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12:14 AM
parenting.stackexchange.com/q/30288/7017. Suggested method: Send her a text that says "Hey, check out this cool site: parenting.stackexchange.com/q/30288 "
12:44 AM
You should be ashamed of yourself, doing a kid's homework to earn fake internet points. — Air ♦ Mar 14 at 15:47
too chatty?
Engineering is otherwise a pretty quiet site.
1:17 AM
How come sometimes when I ask a question on SO, linked and related are missing entirely from the sidebar? Is that normal?
Oh wait actually, nevermind, I think it just takes a few seconds for it to be generated for a new question.
1:29 AM
...someone has a very skewed idea of poker
To be fair, the question did mention a backdoor.
ELU got late into the game, but got 4K views anyway: What does “covfefe” exactly mean?
As always, I question the newsworthiness of Twitter.
1:44 AM
Not clear if the question will be closed (it's asked by a mod after all) but protecting it would make all the sense... flagged.
clown show produced a new word, crowds doped
I tried to find the meaning too, then I found the history ... and feel doped
2:05 AM
@JNat If you find it useful, you're welcome to edit anime.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4050/… into your announcement.
Joel has a new photo on the management page: cdn.sstatic.net/Sites/stackoverflow/company/Img/management/big/…
I didn't notice before they have larger picture linked to the headshot. stackoverflow.com/company/management
Hm, 3781 by 5664 px
Suitable for a large framed portrait, I'll think about putting one up.
@Gerry Tell me where you put it up, I'll think about vandalizing it. I have sharpies.
2:16 AM
Use MS Paint, it's easier...
But less real and therefore less satisfying.
And also too NSFW to be posted here.
Plus I still might apply for a job, lol.
Speaking of SE/SO management, one of the people on that page found a #lifehack today:
> Turns out that bitters DO settle an upset stomach. Just in a slightly faster and more exciting way than I was expecting -- Alex Miller at 6:39 PM - 31 May 2017
Sour apples also work for this... Purpose
2:31 AM
@Gerry unless J cat uses mac instead
in which the case, he can use paintbrush or gimp
also the idea of 'I want to work for company X, but I really can't stand their CEO' kind of statements does not compute
SO waited until 2011 to get rid of its /q/1
Of these, Data Science /q/1 had the highest score (24) and Ethereum the lowest (-7)
2:38 AM
I need to stop wasting time on chats
Among the non-deleted first posts, Android has the highest-scoring one, at 265: I've rooted my phone. Now what? What do I gain from rooting?
The lowest score for a non-deleted q1 is held by MO: Ignore this question
SEDE says that Patents site also has q/1 with score of 0, but the link redirects to... site tour. ??? patents.stackexchange.com/q/1
I see: its tour is customized, so some bits of it were created as posts before the site started off.
8:04 AM
@JasonC are you online by any chance?
It is his bed-time ...
no room owner then.
8:55 AM
@Derpy yeah, there is no 24/7 RO coverage ...
I'm seriously thinking we're being trolled here ...
I could ask a staff member, but I wouldn't want to start a bigger tantrum
which reminds me....
@Oded What about changing the "♦" to "💎" since you are called "diamond mods"? More colorful.
Does IE11 already support those?
9:29 AM
@Derpy based on this I say yes.
> we support the last two versions of the browsers that we see the vast majority of our visitors actually use
@rene maybe he doesn't understand what counts as a condition for test failure?
@rene do IE qualify? Last time I checked Wikipedia, IE page just had a redirect link to "Scourge"
@Derpy I'm not going to make statements about the support of IE because I have been called out before by SE Staff for making the wrong claims.
@Bart that is probably true but that is not what the question asks.
3 hours later…
12:54 PM
@Derpy woof?
1:48 PM
@Derpy what's up
12 messages moved to Chimney
Good morning
and it looks like I need to work saturdays, and my "I'll come in early cause classrooms need setting up" might end up in me being expected to work extra time ._.
1:53 PM
Every day this job sounds a little more fun, lol
(unpaid, and seriously, the only reason I didn't tell em no is the new manager might actually be able to fix this madhouse out. Or quit. I could use a good reference)
@JasonC I believe at one point I might have muttered "this job is going to kill me" under my breath. A few times. Today
going to see if I can push out some applications over the weekend. With my parents away, I also end up needing to keep the dog mostly happy and fed.
also, according to my watch, I'm walking 14k steps, or about 9km a day....
(its probably the same distance I'd take to walk from home to work and back, and about 5k more than when I was essentially going from one end of marina bay sands to the other a few times a day)
.... actually, wasn't HR asking me about my times in my first week?
... ok, at some point I might just wait for them to notice and see what happens ;p
(I was at work 8 to 6.30 at one point. HR realised I was exceeding my contracted hours and... asked me to clarify)
anyway, lulzy stuff... apparently our PBX system has a certain setting that makes it play bad, 90s phone style ringtones...
in a loop
the lady at the front desk was like "can you stop the phone singing?" .... I was like "er... I don't do phones usually but you have my interest"
turns out on those panasonics, if you press and hold down 1, it stops..
2:10 PM
have you already had your first pay check?
Not banked it yet tho
need to do that over the weekend
lol, no electronic transfer?
Yeah, I was a little suprised by that
@JourneymanGeek Probably a good plan, lol
@JourneymanGeek Also: wat
Phones sing?
Also, I was craving milano cookies all night last night and I just bought some and opened the package and it turned out I accidentally bought milano minis. Which, I had no idea existed.
@JasonC apparently those things have a random backtround music feature.
2:21 PM
I can't tell if I'm disappointed or not. They're... not nearly as satisfying.
That's so absurd
@JasonC its... annoying
it placs something in a loop
Not the most flattering picture. But they're very weird.
What is the actual goal of it doing that, lol
Beats me!
2:23 PM
Just to make the office more pleasant?
it freaks out people
I have no idea. I think its primarily meant as a tool for breaking one's will to live ;p
The manual doesn't seem to mention it
@JasonC sorry was away. Please, no need to flag or start the usual tantrum but... move that cat image near Shog "sour apple" message if you didn't already.
It makes exactly one casual reference:

