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12:23 AM
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New developer, of course working on Careers Talent
Andrew, Hastings, MN
8.5k 4 29 58
> My degrees are all in music, but I do manage some workable programming.
Another one, who appears to work on the Core:
Gervasio, Montevideo, Uruguay
11.8k 4 18 46
12:31 AM
> I have access to the production databases, but I haven't been able to come up with a valid reason to become a moderator (yet). Don't worry, I'm working on it.
An interesting location, too.
Finally, there is now a separate Enterprise Team, which so far consists of one person.
huh? The deletion countdown on my MSE account did count down and now it's gone and my account is still there?
This is typical. The countdown is automatic, but the deletion itself often isn't (in cases involving a fairly active users. So at the end of the countdown a task is created for some employee to review.
@zaq working on talent? you mean talent is not talent enough & need someone else to work on talent to make it more sellable?
12:45 AM
@zaq ah okay, makes sense - thank you for that
1:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: What makes California a Democrat state? by Jack Hammer on politics.stackexchange.com
2:06 AM
@hichris123 How’ve you been? It’s nice to see a lot of familiar faces are still here. I see user259867 404 NormalHuman @zaq is still as mysterious as ever.
@zaq just as an indication, how long does it usually take?
whistles innocently
I suppose I shouldn't have ignored that reminder all week
2:24 AM
@AlexisKing Been fine. Busy night though. :)
2:37 AM
@hichris123 Stressful night over here. o.o
3:14 AM
@AlexisKing ... we'll see.
3:52 AM
Looks like doomsday here with the election.
I am fucking terrified. I am literally shaking.
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4:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Day trading on-line day buying by user69191 on drupal.stackexchange.com
Looks pretty bad.
Goodnight, @bjb. Sleep well. :s
5:29 AM
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: Differential Equations (Bifurcation) by Amy Watson on mathoverflow.net
7:36 AM
Welcome people to this glorious new day, where everything is different but the Tavern is still the same. People tell me, "Bart" they say, "you have the most starworthy messages". And I have lots of messages. The best messages.
@AlexisKing you're from USA? Better pack your things and move elsewhere... any country in the world would be better with Mr. Trump as President.
@Bart, you have the most starworthy messages
@ShadowWizard You have no idea how freaked out I am right now as a trans person.
I'm so sorry for you @AlexisKing.
@AlexisKing oh. Never thought of it this way. But I believe he'll start with the media, cleaning it from opposition by marking them as traitors and sending them to jail.
He can take lessons from Erdoğan.
@ShadowWizard given the political climate around us over here ... I'm not so certain. This seems awfully similar to what has been brewing here for more than a decade now, just at a larger scale.
It's just within our safe little bubbles of like-minded people, that we don't see the full picture
7:41 AM
@Bart what/who do you mean?
@Bart I live in Los Angeles. This whole evening has been an extremely uncomfortable shock for precisely that reason. It just seemed unfathomable, but it turns out this is the country I live in.
@ShadowWizard almost any country in Europe/Eurasia?
@Bart you mean awful leaders rising to power?
@ShadowWizard sure. Right wing populism. Xenophobia. Fear and hatred of the unknown.
The amount of power they wield differs greatly, but the overall sentiment doesn't seem so different
@Bart whoa, just like here in Israel.... guess it's a worldwide epidemic then. :(
7:47 AM
We've had some experience with a bad president in Czechia. No real power, no real consequence.
Pretty much. It's like that in the Netherlands (with elections next year), the same in France. In Switzerland where I live now it's not much different.
The US president does have quite a bit of power though, doesn't he?
@JanDvorak oh yeah.
Like I said long ago...
Dec 8 '15 at 9:45, by Shadow Wizard
Anyway, he's just one of those who think money can buy anything. And sadly enough, he's almost right.
Jun 24 at 7:38, by Bart
Brexit. Cameron out. Now let's get Boris Johnson in, and have Trump be president in the US ... I'll head for my Swiss nuclear bunker.
heh, poor @Bart
You cleaned up your bunker then?
7:51 AM
They're using it for storage at the moment. I'll have to check tonight if there's still space :D
8:18 AM
@AlexisKing :/
I'm so sorry
Doesn't help that the GoP has taken control of house, senate and white house now.
