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7:04 PM
Wow it's been quiet in here today.
I blame excessive tiredness.
I blame work
and still arguing with my boss because he wants to try and keep me focused on my tasks at hand and not encourage me to attack the problems whole hog because he thinks I lack the skill requisite in completing a task in a timely manner when he's horrid at tacking on stuff while I'm working on it, so he's giving me lots of itty bitty tidbits instead of what he did before where he gave me the vision and empowered me
I saw it on "Rescue Me"
@Fosco it's a really busy day for me :-(
@drachenstern =\
7:14 PM
@drachenstern damn him!
Want me to rough him up for ya? :-D
@mootinator I have those too, but they don't help me fix the fscking problem of him being too anal and not letting me help him help me
but he did, however, ask me last night what he could do to help me finish faster on projects, to which I responded, "more detail in what you're looking for so we don't have to redo things six times", and then after I got home, thought "more big picture as well"
I am really frustrated. I went to lunch, and shortly after leaving my house, the alarm system went off and called me, so right in the middle of ordering my sandwich I had to run home and check. As far as I can tell, it was a false alarm...
oh that does suck
Webcam security system showed no movement, so I think I'm OK
So a little while ago I broke into Josh's house, but I tripped up and triggered the alarm, and just made it out before he got back. I'm going ba...oh, he's still here
7:17 PM
It was weird though as it's rent time again, and it was right after I left my house, and certain people have made it clear they spy on me and know when I leave my house...
@MichaelMrozek Hey, hey. It's not nighttime.
My neighbor tripped the alarm on my house when he went into my garage to shovel my driveway for me one day.
That'll teach him.
Ok, conf call time
@mootinator Your neighbor shovels your driveway? Are you blackmailing him or something?
7:21 PM
my neighbor cuts my grass (since he doesnt have a yard and his dog uses mine)
@MichaelMrozek He was looking after my house while I was away. Had a remote to turn the alarm of and everything, he just didn't think the garage door was connected to the alarm system for some reason, as such he did not turn the alarm off.
What's the rationale for closed questions being listed in /review?
@PopularDemand The list is expensive and is cached, so it takes a little bit for the deleted stuff to get kicked out. It tries to mark what's been deleted with that reddish-coloured title though, as a separate presentation step.
(I think the reasoning is something along those lines)
@TimStone Closed, not deleted. But okay, that's reasonable.
Oh, duh. Sorry.
On another conference call, heh, clearly should learn to read better.
7:27 PM
@mootinator if your neighbor is an ex-military nut job with a camp walk who winks at you ... you should move
I keep dialing into conference calls that nobody else joins. Weird week here.
(Bring on the jokes about how I have no friends and/or been fired and not informed, Office Space -style....)
@PopularDemand yeah, I'm pretty sure it's caching all the way around
@PopularDemand I was trying to work a brothel angle involving conference phone sex ... then that you may be repulsive :P
@PopularDemand The other month we were in a conference call with a company that was implementing our software for this organization...only the organization was supposed to be on the call, since they seemed to think the call was necessary. They were a no-show, we barely said anything and the call was over in 17 minutes.
@AidenBell lmao
@TimStone - thanks for validation
7:32 PM
ok, I should really have already gone to lunch, so I'm gonna do so now ;) ttyl bbiab ... hope I don't strangle my boss on the way out :\
@drachenstern Yeah, I don't recommend that. Have a good lunch.
@badp w As far as I can discern, that's every kitten that ever lived.
@dmckee Hey, we haven't seen you in a while. How goes?
Must... Resist... Posting... Fake... Question...
I think it passed.
7:55 PM
35 seconds from proposal to approval, that's pretty impressive @studiohack :)
@badp Wow
Eh. It's day one of shiny-amazing-mod-powers. I'm not too surprised that he's paying extra-close attention to the site today.
Isn't that one of the mod superpowers, ability to stop time?
8:10 PM
@LasseVKarlsen If it is, I missed out on that bit ;)
I know Jon Skeet has that ability
He slipped at one point and answered a question before it was posted, secret identity poof
@LasseVKarlsen That might be because he rides in on a unicorn.
@badp It's much faster on SO, but SO had a giant squad of people swarming every submission
@badp what is this:
8:16 PM
@MichaelMrozek SO has so many 10kers and 20kers it's cheating
@Trufa it's so I can write "SO has so many 10kers and 20kers it's cheating" instead of "⚠ JOKE ☠ WARNING ☢ JOKE ☣ WARNING ☡ JOKE ⚡ → SO has so many 10kers and 20kers it's cheating ← ⚠ JOKE ☠ WARNING ☢ JOKE ☣ WARNING ☡ JOKE ⚡"
> There's no easy way to say this. We miss your smiling face and we loved it when you would click "open" on our emails. What happened? Was it something we said? This year we're doing everything we can to make sure what we say is relevant to you. In short, we like being your friend. And if you stay connected with CNET, you'll be entered to win an Amazon Kindle -- it's that easy. Keep me connected
Remember: your "friendship" is only meaningful if you don't stick around and you live in the US or in Canada
If you loved me, you'd look at and click all of my ads.
8:20 PM
Since we're friends the "US or Canada" bits had to be hidden in the rules in small grey print.
@badp I ment how did you write there!
@badp but got it now
@Trufa whoops, sorry, glad to help.
@badp hehe! tks
8:36 PM
A: You can gain reputation from edits to tag wikis, although they are not accessible through the API.

