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10:07 PM
I was hoping there was a way to get at it at the level that the userscript runs initially, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
@TimStone rats. Maybe a full SO question is in order
"How can I hack the chat better?"
Hahah, I'm sure they'd love you for that. :P
Well at least for most it won't be too difficult to find the cookie
We can always make a better interface later
trying to make the XMPP room user list show SO chat users... all the code's there but it has no effect whatsoever! grumble
@TheUnhandledException Can you even ask the server for all of the users?
@TimStone There's an interface to get ball the users currently in the room. I'm not using that (yet)
Then, there's a list of all recent events, which includes "message sent", "edit sent", "user entered room" and "user left room", etc
10:16 PM
Right, right.
So, I am polling that feed, and when users enter creating an SOXMPPUserEnteredRoom object which I dispatch t my SOCMPP_ChatRoom object
that in turn creates an XMPP object to represent the new user, and tries to tell all XMPP users there's a new chat member
I think that last part is what's broken. This was a bitch to get working when I tried to join a room myself, and I really don't understand what I'm doing very well :-)
Ah ha
I mean this was the example code (from a very very basic MUD example) I am using:
      # Broadcast availability presence to enterer
      unless t.presence.nil?
        puts "Broadcast availability presence to enterer for #{t}"
        pres = Jabber::Presence.import(t.presence)
        pres.to = thing.jid
        puts "  send(#{t.iname}, #{pres})"
        send(t.iname, pres)

      # Broadcast availability presence to all who are here
      unless thing.presence.nil?
        puts "Broadcast availability presence to all who are here"
        pres = Jabber::Presence.import(thing.presence)
Confusing as all hell :-)
Heheh, but fun right? ;)
yes, definitely fun :-)
Ah ha, it's not dispatching the join event because the join event doesn't know what domain name it's from
10:41 PM
send(thing.inane, pres)
oh, right.
11:01 PM
Achem, got disconnected
Was saying, the user list now shows users in the room!
it shows drachenstern
does it show me????
Now it does, now that you entered!
want me to leave and come back?
That's so sweet!
haha, no, you're already here. Screenshot:
and tada
11:08 PM
I want @Tim to leave and come back :-)
Like that? :P
@TheUnhandledException it's supposed to show the SO users vs the XMPP users with different icons...
Hm, @Tim, my XMPP brige doesn't like you...
that's a pretty nice screesnshot
11:09 PM
yes it does, it's just... not sure what order events should happen in :-)
when will you put in pinned messages?
@TheUnhandledException Ah, whew. I was gonna say.. :P
Thanks, socks
11:11 PM
@TheUnhandledException Anytime.
OK I'm happy now
@drachenstern You mean, show pinned messages via XMPP?
in da room, yasure
I have no idea how to handle that via XMPP right now
I'm open to suggestions :-)
I have no clue what the arch is, what events you can work with
you are way further ahead than I am ;)
@drachenstern It's pretty basic. Different rooms, users in the room, mods in the room, and messages
I could have a fake user (bot) in the room called "stars", which has when you get it's profile all starred messages...
or I could have it broadcast all starred messages to you when you log in to a room
But for now, most really cool chat features are only available in chat, like stars, editing, replying, etc
@TimStone and @drachenstern I hope you don't mind being featured in
A: Offer an XMPP method for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionUPDATE 2010-11-14: My XMPP Bridge now has write support, albeit very crudely built. In addition, I just got the user list partially working, rich text messages now work almost flawlessly and the code is fairly stable. It was running for almosta whole week, 24 hours a day last week. (I forgot what...

11:18 PM
Not at all
(same screenshot which was posted here)
I'm used to people talking about me, it's cool ;) Hahah but no, I don't mind. :)
And me@ put me in there too!!!
@JoshsSocks: Would you please shut up??
"Last seen 2 minutes ago playing Xbox.com"
11:20 PM
@TheUnhandledException You're always so mean to me... :'(
I sense a sockpuppet
I wasn't aware that registering on the site was considered playing, but what do I know?
@drachenstern Who? Me?
@JoshsSocks you worked hard today. Go play in the dryer...
YEY!!!I love that, it's like my own amusement park!!!!
11:22 PM
...crazy-ass sock... :-p
Oops, looks like I have more work to do, he still shows as active in the XMPP interface. Oh well, I'm satisfied with my work for the day :-)
@TimStone LOL. How exactly do you play xbox.com anyway? :-)
Apparently by filling in fields. ;)
Oh that's so much fun!!!
Hm, now I'm going to have to replay all my games though, since I never created an Xbox Live profile on my other Xbox on account of them not allowing you to port over your stats from the on-console profile..
I've been wasting all my playtime with video games, but filling in form fields instead? Sign me up for that! ;-)
Which means replaying F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2... shudders
11:25 PM
Games don't normally get to me, but those two....they're just too messed up. :P
Well I'm off to make some food. I'll catch you later @Tim and @drachenstern! @rchern if you're around, check out the new XMPP improvements :-)
I made the mistake of looking at a guide for a level in the second one and found out what happens at the end of the game before getting there, and had a hard time convincing myself to continue playing to allow said events to unfold, heh.
And kudos on the XMPP improvements claps
Haha, thanks!
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