Means they'll have their 2-3 justices and they'll have near anything they want
That's an awful lot of power to wield
Yeap, and america elected it so
They'll almost certainly repeal obamacare in the first weeks of january
@AlexisKing did some digging, guess that's why you're so (rightfully) afraid? pinknews.co.uk/2016/07/06/… (and probably other new laws to come...)
IMO forcing one to use bathroom of the opposite gender is horrible and humiliating. That said, I admit I don't really know the status of this in my own country...
8:57 AM
@Bart In a world that forgot how to smile, people won't strive to be happy. They will just be fine with being less unhappy than the others, at the cost of making the others unhappy themselves if necessary.
There should be some old rant I posted lingering somewhere in the chat.
@Derpy I could try and look for it, but that would be trying to find a needle in a stack of needles. :p
@Bart oh, you could find some. But most are little bubbles in a sea of tar, and they usually get swallowed as soon as someone notice their light.
9:13 AM
Do you need a hug @Derpy?
9:26 AM
We all can use a good hug :D
(just not from Trump)
9:58 AM
Huh! Totally forgot there was whole room for Laszlo....

 [Debate] The issue with uncommented A

Discussion about possible solutions/proposals for the unexplai...
@ShadowWizard Nope, that was a room for discussion
> Discussion about possible solutions/proposals for the unexplained answer downvote problem
@Derpy so it was pure coincidence that Laszlo joined?
If the only one that decided to recognize a problem in that was Lazlo (maybe correctly, maybe because he was just crying for downvotes I don't really care) that is not my problem.
10:31 AM
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11:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: I have a TS file. How do I render it? by Karolina Miller on video.stackexchange.com
11:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Fail text input validation if value unchanged from default by Ben Edwards on magento.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Ubuntu 16.04 constant noise problem with headphones by Jade Graham on askubuntu.com
Didn't know cats could do this
12:09 PM
@bjb568 Good morning
Well, ehhh, I mean "Morning"
@Magisch Don't you mean "moaning"?
I wonder
America wakes up to president trump. The storm of salt on reddit will be unparalelled.
2 days ago, by Derpy
The Bridge chat room is pretty busy "discussing" the election
still true today
Link again?
12:28 PM
User doesn't have posts so I can't spam-flag him. Any Community Team members or moderators around? @Shog9 ?
2 days ago, by Derpy

 The Bridge

General Arqade chat wherein we're making making things great a...
@Bart A lot more than that at play here.
@S.L.Barth Do you know what time it is here??
I sure hope he isn't up, because that would likely mean he hadn't slept yet.
you are an early penguin, aren't you?
12:43 PM
@tchrist Yes, I forgot Shog9 is in the US.
Anyway, I've used a custom mod flag on one of the edits that spammer made.
The spammer has no posts, only uses edits and SO Docs.
@S.L.Barth And on National Hangover Day.
deceze is in, his 3rd attempt. The most active voter among the candidates, but... 328 reviews... I'd thought that after two previous elections he'd try to catch up on that.
@tchrist Google says that's January 1st...
This one’s ad-hoc.
Fair enough.
I admire your dedication ... so if you are not into raccoons and tan tan noodles, would you consider sitting around bonfire on a beach with a fridge eating Fettuccine Alfredo?
@tchrist so have you not slept or got up early?
@S.L.Barth sounds like a decent task for @JNat, the spammers hunter. @JNat can you please nuke this spammer? As can be seen here he's suggesting spam edits.
@ShadowWizard The account now has a network-wide suspension.
@ShadowWizard Gone
12:59 PM
@JNat Wonderful! Thanks! And thanks, @ShadowWizard!
@Telkitty Both.
@JNat whoa, awesome! You surely deserve a badge.... ;)
1:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Restrict posting to admin-only in group chat by ankit on android.stackexchange.com
@Derpy yeah, that might be JNat's prize
2:10 PM
@balpha we are re-discussing this issue at SharePoint. Could any staff member please confirm if Stack Exchange content license model allows users to post watermarked images?
