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12:51 AM
with the freezing storm going on around NY, there is little chance that SE server is going to be off line anytime soon right?
1:29 AM
I got bullied down to -7 ..l and am the only person answering the question meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/361390/…
... bullied?
The second part of your statement is blatantly false, too
shrug its meta
Well, the question was, is it possible to fingerprint posts
I found a wall of text in every response which was... a lot of time
Is this actually not strict Q&A but a forum to discuss bugs whether we should fix them?
Ugh, morning...
This week was a horrible week with full of nightmare....
So 'blatantly' false?... maybe 'superficially' false.... anyway I guess worth negative rep to ask that people not be fingerprinting their posts with invisible unicode... and not enabling people to build sites with fingerprinting tools that can break search...
1:56 AM
My bug report is unclear???
@JohnMeyer MSO has no rep
@JourneymanGeek /OT Yesterday's self-vandalizer got suspended on 4 other sites, lol.
@iDebug which sites?
SF, English, Security, Movies
Smokey stopped reporting after I told him not to vandalize anymore.
Because he went on deleting a lot
2:06 AM
He's suspended on English for 7 days as you made him on SU, and 1 day on Server Fault, EL&U and Information Security. Haha.
1 day is the default
Deleting is more subtle and normal users can't effectively spot it.
smokey devs are mods ;p
Smokey mainly targets spams.
and I got told about the problem by someone else too and I had a non mod 10ker assist
2:09 AM
BTW, did you restore the accidentally flag-deleted post?
could have.
I read through the answers and just undeleted anything reasonable
Decent answers, aren't they?
2:50 AM
@iDebug upvoted question but I donโ€™t have reopen rep
3:06 AM
@JohnMeyer Thanks.
3:53 AM
Students in Arkansas have used a 3-D printer to create a prosthetic leg for a duck found without a foot
4:10 AM
Confirms that animals get better medical care than humans
4:28 AM
@JohnDvorak Lol.
4:56 AM
Does anyone 10k on Stack Overflow have any idea why this is deleted as spam/offensive?
the algorithm for being a bridesmaid is not that simple...
Seems like there's regular amusement available from deleted posts :)
Headless Raspberry Pi Setup
does it need to sound so gore?
5:18 AM
@SensibleAlexander Hard to form an algorithm if you've only done it once?
5:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body: ¿Cómo modificar el hook para un impuesto en woocommerce? by Joun on es.stackoverflow.com
I'm considering moving code analysis to an answer.
Q: Badges section gets strangely smaller and italic when user has no visible post

iDebugSee the image. The "badges" section is smaller and wrongly italic and doesn't fit the screen. It has a significantly higher 100% chance of shrinking if the user has no visible posts. I can reproduce this issue on Android 5.1 and 7.1, with Google Chrome version 52, 54, 57, 60, 61, 62 (all ...

Shall I?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body: What's new in Crown Store of ESO in January 2018? by user186985 on gaming.SE
6:28 AM
@Ixrec - Easy. When I know spoilers are possible, I just ignore NHQ — DVK-on-Ahch-To Dec 24 '15 at 15:44
I guess that's a shorthand for Not Hot Questions
6:45 AM
@iDebug spam seed?
@iDebug not offensive, but kind of abusive.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Goldbach's conjecture by Tou Shi on mathoverflow.net
7:37 AM
@iDebug Why shouldn't it be? The user got nuked too. One trolling post is enough.
SO moderators try to limit the amount of time wasted on a troll.
... @CrazyIvan gone from ping... that means...
I'll be stuck with this name for 20+ days
> i'll gift 500$ worth btc .
how about... "I get all of the btc and leave you with $500"?
7:59 AM
A: Tips to avoid forgetting a bag

ePhrygianUse a mnemonic. Each morning when I leave the house I run my "W. K. Pig" check (wallet, keys, phone, ID, glasses)

But, how do I remember "W K Pig"?
Also, not wearing glasses. And the ID is always in the wallet, so that seems redundant.
I only remember my critical triangle: glasses (top), mobile phone (left pocket), wallet (right pocket)
@SmokeDetector spam
8:10 AM
A: How and where can I start learning AI if I have considerable knowledge of Java & C++?

zachary conferill teach you. im making an Artificial life system and willing to teach what i do. im using c++ and python so you should pick up easy. and anyone else wishing to leanr ill teach with by giving hands on experience with helping work with what i do and showing you how it works with personal explanat...