Kevin MontroseReputation gains from suggested edits are no longer returned by that route.

I feel like downvoting on one hand, on the other I think that if there was a better solution he would've gone for it
on the third hand, SO Live! wasn't showing reputation gains from suggested edits anyway.
so... oh well.
Hmm, I wonder what'll change in 1.1?
that tweet is all I know about it
@RebeccaChernoff :O
Hopefully people will be less angry about "WHERE ARE THE UPDATES>Z>>!JFLKSDFDIOFJDOI" now, heh.
@PopularDemand Been busy. Teaching this semester. Plus, code-golf is starting and I'm putting some free time to that.
8:44 PM
Yay for code golf!
Oh, I found those leaked documents
WikiLeaks say the StackOverflow API will support in version 1.1 the /oy/ route.
When in doubt, always blame the newest employee.
@mmyers Yes... points finger at Rebecca and winks at Marc
I'm not the newest employee!
8:49 PM
/1.1/oy/search/{term} -- search oy's. Legal values for "term": oy
/1.1/oy/{id}/ -- give info about a specific oy
/1.1/oy/{id}/causes -- list what the oy is replying to
/1.1/oy/{id}/blame -- scientifically determine who is to blame for the specified oy
/1.1/oy/password -- leak a random password
/1.1/oy/oy -- return of the "Sean Connery isn't pleased by your shenanigans" page, appropriately photoshopped
@RebeccaChernoff We have a selective definition of newest.
I've been the "newest" at my job (by one definition or another) for the last year and a half.
We've lost so many people I'm practically a veteran at this point. Which is more than a little worrisome
8:52 PM
(The original "Sean Connery isn't pleased by your shenanigans" picture.)
@ChrisF Hah, that's awesome. Too bad I'm terrible at remembering things like that.
I got 7 out of 8 - with a bit of judicious guessing
Could we make the suggested edit thing expand to people with over 3k? Like, if a 3k+ user feels they need a second opinion, they press a check mark and their edit is put into the queue?
via random clicking
9:04 PM
@TylerChacha 2k?
but I should have got 2/8 really
I got 6/8 somehow, wow.
Interesting anecdote, one of the first times I logged to StackOverflow, I saw a reference in a comment to BrainFuck, I almost flagged it as inappropriate.
I didn't accidentally get any of those 4 at least :)
9:09 PM
@Trufa Fail.
@ChrisJesterYoung yep, in my defense, I had started programming 1 week earlier.
9:25 PM
@MichaelMrozek for some reason I asumed you were over 62, at least
...years old?
watches to see how Michael Mrozek is going to take this
@MichaelMrozek yes!
Close, but no
Hopefully by the time I hit 62 I'm less driven by hate of everything and everyone
@mmyers Same here :\
9:30 PM
Now I'm polling IRC channels to find out if they think I'm 62
I'm going to need to start all online conversations with "I'm not 60, and I'm not a woman"
@MichaelMrozek wait, that's possible? ... >.>
@MichaelMrozek What???? you're not a woman???
@drachenstern I sure hope so
9:32 PM
@MichaelMrozek I guess we can both dream ...
But that name...
You scored 6 out of a possible 8 ~ Not bad, but you're really just another brick in the wall > Wow, I didn't know I was that good at guessing things.
Haha, I don't listen to any of these artists, 2/8, by guessing.
@MichaelMrozek so I would've pegged you around 40 ... lemme guess: 28?
oy, surely I'm not in the top 5 oldest people currently not-ghosting in here?
>! 31
I see the problem. That picture isn't really flattering.
@MichaelMrozek lies!
or damned statistics, one
@mmyers The years haven't been kind to me
So google has an interesting set of things cached from your site
like itext.pdf
Also, when did you put this up mrozekma.com/cole.html ?
9:50 PM
@mmyers Who?
is going to rep-whore, since I need +1 more until I can post my question:
A: IPv4 Integer Conversion Function