(any reply is fine, so if @Shog9 wants to awaken from His slumber he will be gladly accepted too)
I think shog will have a hangover
I can't imagine the night went alcoholless for most americans
2:28 PM
or canadians
A streamer I watched downed two bottles of whiskey over the course of several hours
3:11 PM
retiring to the Sugarcube
nothing to see here at the moment
3:42 PM
Returning to the age of candidates, @Magisch is the youngest in Stack Overflow years, member since 2015-09-29. The current moderators range from Michael Myers (2008-09-16) to josliber (2013-12-12).
The most "senior" user who ever ran for a mod is Chris Jester-Young, userid=13. Ran in the first election, never since. (Though he did get a diamond by other means, for a brief period of time.)
Back from the Stargate.
@Derpy you can always start a party here ;)
@zaq why brief? wasn't he employee for several years?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA in one piece?
4:03 PM
@zaq oh. Thought it was longer for some reason. BTW, why not the story view?
@zaq I have spent an inordinate amount of hours on the site, though
@ShadowWizard because it sucks
Have to scroll way down to find that relevant bit of info, which is mixed together with factoids like "I type in Dvorak"
4:32 PM
@ShadowWizard All through the wormhole.
1 hour later…
5:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Как сделать sidebar с фото и navbar в header by Maks on ru.stackoverflow.com
6:34 PM
What the hell, Microsoft?
My name is NULL? Seriously, Microsoft?
7:11 PM
@Derpy don't really feel like that needs my input
The crux of the matter is content that detracts from an answer; unnecessary images or links or even text can easily fall into this, but don't conflate "detracts" and "unnecessary".
7:24 PM
Hey @Shog9
Do you have a hangover from the election?
Of course not
@Magisch If you're interested in "Shog9 on election" chat, start reading here.
Everybody in the office today only talked about it
The topic was completly all consuming
see, you should've just loaned us Merkel, could've skipped all the drama.
7:49 PM
@bwDraco yeah, should be Null. Or nil. Or void (!), Depends on the language.... ;)
@Magisch of course, better than weather that hardly changes.... or local problems which saddens people. Better discuss problems of others, far away.... ;)
IMO this is going to be the greatest mistake USA (as in its citizens) )has ever done. We'll just have to pray all his mistakes will be fixable or reversible by the next president.
8:06 PM
@Shog9 We need merkel though
don't be selfish.
@ShadowWizard oh, come now - we're a nation of creative, skilled and ceaselessly ambitious people; I'm sure we've made greater mistakes.
Null-terminated strings in C, for example.
The 3/5ths Compromise was a pretty poor start. Took a lot more to fix than one would have hoped too.
@zaq Two character year storage is on us too, I believe.
How's today's xkcd supposed to make me feel old?
If I learn that, e.g., Google was around for a majority of my life, that means my age is less than twice Google's age.
8:16 PM
Randall got his inequality signs wrong.
@Shog9 That will be determined in the coming 4 years
naw, it'll probably take longer than that to figure out just what the effects will be
The SO mod election is less depressing
@zaq I'm 42 and that's not old. It is a bit bizarre that my son is 13. That can't be right, can it?
I may have started a poor trend with naming my age in the nomination
8:19 PM
Age isn't really important for a mod. I don't feel it adds anything
Nov 14 '15 at 3:28, by user259867
> When you tell them that you are running for a mod, they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, "What does your voice sound like? What games do you love best? Do you collect butterflies?" Instead, they demand: "How old are you? How many flags do you cast? How much do you review?" Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about you.
In order: Like smooth honey, or a nails on a chalkboard. You'd have to ask someone else, my voice sounds weird when I hear myself. The fun ones. No.
> He can't wait to get on our LEGO® Answers site, but he's not quite old enough. My posts there are usually at his request.
Time for a bio update, then...
@Andy You got my vote, then. Collecting butterflies is creepy.
8:25 PM
I collect butterflys and my voice sounds like dying kittens
8:36 PM
Another question asked in Documentation. Rejected 3:2. stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/109350
Funny thing is, one of the Approvers is under 500 rep, and one of the Rejecters is.
Another Approver is above 500.
Reputation is a poor indicator of one's ability to review.
8:50 PM
I misread "Tony" as "Tiny" in a reviewer's name...
@zaq Now that is the least of my worries here....
Documentation Review requires 100 rep, right? Does that include the association bonus?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Move viber to another device without activation? by Mobeen Ali Akhter on android.stackexchange.com
@S.L.Barth Yep. Anyone with an association bonus can review.
