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@nicael hax!
Low Quality Q (100%): Language translation from english to kurdish, by Jarry Jon, on mathoverflow.net.
@Pham We had a similar question yesterday on MSE ....
That is still there...
yep, same was there yesterday
1:21 PM
who upvoted that? It has a +1 ....
@rene it doesn't...
@nicael The MSE one has a +1
On math I can't see vote counts
1:40 PM
@rene I thought you were talking about SO spam... Yes, MSE one has +1 and on Math it doesn't...
@TGMCians fix it
@Unihedron you mean answer .. how can i edit other guy answers ?
@TGMCians with the edit button
Look at the article, edit in the essential parts and make the answer an answer
ok doing
I looked at the article, it is really nice
1:49 PM
When you see a upvoted link-only answer that seems like it's useful, consider fixing it instead of getting rid of it
both educates the poster if they revisit, and fixing it allows it to be useful in case another person reads the thread again
ok i'll do same
unless it's unsalvageable, then just flag it.
10x 2 u 2
but i will after the dinner.
1:51 PM
A: Isn't this answer link-only?

George StockerWhen you flagged it, what action would you have us take? Delete it? No. It conveys useful information (both of those links work and the first one is Gold). Edit it to include the code to solve the issue? There are 16 moderators. Why is the onus on the moderator to edit a post that you can ed...

^for you @TGMCians
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks, bookmarked it in case I need to refer to it for another user. ;)
@InfiniteRecursion ah ok
Meh, just tell them to ignore link-only's @uni, too much confusion ;)
> Previously, previously, (previously x 13), previously.
My favourite part...
Edit those 16 links, now! :p
1:59 PM
/me goes on answer-repair spree
Be ready for OP's to fight back with you. I have salvaged many from the tavern itself, it never ends well.
who killed Kenny?
don't look at me like that @inf
The general signal that goes out is that linkeys are acceptable, just like other forums.
glares at @cVplZ
@InfiniteRecursion this made me laugh, not a fake star
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
this is a very beautiful language, lots of curves
3:30 PM
Low Quality A (31.7%): "DP" idiots okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..., by Kevin Saquilon, on english.stackexchange.com.
^flagged as offensive
@Pham byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye
Oct 29 at 12:14, by Sam
@cVplZ You don't need to reply to Pham's reports.
@cVplZ Oh well. I just did. :P
And apparently you didn't get the joke. ;) (okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye)
pham wasn't programmed to be social
3:43 PM
@hichris123 We don't do humor here
@rene >:(
Here come the stars, again...
inb4 starsplosion
The only social bot is hismokey123◆
is he social?
Caprica 6 is social
3:49 PM
JavaBot is social.
Is that a cap clone?
Are you saving stars for your retirement too @Sam?
The first Stack Snippet I've written! :) meta.stackexchange.com/q/243259/266094
@InfiniteRecursion FOX 9000
@JanDvorak no, cap is written in JS, JavaBot is written in JAVA
3:50 PM
@InfiniteRecursion @sam's in retirement, look at his hair
@cVplZ there is none
My GoD, it's FULL OF STARS!!!
GoD = Game of ... Darts?
After many days, so many stars :)
3:51 PM
Tavern was starting to look dull
Yeah, take that @Bart! :D
I thought we didn't do stars humor here.
I wonder if if I start correcting people's grammar, the stars will go away.
@JanDvorak Don't you... dare!!
3:54 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I'm just waiting for an opportune time to start starring everything when no one's looking ;)
^grammar nazi
oh. wait. I'm not supposed to.
neither am I
But... it's so tempting...
> Ask Google Jan for suggestions
3:57 PM
Bart is far better than me at keeping silent, I have to try harder :/
Oh wait, they're not even here...
I mean in general, he keeps more silent than me...far far better than me in keeping silent
... Even more silent than silentkiller?
SilentKiller isn't silent. He kills those who are.
@JanDvorak that's what I always assumed
4:06 PM
Pham now has 2.3K pings.
> You have fully used your vote allowance for today
@Unihedron At least you've still got stars...
no... that's the message I get when I try to star..
Deputy badge on English.SE!
4:10 PM
@Unihedron bug report <^>
@cVplZ <*>
4:15 PM
@Unihedron would you mind if I edited your Stack Snippets to be... smaller?
@hichris123 oh?
4:17 PM
S S $ $
two strikes doesn't like two underscores with a space in between.. weird
_ _
4:19 PM
( o ) ( o )
@Unihedron Like just the 2 messages in context of the link, instead of the whole conversation? (message before, GH link, message after)
@cVplZ tied fighters?
@hichris123 Actually, I carefully placed just as many messages as possible before hitting the 30k char cap though. :P
4:20 PM
@JanDvorak looks like bunkbeds
@Unihedron It's... super annoying though.
@Unihedron but with only 1 bed
| v v v |
@hichris123 o_O
@Unihedron Welp, I'm editing. :P
4:22 PM
Eh, I suppose you could, but then there would be space remaining, which would propel me to write a version for GitHub repositories as well :(
@Unihedron s/propel/compel
@hichris123 Welp, you broke the second, i'm rolling back. :P
@Unihedron nah, just gimme a min.
4:25 PM
a wild "rollback" button has appeared!
^no answerer likes it when an editor tries to salvage their answer
no matter how annoying their answers are
@hichris123 You have (edit timestamp + grace period) - now seconds left...
@Unihedron fixed
cool :P
4:27 PM
Wats wrong with the owl? Did it fall on it's head today?
Maybe it just did some javascripting :P
Grr couldn't get that in the grace period.
@InfiniteRecursion *its
also, no
4:29 PM
another wild rollback button has appeared!
Oct 30 at 5:20, by Unihedron
Like all Javascripters.
are you no fan of struck glyphs?
@InfiniteRecursion that's offensive
@JanDvorak messages can be offensive, quotes shouldn't be offensive
If you want to see the bonus context: meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/243259/2Unihedron 38 secs ago
@Unihedron but inf uses quotes for messages
@cVplZ so inf cannot be offensive
4:31 PM
@JanDvorak Its totally teh right usages! I ain't gots no problems with thar sentence!
sarcasm detected
@JanDvorak wrong
duck gone
@hichris123 right...
@cVplZ nooz! #saveourducks
; ;
4:34 PM
@cVplZ :wants to ping:
4:56 PM
or vlq?
Please flag, if anyone finds it offensive. Interesting that it isn't offensive to call other users dick/bitch when they ping #uni, at that time where do the manners disappear?
Anyways, continue your decent conversations, sorry for the interruption.
There have been no decent conversations recently
I'm bored.
Aha! I'm back. Time to have a decent conversation...
@hichris123 What of?
5:09 PM
hi bored im tired
@Frank I have nothing to do...
@Unihedron I'm happy and refreshed.
@hichris123 That would be... your own fault.
@Unihedron Hi tired, I'm (apparently) bald.
@Unihedron I edited your GL q, if you don't mind.
@Inf s/birds/ducks xkcd.com/1434
@Frank I want something to do. Ideas?
5:12 PM
@hichris123 write a userscript for this and post it as an answer
@hichris123 Go find a girlfriend - not online?
Time will pass.
@Frank Well then.
@hichris123 :D
@Frank Thanks!
@Unihedron Nah. I don't know how to do userscripts.
@Frank At least I'm not bored enough like that one gal who posted the mSE question...
5:14 PM
@hichris123 Then... answer some questions! You need repz!
@hichris123 Didn't see it.
Oh, I got a downvote. Nice.
Q: In a string of comments, including junk, should I flag the individual comments, or leave a custom flag on the post?

