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12:40 AM
> Social team can't access your account. Faster, better service if you go directly to stackoverflow.com/contact or email [email protected] -- Stack Overflow at 2:20 PM - 30 May 2017
Who's "Social team" of SO?
Also, who's the new PM for Q&A? SO hired a bunch recently. Vasudha Swaminthan for Docs, Steve Kelly for internal development. This leaves Joe Friend and Yi Shan.
I guess it's Friend, whose DevStory says "Product manager for the developer growth team. We support developers in getting shit done."
But it's troubling that it says "developer growth". SO only?
1:17 AM
lemme C, someone is shy
no need 2 b shy, there will be not trout
maybe J cat is as dumb as me, we don't act on hints, all subtleness will be ignored
1:40 AM
@Gerry Ah, no, I don't have info that's relevant there, unfortunately. Also I don't think you can even track "aged away" through SEDE.
2:35 AM
Yeah, this is an ad-hoc report I use when monitoring sites; would be nice to make more accessible at some point. — Shog9 ♦ 1 hour ago
Like maybe a web app hosted at shog9.com
put something useful there? That's just crazy talk.
@Gerry right now, mostly Anita - though I do believe other folks chip in now and then.
Might be someone else soon, though I don't know much about it
As that message implies, social media is not a particularly great venue for support, so probably makes sense to have someone posting messages like that a lot more.
dear @mysti, I have this feeling that you are slowly becoming a part of the SE toy collection
2:53 AM
Are there any sites whose question page themes have a dark background?
3 messages moved to Chimney
@JasonC excluding the site background, I believe no?
@Shog9 My test domain is better than yours.
Or at least, the name is way funnier.
@Elephant Yeah they're all so bright and cheery, huh. Skeptics used to be dark I think, maybe. That's the only one I ever saw like that.
even Science Fiction & Fantasy with its dark site background, still use white background for the form
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: My ubuntu doesn't proper update by teGTGTHGHG on askubuntu.com
@Shog9 Dammit, now you're just bringing back memories of domain shopping disappointment.
(I know, you linked to your actual test domain, but I'd already typed in that one after seeing the inbox message)
3:03 AM
jason.com is the worst. That guy will not sell it and he's had it for years.
there's nothing even on there about the Argonauts. Way to disrespect the folks who helped you make it big, Jason.
That's what I'm saying.
No argonauts, no binoculars, no skincare products, and no c|net blogger. Nothing.
(There's some tech blogger who has the same full name as me, he's been my internet arch nemesis for years.)
People always guess at his email address and I get the guesses. It's kinda funny.
And his name comes up when people search for me, it's super obnoxious to get real life comments about my iPhone blog articles.
I just realized I haven't logged in to my registrar in... a long time
3:07 AM
Yeah, heh.
...why do I own "droppedtable.com"?
My registrar and my DNS services are the two I kind of just... let do their thing. I don't think I've ever logged in without a password recovery first.
I used to have a bunch of ridiculous nsfw domain names, I kind of miss them. I jumped on them in high school back when my sense of humor was more immature exactly the same as it is now.
oh, but I can get "shog9.pizza" for only 9.99 (59.99 to renew).
...now I remember why I don't bother logging in
I am waiting for telkitty.com to expire so I can regain it
Mar 30 at 13:44, by Jason C
You can get corn.ninja for $800 though.
^ Could be yours.
The corn ninja's responsibility is heavy, however.
3:10 AM
also adding user interaction functionalities to my apps so not sure how great my current VPS is going to handle it
probably have to negotiate a higher plan with services provider
@Shog9 Btw, you say that, but we all know you're digging around for your credit card right now.
hmm, apparently I set up a website for someone like 6 years ago, never transferred the domain to them, and at some point they stopped paying for hosting and/or didn't tell me to update the dns records.
3:13 AM
emailed the admin multiple times
never got reply
clearly should've had telkitty.com.au
asked on public website for him, no reply either
I wonder if they've been trying to get in touch for years, or if they just gave up when it broke.
well, I'm all depressed now.
not even motivated enough to update my contact information. Oh, the spam I'm missing out on.