Is ridiculous, which I hoped would be amply demonstrated by now.
@zaq Ugh. So if you'd know absolutely nothing about programming, but had a few points on, say, Gardening.... you could review there?!?
And as far as I now, there isn't actually a review guide for Docs, either.... (please tell me I'm wrong there...)
Even so, the review guides for the "normal" queues are on MSE, and probably not read a lot either... :-(
For this moderator election, I want to see candidates who will generously hand out review bans.
9:05 PM
It's time-consuming though. An easier and more complete solution is to review-ban everybody, permanently.
@zaq Throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
The baby's ugly, no loss there.
@zaq Ok, so who's going to review edits and close votes?
I'm not happy with the way the review queues work, but they do serve a purpose.
Nobody. In case of edits, roll back those that are wrong. In case of close votes, if there are not enough votes, the question stays open.
In low-traffic tags, sometimes it can be hard to scrape together enough votes to close questions, which is especially annoying when the close reason is a duplicate.
For other close reasons, downvoting is often sufficient, but because people seem to be especially averse to downvoting in low-traffic tags, awful questions end up with positive (or at least neutral) scores.
And of course, someone with a neutral question record will still gain rep, since even a question with 2 downvotes and 1 upvote produces a net reputation gain.
This is actually a little infuriating in one particular tag I frequent, because people seem to give “pity upvotes” for negatively voted questions. That is, if I vote a question down to give it a -1 score, someone will give it a +1 because they don’t view it as a good question, but they view it as good enough to be non-negative.
What they don’t realize is that, under the current reputation system, that is actually relatively significant positive reinforcement.
9:14 PM
That's even more annoying with answers, because downvoting those cost you a point, and the pity upvote is free - and gives even more rep to the receiver.
Also true, but answers take actual initiative (since the only reward is satisfaction and imaginary internet points, as opposed to getting people to do your work for you), so there are fewer serial zero-effort answers in low-traffic tags in my experience.
Mjölnir theoretically helps with the dupe vote issue mentioned earlier, but it doesn’t really help in this case in practice, since it’s a lot harder to get a gold badge in a tag that simply doesn’t get that many questions.
I’m the 7th top user in the tag, but I’m not even halfway to the gold badge.
Well, one good thing that answering requires a little more than asking.
Though I've helped to destroy more than a view link-only answers and self-promotional answers, both by flagging and in the LQ queue.
Right, which is sort of why I brought all this up. I’m not sure I agree with @zaq that abolishing the queues would be a good idea for the area of the site I mostly stick to in recent years.
Alright, I guess we have to keep some queues.
And we can abolish a few others.
9:24 PM
LQQ is kind of necessary to get rid of non-answers.
I lost faith in the Help & Improvement queue. Last time I looked there, reviewers just made the smallest of edits, and no commenting. Zero Help, and barely any Improvement.
Yes, ditch that one.
CVQ doesn't really work on the scale of SO. I'm not sure it really works on smaller sites either, e.g. on Web Apps hardly anything gets closed without a mod.
Instead, say, top 20 users in each tag get binding close vote within the tag.
Apparently there was an experiment on Program... I mean Software Engineering SE. For awhile, they required 3 close votes instead of 5 to close a question.
Seems it wasn't a success, but I'd have to look it up.
9:28 PM
Perhaps top 20 not solely by rep but by some kind of tag-specific "candidate score", mixing rep and other activity.
Q: 3 votes for closing/reopening experiment: the results

Jon EricsonI'm sure you remember this experiment, which changed the required number of close/reopen votes from 5 to 3. Before getting to the meat of the analysis, I should point out that the change worked almost exactly as intended. Close votes clustered around 3 and the median time to close dropped noticab...

I don't like binding votes by a single user. Too easy to abuse, and makes the single close-voter a target for drama.
I don't know what to make out of the data collected on such an abnormal site.
@JonEricson Thanks!
@S.L.Barth In retrospect, I’m not sure I’ve even used the H&I queue since the week it was added.
9:36 PM
At first it was real work. I recall I couldn't submit some of my stuff because it wasn't enough.
Since then, the requirements dropped to "just make the minimal edit".
I'd be in favor of ditching H&I, and merge Triage back with First Posts.