Artificial life with C++ and Python... talk about Frankenstein monster.
It seems Ethereum is getting even more NAA posts than Bitcoin these days.
I have a dark dream of implementing AI to a live human brain
8:51 AM
and then finally, intellegent life!
@JourneymanGeek can intelligent life be created by not-so-intelligent creatures?
@Derpy assuming humans write the AI
AlphaGo beats pro Go player 4-1, 60-0, and 3-0
@JourneymanGeek that's my point. I would expect anything humans build to be far less "intelligent" than them... and humanity isn't exactly "bright" already.
Well, we're waiting for the time when AI develop something... like writing an algorithm
9:06 AM
That's easy. You just train a neural network to recognize programs that do X well, and then train another network to produce code that the former likes.
or solving The Millennium Problems...
Actually... recognizing programs that do X is easy. It's called unit testing.
So... evolutionary algorithm -> unit test suite -> success?
10:03 AM
> We don't have review audits on this (Android Enthusiasts) site. -- Android.SE meta post
do some sites not have review audits?
I can imagine small sites not having review audits (due to not having enough available posts), but the Android site isn't small, is it?
Well, at least it has graduated, and certainly not that small
Or is audit only available on SO?
a few sites have em
I think its the biggest
11:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Desktop software to convert YouTube files to MP3 by user36242 on softwarerecs.SE
12:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer: School management software on Ubuntu by JGere on askubuntu.com
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@rene can you close meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/361477/… with link from my second comment? Perhaps add the link from the first comment too, but I'm not sure if it's important in this case.
@Stijn I think I have lost the first comment?
@rene oh maybe because I retracted the close vote. It was the syntax highlighting faq.
nvm, found it
thanks for closing :)
Happy to abuse my dupe hammer
2:24 PM
I wonder why stack closed down the merch shop
Stack tshirts and hoodies would sell like hotcakes I bet
Logistics were too complex IIRC
and too expensive
Partner with one of these online clothes distributors?
Like shark robot or something?
I'd dig a stack hoodie
If you could buy them I'd replace all my tshirts with stack tshirts and get at least 2-3 hoodies and sweatpants
Because currently none of my clothing has any logos on it, it's all plain. Plain green hoodie, plain grey hoodie, plain black hoodie, 14 plain black tshirts, 4 pairs of varying shades of plain grey sweatpants
A: What happened to the Stack Exchange Store?

Michael PryorUnfortunately, it no longer exists. The short story is that it was just too much work for the amount of sales we had. The long story is, we have a lot of remote employees in different states. Our sales tax burden for selling tangible goods started to become an administration nightmare. We also ...

@Magisch you just described my clothing, except I only have jeans instead of sweatpants.
gigantic logo's that are basically an ad, don't want none of that :p
3:10 PM
@Magisch stack store gets asked for a lot
3:27 PM
@Stijn I also have jeans and business trousers and cloth pants, but they too are plain af
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
1 hour later...
1 hour ago...
5:00 PM
1 Shog ago...
@Magisch not enough demand, same reason they closed the mobile apps.
the mobile apps are not yet closed though (if by "closed", you mean "pull from the store")...
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard hmm? The apps are discontinued?
I knew they weren't actively developed currently.
@SensibleAlexander yes they are. It's the equivalent of a closed question. Bugs not fixed, features not added, same way answers not added to closed questions.
When there will be too many bugs, they will delete the apps, i.e. shut down the servers, take it off the Play Store etc.
And if you say "No they won't", well, I'm afraid you're too naive. :)
While I'll be happy to be wrong on this one, I'm afraid I won't.
buh, there won't be too many bugs because nothing is developed any more...
I wonder what position the mobile dev has now
5:04 PM
@SensibleAlexander but things start to fall apart as OS is changing. e.g. in the iOS app people can't paste in comments anymore with iOS 11. There is like a bug report every day for this.
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to Abusive means what it says. Don't overthink this. Look... The problem folks have with these is that they see the pile of nonsense and try to extract meaning from it. "Surely if I can determine what the author's intent was...

