable" even after running out of close votes. Right now, one can work around this by casting a moderator flag instead of a close flag, and then immediately retract it.
This sorta feels like trying to work around limitations intended to get you to do something else for a while
Variety is the spice of life, you know
and the spice must flow
3:37 AM
@Shog9 You can only review 20 Triage questions per day
unless something goes horribly wrong, yes
Considering the sheer volume of questions entering Triage daily, it's surprising things don't go horribly wrong more often
A: 1, 2, 3...test. Let’s increase the number of reviews & close votes for science!

TarynUpdate (August 4, 2016) We've updated the settings a bit: When the queue size is greater than 150, you will have 40 reviews a day When the queue size is less than 150, you will have 20 reviews a day We also updated the settings in Triage to allow a maximum of 200 posts at a time. By increasi...

I would've found that faster, but I kept typing "bluefeet"
It's surprising folks still review in Triage. I guess clicking buttons is addictive.
@Shog9 Am I too confusable with Shadow Wizard, in your opinion?
3:42 AM
@SFTP or... shiny gold badge
@Shog9 Do something else...meaning review them as "requires editing"?
@SonicWizard yes
clearly, Shadow Wizard should change his name back to Sha Wiz Dow Ard
@Shog9 Clearly, Shadow Wizard should change his name back to Shadow the Hedgehog Wizard
Because he's a hedgehog
I've told this story before, but... The first review system was pretty much just a list of questions. You could expand them and do whatever you wanted as a review. Almost no one used it.
When we rolled out the new system, it was live for maybe 10 minutes and someone with a few hundred rep who'd never done much of anything on the site moderation-wise submitted a review.
3:46 AM
Didn't you only need 125 rep to review at the time?
Two take-aways:
- folks like guided tools
- a link in the top bar is a really great way of getting folks' attention
A top bar change drove me to come out
If you know what you're doing, you can still "review" with a lot less wasted effort by just doing a search and then... Doing stuff to the results. But few people do that.
Aside: resist the urge to do a search and then write a script to do stuff to the results without adding checks to verify that what your search returned is what you thought it would return. Someone on SO is now suspended for a year because of that.
A big part of why review dev has stagnated is the insane number of sanity-checks we put in to avoid problems with what it turns up.
They are SLOW
@SmokeDetector fp-
:6803035 oh, the usual user
4:27 AM
@Shog9 Can you please dismiss the now-irrelevant flag here?
1 hour later…
5:56 AM
@TelKitty got my swag
still no sight ... and almost April fools day
I was looking forward to that.
(Oh, the hack-a-day one's from adafruit. I'm clearly not a boyscout, not enough merit badges ;) )
6:23 AM
@SmokeDetector why
Do you remove the link on purpose? ^ @Andy @whoever_write_Smokey
looks like spammer then.... probably trying to appear as legit. Better stay blacklisted.
@JourneymanGeek nice! I don't really expect to get it any time soon. @animuson said he forgot to send some, I have a strong feeling one of those is mine. My best hope is getting it in less than 2 years. :)
Will tell the kids the ship carrying the prize sank in the ocean, this way they'll stop nagging about it. :D
@TelKitty we trolls are punished for our sins
stroller for troller
6:38 AM
@ShadowWizard Just click "MS"
@SonicWizard too lazy, that's why there is "why" command. :)
OK, need help... anyone can debug assembly? ;)
@SFTP perhaps? ^ :)
@ShadowWizard Sorry, just spent quite a few hours doing exactly that.
@SonicWizard ouch. And the result? You fixed the bug?
@ShadowWizard It's a matter of one click vs. two clicks and four keypresses
@ShadowWizard Yes
@SonicWizard good! So now to my bug.... :D
6:49 AM
A bug in the basic compiler I was writing
Will pay you in... umm... changing my name again? ;)
Are you just posting it here to avoid Stack Overflow's stringent requirements? :)
@SonicWizard well this one is in Visual Studio which choke when I try to open an old project.
@SonicWizard In other words, I'm quite worn out
No event log, so no idea what went wrong... but I can manually edit the .csproj file, removing lines until it works.
@SonicWizard lol, I'll just be hammered there.... and I can actually fix it myself ^
just being lazy :D
6:53 AM
MCVE please?
not much to give except the .csproj file, no?
@ShadowWizard did it just spit out the disassembler out of the blue? I mean, not even an error dialog which give the user to debug using disassembler?
Here it is, probably some poisoned reference.
@HTTPS oh, no, standard error dialog, but since there's no helpful text in event log, I clicked "debug"
Just as usual, very helpful, thanks Microsoft...
Visual Studio debugging itself, funny when I think about it. :D
Oh well, client will wait until I solve this with trial and error, moving lines manually in the .csproj file. :)
(bug in old project)
7:00 AM
I'd expect the wider error dialog with event log, but apparently it's the inferior dialog instead...
@HTTPS that's only in .NET code, I think.
(or any othet framework which handles errors by itself)
On SU I gained 100 flags/day from flagging non-answers from 1-rep users from the homepage... (cc @Shog9 we were talking about review)
By the way, because of that I find it very useful when an answer is deleted to change the indicator to "modified" from "answered"
