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12:59 AM
@ShadowWizard :)
Yanno, you might want to pass such things by Undo first next time, it is his account. ;)
A: Let's Plan The Second Iteration Of The Stack Exchange Quality Project!

GillesBetter automatic guidance when questions are closed Thousands of questions get closed every day over the network, and newer users are more likely to get their questions closed. Yet little guidance is given to new users, so to be helpful, close voters often resort to canned comments! The informat...

I'm surprised this wasn't brought up in the original post, seems like some of the more low hanging fruit.
1:44 AM
Quiz: name a part of SEQP 1 that made noticeable difference in how the sites operate.
"Two more queues on the review page" doesn't count.
2:01 AM
I am yet to see piglet with a single horn - shall we call 'em uni-piglet?
Q-block system probably worked. And I wonder about how well Explainer/etc worked.
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5:25 AM
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6:20 AM
@ArtOfCode (:
@rene hehe, it's anywhere! :D
@zaq at last! Think he's the most veteran developer, no? :)
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6:48 AM
umm.... is this a joke? stackoverflow.com/story/community @Shog
Because it's funny, but many might miss the points...
They are a serious business now ...
ROI of 12% please ... make it happen ...
Return on Investment
@James what happened to your routine?! ;)
I've been actually doing engaging stuff at work so I haven't been paying much attention here
6:55 AM
7:13 AM
7:30 AM
@rene charges smash attack
@Telkitty FLOOF
..... rene disappeared and now Bart is here...
excluding the Magical Girl option, has anyone noticed if by chance rene said something like "henshin" before going missing?
So people, what has happened in this room since I left. Things better still be in order.
@JamesENL yeah, sure ... totally all floof and nothing else - such thick fur :p
@JamesENL is this a sound? (e.g. like WHOOSH ;))
@Bart so don't leave... Tavern needs you!
7:46 AM
@ShadowWizard It is the sound emitted by a person upon seeing a very fluffy dog
@JamesENL oh. Makes sense, in a weird way. :D
@Telkitty stop fatshaming the floof! It has big bones
8:09 AM
@Bart big bones or high potential energy level ...
totally praising
very energetic
@Telkitty - considering that the current avatar is a "fat" fluffy pink unicorn, wouldn't it be simple to just use Fluffe Puff?
I like fluffs
8:24 AM
(Random rant of the day: Why do I have to work with Azure? Why can't my vm be hosted on some decent service like Amazon or even Google??)
@Derpy because Microsoft, of course
@ShadowWizard look, I may be overreacting or "too much pessimism", but the whole infrastructure feels like it was built to be frustrating by design.
you can see that every singe design decision has been taken with the only purpose to increase the money you will have to spend.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: My individual experience It was marvelous. by tthento1952 on superuser.com
To give you a reasonable idea, it feels almost like Azure was actually one of those pretty lame pay-to-win freemium mmorpg.
How you think Microsoft became so big and rich? ;)
8:37 AM
The "best joke of the day" awards must go to the "snapshot" supports for VM.
I already knew that snapshots aren't really supported, so users rely on powershell and use scripts that copy the machine HD and then for restoring them create A COPY of the machine (since swapping disks isn't possible)
but only today I have seen this article.
Basically, Microsoft proudly announces they have resolved the snapshot problem (going as far as marking multiple suggestions on Connect as done)
by giving out a back-up vm support
The issue? The "back-up" infrastructure is built with disaster recovery in mind.
You can schedule automated back-ups based on time and retention.
You can't create a "one time only" snapshot that you just need to test the installation of a patch or something on a vm...
I guess that I could see WHY they want me to put my VM under a back-up plan....
So many VM backups created automatically... so much storage being bought automatically...
9:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: Do you know how does Infinite Male Enhancement Work? by Thomascrush on superuser.com
10:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: Fierce Big Male Enhancement Pills: Used To Prove Yourself on The Bed by Danikaa Yarosh on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
Q: How can I Avoid Being Frightened by the Horror Story I am Writing?

Thomas MyronYes, I have to admit it. I don't like horror movies because (shocker) I find them scary. Unlike other people in my house, I do not like being scared. Especially right before I go to bed. I dislike going into haunted houses. I also dislike being alone in the dark. This is not to suggest I'm a pa...