3:14 AM
Lol, jeez, sorry man.
they could have asked me to pay them hosting fees, and I would be glad to pay any reasonable amount
Wow when did we get so many stupid tlds
they could just damn reply
At some point icann apparently said "ahhhh, f it"
data.iana.org/TLD/tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt is like a scrabble dictionary.
My last name is a TLD
Oh man it's from the hotel chain
I kinda want to open a pizza place now, just so I can afford that domain
3:19 AM
Oh man I've got some emails to write
I gotta jump on this before c|net blogger convinces them first.
I have lost about $5000 in rent for the old house in the front because of last tenant (including vacancy in between). But the current tenant is great.
meta.stackexchange.com/q/173740/230261 probably shouldn't be status-declined any more.
I would consider it stolen, because it was registered under my name for 8 years. Before admin took it under his name
not even sure why that is legal
3:36 AM
If you pitch, your idea might get stolen, if you rely on an admin for your web services, you site name might get stolen, and if you stay on the internet, your accounts might get hacked into - tech is really the industry you want to stay in.
I don't want sound any bitter than that, so I am going to work on funny cat app
Well it's more like status-completed
I have patience
Actually that just needs to be changed to be a dupe of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296602/… I think.
I just spent a weird 10 minutes muddling through chains of dupes and old questions. It was disorienting.
3:47 AM
You should definitely earn that privilege
gold badge definitely not happening any time soon.
Oo btw, I might be using telkitty.com.au, but VPS is hosted by a company located in the U.S.
...my Kraft Mac n cheese is turning brown for some reason
Gnat screwed up a whole bunch of information organization with his incessant dupe links to that fourth place post.
Did you make it in the oven
the original plan is that I move telkitty.com to the VPS, but I then I found it out that it's no longer registered under my name
3:50 AM
Waiting for Project Reduplication's paper...
Too much Old Bay, I think
Also really? Kraft? I thought you were better than that.
but the VPS allows me to do much more than the original one
You nuts? Kraft Mac n cheese is great
I need root control of things
3:51 AM
Oh I know I eat it all the time. I just thought you were better than that.
It's like futuristic sci-fi food
Right up there with Dippin Dots?
Now, the velvita stuff... That's just nasty.
it's great to have a semi supported VPS
that way there is always someone to help you out ...
3:52 AM
I've been hooked on Annie's + extra real cheese.
If I wanted real cheese, I'd grate a pound, make a money
@JasonC I was just about to say: Then you haven't tried Annie's.
If I wanted real cheese, I'd grate a pound, make a morney sauce, and bake it with real pasta
I dunno there's a lot to be said for the powdered + grated compromise.
But yes that too
I like to add real Parmesan.
3:54 AM
But tonight, I feast on futuristic astronaut pouch-cheese. BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY!
Also corn and Old Bay
Probably ketchup
@ɥʇǝS Yes
Someone also served me Mac'N Cheese with garnished cotija. Best I've never had.
@Shog9 Ketchup?!
tavern is definitely better with more cute animal gifs
3:58 AM
@Telkitty Conflict of interest much? :P
how many people don't love looking at cute animals?
now I'm hungry...
@ɥʇǝS it's a sauce, sorta like Sriracha but with tomatoes instead of peppers
google.com/search?q=corn+with+queso+fresco&tbm=isch is what I'm craving right now, cotija reminded me.
Food truck season is open down at the park now. That'll be tomorrow's adventure.
4:05 AM
Wonderful savory calories
I am skeptical about that ketchup.
But it does look good.
Yet you give the old Bay and dill a pass?
now only leftover in the fridge
4:08 AM
Leftover pizza beats no pizza
4:18 AM
All right, it's bed time. Later all.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body, +2 more: orderfitnesspoints.co.uk/testoultra-united-kingdom/ by jesusbaxter on apple.SE
4:41 AM
wait, gerry is consistently missing when shog talked about .pizza website
@Shog9 Because that's awesome?
2 hours later…
6:26 AM
@Gerry Participation Manager?
Tavern on the Instagram? What's up with all those food images? :D
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
it is a tavern. It must have food.
@ShadowWizard Ice cream please as I agree to disagree as well.
