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12:21 AM
@JasonC sounds like something out of that fake science paper generator ;p
Lol it totally does
12:47 AM
sigh To the salt mines. I distinctly hate my workplace, and its been less than a month
Oh, its only 8.50. Never mind.
in Graphic Design 2017 Moderator Election Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 hours ago, by Ryan
@Shog9 @GraceNote some members are concerned that 2 new moderators is too much. Would one of you be kind enough to weigh in
Buyer's remorse
Photography election is now open (nomination phase)
Wasn't he complaining about it on meta yesterday?
1:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek On Meta.SE? Don't remember. There was a discussion on Meta.GD, Is there a risk that we do not have enough community moderation with this election
I hoped joojaa would go for it...
not what I saw
And this seems to ignore the fact that moderators are users first
Mr poop still needs flags, apparently was detected but wasn't posted to the Tavern.
1:20 AM
@Gerry Awww I wanna see mr poop.
1:43 AM
Meta-overflow: Konamiman edited a meta post about translation of meta tags to translate a meta tag in the post.
I admit sounds better than
2:06 AM
22 messages moved to Chimney
@Gerry It is the other official language of SE's HQ country, you know...
Mr. Poop, btw, was a little bit of a letdown. Which makes twice today that Mr. Poop disappointed me, so to speak.
/me is an adult
2:41 AM
I feel so ...honored (?) that a question of mine was targeted with spam: meta.stackexchange.com/a/296550/266359
3:30 AM
5:24 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
@Shokhet "Honored" is correct. It's sort of the same feeling you get when somebody Godwins a conversation you're having.
5:44 AM
Congrats, as of last week, you're now the proud holder of one of two self-answered Reversal badges on the entire network. — Jason C 2 mins ago
Only Servy is disagreeable enough to get a self-reversal.
1 hour later…
6:49 AM
@JasonC 0_0
there ought to be a badge for that
What does that even mean... "Your question is terrible and lacks research. Your answer on the other hand is sublime and enlightening..."
Lol I don't know. I thought about that for a while then got a headache.
.... I just realised the sign in front of me reads <name> International Academy Academy Academy
Haha wtf
And speaking of wtf
"error_message":"too many requests from this IP, more requests available in 52119 seconds"
I call BS. I had like 20 queries left on my quota.
14 and half hours...
7:18 AM
@JasonC just register an app and get your self a key. It is free and will put you in a much better throttle regime.
@rene Yeah but it's such a massive pain to deal with authorization from userscripts.
Hey @Shog9 skeptics.stackexchange.com/a/38514/21485 is causing problems to the point of being reported on mse (meta.stackexchange.com/q/296561/230261). Maybe an IP ban is in order.
1 hour later…
8:40 AM
1 hour later...
1 hour ago...
what if my question title is the question itself?
I am wondering who upvoted this:
Q: how to pagination system?

JuniorTRHi guys! I'm developing a new theme. I can not combine parts with WordPress codex. I can not understand. I think you will help me. Literally a system like the one pictured. How it should be and what cycles to use I have tried many methods up to now and could not. Actually my system is working p...

totally bad question, nothing shown (like effort made etc), and swear words in last line
...and there are two upvotes
PHP. It's so bad that it's good.
8:56 AM
Well, apart from the MCVE, for a first-post it's not that bad. He made some efforts by at least trying something.
2 hours later…
10:43 AM
Hire @Bart to work as the official tavern Jester.
or at least implement a bot that will move a small laser pointer so that we can at least watch @bjb568 running around trying to catch it.
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
So, is the board just empty or do I really have to star @Oded message to exit this weird form of hell-ban?
May 24 at 10:24, by Oded
Star this message if you don't want a chat ban.
> I don't know, I just google things on the internet. -- Ben Dumke-v. d. Ehe at 5:52 AM - 30 May 2017
Admit it: you hell-banned all the poor souls that didn't star your message to live in an empty Tavern forever. ^_^
1:01 PM
In the meantime, Bart is entertaining the others with fun jokes and magic tricks in the real room
but do you know who didn't star your message, I assume that you can find it out right? :p
Well... it is just !thoseWhoDidStar ;)
so is thoseWhoDidStar a function or a variable (container)?
1:17 PM
I went serverless with that one
Oo ... magic
> they are testing moving positions, education, open source, etc from the DS onto the profile page with finer privacy controls. -- meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/349769/…
maybe ancient magic was just current technology, like wifi, time travelled back some 2000 years
Yay Facebook-style UI for SO profiles.
1:34 PM
@Derpy Rest assured that I'm not entertaining anyone
Ha, you're entertaining, @Bart.