Migrate that on lifehacks, and have "don't write an horror story" as the solution.
10:26 AM
user image
11:05 AM
I think if A = no. of question displayed at site.SE.com/questions B = no. of questions with no upvoted or accepted answers displayed at site.SE.com/unanswered/tagged/?tab=newest, then percent answered = (A-B)/A*100 right? — Pandya 45 secs ago
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11:43 AM
@Shog9 and you were ranting about Apple and the security questions? What should I say about this one???
12:16 PM
@JeremyBanks Hourly kitten? Sign me up
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Is there a hit point glitch for Noel in Final Fantasy XIII-2? by ur mom on gaming.stackexchange.com
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12:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Ultimate Testo Explosion Recently however The Washington Post? by LucyDaly on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
@Derpy where is it from? Some spam/scam site?
(can't imagine even Microsoft with such broken language/logic)
@Derpy so it all boils down to Microsoft getting more money without the client even knowing about it? Nothing new...
@sho If I go hiking alone in Colorado, how likely will a raccoon steal food along with my bag at night while camping?
I assume coos in touristy area are experienced thieves like the possums here?
Three pings for Shog... hope he won't get (too) mad...
And monkeys in east Asian, freaking little bandits
12:41 PM
lawless animals
acting all cute and fluffy during the day, steal all your food at night
12:58 PM
@ShadowWizard Not by years of service. Jarrod Dixon is associate #2 and Geoff Dalgas is #3, both hired in 2009. Nick was hired in 2011.
@zaq we get you, we get you - just like monkeys, raccoons and possums are from different continents, but they can still be good thieves nevertheless, right?
You can never say a monkey born in 2008 is any better at the job than any possum born in 2013.
years are just a number ...
1:14 PM
@ShadowWizard mail you get from microsoft when you join the free Office 365 developer program.
it is the actual mail, no fake, no scam
@ShadowWizard maybe you'll get shogged
that means getting flogged by shog
@ShadowWizard and even better.
> The Office 365 Developer Program is a vibrant community of developers, veteran and newbie, who are developing solutions for Office 365. As part of this community, you will receive a monthly newsletter with information about what’s new for developers, announcements, tools and resources, and upcoming events. Don’t miss out!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: Showing signs of improvement rest by JamesAleman on drupal.stackexchange.com
to me this meas that you are inviting developers that want to learn or help others to learn. You focus on people.
Yet, after asking for the invite, the actual registration requires a company name and a business number.
Now, I ask... what are students supposed to do there? write in the name of the school??
It is useless that you promote your initiative as a way for PEOPLE to learn if then the registration module assume you are a COMPANY.
1:36 PM
@zaq huh, so probably Nick is just... better. :)
@Derpy that's really sad then...
@Magisch sounds like fun! :P
@ShadowWizard Like I said, I hope that is an actual error and the mail was supposed to read "please be sure you are NOT using InPrivate". But I am not really hoping for it.
@Derpy of course. I think Microsoft (that is whatever PM/VP responsible for those emails) said to a low level employee "write something nice that will sound good" and that's what they're sending, without ever really even reading what they actually say to people. That fits them perfectly.
@ShadowWizard Look. It is pretty evident that they are currently putting a lot of effort in trying to increase the office 365 / SharePoint online dev base, and the fact that Microsoft "employee" have started monitoring sharepoint.stackexchange for question about the new "SharePoint Client Framework" (and actually replying too) seem to only confirm that
I believe they meant it when they claimed that the program is open to anyone who wants to learn office 365 development, employed devs or simple students all alike.
It is just the form that could use a little more... tlc.
one could just put "none" in the company name but what about the company phone?
both are required fields.
maybe I should check if that is just client side validation...
@Derpy yeah, it can use little more review and attention from those who decide what to send, who obviously don't do their jobs very well.
@Derpy nice! Who's that user?
Say, is there any genius out there who could tell me how to see how many bounties a user has awarded in the past?
Ah, just found it, never mind.
Oh, my. He hasn't offered many compared with the number he's received... :)
Greedy bastard
@anonymous2 I don't see carpetary in your list of hobbies, do you not like chop wood into shapes?