Hi, Rouge!
oh hey @Princess you happen to know assembly? :D
Look above for some challenge.... ;)
Don't look, @PrincessLuna ...he's just trying to bypass SO's quality rules.
@ShadowWizard nope
7:07 AM
wall of sadness
Have any of you by any chance happen to have seen the 1984 film Electric Dreams?
@SonicWizard we hate it when people flag farm to inflate stats :p
@JourneymanGeek What-farm?
If I were still participating at the time, I would have vehemently opposed the FR to rate-limit suggested edits
@SonicWizard 1984? No. 2017? Yes
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, or simply Electric Dreams, is a science fiction television anthology series based on the works of Philip K. Dick. The series consists of ten standalone episodes based on Dick's work, written by British and American writers. It premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 17 September 2017, and in the United States on Amazon Video on 12 January 2018. Amazon's episode sequence is different to that of Channel 4. == Production == === Development === The series was initially planned to run on AMC and Channel 4, before AMC pulled out, leading Channel 4 to ...
Some episodes were bad, some nice, one was really good.
7:10 AM
@ShadowWizard It's a very futuristic movie...it really doesn't seem like it's from the 1980s...it feels more like today
@SonicWizard so the above TV show, yeah
@ShadowWizard No, the plot of the TV series is very different...in the 1984 film, the people act normal...see here
@ShadowWizard you(?) can experience it with electricsheep.org
@JourneymanGeek You said much of your cultural references come from the 1980s...have you seen this film? (Electric Dreams, 1984)
@ShadowWizard it's more a series of short films than a proper serial or series
7:36 AM
already testing April pranks? it is a bit early for that....
@SonicWizard hmm... well maybe I'll watch it then. Any free legit download for it?
@HTTPS hmm? experience what?
@ShadowWizard The whole film is on YouTube...but with low quality video and sound. You can buy a Region B Blu-ray disc off Amazon
@JourneymanGeek yeah, that's true. They're not related at all to one another.
@SonicWizard nah, won't spend money, delivery to Israel is usually not possible in Amazon and where it is, it costs a lot.
7:39 AM
@ShadowWizard You know what I'm really talking about, right?
Maybe I'll follow @Sagar and download illegal copy... :)
@ShadowWizard uhh... dreaming.. .electrically
@SonicWizard umm... no?
@SmokeDetector delete
My dream are.... biologic? Organic? How is this even called? lol :D
7:41 AM
@ShadowWizard Edited YouTube link above with better quality version.
@ShadowWizard Someone's already been planting a seed
7:56 AM
@ShadowWizard "default to the human brain"?
8:09 AM
...... should I really excalate the question to meta or there is some hope that whoever caused this will make amend and explain? May be an error on my side, but don't cry if the staff gets mad if we discover someone was testing "security bugs" or other similar stuff...
@Derpy where you saw it? @Jeremy was testing this, I think, as part of this.
(he posted such thing in Den and deleted it right away, maybe forgot to delete in other place?)
Yea it was me
@ShadowWizard on this same chat as you can see from the screen background.
@Derpy what do you mean? When exactly you get that login dialog? You still get it?
don't know the exact timing since i had left the pc in locked state, so it could have been triggered minutes ago or even yesterday
@ShadowWizard nope, at least not by simply refreshing the page.
8:15 AM
@Derpy well, probably @Jeremy posted a "poisoned" image to test that issue, and deleted it afterwards. You happened to reload while it was still alive. All good now.
@ShadowWizard ok, if that is the case, I think that a meta post Fix-this-SharePoint is needed. This has no reason to exist and even if it is a know thing that has been already hinted on other meta posts 1) users should not be testing that on public room, 2) should not happen in the first place.
@Derpy What's your browser?
@Derpy Jeremy already started 400 rep bounty on the question asking to fix it, what else you think we can do?
@ShadowWizard Contact SE about a serious security issue?
I agree better use sandbox for that, hopefully @Jeremy will use it next time. :)
@SonicWizard they will tell you to post on meta... which someone did years ago.
(7.5 years ago)
8:26 AM
@ShadowWizard Contact SE about the meta post?
@SonicWizard what for? They saw it. It's like pinging Shog 10 times about same thing.
It affects only IE/Edge users, by the way.
Users with real browsers are not affected.
@Derpy I'm asking because according to Jeremy and @ShadowWizard, this only affects IE and Edge. Your screenshot is clearly from neither.
(at least not security-wise)
@ShadowWizard Nope ^^
let's see...
OK, poisoned image is in sandbox now can you check it? @Sonic
With Chrome I just get 401 error in console.
8:30 AM
@ShadowWizard Yep I got it in Edge.
@SonicWizard so maybe @Derpy is using some extension of IE/Edge?
@ShadowWizard I think that question sadly does not give the problem enough exposure. The question only mention a generic "privacy issue" problem... it only Jeremy answer that list the other more serious problem they have. After shog already dismissed that post long ago as "privacy on internet doesn't exist" disregarding the whole picture.
@Derpy well, we can always ask @Shog to reconsider that then. ^
@Derpy Done
Q: Allowing images from external sources opens doors to serious security exploits

