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11:03 PM
@Gerry /jealous
@shog9 @lauradobrzynski @anoemi @SuperDalgas Hi guys waaaatcha dooooin'... Omg I love data, and graphs, and analyzi… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/870053165462417408
That's like my 5th tweet ever I think.
Leaking your full name in case you care
Nah that's fine you'll just find the c|net blogger anyways.
He's my Google shield.
11:26 PM
@Gerry Who's the blue one on top, and the maroon on the bottom right
I'll give you the blue one
Feb 2017's gotta be...
Somebody involved in take a stand but
Grace Note?
No wait
You have clearly not had enough to drink this evening
Gotta kill off those sluggish neurons
Not grace note
Yeah, need to go get sloshed, brb.
Oh is that inbox or chat
Joel is red?
11:32 PM
Joel is my guess then
you win!
Yay! I feel like I've gained nothing, but it still feels great!
Your reward is this extremely zoomed-out view of the entire Take a Stand thread
Including all flags and deleted comments
You should print that out and use it for that weird wallpaper header that seemed to be really popular in the 80's. Do people still do that? I remember a lot of it in my childhood.
Use it as a vision test chart
11:36 PM
I thought wallpaper was more of a victorian thing
I dunno. I never thought about it but my childhood seems to be inexplicably filled with memories of people... wallpapering things.
So is mine, but in Russia it's still very much a thing today.
I haven't actually seen wallpaper in a good 20 years now that I think about it.
toying with the idea of going old-school and whitewashing my sun room. See if the lime takes care of my mildew problem.
Also, your sun room. How posh.
Curse you people and your... houses.
11:39 PM
@JasonC that's not actually what I call it, but... it's accurate enough for this room.
An advantage of living in the middle of nowhere.
<-- toying with the idea of going old-school and replacing the burnt out light bulb in my bedroom. See if it saves me the trouble of charging milwaukee batteries for my work light.
it's a room that gets lots of sun and is filled with vegetation. If it had a glass ceiling and intricate wrought-iron framing, I could get all fancy & call it a "conservatory", but... It doesn't. So, "sun room".
I can't wait until I'm in a position to buy a house.
I want to find a nice plot somewhere then build on it.
Maybe central pa, or upstate ny. Or not in this country.
I recommend North Dakota
All the snow, wind and isolation you can eat
11:43 PM
Does mildew count as vegetation?
I dunno about north dakota but maybe colorado. Or nevada somewhere.
But living on a boat might be cool, too. Another possibility I can't shake.
Great. Years of JasonC dropping into chat yelling "I'M ON A BOAT"
Would I still be allowed to ask programming questions?
Too bad the canonical question about it is deleted on SO.
It forever remains in our hearts.
11:47 PM
@JasonC Lake Mead would cover both at the same time.
And Arizona to boot.
Yeah and it's beautiful out there, too.
I wonder if anybody would say anything if I just lived in a tent on a raft in the middle.
I've got a friend with a house out in the middle of the mojave desert somewhere it's kind of ridiculous.
Huge plot, dead quiet, full of rusted out old cars and ham radio towers.
It's straight out of a movie
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