2:04 PM
@GrenadesPlus your grenade or samsung note 7, which is more powerful?
@Telkitty hmm
Maybe S7
should have changed my name to S7-Plus :/
@Bart even better: stackoverflow.com/users/22656/… (directly going to the "offered" sub-tab :))
This user offered tons of bounties! :D
So many :o
What does this mean:
"You have not participated in any bounties"
@GrenadesPlus you missed all the fun
@ShadowWizard oh
2:14 PM
@ShadowWizard ಠ_ಠ
that doesn't seem right
Well, I'm not an alien
@GrenadesPlus you are very wide
@ShadowWizard And truncated
2:16 PM
@ShadowWizard just like your....
never mind.
My face has never entered a new line.
@Rubisco maybe just line feed?
@GrenadesPlus I know, thanks
@GrenadesPlus mammoth?
@Telkitty just like your shadow
@ShadowWizard ^
2:18 PM
Hey Jeremy
@Telkitty YES! >:D
@Telkitty wide isn't always fat...
@ShadowWizard but in this scenario it is
Why did Den suddenly leak into this room?
2:20 PM
@Rubisco Den needed to go piss, but there was no toilet. Therefore the leak.
@Telkitty ?? What?
@Rubisco not whole Den, just single Den'er.... I failed to block his escape.
@ShadowWizard This one I assume must be one of them.
See the "job title" he has, and some replies he gave seems to indicate he is pretty involved in the whole "SharePoint Client Framework" project
@ShadowWizard nah, that bastard offered none ... he should really ... nevermind
2:24 PM
@Bart (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
I'm glasses. Your attempt is futile
you are blinded.
@GrenadesPlus Calm down.
He's calling me a bastard.
Wait a minute.
@Rubisco lol
2:35 PM
@ShadowWizard I'd say Nick is wider. Meaning not only this,
> "Ignore this user everywhere"
so long to the picture.
but also that he works with DBA and hardware a lot.
no smoking today?
no spam people wanting to advertise their cleaning products?
i feel so empty without any nukes
2:37 PM
@GrenadesPlus Well, spam here is a very small portion of Charcoal spam.
@Rubisco I am waiting for Drupal D:
No, I meant the chat

 Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
This is Smokey's homeland.
I thought it was Chimney?
2:43 PM
@GrenadesPlus No, that's some kind of a trash room.
@Rubisco Oh.
2:54 PM
And now, Philosophy time.
Suppose that an user decides today that he is going to downvote each single one of Skeet posts. He doesn't do that "in bulk", but just start to downvote a post every 3 days, disregarding content and just voting without reason, because he wants to.
in the meantime, he continue to vote on other posts too.
There will be a big bang.
Skeet will send that user to the universe's recycle bin.
The question for you is... should the votes be reversed? and why?
@Derpy if you could detect them, yes they should.
They're targeted at the user, not the content.
Problem is, the current algorithms wouldn't detect that for a long while.
@ArtOfCode mumble.....
ok, so then let me reformulate the question.
Suppose that an user decides today that he is going to downvote random people posts for the fun of it. He doesn't do that "in bulk", but just start to downvote a post every 3 days, disregarding content and just voting without reason, because he wants to.
Now the votes aren't target at the users, because he chose who to downvote at random. Should they still be reversed? Don't focus on HOW you can detect this, just if you think it is desirable to reverse them.
@Derpy I'd feel like calling that user some rather nasty things, but it's not forbidden.
3:04 PM
@Derpy Let's just reverse everything.
The universe has gone on without being reversed for far too long.
@Rubisco .gnihtyreve esrever tsuj s'teL ypreD@
@ArtOfCode yep, that is why I edited the question to ask if it is "desirable" instead of "right". Can I guess that you are saying you would like to reverse that but can't because it is not forbidden?
Yeah, that.
@ArtOfCode Can then I ask you a final question then? Why removing the target user made the action "not reversible"? Is that jut because of the written rule? And if so, does this scenario feel right?
@GrenadesPlus Chimney is like toilets, that's where the smoke goes after it's used and done its part. ;)
3:08 PM
@Derpy Related
@Derpy Rules, yeah. Nothing says that's not allowed.
