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12:36 AM
I am in Idaho, what animal is this?
I saw an adult male in Idaho and it was the most awe-inspiring thing ever. Then it starting swimming across a lake, which was just surreal.
@JonEricson Can we take this out of context?
Long time no see! How is everyone?
The plural of "moose" should be "meese". I insist.
Confusingly, also the plural of mouse.
12:49 AM
@Michelle how about the plural of elk? Eek!
@Frank Hanging in there. You been on vacation?
@JonEricson work. All summer!
Working 60+ hour weeks sure beats unemployment though
Sure, all that photosynthesis you have to do all day, every day.
I sometimes wondered if humans could do the same with a bit of genetic modification. Ultimate veganism.
haha! I need my ice cream and bacon!
I think they could get somewhere with genetic editing and cancer treatment, though.
12:58 AM
Looks yummy
Bacon ice cream (or bacon-and-egg ice cream) is an ice cream generally created by adding bacon to egg custard and freezing the mixture. The concept of bacon ice cream originated in a 1973 sketch on the British comedy series The Two Ronnies as a joke; however, it was eventually created for April Fools' Day. Heston Blumenthal experimented with the creation of ice cream, making a custard similar to scrambled eggs then adding bacon to create one of his signature dishes. It now appears on dessert menus in other restaurants. == Origins == Ice cream is generally expected to be a sweet food, eaten as a...
Also saw bisons, antelope today in a state park next to salt lake city
I like bison burgers...
I should probably eat and come back
3 hours later…
4:02 AM
@Feeds a lid ftw
I'm sure he could bring a lid to all of those. Just needs the right lid, and appropriate use of it.
5:07 AM
@JNat cross site spammer: stackexchange.com/users/11235616/… (well, not sure spammer, on MSE they just posted NSFW pic.)
5:38 AM
26 messages moved to Chimney
5:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek Can you explain why this question meta.stackexchange.com/questions/300465/… is downvoted and fit the site? I did my best to improve it and the downvote still stay on the question. If you have the smallest suggestion to improve it you are welcome
It is down voted because no one agrees with the statement in the title and although you now seem to have managed to edit it into something reasonable, the first revisions were controversial at best. This covers also the reason for my downvote and I see no reason yet to retract my vote.
@XavierCombelle Downvotes kinda mean something different on meta - that people disagree
In this case, I think its... how do I put this delicately... the sense of "This guy's stirring crap" that's probably responsible for the downvotes.
Sometimes - if you think what you're asking is right, you just gotta go "Ok, I'll take the reputation hit"
In this case I'd actually suggest examining the fundamental intent of the question "What am I trying to do here?" is more important than the content.
If that makes sense...
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
1 hour later...
@Feeds and to reply to the hover text... "but if you don't there is a good chance that you will join the victims of the gun fight"
7:56 AM
I can't understand what they mean. Can we use the same slot for SD and sim?
Q: Related questions list is missing text

nwpThe related questions list on this question seems to be broken. At least 1 other user can reproduce the issue. Looking at the HTML code it seems that the text is just not there: <div class="spacer js-gps-track"><a href="https://stackoverflow.com/q/252585?rq=1" title="Vote score (upvotes - dow...

networkwide issue
When the content in related field points to an answer, then the text is hidden. AFAIK it should point to a question rather than an answer
> Thank you for contacting the Stack Exchange Team. You should receive an email response shortly.
@redhand rarely.
Now let's see if it really helps. ^^
@red you are green, it's a conflict.
@JourneymanGeek what? how they use the same slot for reading data and working with SIM card?
Some Samsungs have both dual SIM and sd card and sim varients... With different sim trays
@redhand sim reader on one side, sd card on another.
8:09 AM
like sandwich
is this questions pertains to specific site?
Q: Do Not Capitalize Each Word In Profile Menu

alexolutEach item in the user profile edit menu is capitalized: Probably it's normal for English, but not good for other languages like Russian: Link to your profile for Stack Overflow in Russian here. Is it possible to allow translators to decide which letter case should be used in each s...