Aaron YodaikenI'm sure you guys already know this, but allowing users to put images from any source in questions means that askers can get all the analytical data you can about their question. So a malicious user could theoretically post some posts and such with a small 1x1 image, which would allow him to get...

@SonicWizard that is Firefox. The one where I currently don't have umatrix installed (since I plan to move this machine too to Chrome instead pretty soon)
8:36 AM
Firefox is nearly as bad as IE from my experience.
@JeremyBanks ^^This happens in Firefox too
Which browser has the best support for touchscreens? Only Edge.
Quite sad that it needs a huge company like Google to develop a good browser. (which is good because it was built properly from the beginning, not patch after patch like IE)
...and Immersive IE on Windows 8.x
@ShadowWizard How does Google make money off of Chrome?
Firefox didn't load it for me
> The simple answer is the same as Mozilla Firefox. Google receives money from advertisers but, instead of paying out search royalties to other browsers, the money is transferred to the Chrome part of Google. Simply put, Chrome makes money by saving Google royalty expenses.
@SonicWizard Chrome is just fine on mobile devices.
Windows 10 as whole was designed for mobile devices.
8:40 AM
For touchscreen laptops and tablets running Windows
@ShadowWizard Windows 8 more, not really 10
It acts weird on desktop machines, calling all programs "apps", with menus that are designed for mobile screens.
ok, time to move the big guns then.
@SonicWizard luckily I didn't use Windows 8, but 10 is too much like it, IMO.
Fun fact. I own and still use an original Microsoft Surface from 2012
8:42 AM
Windows 8 was really nice
I will go to the Infosec chat rooms. I am pretty sure that someone there will be very happy to kindly explain why this is pretty serious.
@Derpy good luck with that! :)
It flopped because people didn't like the prospect of not being able to run their favorite programs, but in practice, it's fine for your average daily use (with a Web browser that supports Flash, and Microsoft Office)
(and to be fair, I do wonder if this is also weaponizable to directly steal the login cookie - or that "login id" the chat apis commonly used by bots use)
@Derpy I don't think @Jeremy steals anything... he can probably post the source code for that here. :)
but yeah, in the wrong hands it can be a problem.
8:53 AM
who said that Jeremy wants to steal stuff in the first place ?? -_-'
I am not worried about Jeremy, I am worried about what other more malevolent "users" may do.
@Derpy Yeah, saw "weaponizable" as "weaponized" at first.
@SonicWizard you're slow, I already did. ;)
@ShadowWizard I wasn't talking to you
@πάνταῥεῖ no need to hammer with comments, can you remove yours? :)
@SonicWizard but I am here :D
You're talking in a room, to everyone in that room. :)
(unless you ping)
@ShadowWizard Let me get this straight. So basically you're telling me not to post that message because you already voted to close it? Of course I was talking to everyone in this room. You're contradicting yourself.
9:08 AM
@SonicWizard ugh, that's just a joke. I'm afraid you're taking it too literally
@HTTPS I did see the ;) at the end of his message. I just forgot to put one in mine.
But yeah, I would have taken it literally if it didn't contain the smile. I have that tendency due to being on the A-spectrum
Here you go!
@SonicWizard I know, too bad we can't FHRC actual text. :D
@ShadowWizard Are you even paying attention?
@SonicWizard not always
9:17 AM
It's now once again possible to both RC flag and VLQ flag a question
BTW, I found someone at the Infosec room
9:46 AM
10:02 AM
@Derpy Congratulations, you passed!
@nbro I've raised awareness on the issue here:
14 hours ago, by Discrete lizard
@nbro Sigh. On a closer look it seems you were overreacting. Most answer assumed that the polys are simple. This is reasonable, as checking for simple polys is easy and then it just works. The assumptions that vertices are in order is needed, or else the polygon simply isn't specified
Q: Should we allow a 'call to arms' to improve content for factual accuracy?