You think I'm funny? Funny how?
1:50 PM
@Bart like you name sounds like 'butt' but with more emotions
And I'm full of shit. So that kinda fits.
emotional butt, that's hot
I may state that in an online dating profile
2:07 PM
passionate hot butt looking for true love of his life!
:3 may qualify as emotional butt
I never use smileys, but I always interpret the first one as buttface. So don't listen to me. — Cerberus Nov 21 '11 at 3:54
An obviously off-topic question and all (What emotions do :3 and :S convey?) but 75K views...
Clear case of buttface
2:15 PM
@Bart dare you to go and repeat that in the anime room.
Not quite I expected to walk into...
@Gerry I had a friend who thought :3 looked like.. a pair of...
sorry to burst your hopes.
oh, and also.....
....I am seeing the resemblance.
> In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad.
2:41 PM
So, my workplace bought a baking school ...
this story better end with you getting free cookies
they just stripped down a classroom and painted it baby poop yellow and smelling of puke...
@Shog9 they're still moving in, and the place is fairly terrible so far
Oh, my mom is an excellent baker
that's usually not a job perk though
2:43 PM
I guess not
I suppose if it stops smelling of sick.... but then there's the other school so...
@JourneymanGeek That smell is so that you better appreciate the smell of cookies.
@Shog9 so you want a stalker? that's what some website cookies do - stalking you
@Andy so I was told
I suppose its going to eventually smell better ;p
But I don't really think we have any idea what we're doing.
Those last three messages are rather odd with no context.
Then again they're probably pretty odd with context.
2:54 PM
They said Cookie
@Derpy Also, awesome.
You can't say cookie without an obscure Cookie Monster reference
> Chrome green was used for a number of reasons. It is extraordinarily tough, and resistant to chemical breakdown. This would protect certain body chemicals, like stomach acid, from harming finished surfaces in a given facility. Additionally, it's toughness lends itself to resistance from pathogens and other foul types of toxicology. It's natural hardness makes it an easy surface to clean. Lastly, it's color vividly contrasts with blood, both fresh and dried.

It was originally considered to be a soothing color, but given the nature of hospitals and other such institutions, it got linked to
@JasonC my workplace is basically not really working out that well for me, and its a crazy mess...
@JourneymanGeek I remember you saying it wasn't working out well. I guess weird and wonderful smells have been added to your list.
2:56 PM
We're getting a new IT person with a ton more experience
this may be good, but I'm getting hints I may basically be on the way out
I'm hoping he realises what a shitshow it is, and helps sort it out
I forget, what color are SE HQ walls painted.
@Gerry pink
Institutional Green
there is no pink for any SE site colour
there are many shades of blue, and many shades of green and many shades in between
3:04 PM
and many shades of red and orange ... but no pink
Interestingly vivaldi interprets cooking's main colour as an interesting shade of pink
I wonder if there are separate videos for en-GB and en-US, or they just went with British accent for both...
Well, it feels like a lot of that part of the company is UK based...
Also british accents probably work wonders on americans
the accent is weird, it's not pure UK accent
3:10 PM
it's a bit ... mixed
hahahaha... a pure UK accent...
What's that?
@JourneymanGeek They do in some ways, but if you want to appear as someone who knows US developer market from inside...
There are so many accents in the UK (local ones) - Manchester, Liverpool, East London... and more
As a matter of fact, there is an en-US version of the same video.
@Oded to most non brits I assume its the received pronunciation...
3:12 PM
There's the "posh" British accent so common in film - perhaps that's what you mean. Nobody speaks like that.
"We are not amused"
"Oh, I say!"
@Oded i thought it was cockney
3:13 PM
Not at all. Cockney is very lower class.
cockney is probably not the accent you want when you want to sound authoritative.
it almost sounds like Australia accent, but it's some what mixed with American accent & British accent
I jest
en-US version has 800 views, en-GB has 100 views.
I hope you are not fishing for that extra few clicks here
3:17 PM
FR: get UK-based SE employees on the podcast.
+1 Very good answer for only 109 reputation. — Daniel Pendergast Feb 21 '12 at 11:38
Pretty fly for a low-rep guy...
3:37 PM
you probably won't understand but trust me there is a reason
I would never trust you.
you seem to be trusting the wrong people
I would never trust anyone who used both sally & gerry as username
4:15 PM
@ɥʇǝS Do you have prior experience with serverdrivers.com ? Looks suspicious to me. I flagged askubuntu.com/a/920428 and superuser.com/a/1173555 as spam
Both follow the same pattern: some irrelevant stuff (like Windows drivers on AU), with a SEO-friendly link.