7:45 AM
apparently they use PHP too
@Gerry has anyone suggested regular expressions?
1 hour later…
9:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in body: In the face of opponents by jessiebaobei12 on wordpress.SE
@rene on mobile so that is more difficult... Hold on!
10:02 AM
@Elephant not really... in case you're serious, it's possible to redirect with IIS rules only, or even handing .php with the .NET dll as well.
@ShadowWizard lick
20K .htaccess meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296612/… cc/ @ShadowWizard @bart
@rene what? No spoon?!
@rene @Pat can too, too bad he's not around here :/
@rene who is @bart?
@ShadowWizard I thought I just dig in ...
10:14 AM
@rene but... it's... not polite! :D
It's like eating chicken with your hands!
I eat chicken with my hands ...
telkitty will find you...
Oh ... hides and locks the doors
Let me get my hands on that ....
10:21 AM
@ShadowWizard boring
1 hour later…
gerry gone
12:12 PM
On this day in 2011: Japanese Language began its private beta stage, German Language entered public beta. Now, Japanese graduated long ago and has custom design, German is stuck in beta.
1:01 PM
The differences between an Akita Inu and a Shiba Inu
I didn't know dogs come in big & small sizes
@Telkitty Because usually they are stacked so that you can only see the bigger one.
see? normally the smaller Akita Inu is inside the bigger Shiba Inu, but the owner has placed them side by side for the photo.
1:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Is it possible to sync MS Outlook with specific Google Calendar? by Syncdroid on webapps.SE
Cool, I just got post removed because of DMCA notice on Anime.SE
> Post removed due to a DMCA notice from Aniplex of America Inc, VIZ Media LLC, Japan Creative Contents Alliance LLC, MX International Inc. – JNat♦
1:47 PM
Apparently, it's not only me. There are 15 other questions that got deleted too
@Elephant You can take revenge by deleting 5 spam posts on Health...
@Gerry thanks. made my 6-8 weeks.
@Elephant Is there a way to salvage it by removing copyrighted part?
Q: My post was removed due to DMCA Takedown Notice — what can I do?

JNatWe've (Stack Exchange Inc.) recently received a DMCA takedown notice for several posts from this community. As a result of that, I'm taking down around 15 posts at this very moment (got a script running), but many more might need to be removed over the coming week. This means some reputation is p...

but since my question is not that useful, I'll just let it go
1:52 PM
This is rubbish. Answers deleted through no fault of their authors. No notification of this happening.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 1 out of 5): Can computers cause issues to retina? by seema shah on health.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 2 out of 5): Is having to remove glasses to read normal? by seema shah on health.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 3 out of 5): Reduce eye-power naturally by seema shah on health.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 4 out of 5): Can optic neuritis be recovered 100%? by seema shah on health.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 5 out of 5): See better through uncorrected sunglasses by seema shah on health.SE
And what kind of material are we talking about, is it like a single frame from an anime?
@Feeds Very timely. After the Sharepoint fiasco, I'm sure as hell not giving Cai my #1 pick in GD election.
@Gerry some are from screenshots, mine's image from official site (oh well), some links to illegal YouTube link ...
2:00 PM
Deleting a post because it links to something that YT hosts?
2:18 PM
@Elephant I don't have an account there and I'm not going to create one just to post a comment, but are these DMCA requests being uploaded to Chilling Effects
SE stopped doing that long ago afair
@Andy JNat said he will upload it to Lumen Database though
if interested, we're having emergency meeting on Anime.SE's chat room with JNat
@Elephant meeting's over
@Gerry Nope, we submit every single DMCA claim to Lumen Database
@Elephant Wonder if Joel has the balls to "take a stand" when it's actually significant.
Man all this circa 2000 copyright anger is resurfacing. I did such a good job suppressing it for so long. I better go take a walk or something.
2:55 PM
@JNat Thanks; a while back (some years ago) I could not find any recent ones on Chilling Effects (as it was called) and assumed it stopped.
@Gerry Well, can't speak for before I was here, but since I've been here I handle these myself, so I know we do it :)
Here's a funny one: a guy wanted SE to take down his question so he posted it on his blog and sent a DMCA notice. Didn't work. :)
@Gerry Lol. That's awesome.