@SensibleAlexander LOL
(DAG got nothing to do with the mobile apps, never did.)
@Stijn none, they got new roles.
Brian is in DAG, Kasra... no idea.
Last time I read Kasra was helping Team DAG?
5:06 PM
don't punish people just because their cats randomly sleep on their keyboards
Still, there is no mobile dev team anymore.
> The team isn't falling apart, the apps aren't going anywhere, but Brian and I are both slated to be full time on the DAG team for the foreseeable future. -- Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming?
@SensibleAlexander ohhh... somehow missed the "and I" part. blush
But funny he said "team isn't falling apart"... team does not exist any more. So yeah, it didn't fall apart, just got dispersed.
It's like a blind man will say "I'm not blind, I just can't see".
Finally some good news.... @ani suspending users who post off topic crap on MSE more than once. :D
it's 4am & I can't fall asleep
@Telkitty yes you can you just don't want to
Like my baby girl.
She sleeps less than an hour ALL DAY LONG.
5:13 PM
I sleep a lot, it's a favourite activity for kitties
She can sleep any time she wants... she is tired like hell... but she keeps fighting this and stay awake so she can play and crawl.
I'm chatting while sleeping
OK, so... why you can't fall asleep? @Telkitty
What's bothering you?
@SensibleAlexander that's dangerous, you might leak secrets
Just noticed the work at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/291031 is on hold. If anything, the post shows that feature requests passed on by the Community Team have a very low priority.
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard secrets? Like my incorrect horse battery staple password? nah...
5:16 PM
@Stijn huh? Where you see it's on hold? It's just... not updated.
(probably with the mass leaving of employees, things have changed.)
it's in the november update
also this comment
Did you read the November update, @gparyani? There won't be any more updates unless there's actually something to write about. — JNat ♦ Jan 2 at 9:08
oh. Well, always had the feeling that post was useless and temporary.
@SensibleAlexander nah, more like "I'm not really Sensible", or "I'm not really Alexander". :D
5:39 PM
I have a thing against billionarie superhero movies, you know the likes of Batman and Ironman series. For some reasons audience buy into the idea of money can make someone a demi-god. It's all wrong, it's against the very principle of 'everyone created equal!'
it may be wrong but it's true, isn't it?
it isn't, demi-gods are not trapped on earth
I won't call man/woman equal. There is some difference between them. About the distance between Venus and Mars
yeah woman got two more whole letters - 'w' and 'o'
humans are trapped on earth for past 5000+ years and in the foreseeable future
5:44 PM
if anything happens to earth or the sun or this galaxy, everyone is going to die
regardless how much money you have
and as time pass, it will become inevitable
people can't seriously think earth or solar system or this galaxy seriously are going to be relative unchanged for eternality ...
@Telkitty we have a couple billion years to go IIRC
how do you know
5:49 PM
I don't, scientist do
at least they say they do
yeah, the same way when you look at a short enough section of curve, it looks like a straight line
scientists don't have enough information to make that prediction
Prediction...? ugh, deja vu
Anyway, a random news article just passed by:
The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that there is a spacecraft in near-polar orbit of the Earth that is of extraterrestrial origin, and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding its existence and origin. This conspiracy theory combines several unrelated stories into one narrative. A 1998 NASA photo is believed by some to show the Black Knight satellite, but NASA has stated that this is likely space debris, specifically a thermal blanket lost during an EVA mission. == History == According to some UFO conspiracists, the Black Knight is an artificial satellite of extraterrestrial...
how do we know that we are not kept on earth like we keep fish in a tank?
there isn't even a plan to have manned mission out of solar system, the best we can do is aiming for mars, but that's it
6:05 PM
there is no plan to have manned mission to the center of earth too...
@SensibleAlexander and do you sleep with your keyboard or do you sleep walk to the keyboard while asleep?
6:23 PM
7:04 PM
@Shog9 I see the question mark linking to help center is back to top bar for all users, even high rep. Bug or a new feature?
@JourneymanGeek you also have the question mark on SU where you're a mod? If so, where they put the top bar moderator menu?
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard new feature
@Shog9 thanks! especially the quick access to "What's Meta?" on child-meta site
Direct your thanks to @AaronShekey for this, as it would appear to be his work, based on the DAG team's spec for responding to new top bar feedback courtesy of @JoeFriend
7:21 PM
I really think "(SO) Business" on help menu doesn't fit on many sites though...
only if you have a very small screen
7:34 PM
@Feeds Ah, it's okay as long as you sort your Java arrays before processing.
8:32 PM
knocks on wood
What we really need is a linter for questions before they get posted. Sort-of do NLP to parse the syntax tree and see if they did their homework. waves hands If there are red squigglies, it doesn't go to prod. Who's with me?
Now with that problem solved we need to think about getting Travis CI into the mix...
Of course, we could just let the computers take over if we could train AI on the laws of robotics... (thanks Asimov!)... but then we're all out of jobs... or maybe then there are new jobs at higher levels?
considers looking into futurist positions
Well, I hope you're all happy, now.
Interesting essay/article on transparency london.edu/faculty-and-research/lbsr/…
9:14 PM
A: Why do they put the jelly-like substance in pork pies?


11:18 PM
First happy hour of 2018: by definition, the happiest hour.
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard yes
just shifts everything 'in' a bit
11:35 PM
huh, nice

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