Oh, and there is this metasmoke record, same story
@Gerry nope, never heard of them. You don't generally get Ubuntu drivers from 3rd party sites either. Thanks!
Nicky Bay can usually be counted on for inspirational illustrated tweets...
> #Spiderwasp rips off all the spider's legs and brings it back to feed her young while it is still alive. #spiderenemies pic.twitter.com/A4FAbMnG84 -- Nicky Bay at 10:34 PM - 29 May 2017
4:38 PM
I was wondering why the DS usability post wasn't featured... it is now. It's just that bluefeet wanted to have a normal weekend...
And "Tearing down Docs" is still featured... what goes in the sidebar in this case?
That Pierre Vriens guy is just... weird sometimes. That's the only word I have.
5:00 PM
So what? Everybody's weird.
Now you weird too.
That was established long ago
long as I get my meta next Friday.
5:09 PM
@JasonC I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
New twitter bot, @StackPopular - possibly better than looking at HNQ. (Popular SO posts)
Except it posts ancient stuff for some reason. :(
@Gerry Measures popularity by votes and/or pageviews?
Don't know, not my bot. I thought it was going to be interesting before realizing how stupid it is. Already reposted the "JS number as money" twice.
When reading As Computer Coding Classes Swell, So Does Cheating (NYT) I really want to format their codeblocks...
5:17 PM
Somehow an article on the subject, which talks about CS50 at length, did not mention either Stack Overflow or Computer Science or CS50
stackoverflow.com/questions/25515373/… is still making me laugh a little.
bjb had something similar, but not as extreme as to get self-Reversal
How can I manipulate the DOM without a library like jQuery? -- needs 4 more downvotes on the question.
5:41 PM
2017 has attracted a lot of unusually strange people to MSE.
I think I like the cover more than the Doors original. Moar 80s
"Even" is also a verb, meaning to make something even. Can we use "odd" in this way, too?
Apparently, it's only used ironically in "I can't odd".
Most viewed SO question of May 2017 was only asked a week ago: Google Maps & JavaFX: Display marker on the map after clicking Javafx Button
A: My mouse pointer is bouncing around the screen on its own - why?

SCARETurns out that someone had just plugged in a mouse to my computer and was playing a prank on me

6:17 PM
Makes perfect sense.... but perhaps not as an answer to a question from 2012.
Or someone is just really slow to notice.
Both Vriens and peterh were around for a long time.
It's not that strange people arrived in 2017; it's more like they are the ones left.
@Derpy :3
6:39 PM
@Gerry Lol
7:03 PM
University cafeteria should have quiet/loud sections, like smoking/non-smoking sections in restaurants some time ago.
What problem would the "quiet" section solve?
People like me would be able to think while consuming/digesting their lunch.
very much like smoking/non-smoking sections
If you have issues thinking while "loudness" is in the area, then exposing yourself to loud environments will improve your overall mental strength.
7:06 PM
Being able to think will improve your overall mental strength o_0
For example, part of the recovery from a traumatic brain injury is to slowly integrate more and more active environments in order to rehabilitate the brain.
I have my limits. A dozen students moving several tables together right next to mine to sit in a group goes over it.
Obviously, this is an issue I should bring up with the Tavern rather than with them.
clearly :)
IRL I moved to a coffee shop next door.
7:08 PM
Think of it as an exercise more than a hindrance.
Well, at least the students are coordinated enough to move tables together.
They must have practice from the active environment.
Anything that causes you to actively engage in thinking more will improve your mental cognition.
@bjb568 They must have earned their veterstrikdiploma
The most common suggestion for practicing this is to switch the pocket that your keys go in.
@Gerry :D
7:15 PM
I'm tellin' ya, the crazies are out this year.
In more ways than one.
Okay. peterh was mostly on Physics meta back then.
Also @ShadowWizard is totally an MSE nerd.
Oh wtf hyperlink
But what makes peterh so different?
(and then I looked at his recent meta history on SO)
Well received isn't exactly the phrase I would choose
There's a bug report in here somewhere with query permalinks and parameters, hmm
7:27 PM
nerd alert triggered
awaits meta post for using nerd in chat
flaggin all dem massages
@TravisJ I don't actually mind him, usually. But sometimes he just... is on a page in a different book. There were some pretty odd deleted comment conversations.
Dammit I can't get the link to work, so...
@JasonC what link? To SEDE? It worked for me.
Though no idea what is this query??
7:30 PM
It just looked like the same graph, ah there is the updated one
dat prpl tho
@ShadowWizard I know the link worked but the param values I enter aren't being reflected properly in the query params.