ircmaxellMySQL - 20 Characters SELECT INET_ATON(s);

@Moshe The line was "Anyone? Ferris?"
(reason: it sucks I can't create new tags on other sites, even in early beta, because I don't have enough rep there)...
9:54 PM
@mmyers Ah, ok.
Thank you much
@Moshe Hey
@Fosco - Just added your UDID.
What happened with your device in the end?
I think you need to register the device with TestFlight by logging in with your iPad.
I'm upgraded to 4.2.1, no more jailbreak.
i'll register with testflight
Thank you.
@Zypher - I'm trying a new distro method.
@Fosco - I just pushed the first version to TestFlight. Nice!
10:05 PM
Great! I haven't used them before, I wonder how it works. Trying it myself...
Sweet, it worked!
Dumb question: On StackExchange's chat, can moderators directly suspend you, or does it have to be put up to a flag vote?
Works good, stopping for dinner now..
They can. who did you piss off?
@drachenstern I mentioned cake on Gaming's chat and got suspended across all chat.stackexchange.com's chatrooms by Oak
10:10 PM
@Fosco Great. Keep me posted on your feedback.
how did you mention cake?
Were you warned ahead of time or was there a sticky asking you not to?
"My election platform is free cake for everyone who votes for me!" "Of course, you all know what they say about cake and video games..."
And no, I wasn't warned in advance.
@RBemrose The cake is a lie?
I don't know what they say about cake and video games
10:13 PM
@Moshe Exactly!
I also don't know why you don't have linked accounts across all the sites, with a 700+ rep on MSO
that seems ... backwards to me for a java programmer.
but then again, you do write Java so ...
@RBemrose So why would you get banned for referencing a videogame? I find it quite clever.
@drachenstern I'll have to fix that at some point
A simple MSO post with each ID and an update to the profee on each would be sufficient.
@Moshe Context, I think.
10:14 PM
@drachenstern It's a reference to "Prtal"
@BrantBobby Still, don't see reason for a ban.
@moshe cool i'll take a look when i get a chance
@Moshe here's a quarter, go buy yourself a clue. I can't read his mind, and don't know what he is implying about gamers and cake (think "overweight and mom's basement") so wanted to ask for clarification.
Me either, just pasting a link.
@Zypher Sure, I'd prefer that as the distro method as it's easier for me.
Everyone knows about Portal tho
10:15 PM
@drachenstern heh.
It's weird, my accounts are associated at Meta, so I dunno why my chat.meta account's not showing them.
@drachenstern I could use a few thousand quarters though I'd like to rent some camcorders.
Someone mentioned a suspension?
@Oak Yes, yes I did.
@drachenstern Ah, it was a spoiler apparently.
10:16 PM
@Oak questioned the fairness of it was all
@RBemrose no no, it's my fault somehow ... I swear it said "no linked accounts" and not "here's 10 linked accounts" ... grrr
Well, I didn't suspend anyone in chat, ever - certainly not recently.
Maybe I did something in mistake - if that is the case, I apologize
Could someone elaborate on what happened?
Because I don't even know who was suspended...
@Oak the transcript shows that he made a reference to cake, there was a reference to your asking not to discuss portal secrets for non-gamers sake, and then the next he knew he was banned
that's the very short of it as I understand it atm ... I am, however, waiting on confirmation and further clarification
@Oak I'm not sure about the context, but... :P
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 mins ago, by Grace Note
I guess that confirms that... @Oak, I guess you can skip off the message you'll get in about... 10 minutes
@Oak Powerlord/R. Bemrose, apparently.
10:19 PM
@mmyers For clarification, I use a different name on SO/Meta than I do on Gaming/Boardgames despite the accounts being linked.
@RBemrose it looks like your post was flagged enough times to be removed
Oh yes I definitely hate spoilers
Ah, now we get to the bottom of it
a flag ban... that's totally different
now Powerlord knows different
Hah, cake is offensive on Gaming meta.
10:20 PM
But what he said isn't a spoiler... and anyone I would have privately contacted someone before suspension
(which I didn't)
I don't even know how to suspend in chat...
OK then, which post was flagged?
Ahhh... a flag ban happens instantly and automatically, so that would explain it if true.
@RBemrose I don't know, chat tells me there's one flagged message to be reviewed but doesn't show me what is it
@badp I noticed that too, but the room with the blue box is game dev.
10:21 PM
@mmyers Perhaps someone asked about programing fake cakes.
@mmyers oh, okay. I guess it still is a plausible explanation
So one click of the flag button from a mod means a 30 mins ban?
Yes, but you get a warning.
And anyway @RBemrose I'm sorry for any confusion. I wouldn't have banned anyone, especially not you, without discussion. Cya!
"Since you're a moderator, your flag is binding."
To the WOB!
10:23 PM
Suspension is up now anyway.
I couldn't clear it manually.
> It's radp's fault!
@mmyers I still don't get a textbox on Chat.StackExchange, even when reloading.
Unfortunately, I have no idea who this radp person is.
@TimStone Nor do I.
@badp I'll file a bug report with the Department of Blame.
10:26 PM
@drachenstern It was just slow bringing it back... I have it back now
Ahh good at that then.
back to work ... hopefully I'll have this figured out tonight
yro.slashdot.org/story/11/02/03/2116249/… < and to think, I used to live in that town ...
10:45 PM
Q: How can I write CSS with jQuery (or JS) to apply to current and future matches?