Discrete lizardRecently, an user called 'to arms' on the meta tavern (i.e. chat) to cast flags on potentially incorrect advise on StackOverflow. As this incorrectness was seemingly correct, I flagged en mass, without giving it much thought. (main reason was that I trusted the user. That trust has now evaporated...

10:20 AM
@ShadowWizard Current plan:
1) post external image, have Shadow look at it, get Shadow IP.
2) post second image on unrelated post. The image points to a node server that will serve the real image for everyone but Shadow IP. In that case, the image will be replaced with an animated gif version containing a "you should watch MLP" subliminal message.
3) wait till Shadow joins the club.
Hmm, perhaps I should've reverse my title to make the opposite statement.
Q: Should we ban a 'call to arms' to improve content for factual accuracy?

Discrete lizardRecently, an user called 'to arms' on the meta tavern (i.e. chat) to cast flags on potentially incorrect advise on StackOverflow. As this incorrectness was seemingly correct, I flagged en mass, without giving it much thought. (main reason was that I trusted the user. That trust has now evaporated...

This is a better title, as it reflects my position
Ban's a bit strong
"What should we do when a user issues a 'call to arms' ....
I believe there's a precedent somewhere on mob voting, perhaps on MSO (cue SOCVR)
Even if its organised - its up to the user to use their own discretion
I will note that SOCVR also bans image oneboxes
10:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek Okay, will change title again
More or less,
Q: Remove cv-pls tag from chat rooms

jwwThis is probably going going to be controversial, but I'd like to suggest that the cv-pls (and similar tags) be removed from the chat rooms. I think the tag has the potential to encourage less than desirable behavior. There are a few reasons for the suggestion. Some of the sites on the Stack Ex...