Proposed 100K privilege: your own meta site. Like jonskeet.meta.stackexchange.com
So it wasn't the users I wanted to link to.
@JasonC oh wow. Not used to be on top like that. ;)
That's # of actions taken by week.
7:31 PM
I suppose this is what Shog referred to earlier:
2 hours ago, by Shog9
long as I get my meta next Friday.
actions = posts and edits
@Gerry - I think that the 30k privilege page had a suggestion for a personal blog space by one of the SO employees
@Gerry maybe 1M privilege
@JasonC umm... you wasted your time, there is something like this in SE itself. No link anywhere, but it exists. Let me see...
(of course, it crash on SO.)
But does it have SMOOTHINESS??
7:33 PM
(and yeah, I'm #1 there)
@JasonC smoo what? :D
@JasonC Shouldn't have bothered including me, nearly all of my meta activity is under deleted accounts.
You are third, @Jason. Happy? ;)
7:38 PM
I see no graph.
No need for bells and whistles. :P
I'm on top, Steven is #2, you are #3, That's enough to know. :D
Nice userpic. Don't forget to vote if you have 150 rep on GD
The void left by John Cavan is being filled: (a) elections on Photo; (b) additional pro tem mod nominations on Pets
7:53 PM
Are all lang-SO sites zero-revenue? Seems so.
After setting up all of the translation tools and hiring a CM for each...
@Gerry Correct. We managed to expand in all the major languages in which we don't have an active Jobs or ads market.
Nicholas used to run his version of Careers on ru.SO before the acquisition.
That didn't come out quite right. Hopefully you can guess what I mean. (I.e, Chinese is in neither category.)
It was not a huge one, but apparently it paid for the site.
7:58 PM
It still exists, actually: careers.hashcode.ru
Wonder if he still runs it on a side, or if it's someone else.. the jobs are still being posted.
Or not, considering that every single job listing is dated "3 days ago". 8-/
@JonEricson - You could always do something similar to wikipedia, who requests a crowdsourced funding once every so often as a donation to "keep the lights on". Perhaps even give out badges for it. Bronze: $1, Silver: $2, Gold: $5.
I'm not sure I can emphasize this enough, but let me try:
@Andy What, you don't want huge pictures of Joel at the top of every page?
8:08 PM
I'm sure Joel is very pleasing to the eyes...but no. I do not.
How else do you propose paying for all these devs, servers, and everything in between?
There is only so many percents of the company that you can sell until funding rounds are no longer an option.
By merging SO and Jobs completely and telling companies that SO has a database of 7.5 gazillion job-seeking developers.
So, the problem there @Gerry is that software devs have a lower unemployment rate than doctors.
They aren't exactly all job seekers.
In all honesty? That's not my job. However, begging the user base for money isn't a good business plan. They have Jobs and ads. I admit that I'm not business savvy enough to come up with a plan to make money for the company, but I don't think asking for donations is the right way to do it.
We need to graduate more CS majors, then.
8:11 PM
@Gerry Aren't CS majors all cheaters?
Did you link to that story earlier?
Definitely need more CS majors.
Okay, maybe math majors with CS minor.
@Andy - I don't really view it as begging. Would you rather it was sold into ownership of another entity who was much less fit to manage such a collection of information?
To note, it isn't like this is something that is a problem in the near term. It is however something that does influence things like product development, expansion, and overall attentiveness.
@TravisJ Should that happen, I imagine the same thing will happen that has happened when other community resources were sold/started to suck. Users will move to a new platform. The advantage to that new platform is that SE releases regular data dumps, so much of the existing data could be reseeded.
Well that isn't a very supportive outlook.
8:17 PM
@TravisJ I agree. But, they do have a large sales team. Based on my quick scroll through the page, it's only rivaled by the engineering team
All the better to request your donation with.
When do rep caps reset? I forget.
at 0 ust
Gah, I stupidly gave #1 choice to the shoo-in candidate in Sharepoint election. He kept 0.59 of it, and my #2 choice (Mike) lost by a narrow margin. Tell me again how STV makes strategic voting unnecessary.
apparently that is not universal standard time, perhaps gmt was a better choice of acronym
8:21 PM
So that's....... 8:00 PM Eastern = ... 3.5 hours from now?
yeah, 3 hours and 37 miuntes and like seconds
@TravisJ People have suggested this
...a lot, actually
@TravisJ "UTC"
@TravisJ I was going for realistic. I'm not worried about SE shutting down. I have concerns about some of their recent development choices, but I see benefits in almost all of those choices once they are fully implemented. The biggest issue, in my mind, is that SE itself doesn't seem to know how to make money.
thanks @gerry
8:23 PM
@ShadowWizard Finally link success, lol. Now that nobody cares any more.