@JasonC The DMCA safe harbor protections provide limited remedies for content hosts and we will pursue any such remedies to their fullest extent where warranted.
3:01 PM
I would think that a low-res frame from a movie or anime is comparable to a one-sentence quote from a book... but what do I know.
@JNat All I will say is: eye roll + sigh + "whatever", then I will politely back out of this conversation in the name of anger management. I hope you guys do the right thing here.
Appreciate SE staff dealing with this crap, because, unfortunately, someone has to...
> He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.
There, more copyrighted material here.
(Actually no, Nietzsche spent enough time being dead by now.)
3:10 PM
@JNat I have a question. How do mass takedown notices like this usually work; is it par for the course to have a lot of garbage in the takedown list? Is the resolution usually, like, only a few of the things are actually taken down and the rest are generally just "false" reports?
Like is that normal? Or does it usually involve all sorts of lawyery stuff to fight some of the things in a list?
hm. Ow
(also, in context. ugh, this is free advertising no?)
The irony is that most of that content was probably driving more people to want to see and pay for it. It's like free advertising. — Jason C 27 mins ago
@JasonC Dunno, it's the first one like this I've stumbled upon. Previous ones I stumbled upon have up to 4 links to handle
10 tops, I guess, though not usual
wtf is this?! DMCA takedown from the future?
3:13 PM
hm, their other complains look like they are more than a list of questions and tags ._.
@JNat They must have just ran a blind search and submitted the result links. Are you guys gonna go through and try to preserve as much as possible? Is that feasible?
(I ask not because I feel like you should [I do] but just curious how the process works in corporate settings.)
webcache.googleusercontent.com/… might entertain (or anger) you
@JasonC The content provider (SE) cannot contest the validity of the claim, and are required to take action unless the request is not properly formatted
@Elephant Yeah I have a long history of being angered by other Remove Your Media stuff in Lumen, too. They're a little... loose.
@JNat Damn. Who can contest it? The post authors?
Hence the counter-notice form?
Yes. And that is written in our Terms of Service, near the bottom
@JasonC exactly
3:16 PM
Who will contest the tag page?
Hence my Meta post, so that people were aware of what they can do if their posts are deleted.
That's a good question
(also, american law is odd. I mean companies whose only job is to robo-mail these notices?)
Heh, welcome to the USA.
I'm gonna be AFK (probably for the day) in about 15 minutes. Just saying that in case I get pinged here or in the Meta post and do not reply — not ignoring this or anyone :)
3:26 PM
> at least the others ecpecialy nodoka yue asukara setsuna (well shes like whats her name so shes probably immortal) makie the twins well pretty much all but if not at least the ones more improtant if he had to he could make the ones like the food girl thats nice and a little chubby no offense but yea not a very impotant charcter but hey so to answer I will refer to them by descriptions sometimes and probs mean havnt made an apeearnce or i dont remember but well yeah probably but those who are
Is there a law that would allow people to take this kind of content down? :(
That's only a part of a "sentence"
dunno... looking at some random questions, there's no picture/video/link, only text, and I wonder why.
I was kidding, this post is still there. Unfortunately.
3:43 PM
@Elephant Well considering one of the URLs is a tag page... the logic seems to be "it's about X therefore infringes copyright". One of those questions is actually by JNat.
(URL #196, the last one. Got tired by the end.)
4:07 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Can't apply update to Windows 10 - error 0xC1900200 by vishal kumar on superuser.com
4:20 PM
@Elephant I honestly, absolutely, do not understand how explaining the plot of an anime is "unauthorized distribution of content"
I mean, honestly, wtf. You can read a news article on spoilers and reviews for major movies as they hit the box office opening weekend.
For example, this post: anime.stackexchange.com/questions/540/… . There is only text, and it is from 2012. There isn't any digital content, and no links to digital content either.
4:32 PM
Anyone who can explain gleeful patronisation. I bloody hope the term is not flagable in chat otherwise I'm screwed ...
The OP doesn't seem to cooperative and I really try to help ...