@ShaWizDowArd I hate emails from SE and unsubscribed all emails. Still I am getting some emails
Odd. From where?
@JourneymanGeek when completing commits on private beta sites and when some mod send a message
Mod messages are important.
8:17 AM
what about the another one?
Hm. I don't do much a51 :p
me too. rarely
Found a new language
I think he wants to complete ruby but the limit prevent him from doing so
@ShaWizDowArd now I need some blue to complete RGB
@redhand yeah we can't just stop getting emails from them.
@ShaWizDowArd only way. use some fake mail generator to get a temp mail. Add it and verify it. remove your original mail. remember you shouldn't forgot your password then
@JourneymanGeek the same for Nokia 8
@i-- That seems unrelated. I can. — nwp 3 mins ago
he need some training to understand /s comments on meta
8:50 AM
what happened to twitter?
I am seeing an entirely new UI
Seems infavorites:mine doesn't work globally.
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
1 hour later...
10:39 AM
1 hour ago...
not working
Thanks for the heads up, we indeed switched the entire Elastic pipeline over yesterday and undoubtedly broke this. We'll get it fixed up ASAP. — Nick Craver ♦ 9 mins ago
Graduation anniversary: SO graduated 2009-09-15. It celebrated with How do I perform an IF...THEN in an SQL SELECT? which was asked right at the end of the beta period, and the became most viewed question of the period.
11:06 AM
happy b'day SO.
now where's the chocolate?
11:32 AM
@ShaWizDowArd best wishes.
11:44 AM
A: Is it bad that my feet turn outward when I run?

user26646my wifes left foot turns on its own any reasons why

If it rotates spontaneously, probably a malfunctioning cyborg.
I don't care about cyborg that much. But I do care about the NAA
A rare occasion: a question on Ask Patents got an answer! Who is depicted on the T shirt?
12:07 PM
Worldbuilding en Español

Proposed Q&A site for escritores,autores, dramaturgos, ensayistas, novelistas, poetas, columnistas

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for people who are interested in methods, tricks, actors, acting methods, scenes, story-line and storytelling

Currently in definition.

/Cc @Sha
12:19 PM
New topbar comes in and destroys its sworn enemy, the sidebar.
how can I read all of this?
1:10 PM
@redhand NUKE EM ALL!
1:22 PM
old email account. accessing after 2-3 years. most of the unread emails are from facebook
+1 to what @Michelle said. — Paweł ♦ 3 hours ago
I kind of want to flag-nuke it as a "+1" comment, but I guess it matters that an employee posted it.
Still, if Pawel doesn't want his comments to be nuked he should say something. Like will the new top bar be sticky or not...
have to wait 7 more days to change my name on SO.
A mod requested me Please do change your name only after each 30 days
Or he's saying "That is totally why its sticky, but I can't quite say that"
@redhand eh. I've changed my name once in 8 years
(actually a mod that that for me. In my very earliest days, I was The Journeyman Geek.)
1:27 PM
(actually a mod that that for me. In my very earliest days, I was The Journeyman Geek.)
@JourneymanGeek it totally isn't sticky.
better Larry would come to my home and observe me for 24X7
@Oded >_>
I thought the SO top bar was sticky by default? Much like the floors in dodgy cinemas in chinatown... back in the day... (so I'm told)
1:42 PM
On SO it is, @JourneymanGeek. On other sites, I believe it won't be.
@Oded ah. I think you misparsed what I was saying ;p
why people take some comments as so serious?
@i-- exactly at both eyes and nose/mouth? — DonQuiKong 1 min ago
what was that?
Serious Business
1:43 PM
Dude, get with the program.
In l33t speak
0k th3n. 4nyw4y m05t 0f th3 c0mm3nt5 0n m3t4 4r3 f0r fun
on mate?
0r 54rc45t1c
duuuude, that accent.
1:46 PM
When downloading movies from hq movies point, the file name will be some thing like this. I think this is to prevent direct search engine indexing
No, its cause pirates are often skiddies.
sometimes I have to play old files to identify which movies is this
need a remote JS/Angular/BootStrap developer job
t00 m4ny p1r4t3 t4lk h3r3...
n0t 4t 4ll. m05t 0f th3 m0v135 4r3 0ld.
St1ll p1r4t3
but th3 pr10r1ty w1ll b3 l355
Put your hand on their thigh and rest your head on their head. — airfishey 1 min ago
@redhand 733t c0de 1s for people who think they're smart but aren't actually :-P
1:53 PM
Why is Python Growing So Quickly? It may got something good to eat
@user0042 wh4t m4d3 y0u th1nk 50
@redhand Loads of experienced evidence.
While the sample size is small, I see no evidence otherwise...
A: Why are there links to answers in the related questions list?

Dean WardA recent refactor of how we do Elastic searches for related questions was referencing the wrong site (using Current.Site rather than a site passed to the operation) during the refresh process for a question. This led to seemingly random post identifiers being used for the related questions. When ...

A: infavorites:mine search query does not work

Nick CraverThis is now fixed, some info on what happened in case people are curious: Okay we had a few issues here as a result of the elastic migration we've been working on and just migrated to. For priority reasons (read: how much dev time it costs) we have punted on upgrading Elasticsearch for some time...