(KX-T7731/36): Dialing buttons are backlit
when (1) you receive a call, (2) during a
conversation, or (3) when BGM is activated
at your phone
1 message moved to Chimney
man, speaking of cookies
its been ages since I've had chocolate hobnobs ;p
2:31 PM
Oh they don't have hobnobs here I wonder what the equivalent is
there isn't really one
Yanno those chocolate covered digestives?
I suppose that's kinda similar, but hobnobs have a very different texture
The hobnobs, are they chewy or crunchy
somewhat crumbly
Hobnobs is the brand name of a commercial biscuit. They are made from rolled oats and jumbo oats, similar to a flapjack/digestive biscuit hybrid. Among the most popular British biscuits, McVitie's launched Hobnobs in 1985 and a milk chocolate variant in 1987. They are primarily sold in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Ireland but are available in Australia, New Zealand and several European and Asian countries (e.g. Taiwan and Hong Kong). In Italy they are now marketed as a variety of digestive biscuit, having previously been known as Suncrok. They were also released in Canada in November...
Already there lol
I mean, they're tasty
but milk chocolate ... maaaaan
2:34 PM
It looks like they're in canada. I miss the days where there were virtually zero border controls at the canada border.
"Reason for your visit?" "I need to stop at walmart real quick"
Yeah, the good old days, when roving gangs of bootleggers would cross the border with hobnobs and irn bru...
Another thing I miss.
oh and pizza oil.
2:36 PM
which I attempt to replicate from memory every few years.
Cold pressed from italy's finest hand-picked organically grown pizzas?
naw, its actually probably fairly neutral oil
with a bunch of dried herbs in it
Is it the oil that comes off a pizza?
its something you eat with pizza
2:38 PM
Or something you put on your pizza to reduce friction
And keep it from rusting
Pizza oil: Lubricates, cleans and protects
I think it has a a stalk of thyme in it, and dried chillies...
They say you should regularly oil your pizzas annually, it's pizza care 101.
(I throw it on fairly neutral instant noodles)
and holy cow, its been a long time
2:41 PM
Fairly neutral oil on fairly neutral noodles. Sounds... fairly neutral, lol.
you'd have thyme, bay leaves and other spices ...
I jest
so the oil was pretty herby/spicy
My varient actually uses olive oil, so it tends to not be neutral at all
Oh and coriander!
In actuality I am intrigued by this pizza oil, but I can't find much info about it. Or at least I'm not sure if what I've found is what you describe.
Thyme chillies and coriander; sounds good but why is it called pizza oil?
When I think pizza oil I think, like, oregano, basil
You're thinking oil from pizzas!
2:43 PM
Well, or oil designed to impart the sensation of a pizza
Chances are I got this in europe - the UK or france most likely
This is almost as bad as my obsessesion with the seeded batch loaf ;p
(oddly, the things I miss most of the UK, were food related)
Oh I don't know if it's called that here is that the same as sprouted grains?
2:46 PM
Yeah I'm looking at it
Here, lucky for you, I remembered what the heck it was called. Or unlucky.
Do they let the seeds sprout a tiny bit?
just a ton of seeds.
absolutely divine with nutella
Looks awesome
Sprouted grain or a good sourdough are my favorites though. Good sprouted grain bread is hard to find although lately it's also become "trendy" so I'm hoping it'll start popping up more.
Most of my bread is home made/made in a breadmaker
2:48 PM
I think it's hard to stock because usually you keep it in the freezer not on the bread rack
I've never made bread. I should.
I do like good bread.
My 'favourite' now is the varient of shio pan that we (kinda amusingly) reverse engineered on root access from a brazillian video on youtube and a random google translated link
On the other hand it's hard to motivate making my own bread because there's a good number of awesome bakeries around here.
That is... epic, haha.
Military cheese butter?
Lol what
bad google translation
2:52 PM
@TheDarkSide You seem intense.
Also you look suspiciously like the inside of that pan.
starts putting the military cheese butter on @TheDarkSide want to keep
@JourneymanGeek Did you make that
@JasonC yup
Looks flawless, how's it taste?
@JasonC Hahahaha ...
2:54 PM
@JasonC pretty darned good
Sweet plate, btw
BTW That's my first comment in the Tavern ... #Debut
basically its a bun baked with a pat of butter inside it, so its just perfectly soaked through
@JasonC if you're ever in singapore, mustafa center, 4th floor ;p
2:55 PM
@TheDarkSide Welcome to the Tavern, here, have a beer! ( ^^) _旦~~
@TheDarkSide Damn I wish I still had the chat scraper. There's an inordinate amount of "haha"s and "lol"s in here. You'll fit right in, lol.