@rene - Well patronize can either be to mock or to be a customer. So that phrase could either mean a happy customer, or some who enjoys mocking others. It depends on the context of its use.
I really think they use it in the negative context
Yes, after looking further, it is basically being used in the form of mocking, or trolling.
So it could mean that a comment I leave is interpreted as mocking the user?
It definitely is a reference to comments, I don't know about you specifically, because I am not sure what that user is referring to. It may also not be accurate. I believe they are essentially talking about things like "rtfm", "lmgtfy", "what have you tried", etc.
4:38 PM
OK, that helps
Left a new comment with examples to comments
@rene - It may not be obvious that there is a difference between the canned comment versus the command to use it in that set, imo.
I don't see anything even remotely wrong with any of those comment templates though, for what its worth.
Me neither but you never know. The best thing that can happen now that they come forward with bad examples, supporting their case.
Although, as a small nitpick with your answer, I think users are our major asset, as there would be no content without them. As an extreme, I would use the example of what would happen to the site if a certain user stopped contributing.
Just having typed it now I want to remove it.
4:56 PM
@TravisJ yeah, I understand that but it is my pet-peeve. I so much don't want SO to be about the users but only content that I use that exaggeration / hyperbole. It is often misunderstood. Of course the users make content. But the moderating is just and only the content. So no thumbs up because you're also from my country, or because I like your profilepicture.
edited the answer a bit
While it is important to only take action based on content, and not a certain user - that does not mean that there should be no recognition of user contribution. By design, the system grants certain levels of trust by user contribution as a way of showing such recognition. This is also the facility to which user moderation is even an option.
The hyperbole edit does help though.
@TravisJ true that.
5:11 PM
A: My post was removed due to DMCA Takedown Notice — what can I do?

Jason CA couple important problems here regarding the effectiveness of this post in notifying authors of their counterclaim options (TL;DR: A meta post alone might not be enough). I pulled info about all the reported posts: Info script and list of posts A messy SEDE query In general, here is the bre...

cc @JNat
Why can't SE contest the validity of the claim?
Ah, I see. That is pretty lame.
Just the way it works, plus the way it's set up in the TOS.
So an anon LLC that I can create in 10 minutes is allowed, if using a proper template, which I can access in <10 minutes, to place the entire onus of retaining content on users?
What if this were to happen to higher profile posts?
@TravisJ Of course.
That is absurd.
5:18 PM
That's not unreasonable for a content provider.
E.g. the same way YouTube can't really hold responsibility for uploaded copyright violations. They can only enforce it, and the authors need to dispute the claim.
I mean it stinks that SE can't e.g. act on behalf of the users here. But it makes sense. It's just a bummer.
Now whether or not SE should take this opportunity to "take a stand" on bigger issues here, well, you can probably guess how I feel about that, heh. No sense in me rehashing that rant.
I think that the text only "infringement" claims constitute "patent trolling".
In any case my only concrete, legitimate problem, at least the only one I want to bring up, is meta isn't a great way to reach people.
Is the post featured?
No but I flagged it requesting it to be featured.
5:23 PM
@JasonC I think we leave a comment on posts when they are deleted. Doesn't help for users who aren't active anymore, but not a lot to be done in that case anyway.
@JonEricson Yeah I know. I think you need to leave comments on posts on the list (possibly also on their answers) in addition to that, and possibly also email users as well. See my post.
@TravisJ Remember, that by sending a DMCA request, you do so saying that you are the owner of the copyright under penalty of perjury.
@Andy - There is an important distinction there though. While you are the owner of the digital copyright, any sub text content must be trademarked in order to actually have copyright ownership.
I was commenting on your LLC idea. A random LLC can't just send DMCA requests without the risk of huge fines. I'm on mobile right now so searching is hard, but I recall fines for invalid DMCA requests exceeding $100K against small companies/individuals. I don't recall if that was per item or a total fine
I won't go into the ways that it is possible to get around that. While the DMCA request would be thrown out on any objection, it would still stand at first, and would require user protest in order to be removed.
5:34 PM
Unfortunately, that's how the DMCA is set up. Once a counter claim is filed (assuming it's valid), it can be restored. I believe there is a 10 day waiting period for that though, to give the original claimant time to respond. At that point though, the response has to be done via the courts.