tl;dr -> While most questions do get closed (because they deserve to get closed), a lot of questions do not, because other users don't agree with the person who posted the request.
@HTTPS HA. Well, you really can't do that, do you. But that one indeed is almost a dupe.
need this crossover.
> If you yourself need to do a call to arms, why not do it on meta?
Because it'll (usually) be downvoted to oblivion though
10:48 AM
@Derpy Sweet.
@HTTPS Yeah, just like my post
People are very allergic to this "don't tell me what to do" behaviour.
@Derpy The plot twist is that "HEY LISTEN, IM ACTUALLY THE REGION CHAMPION!" and somehow the pixie has a 'anti-you' team with the pixie as the 'leader', which Z-moves or mega-evolves or something.
@HTTPS Anyway, I go by the rule (esp. for meta.se), "As long as I get a net positive on rep and the Q is open, the question stays"!
@HTTPS yes, in our FAQ
@HTTPS I do general call to arms on my site meta a lot
they work pretty well, but I'm a mod on SU
20K MaxLik meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308364/… /cc @JourneymanGeek @bart @sha @glor
@ShadowWizard :cries:
tears of a troll ...
10:59 AM
@TelKitty doesn't sound so pretty compared to "tears of a mermaid"...
well, let's see if I can imagine a story about "tears of a troll"...
would you like that to be served with a cat, a dog or a chicken?
I'm a dog-person
so, serve it with a cat
"hmm, taste like chicken!"
Sarah & little husky (Part IV) - Tears of a troll (guest appearance - cat)
actually I can recycle an old story I have once told ...
sounds epic... :O
11:12 AM
@SmokeDetector f
11:29 AM
@Discretelizard Pokemon, the one game that can actually manage to self build anti-you teams to fight hacked in Spirit Tomb / Wonder Guard combos by abusing games glitches
11:54 AM
@Discretelizard I've put a comment explaining in more depth why a duplicate of your question would be appropriate. Dupes are mainly meant to lead to answers, rather than referring to the exact same questions.
12:13 PM
@Telkitty so here is the story:
Little fat mermaid named Sarah swam to the surface to watch the world above, she rose up to the surface, saw a ship with a handsome prince, and fell in love with him from a distance. A great storm hit, the prince nearly drowned, he was saved by an old whale which inadvertently blew its nostril and the stream of water threw the prince on to the beach. Unfortunate for the crowned dude, the little fat mermaid was also blew away by the same whale - only to land on the prince.
At first, the prince was nearly scared to death, thought the little fat black mermaid was a seal. But the black mermaid spoke and told the prince she got too much sun tan & ate too much seafood buffets.
‘Oh, nice to meet you, my name is Husky’, after hearing Sarah’s story, prince introduced himself.
While as they continued their conversation, Husky saw tears fell from Sarah’s eyes and said to her “Don’t cry”.
“Cry, you mean those tears?  What are tears?  They are mainly salt and water, just like the sea … I was merely trying to pump seawater from the lung out through the eye, but will you excuse me, I need a bit of privacy now.”  With that said, little mermaid quickly disappeared behind a rock.
After quickly slithered some distance away from the prince, Sarah’s tear fell from her eye and as soon as it hit the ground, the tear drop turned into a black cat.
Cat lazily said “Yes, my dear troll queen, your order is my command.”
“Kitty, I need you to build a palace for me and my prince here.”
“Here, on this island? But you majestic has no lung, only gill, would you rather me to half of the palace on land and half in the ocean?”
“Yes, you are such thoughtful genie!” Sarah replied.
With a wag of cat’s tail, a gigantic crystal palace appeared at the end of the island behind the prince.
(To be continued ...)
12:45 PM
@Derpy good plan! :D
What the what
@TelKitty are you @Derp in disguise?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ no, she's into it for long time.
Dec 10 '16 at 4:28, by Telkitty
Red riding hood (by Telkitty™). Once upon a time, a fat, middle aged woman named Sarah went to visit her sick grandma in the woods with food wearing a red riding hood. In the national park, she saw a stray baby husky and started to have evil thoughts. She baited husky with food, then with a swift swipe, captured the baby husky. When she reached her grandma's home, her grandma was not at home. 'strange, she must not really being sick then', Sarah thought.
@Derpy doesn't write stories..... yet... at least not here.
Q: Should we do something against a 'call to arms' to flag bad content for factual accuracy?

Discrete lizardRecently, an user called 'to arms' on the meta tavern (i.e. chat) to cast flags on potentially incorrect advise on StackOverflow. As this incorrectness was seemingly correct, I flagged en mass, without giving it much thought. (main reason was that I trusted the user. That trust has now evaporated...