H&I seems ambitious but perhaps not suited to the queue format. There is an argument to be made that SO could really use more people who are willing to clean things up, but there’s so much stuff that isn’t worth improving that the queue is pretty frustrating.
Polishing turds really isn’t a good use of anyone’s time.
It's because Triage isn't working as intended.
No, I think it's because Triage and H&I could not possibly work as intended.
Maybe. The problem for H&I is that you can't really have audits for it.
I think Triage was a good idea. Whether or not it actually worked out is debatable, but I think it was a solid, worthwhile attempt (unlike some other SE projects lately >.>).
9:44 PM
Challenge: try to find a blog post from early 2015 that you remember reading, on stackoverflow.blog/company
I think it would already help if the buttons were renamed. "Can be salvaged by others" and "Only OP can improve this". Only the names should be shorter.
No month-indexed archive. No search. Pagination of fixed size 5.
Right now, "Requires editing" implies it can be salvaged by the OP or others.
But "Unsalvageable" really means "Put on hold" - and "Put on hold" means "Only the OP can improve this one."
That's why we named it "On hold", instead of outright "Closed".
The middle Triage option is useless. Could be internally equated to Looks Okay. Or Skip.
@zaq Middle? I see 4 buttons. But I think you mean "Requires Editing"?
9:49 PM
Yes, the middle one of the three actions.
Well that is the one that shuffles the question into H&I....
But maybe H&I and Triage should be merged. If I see something that needs editing, I want to edit it then and there.
You'd get "Looks OK", "Edit", "Close", "Skip".
You'd miss the option "Let someone else edit it"... but that's not being used properly now either.
So far I haven't found the relevant blog post, but found something else: stackoverflow.com/?tab=recommended recommended tab. I don't have new-nav, but this one seems to work...
Kind of: I have a hard time setting up the advanced filter. But it's interesting that the filter has a reputation option, which isn't a part of actual new-nav.
This tab is old-new-nav.
@zaq It redirects to plain stackoverflow.com on my machine...
9:55 PM
Websockets are still broken on new nav for OR tag searches, last I checked, so I’m still using old nav. :/
@S.L.Barth This is what I see ^
(old nav user)
Looks nice enough.
The filter is half-broken (in Chrome, at least), disappearing every time I try to change something in it. But URL parameters work. E.g., stackoverflow.com/… sets minRep = 1000
10:10 PM
stackoverflow.com/… looks at least… half salvageable
Even increasing the minRep to 10000 has a good proportion OT.
10:34 PM
It's sad this isn't available on other sites even via URL parameters. One can do ?tab=interesting anywhere, but ?tab=recommended is SO-only.
I get that building such "new-user-unfriendly" filters into the UI would cause the Universe to implode on itself, but URL parameters that some of the active users know and use could help retain those active users.
there's an argument to be made that the Recommended tab should be available on other sites... And probably replaced with something else on Stack Overflow, since it was designed when SO was a much smaller site.
Wait, I'm thinking Interesting. Still applies though.
Yeah, recommended is from mid-2014, when it was meant to replace interesting. stackoverflow.blog/2014/07/podcast-60-are-we-that-predictable
Interesting tab works fine on the scale of Math and probably other 100+ QPD sites.
We need some kind of versioning for homepage algorithms.
V1 = active tab, still the default outside of SO
V2 = interesting tab
V3 = recommended tab
V4 = whatever is the current iteration of new-nav
10:50 PM
Honestly don't remember how Recommended works anymore, but I'd be suspicious that it's taking too large of a bite to be useful anywhere but SO
11:05 PM
Maybe math.SE?
@bjb568 Interesting might be useful there, if we reduced the number of questions being looked at. It was designed for a SO that got... 2-3K per day, and Math is currently still considerably less than that.
There are plenty of sites where Interesting would essentially be picking questions randomly from the entirely history of the site.
It takes 3000 questions, but since age is a penalty factor, the actual content of homepage isn't that old.
Also, 3000 questions = 4-5 days on Math. If it's 5 days old and still not resolved (answers have a penalty too), I don't mind seeing it.
There's a pretty heavy age penalty, but some % of questions are exempt from that.
Also, it's 3000 active, not newest. That's more like 2-3 days on Math, sorted by last activity.

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