@JonEricson JNat's post indicates this is done only for posts that are directly deleted, not for answers that get taken along with a question. It would be nice if the answer authors got a notification too (so they can move their stuff elsewhere, maybe to a self-answered question).
Something that made me confused (sorry, I don't know how takedown requests work in US) is, the request was sent on May 3. Between then and now, there's no warning to the users to remove the content before taken down.
But again, i don't know really know the protocol...
@Elephant Not how it works, unfortunately.
I do not believe that the owner of the digital content actually believes their digital content copyright extends to individual names for textual content. In this regard, I believe that the user and SE have a grounds to legally sue for damages incurred as a result of removing the content in the request.
Here is a legal precedence for a similar situation: sociallyawareblog.com/2015/03/16/…
@Gerry That does seem sensible. But we'd really need to automate the process. :-(
5:50 PM
Further, it also seems a requirement to explicitly state which content was infringing on the copyright, and that a simple url does not constitute a valid notice of copyright infringement.
> Elements of notification. 3(c)A(iii) Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material. copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html
Which indicates there needs to be a clear path from copyright content to infringing content, not just solely a link.
> upon notification of claimed infringement as described in subsection (c)(3), responds expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity, except that, for purposes of this paragraph,
> the information described in subsection (c)(3)(A)(iii) shall be identification of the reference or link, to material or activity claimed to be infringing, that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate that reference or link.
Which then notes that only the exact content indicated in 3caiii is required to be removed. A single url does not seem to qualify, and also there is no mention of non offending content being removed.
> shall be identification of the reference or link
That's your single URL
6:05 PM
Yes, the location of the material, which following the location, you must identify the material claimed to be infringing at that location.
URL indicates a page. Say, the page has an answer with copyrighted media. It also has other content: question, and other answers. Do those have to be deleted just because they are on the same page?
The claimants are saying the entire page is infringing. It's entire purpose is to violate their copyright on the material.
The sole use a url would be to identify something self evident, such as an image.
The counterclaim needs to say that it's a snippet/fair use/etc
Hm. If my 15,000 - word blog post has one copyrighted image, I'd hope that removing just that image would allow me to still have that blog post up.
6:09 PM
To note, that would be the case where just the image url should suffice.
It does...once you file a counter claim and explain you removed the offending image.
That aside, claiming the entire page is infringing is uninformed at best.
Not sure about this round, but the typical DMCA request involves the crux of the question. For instance, we've had certification test questions asked on SO. The answers aren't infringing, but they don't make a whole lot of sense in isolation either.
That's why counter claims need to be filed.
If the claim is not explicit, then it can be rejected as not properly identifying the infringing material.
6:14 PM
What is to be counter-claimed here? By whom?
The inclusion of such stuff should really disqualify the entire notice.
At least they did not add #197: anime.stackexchange.com/questions
2 hours later…
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
> I'm working to figure out the rate of meta and chat pings received by a subset of employees -- Ana Noemi at 2:09 PM - 31 May 2017
> Winterbash doesn't move the needle that much; Documentation release & "taking a stand" OTOH... pic.twitter.com/cZeVd6dVKV -- Shog9 at 3:09 PM - 31 May 2017
No legend?
Without the spikes, the trend is down, although the time window does not allow same-month comparisons
10:39 PM
Now it's up until early 2016, and then down. Hm.
I guess the general increase from 2014 to 15 is due to big projects: quality, new nav, teams.
Either that, or internal chatrooms became more active, generating pings.
Would be more informative to break this out by team and by type of ping (which is what Ana's working on). My money's on the latter: company was growing through this entire period, but a very large number of employees moved out of chat into Slack in 2016.
(granted, not the most talkative employees, but still perhaps enough to offset growth that up to then had been increasing with company size)
So the picture would be different if only meta pings were considered.
10:49 PM
B2B Marketing Manager job ad: "You’re a full-stack marketer. You might not excel at digital marketing, product marketing, or customer marketing but you get it all."
What other jobs are going to have "full-stack" attached to them?
"Full-stack mover"?
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