JakeI want to dynamically set the height of an element .selected based on the screen height. $('.selected').css('height', height); and $('.selected').height(height); work but when another element becomes .selected it doesn't get affected by this rule. What I really want to do is something like this:...

mm, duplicate...I'll look up the original in a bit.
11:00 PM
ok, I think I just got hit by something I've seen complained about on MSO before... that was ... forceful
notice the URL
Q: Is it possible to return the iPhone to its very original factory state?

PhillipBack to the screen that asks for SIM insertion and iTunes connection on background. Is it?

now click it
What about it?
that it redirects to apple
I've seen people complain about it, my first time hitting it, that was a bit rough
Not the link you posted here, actually.
as in "totally unexpected"
@mmyers it does for me :(
You're 10k aren't you?
I didn't realize it depended on rep, but yes.
I just migrated it.
11:03 PM
I don't know if it does
I just think that it might
@mootinator click that link, where do you go?
@TimStone ... you too pretty please
Yeah, it redirects. [status-bydesign]
Yes status-by-design, I knew that
So on 10k it doesn't
Marc Gravell says it's a diamond thing.
Oh I didn't realize you were a diamond on SO for sure, there you go then
Yeah, that makes more sense. I knew the auto-redirect bugged Pekka, and he has tons of reps (but no diamond).
11:15 PM
It was my first occurrence of it. I wasn't expecting it. Now it makes sense what they were saying.
11:31 PM
I think I asked this earlier, but is it possible to find out what post in chat was flagged?
Sigh, I wish Eclipse when extracting interfaces also extracted inherited methods
especially because extending interfaces doesn't really work too well
@badp I tend to write my interfaces first, just to avoid that sort of problem.
11:59 PM
Why? Oh, why does the order of my windows differ when they're grouped together on the taskbar versus when they are not?

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