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6:00 PM
@ShadowWizard Looks like she has a different one on every SE site.
So maybe she forgot to create a custom avatar for these two... or only chooses one for graduated sites.
Seems to be the latter... she also uses her default icon for 3DPrintingSE... where she uses the name "2D Printing Grace Note".
6:32 PM
@S.L.Barth hmm... but when associating accounts, everything should be copied, including avatar.
@ShadowWizard So.. her "primary" account should be the one with the default avatar?
Either that, or she deliberately sets these other accounts to this standard avatar.
@S.L.Barth hmm... well, doesn't really matter. And what makes you say "she"? ;)
@ShadowWizard Just the profile pics, the profile text and the name... not much to base an assumption on, I'll admit :-)
Grace note could change her name to "Graceful note" and put a written note as avatar for april fools
@S.L.Barth hmm... interesting. FYI, Grace raised lots of assumptions regarding his/her gender over the years. Even SE itself either doesn't know the gender, or refuse to disclose it, as you can see in the Team page. (Look for Chris Jaeger ;))
6:43 PM
I can respect people not wanting to disclose their gender
@Magisch me too, in a way. And same respect goes to @Derpy by the way. :)
There is much that I don't disclose about myself, too.
@Magisch your weight? :D
On the internet, nobody knows you're actually a floating smiley head
@ShadowWizard Never realized that Chris Jaeger was Grace Note...
6:46 PM
@ShadowWizard like my full name or adress, although talented people looking hard enough could probably find it
@S.L.Barth now you know... ;)
@Magisch More or less the same here... except I decided to use my real name when I signed up for SO, as a bit of "personal branding".
@Magisch hmm... challenge accepted! ;)
@ShadowWizard If you do, please don't plaster it publicly
I know I can't stop you, but please don't.
@Magisch oh well... will do my best to hold myself. :)
6:48 PM
I got doxxed before and it got ugly
@rene will you help me hold myself?
@Magisch dox-what?
@ShadowWizard When someone who hates you publishes your full name and adress and encourages people to order crap in your name, or mail you nasty things, or encourages writing your employer to get you fired.
Didn't get swatted yet, thank whatever.
@Magisch oh my, that's nasty indeed! Since I don't hate you I won't doxx you. :)
(though I might send you a pizza..... ;))
@ShadowWizard Swatting is even worse, and actually classified as attempted murder in some states
@Magisch and what is swatting?
6:52 PM
@ShadowWizard When someone calls an anonymous tip to police and reports you as having hostages you're planning to kill
wow, never thought about that
The idea is that a swat team breaks into your house and if someone is easily startled they can get shot dead before they can explain themselfes.
I've heard about it a few times... it must be highly illegal.
nasty people do that to streamers sometimes
Well, such thing is federal crime for sure, warranting years in jail for the one doing it.
6:53 PM
Well, its nothing short of attempted (or completed) murder
I'm no expert, but I thought that in a hostage situation, the police would always try to negotiate first?
not sure about the US, but here murderers generally don't get away with anything other then life
@S.L.Barth If someone claims that someone is about to execute hostages, the police kinda don't.
@Magisch Depending on how reliable the claim is... part of a police negotiator's work is judging that, I think.
@S.L.Barth Yeah, they've gotten better at judging this kind of stuff
But still, thats like the lowest of low moves to do to someone
The internet is full of awful people unhinged by the perception of anonimity.
There are a lot of people on the net... so figure there's also a lot of nasty ones.
If only 1 in every 10000 is a jerk, that still makes for a lot of jerks.
7:01 PM
@S.L.Barth Clearly you are not active in various gaming communities
Where you're lucky to find the occasional non-jerk. Maybe my perspective is just bitter and blinded by years of shoveling both metaphorical and literal dirt in minecraft
SE is a welcome respite because while we still do get jerks, they're a lot fewer and farther between here.
Moderation makes or breaks a community.
I love how, if you flag a bad post on SE, it's actually handled in a mature manner.
what makes this thing here is the public accountability
If you don't have that conspiracy theories and clique mentalities will start to fester real quick
On here, the people who like to incite these have very few straws to grasp
@ShadowWizard sure
@Magisch True.
7:26 PM
@rene thanks, you're a true friend! :D
7:36 PM
@Magisch The public accountability helps a lot, but the flagging is secret... for good reason.
That's where moderators come in - at least for the custom flags. And where bad moderation would cause even SE to fall.
Is this a good place to ask where I should ask a question?
8:03 PM
@popctrl Probably. You can always ask a question on Meta too.
Ok well my question is "Why do construction crews working on highways at night point their lights at traffic instead of away?" I'm thinking maybe it's a legal question since there are surely regulations involved? But I'm not sure
Hmm, that's an interesting one. Maybe Travel? Looks like it wouldn't be on-topic for Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair.
Law might fit, but I think a question like this would be closed since it doesn't refer to any specific legal issue.
Maybe Workplace.se @hichris123?
Maybe not
@rene Workplace? What kind of a workplace issue is that? :P
8:19 PM
Workplace isn't a bad idea. It's referring to the construction workers workplace...
@popctrl No, it is off-topic there see: workplace.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic
Ah ok
Sadly no advice on where to ask such a question in the explanation why it's off-topic
I scanned over all sites but I don't think there is a site that will take it
You could try Quora.com or reddit
@Magisch That happened recently to one of the users on Arqade
@rene alright I'll try reddit, thanks
8:25 PM
Additionally, somebody posted on the video game board of 4chan saying the first thirty people to add him on Steam and message him would get a game key
It was during the arqade election that this happened.... so he ended up dropping out :(
To everyone voting to close this question, it's still an active bug which has not yet been fixed so voting to close as no longer reproducible makes little sense. This could easily pop up again. — bluefeet ♦ 30 mins ago
Some people on mSO seem to want to close a bunch of questions for no reason...
9:08 PM
Random comment time: why are tool recs still off-topic on SO? Given Software Recommendations seems to have done a decent job, why not allow them on SO?
I suppose an argument could be that SR has much more moderation & curation of posts, which is probably valid.
9:26 PM
They covered this on the podcast before, IIRC
It wasn't that they were low quality, they just wanted to focus the questions on programming questions
9:41 PM
But aren't those programming problems too? Especially considering you can reword a lot of tool recs from "What library does this?" to "I have problem X. How can I do this?"
9:59 PM
Q: How to watch anime without wifi?

PrincexTennisIs there any way to watch anime without wifi without downloading them first? I travel a lot and lots of times don't have access to the internet. I am currently watching the Prince of Tennis... This is why this question came to be.

10:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How can I get "dofollow" link in my Stack Overflow Profile? by Payam Khaninejad on meta.stackexchange.com
^ Spam, also wrong since posts are nofollow'ed.
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