2:32 PM
"Bad NS" seems pretty good at detecting spam so far.
2:43 PM
Started developing a new SharePoint web part - a tool a client requested. Five days later I get a notice telling me someone forgot to give me a probably-not-so-important info.
It was supposed to be a SharePoint hosted app.
@Derpy yeah. not that much important. :p
one of the longest non-stop dialogue in Tamil movies
3:15 PM
Is it too late to submit a demand for the town hall?
you have 6-8 weeks time
Fabu. I hereby demand a pizza-and-beer meet-and-greet with Joel and any other NYC figureheads. Any beer is fine, so long as there's a non-IPA option. (I'm a little burnt-out on IPAs...)
waits expectantly
@AaronHall who pays for pizza and beer?
@redhand Joel of course!
then it'll be a
3:27 PM
Series D, I figure...
lost track of the actual rounds
Joel owes us a lot!
We also owe Joel a lot - anyways, if we need to pass the hat to cover dinner, I can contribute...
@AaronHall if Joel pay full amount with your contribution, don't forget to invite us
3:42 PM
happy Friday, patrons
There's a way to make topbar UI consistent across the network... have two designs, SO and not-SO. All not-SO sites have the not-SO design. Site names will be "not Stack Overflow 1", "not Stack Overflow 2", "not Stack Overflow 150",...
Get rid of the topbar entirely and force users to navigate with cryptic keyboard shortcuts.
14 messages moved to Chimney
Navigating the internet should be like this: uni.xkcd.com
then everyone has the same design
4:05 PM
@Andy all the console errors... :/
@JonEricson Out of context, this message is great...
@canon Create a ticket, let's call it emacs-mode.
@AaronHall lol
I could be mistaken, but emacs seems to get at least some of its keybindings from gnu readline: git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/readline.git/tree/…
alternatively, we can use Navigator.getUserMedia() to access camera & microphone... then we can establish some incantations/hand gestures to invoke page requests as if they were spells... making navigation as arcane as possible.
C-k to vote to close...
C-y to vote to reopen
C-h to open the help page and M-x, erc to open chat.
4:10 PM
which combo opens irc?
lol nm
"What are the semantics of C-y?" "Well, 'Y' means to 'yank', so you're yanking the post from closed to an open state!"
@Andy I remember it working once, but now it fails in both Chrome and Firefox for me.
I'd be happy if keyboard shortcuts worked reliably in my browser (Chrome). As is, they work on Stack Overflow but not on Math.. on a good day they also work on Meta but good days are rare.
Maybe it's uBlock Origin or something.
Now that I complained, they work on Math too.
4:21 PM
CVS keeps emailing little math puzzles for me to solve...
How much do I save because of the price dropping from 1.67 to 3.25/3 ... compared to the time spent reading all that?
And what are "Sunday newspapers" anyway?
Let alone double-asterisked ones.
Perhaps the ** footnote would have the definition of the unfamiliar term "Sunday newspaper".
4:51 PM
You know where the most expensive accommodations are in the world?
it's not in the heart of most expensive cities
it's actually in/very close to the centre of major world natural attractions
a 3-4 star accommodation there can easily cost $250-$500 a night during peak season in the likes of yellowstone/uluru/Huangshan
5:09 PM
you pay 4 star price & stay in a 1 star place just because it's a world attration
5:58 PM
> What IS happening at #stackexchange? First no more single listening, now I can’t even get a price w/o accepting account manager harassment? -- Tage Borg at 8:02 AM - 15 Sep 2017
Yeah, where did single listening go?
7:14 PM
Trying to bring Single listening back...
8:22 PM
Awaiting Happy puns ...
We might have punny hats in about 3 months.
The will have position: fixed by default, but only on SO.
Due to popular demand, no more hats, April fools and matching topbars...
One Top-Bar to bring them all... and in the darkness bind them.
I should use it in my math classes, especially on the graduate level -- this is exactly what their purpose is.
9:56 PM
Did I miss the pizza party?
10:12 PM
No, not yet?
Better order one now: beej.us/pizza/pizzaweb.html
amazing ...
love the retro look
@rene Comes from not updating the site since 1994.
they say all styles recycle so ...
I think this is what review audits are referring to....
11:20 PM
Q: I'd like to step down as a mod

Stig Atle SteffensenI would like to step down as a mod. I was not entirely sure how to proceed, so I posted here. So if this is the wrong way - let me know and I'll go about it another way. The reason why I do want to step down is because I do not feel I have the time and drive to be a proper mod like the site shou...


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