I am on a userscript roll lately I don't know why, but it's super fun.
Donations to a company designed to make money is different than donating to a non-profit. Two very different goals.
Yeah; it doesn't really work.
As a result, SE now has a second zero-dv moderator
The first one being robjohn. I don't think there are others, excluding cs50 weirdness.
There's something to be said for "value-add" services, like what some sites do for subscriptions (no ads and/or access to premium services). Or like what Reddit does with it's "gold" service. At least then you're nominally buying something. But straight-up donations... You pretty much have to make begging your sole business model.
8:26 PM
Ever been to a Zoo?
Universities have both.
Charge 50,000 per year and beg for donations non-stop.
Almost all zoos are based off staying open from donations.
@Gerry Solution: Move so they have to hunt me down again. buwahahahah
I don't think we have enough shared misery to inspire the sort of loyalty that Universities benefit from
8:27 PM
Or ire. Some Universities aren't very inspiring.
We'd have to get more insanely rich people moderating
or start a football team
I think you underestimate the esteem that SO has.
what's the SO equivalent of naming a building after someone? Tag sponsorship?
A lot of users want to join just to give back, and even more come from google and do not create accounts. That would be more the target audience than "begging contributors" to donate.
I imagine you'd get more contributions from contributers than the random googler
8:30 PM
I think we wanna stay far, far away from awarding real privileges for money
Extend the tag sponsorship program to lang-SO -- offer MS and Google to buy them there in addition to main SO. Don't need a new sales team for that.
user contribution traffic pales in comparison to the google masses
"$20 gets you out of a q-ban" - nooop.
Yeah, nothing like that. I am talking about once every lets say 6 months asking for a 1,2, or 5 dollar donation with no strings or "get me out of a qban"'s attached.
Anyway, it was just a suggestion. I like the lights being on.
8:31 PM
$2M gets you naming rights for the atrium of the building my office is in. (No takers yet)
Just the atrium? Not the building?
@TravisJ right, and often clusters around surprisingly helpful questions, which of course the vast majority of readers can't even upvote.
Just the atrium. The building is named already, after Carnegie.
$20 from an anon reader to "super-upvote" an answer of their choice could work
no actual rep (or privileges), but, uh, status
Entry pack: $50 gets a new user 10 upvotes and 10 comments.
8:34 PM
I think they want to comment more than to vote.
heh, "Just look at the little fights people get into over rep now, and spice it up with some desperation...", yeah, but I guess the point I am trying to make is that something lightweight that gets a lot of response is going to be the most passive way to do that
@JasonC cheers!
@Gerry So does a can of spraypaint.
@Shog9 There's your April Fools feature announcement for next year.
@JasonC The difference there is that one is illegal and one is revered.
Plus a full set of other awesomely questionable paid activities.
@TravisJ Who says it won't be revered? Challenge accepted.
8:41 PM
> For just fifty dollars, you too could be the owner of 5 unilateral comment deletions.
$60 - run your fingers through George's beard
ooh, so personal
$30 gets all your comments undeleted.
$85.95 - tell Joel he jumped a shark
$9.99 to see a user's email address.
8:42 PM
$0.35 - point out something Shog was wrong about
@Shog9 Boy you've been missing a gold mine on that one.
$1 - issue a q ban
I tell you, I'd make a fortune
Charge $0.99 per month for chat access.
Heh, is that like the inflation version of "boy, if I had a nickel for every time I was wrong"
8:44 PM
For only $2.75 you can stand in front of SE's HQ and harass the employees about feature requests.
Oh wait, I can do that now. For $2.75.
We should really just sell parking
You'd make a killing.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Sanding off a MacBook's sharp edges by Cricut Lab on apple.SE
@TravisJ "If I had a nickel" seems to be around 1920, so... data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/…
If I had 63 cents for every...
Did you adjust for wind?
8:50 PM
Yes, I nudged it slightly west.
MacBook's edges too sharp? What you need is a printer!
@Mysticial sounds wrong. Wanna write it up, so I don't have to search chat next time someone reports this?
@JasonC except that CMs and many devs work from home.
Harassing salespeople doesn't do much, they are used to it.
But this is going to be your golden opportunity:
8:57 PM
> Current company chat status: deciding where to eat during our NYC meetup. pic.twitter.com/Kecu94Owd6 -- Nick Craver at 1:29 PM - 30 May 2017
Next meetup is in NYC.
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