FrankA moderator on GL made a meta post about flagging comments. The part of it I'm questioning is: If there are more than one comments that should be removed, don't flag them individually because that can make it difficult to see what's what. When viewing a post, moderators see an overlay with th...

I think I know the culprit.
Aha! seen recently and has voted today, and I pinged him in GL chat about the post. frown
@Frank What's wrong with downvoting?
@Unihedron Nothing. I think he felt I was 'attacking' him, pretty sure.
@hichris123 Oh, that's old. I did flag that.
5:18 PM
@Frank At least I'm not that bored. :P
@hichris123 Yea, definitely a plus. ;)
looks for a good Chrome bug
@hichris123 Haha, do you have a link?
... wow, the answer...
5:22 PM
@Doorknob hey, it's telkitty...
@hichris123 Where?
Oh, in the a?
doesn't have priv to see deleted posts
that one.
maybe I won't onebox it. :P
@JasonC What about it?
5:26 PM
Nice xkcd @hichris123, thanks :)
@InfiniteRecursion :)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I HAVE PROBLEM KALI LUINX by Yosif Hari on security.stackexchange.com
/me is in 11 chat rooms
Whenever I notice that my badges count are all even numbers / odd numbers, my overall happiness increases by 124%.
@Frank 11 (MSE) + 14 (SO) for me...
@Unihedron Inverted colors are so ugly.
5:32 PM
Question: If many of your area51 proposals are closed, will that give you a ban from proposing more?
I'm the owner of a room that was spoken last in 942 days ago.
@Frank Frozen rooms are so boring.
@Unihedron I wish I could remove them from my chat profile...
Don't let them die on the first place..
Cool, I own Sandbox.
@Unihedron They were discussions between/rooms for...
5:35 PM
@Frank ... I don't think you can own Discussions between... rooms, feeds does, and he's greedy
@Unihedron Oh yeah, they're all room for....
5:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMA/WRESTLING DUMMY HELP by bil vah on martialarts.stackexchange.com
6:12 PM
@Unihedron Could you look at the devdoodle pull reqs and make sure I didn't make bugs?
@bjb568 Sure, how can I do it on an Android?
@Unihedron … is there node for android? :P
I'll check it out...
Probably not.
You could still look at the code on github.
A: Make bounty award color blue in summary tab

Infinite RecursionI agree. Blue would be more meaningful than green. It will make the UI more consistent, because it appears blue in the full reputation tab of the profile and green in the recent rep summary at present. This has been reported by others in the past as well. Please make it blue!