Who did this? WHO DID THIS?
Nah, I'm just curious
autocorrect edited 'curious' to "Cheetos"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ gimme a seconds. wheels out the pitchfork and rotten vegetable stand
not any of the regulars
1:03 PM
@JourneymanGeek Marc Gravell then
go ahead blame a dev
I just did. Why are you asking me again?
@ShadowWizard you should go and read some fanfics on some FiM fanfiction sites to see if you can find anything with my name on it.
heh, the star wall corrected themself
1:14 PM
w̵̝͎̤͓̬o͘ͅu͔̟̣ĺ̰͖͙̬̥̤̥ḍ̣ ̙̳̲͖̼͙͞b̤͈e̲̦̝ ̷͈̱v҉̝̠̪̭̯ͅé̮̜r̘̯̥ͅy̖̞̠̻̹͚͉ ͔̝̗̜̞̙b̮̖͖a̷̙͙̫̝͔̰d͜ ̘̘͉̦̦͓i̸̗f ̢̱̝̥s̩͕̟̟̦̲ó̮͍͓̰͔̳̞m̲̩̲e͚̰̦͇on͙̦̱̞̫̤̪e͖͔̭̻͇̖ ̱ͅͅn͡o̱͙w̰̹ ̤̖̝͔̮͢s͓t͠ar̢̳e͓̖ͅd̺͈̖̙̠̪̥ ̖̗̺̰̜̻̹a͚͕͚͔̖̖͕ ̠̟̖́p̷͖͙̖ǫ͓̝̤̪̤s̙t͚̫̭͓ͅ ̱̥co̧nt͇͇̠͘a̭̮̯̼̪̼i̪͈̤̳̯ṋ̖̻̭̦ì̦̫͓̤̹̞͔n͜ģ̗ ͙Z̝͙̳̤̳̪a͖͍̝͖͔͠l͚̖go̷ ̥̜͡tͅe̵̞̬̪x͉̯͎̙̻͝ͅt̼͈͖͙͞ͅ.͖̫ͅ

ok, just joking.
please. Don't
1:41 PM
1:52 PM
@SonicWizard I haven't tested extensively but I found Firefox inconsistent, like it was using some some heuristics to block it that occasionally didn't apply if I'd manually visited the authentication domain first.
2:28 PM
@ShadowWizard you still have the "exploit" link?
in The DMZ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 25 mins ago, by Arminius
@Derpy Could you provide a sample image which actually triggers a basic auth dialog in FF when hotlinking? I was sure this was fixed in browsers long ago.
@Derpy yeah, can see deleted messages in Den and sandbox, but I won't post it anymore since @Marc said it affects people even when deleted afterwards.
so guess we better stop "testing" this for now.
even when deleted?
to be clear; it affects people who had a browser session open when it was posted; deleting it doesn't kill the popup on their open page
in Shadow's Den, 2 hours ago, by Marc Gravell
and of course: deleting the image didn't remove the prompt on folks' screens...
for new people loading the screen, or refreshing the screen: it wouldn't have been a problem
2:33 PM
@MarcGravell so how can we share the link? As code perhaps?
does "on your own site, far from here" count as an answer to that? :)
I guess markdown doesn't hurt, but you know someone is just going to paste it back
@MarcGravell heh, I'd think that might be grounds for a pretty strong talking to on most channels I'm on
@MarcGravell so will you consider just blocking them as Jeremy suggests here?
2:40 PM
@ShadowWizard I suspect the problem would be it would break a lot of the transcript
(yes yes, people should use imgur...)
presumably it also isn't just chat that would be impacted; same problem would apply to manually entered image markdown links on Q+A
my point: so more than just the transcript
Oh, that too.
Though there's a much more organised 'tradition' of fixing those.
I think it is certainly something we should consider, but there's issues either way
On SU that was mostly a guy called Gareth ;p
Still thinking that you should go Amino Apps style and just block external content. Or at least, block if from now on.
2:50 PM
@JourneymanGeek so maybe just block in live chat and in posts body, allowing it still in transcript and revisions list.
@Derpy can put it behind "click to show" too.
Is there any penalty for commenters whose comments got flagged as R/A?
AFAIK, there isn't any
@HTTPS not directly
but if folks have a pattern of doing so, they may get a stern telling off or worse.
which is mod message and/or manual suspension?
Well, it might be I stated a wrong info on this meta post
@HTTPS I'll probably loop back to something I keep telling people
the point of a flag is to get someone to look at a problem
then figure out the best way to sort it out
So if you think a comment is a problem flag it
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