@zaq lol, that is probably correct... the wider the better! :D
@Derpy yup, surprisingly good.
@Andy Oh, yes, I know.... It is just I saw yet another rant about the whole "unexplained votes" thing, and that just reminded me about how that discussion comes up pretty often....
‮I don't know if I think it should be reversed...
So I decided to play this little game
3:09 PM
@Bart should really start starting some bounties! :D
@rene @sha something on the progress (chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=5326719#5326719)
Hope to add it at online-sql-editor.com this week for you guys to test
@PatrickHofman cool, what language?
@ArtOfCode You can write in SQL, but it is written in C#.
@PatrickHofman awesome! You do it as part of your official work as freelance?
@ShadowWizard It's all for the company, but we like SE too, so we want to give something back. See it as a present :)
3:14 PM
@PatrickHofman wow, that's a big present. Thanks!
@ShadowWizard Thank me when it works ;)
@Pat why don't you have Developer Story?
19 mins ago, by Derpy
Suppose that an user decides today that he is going to downvote each single one of Skeet posts. He doesn't do that "in bulk", but just start to downvote a post every 3 days, disregarding content and just voting without reason, because he wants to.
It makes absolutely no difference in the limit.
@ShadowWizard No time... Will add it some day.
@PatrickHofman the default is good as far as I've seen, no need to change anything, and you can finally put your actual avatar, not only Gravatar as it used to be all those years.
3:17 PM
as n ⟶ ∞
@ShadowWizard show me some content that needs it and I'll consider it
@AaronHall I can believe that, but my focus was to see if users where more inclined on noticing the abuse in targeting a specific (and very famous) user with "noise votes" or the fact that "the troll" was introducing noise in votes regardless of the target.
I think there's always noise. You proposed a slight increase in noise, and then asked if we'd like to remove it. To me, the target doesn't matter, I'd like to eliminate the noise, but I know we can't eliminate it, so I'm over it.
Which leaves me with my final "provocation/discussion seed". Since Stack is focused on content and not users, shouldn't also rules that protect us be focused on eliminating the noise on content instead that the noise on users?
@Bart so far so good, my own rep is enough... started to award answers I actually end up using. ;)
(if the author is low rep)
3:26 PM
Good idea
!!/blame Google
@ShadowWizard It's Derpy's fault.
@Derpy sure - how will you identify it? you want to have an algorithm that looks for "random but regular" voting by individuals on the assumption that the individual is a bad actor intent on introducing noise into the system? I don't see how that makes sense.
In fact, random downvoting might be a good thing if it reduces the impact of random upvotes and better helps sort good vs. bad answers.
3:30 PM
jokes aside, as I probably already stated, I wasn't aiming at a solution.
I was just looking at how the problem is perceived in the first place
Well I've proposed reputation decay, and lessening the value of upvotes over time. Random downvotes are one way to get both of those effects...
So in fact, they could improve signal.
@Derpy you know what you must do. Proceed.
3:46 PM
Aug 4 at 9:56, by Derpy
user image
You meant this?
Keep it on the DL.
4:13 PM
So I was searching for how to blow up a horse:
Is that not a hilarious ad choice? Worst date ever.
@JasonC They were wondering if you wanted to blow up the person on the horse too.
If the USDA has an official documented procedure for obliterating human corpses, consider my sense of patriotism fully renewed.
Hi. Valorum's sci-fi profile scifi.stackexchange.com/users/20774/valorum doesn't show a "View network profile →" link. According to the data dump, stackexchange.com/users/3776439/valorum?tab=accounts is his network profile, but that profile doesn't show his Sci Fi account. Why is he disassociated?
@b_jonas Hidden community and all
@Rubisco What does "Hidden community" mean here?
4:22 PM
@b_jonas There an option to hide some of the communities you're active on.
It's in your profile settings somewhere.
Never used it, so I haven't experienced what it looks like.
But what you describe perfectly fits what happens when people hide communities.
@Rubisco I see. Thank you.
I like typing NP 'cause it also stands for 'Noun Phrase'.
and nondeterministic polynomial time, and more stuff. most two-letter words can stand for a lot of things.