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@JasonC mor jems there
@Elephant Thanks dude
or dudette
> "who is to hand in the warm milk and suffering it"
@JourneymanGeek You know I would seriously take you up on that offer if I ever were in Singapore, lol. And expect bread. Be careful what you offer.
2:56 PM
@JasonC Yo :)
@JasonC lol, I mean that's where you'd get such plates ;p
Why did that halt all processing in my brain
@JasonC cause that's one awsome looking bun
I just closed all the tabs that came out of this conversation, which reminds me, I'm still baffled by this phone music.
3:11 PM
too bad I couldn't find a video of that phone music :(
3:45 PM
ru.SO is getting new topbar: ru.meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/5312
Like SO, minus Jobs and Docs
and apparently they don't like it too..?
all.SO are getting new topbar.
ja.SO just accepted it silently, but I couldn't find meta post on Stack Overflow em Português and Stack Overflow en español
Apparently, pt.SO as an answer to feature-request, but still, nothing on es.SO?
4:28 PM
@Elephant Yeah, Qwertiy picks it apart. The topbar design sacrifices some features to make room for Docs and Jobs, and then gets put on the sites that don't have them. Net loss.
> When a sack of 200 locusts in the mail starts sounding "normal" or "Thursday", it may be time to reconsider some of your life choices. -- Marc Gravell at 1:19 AM - 1 Jun 2017
I wonder if other SE employees would like to get 200 locusts in the mail... only one way to find out.
We've been trying to figure out how to deliver spiders via the mail system. My front porch has the best supply, but I'm not going to collect them myself.
My (unused) fireplace and adjacent wood storage are a fertile breeding ground.
(Spiders, not locusts)
4:57 PM
@Elephant They tweeted instead:
> Llego ya la nueva nav en el sitio. ¡A ver cómo la ven! pic.twitter.com/uaKOYislXc -- SO en Español at 9:38 AM - 1 Jun 2017
es.SO is the only site with an official but non-robotic Twitter account. (SO Twitter is more about the company than the site)
Oh, and there was an answer: La navegación nueva se aplicará aquí muy pronto by fedorqui on es.meta.stackoverflow.com
Ah, I see..
5:07 PM
Q: What are HTTP Error messages pages that i must have in laravel?

designerdarpanI have created error 404 page. What other error pages should i create to make my site a bit friendly and secure ?