Upvote Inf, faster!!!
The more up votes Inf receive, the more seriously will be my request taken.
6:25 PM
The code is smaller than my keys!
@Unihedron :eek:
You could just wait until you get on a computer.
@nicael Upvote MEEEEEEEE
ok :)
wonders who wins the 500 rep bounty
@Unihedron u want?
post answer, get an opportunity :)
6:32 PM
@nicael i want
If I really wanted it I'd write a userscript that does this, way more value-worthy :)
u make it sound like a raffle event @nicael :)
Enter answer with opinion for a chance of bounty!!
@Unihedron bounty is lottery!!! pay with upvote, get bounty if lucky!!! :D
I upvoted long ago.
wonders whether to code an amazing userscrupt to sabotage the lottery
@Unihedron Looks like some time ago you wanted to become a SE employee... ;) no longer? You'll get this bounty 100%.
6:40 PM
I upvoted back in oct:
Hey, votes are PRI-VATE!!! You are breaking SE policy!!! :D
/me walks away slowly
Yay, two rep points!
@Unihedron That was me.
... I did today
7:03 PM
Any bounty wanters :), please see. Your opinions?
wants to win a bounty
wants zeh repz
to haz teh bitchez
A: How to get attention to a post on a child meta site

FrankBecause you cannot start a bounty on a child meta, You will be limited in your ability to draw attention to that post. If it's an old post and you own it and/or have enough rep on the main site (2,000 for a graduated site, 1,000 for a beta, iirc), you can edit the post to bump it to the top of th...

^me being boring...
good answer
7:28 PM
quiet here, no one has anything to say...
7:32 PM
There are 60 character strings that can be formed by permuting the letters in the word HELLO.
‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮
‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮
‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮
‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮
D: ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ ‮ʞuɐɹℲ is coming!!!!!!
7:48 PM
@nicael My blank character is better, as it takes 0 space.
@nicael Better. :)
@bjb568 :O Glasses? Eaten?
@nicael That's not me.
7:57 PM
That's his girlfriend.
@bjb568 Be gentlecat, give her your glasses :P
Good idea.
I'll give her some glasses for christmas.
@Inf Welcome back, Mr Anderson.
Thanks dear sock :)
8:03 PM
@InfiniteRecursion shit :D
So why is Mr Anderson here today? I was looking all around for my favorite sock...I want blue I want blue I want blue :D
@InfiniteRecursion oh wait. u no haz rait plei mai wordzzzz!!!!!!!!!
I almost flagged that bounty message...but stopped short before submitting it because blue is my favorite color irl
@InfiniteRecursion What bounty message?...
The first time you bountied that post, it said I WANT BLUE I WANT BLUE I WANT BLUE
8:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion wants to edit bounty message
This is the second bounty, it's better this time Mr Anderson
@InfiniteRecursion you're Mr Anderson, not me!!! Stop confusing things!!!
We are Mr.Anderson, dear sock.
Everyone in the tavern is thinking - who is Mr Anderson?!? :P
@bjb568 She is so pretty, a star for her
@InfiniteRecursion Ah, She is star....
Oops, I finished my stars :( Will star later
@nicael Star it Star it Star it Star it
8:18 PM
@InfiniteRecursion But wait, look at starry wall... pick one.
@SmokeDetector It should be programmed to convert those titles to lowercase... Suggest edits.
@nicael Who stars shit? :/
@InfiniteRecursion ask shitstarers.
8:21 PM
@nicael Submit a FR on Github
now I understand how much is star function misused :D
@nicael Yes, always
@InfiniteRecursion Note that due to caching, this advice maybe invalid.
@hichris123 I doubt the feasibilty aspect as well, but it is a good idea, so I added it.
Blame nicael ;)
8:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PROBLEMAS COM HTML E CSS NO WORDPRESS by Marco Vinicius Cuchiaro on pt.stackoverflow.com
A: HTML Page can't find the images

oguzis write read file is true? look at CHMOD settings.

should be nuked.
9:28 PM
One more CV to go...
9:46 PM
Got one for you guys too: stackoverflow.com/a/26821991/993547
Found strange thing with this user. Why it is shows that he is member for 3 years if his network rep graph and activity starts at Dec 18, 2013? He is member for 11 months then...

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