5:03 PM
/me has a fire drill
/me waits in classroom doing nothing while the fire department is late
5:18 PM
@bjb568 so when do you graduate?
@PatrickHofman Ship it! ;)
@AaronHall Dunno
Are you a student? Teaching? Both?
5:34 PM
@rene but we can still destroy you, so feel free to try it. You might earn a suspension as well
@bluefeet Oh, I overlooked the almighty power of bluefeets ... ;)
I think I leave the test to others, if you don't mind ...
5:55 PM
@AaronHall I'd like to think of myself as both.
Learner of the knowledge, bearer of the knowledge, giver of the knowledge.
college level?
cool beans
@AaronHall bjb is high school junior, but that's practically graduate school in cat years.
bjb opened SO account in middle school?
5:59 PM
I refuse to oppress myself to the oppressive standards of an ageist society.
6:45 PM
Am I right that although you can delete posts from the Stack API you still can't fetch a deleted post, even if you're authenticated with an 10K account? as explained here?
@rene Correct. Also, you can only delete your own posts using API; delete votes on the posts of others are not supported.
(A prudent decision, that.)
More generally, user having 10K makes no difference for the API.
OK, but thanks for confirming.
7:11 PM
Less than an hour left in the Chemistry election. Will Rubisco become some allotrope of carbon? Stay tuned...
Meanwhile, a revolution is brewing on Chemistry Meta: there's a Poll for making comments compulsory for first time downvoters
should I leave a comment on that downvoted answer?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: What would be a proper translation for "Bullshit"? by rafa2000 on spanish.stackexchange.com
7:28 PM
@rene Lol
Because "upvote for support, downvote if you don't", on the question itself, just wasn't good enough, and it really needed two yes/no poll answers.
Oh they just deleted it, lol.
My first interaction on meta Chemistry, gone forever
Don't worry I'll hold it in my heart forever.
Aw, that feels good, thx
8:00 PM
> Winners are Loong and orthocresol.
Not Rubisco, who was in 3rd place.
> Finally, OpaVote recently opened up their recount feature so that anyone can rerun the election and download the official ballot. meta.chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/3383/…
Yeah, for as long as the link stays alive on the OpaVote site. Which is somewhat shorter than forever.
8:17 PM
With 1432 rep on Web Applications, jonsca is the lowest-rep elected mod on Stack Exchange. (By rep at present time, rather than at time of election, but probably true both ways.) The second place is cnst with 2164 rep on Law.
More trivia: TeX - LaTeX has the highest min(rep(mod)) on the network. Every mod has at least 143,602 rep on that site.
Stack Overflow has the highest max(rep(mod)) thanks to Martijn's 500,317 (crossed 500K recently).
8:58 PM
I'm doing debate. Our resolution is "Resolved: On balance, the benefits of the Internet of Things outweigh the harms of decreased personal privacy.". The resolution obviously sucks, but I figured out how to win the affirmative side every time.
IoT will fix colony collapse disorder and prevent the fall of bees and humanity.
@bjb568 What league? :o
9:24 PM
@rene is that you? See Rev 1. meta.stackexchange.com/posts/285990/revisions
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: Usage of "yet" and comma by Jack Kirn on english.stackexchange.com
@PatrickHofman Sounds like it.
9:59 PM
Final delete vote needed here. @rene @Bart
(appears to be random trolling actually)
@PatrickHofman In which language/framework are you doing the development?
@peterh c# with antlr. That's mostly it. And a lot of LINQ expressions. That is the back bone of our own SQL engine.
The rest is straightforward building on top of that in ASP.NET MVC and Windows Forms.
@PatrickHofman Sad, it is not my most loved one
@peterh Which is?
@PatrickHofman nodejs/angular or any java, postgresql on the backend.
10:14 PM
@peterh I'm too dumb for that ;)
@PatrickHofman you are too polite for that :-)
1 hour later…
11:43 PM
Grr. Dropped to 124 rep because of downvoting the answers to SEQP2 post. Need moar rep. Have two ideas for a FR, trying to decide which one to post:
(1) Require downvotes with comments. If a comment parses like an equivalent of "what have you tried" or "show your code", it can't be posted until the commenter downvotes the question.
(2) A new review queue, in which to review proposals for new review queues.

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