Nothing makes a site feel friendly and secure like getting error pages on it.
5:20 PM
(Since I have been working so hard to design those error pages, let's increase the chance for them to be seen! Main content? What's that?)
5:42 PM
I didn't realize /questions/linked/id works for deleted questions too. For example stackoverflow.com/questions/linked/1 (h/t meta.stackexchange.com/q/296658 though I don't consider this a bug)
Why do these questions link to q/1 ? Usually, it's because they include URL such as https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1...tream-access-l
which they copied from somewhere else and didn't notice it's broken
Community diligently replaced http by https in that broken link: stackoverflow.com/posts/31180044/revisions
6:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: How to send an email with Arduino and a WiFi shield? by Chris on arduino.SE
1 hour later…
7:15 PM
> Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions.
@SmokeDetector gone
7:34 PM
> Grown-ups ought to drink 1.5 to 2 liters (8 to 12 mugs) of PLAIN separated water a day; youngsters ought to be urged to drink 1 liter (6 glasses) every day. Beverages, for example, espresso, dark tea, liquor and soft drinks have a getting dried out impact and ought to be devoured with some restraint (on account of pop - maintain a strategic distance from it totally) metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/70708
devouring coffee with some restraint
AJ Henderson is trying to get his 4th diamond, and has a pretty good shot at it.
Except SE devs and CM, who has a record of being the richest user (aka most diamond)?
re: "8 to 12 mugs"... water at excessive levels is poisonous, and you need to be in shape enough to process that much water. For an athlete that is good advice, but for other people it can be kind of dangerous.
7:50 PM
@Elephant Rory Alsop
Ah, as in can mod on most exchanges?
Is it Jeff's built in mod button?
@TravisJ Most burdened.
7:53 PM
Monica Cellio is in the second place (5 diamonds), Rory has 7
ChrisF is in the third place with 4. Quite a few people have 3.
 return $('.mods-container .mods-item').sort(function(a,b){
   return $('.mods-summary-list a',a).length > $('.mods-summary-list a',b).length ? -1 : 1;
mod sort desc by diamonds
The most common moderator names are Andrew, Daniel, and rob, each appearing twice. (If ignoring the case, add Dan/dan to the list.)
8:14 PM
* Ryan also appears twice.
> We stand on the shoulders of giants who bothered to login to StackOverflow and explain their problem in words easily indexed by Google. -- SwiftOnSecurity at 12:43 PM - 1 Jun 2017
Covfefe question on ELU got closed but hey, 100K views.
9:56 PM
Is there a way to pull custom close reasons from sede?
@JasonC but, what do you mean by "custom close reasons"?
site-custom, or comments?
that's... tricky
I didn't find what I was looking for in an actual comment search.
I can't remember if close comments get auto deleted on close or not.
no, they stick around
well, usually
but, the data linking them to close votes isn't in SEDE
10:01 PM
Maybe whoever was doing that deleted their comments.
neither are most of the close votes
Yeah. I was hoping to just get a superset of the close comments with that emoji reason to see if it looked like a single user.
But I found 0. Which was even less than I expected.
collation, I suspect
Unicode sucks, blah blah blah
I'm not sure about that. I found matches. Just none that looked like close reasons. I could try a ci_ai one I guess.
Hm, no that's not it.
Whatever. Weird.
@JasonC oh, I see the problem... All of the comments are deleted, except for the ones that are on deleted posts. So none of 'em appear in SEDE
10:09 PM
10:48 PM
A: What are these white spots on my Purslane leaves?

DianaCan you rat it if washed in hot water?

11:44 PM
New Senior Product Designer:
Piper Lawson, Columbus, OH, United States
1 1
Here's hoping some site gets custom design this year... Something that hasn't happened since 2016-10-06
Sales team added >20 people at once (on /company/team page, that is), bringing the total headcount to 317. Last year at this time, it was 263. That's 20% growth.
Does this mean they are selling a lot more stuff now than a year ago?
11:55 PM
Don't have the data for the # of job postings as a function of time.
Or are trying to
I guess both private SE instances and ads are products. I don't suspect massive volumes for the former tho
Sales-Talent team, i.e. Careers/Jobs, has 122 people now.
That's separate from display ads etc.

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