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2:06 PM
Morning everyone!
Or afternoon/evening/whatever it is at your locale...
so, all updates have been done on what i refer to as the bad-server. and my code still gives me the middle finger
@rchern :-( Sorry to hear that
Same error?
waffles answered, but i'm trying to figure out what he means and how to do it hehe
LOL. Sorry I can't be of more help...
My helper script is the best I can do. Again, you're more than welcome to use it in the meantime!
Should be pretty simple
my worst-case next step is saving the favicons to file and trying to load those.
2:21 PM
That sounds like a good plan
@SergioTapia I'm not sure how that is different from a tinyurl, saying "check that out yo" and linking to a page saying "check that out yo" to a third, different page
What do you mean?
lol linked to the forum, not the blog
well whatever, check it out! :D
I think the etymology of the symbol 'UTC' is examplary for everything that is broken about our timezone system. http://j.mp/aY9QtN
I miss working with .NET :(
2:32 PM
@radp Ha!
I wondered if we could just all use the same time with no shift.
I mean, we don't use a month shift for Northern/Southern hemispheres.
It's frigid in February here in North America, but sweating hot in Australia. Still February.
anyone know how fast you have to go to stay in constant sunlight? like flying and having the sun trail 2km. behind you?
@rchern Thsi is for you
@radp HA! I love it
@SergioTapia Should be equal to the rotational speed of the Earth
Depends on latitude
@spoulson That would redefine the words 'day' and 'night'
2:39 PM
@SergioTapia I believe at the equator that's around 1000 M/H. But I am completly guessing
@radp lol
Earth's rotation is the rotation of the solid Earth around its own axis. The Earth rotates towards the east. As viewed from the North Star Polaris, the Earth turns counter-clockwise. Rotation period Earth's rotation period relative to the Sun (true noon to true noon) is its true solar day or apparent solar day. It is the derivative of the equation of time and thus depends on the eccentricity of Earth's orbit and the tilt (obliquity) of Earth's axis. Both vary over thousands of years so the annual variation of the true solar day also varies. Generally, it is longer than the mean so...
So I'd need to go 1003mph to keep ahead of the sun.
> Multiplying the value in rad/s by Earth's equatorial radius of 6,378,137 m (WGS84 ellipsoid) (factors of 2π radians needed by both cancel) yields an equatorial speed of 465.1 m/s, 1,674.4 km/h or 1,040.4 mi/h
@SergioTapia 1,041 mph
@JohntheSeagull It's all relative anyway. It's not like timezone boundaries are set on fixed longitude.
2:41 PM
I wasn't too far off :-)
@spoulson I said that last time time zones came up and the general reaction was that I was completely mad
So I'd go 1042 mph. :D
@MichaelMrozek Then that makes two.
@SergioTapia But again, it depends on latitude! At the North Pole, during the summer (correct?) the sun is always up
2:42 PM
So you'd have to go 0mph at the pole @SergioTapia ;-)
yeah, poles have months of sunlight
Or at infinite if you are on the wrong pole
anybody know if Electorate is awarded instantly or is it a delayed script?
@rchern Instantly
for me it was anyway
Ok. Back to work for me!
2:44 PM
@spoulson It is all relative indeed, but timezone boundaries are set politically rather than geographically, they make some sense.
Good luck with your ico s @rchern. I'll check back later and see if you've had a breakthrough! :-)
Japan is asleep right now
@SergioTapia No they're not, unless you believe programmers sleep at 11. We all know programmers do not sleep until 3am in the morning
Usually because of the high concentration of caffeine in the blood
caffeine is overrated
are you implying all japanese people are programmers? ;D
2:46 PM
Yeah, that confused me considerably
@YiJiang Yeah... it's bad to let too much blood get in your caffeine vessels. Wait, what?
Perhaps @Sergio is referring to
JapanPro, Tokyo, Japan
93 2
Coffee was heaven until it started raping my head and giving me headaches.
Now tea quenches me with not headaches
2:48 PM
I replace coffee with a long shower early in the morning <_<
(and sleeping while commuting if reqd)
@JohntheSeagull if I'm feeling masochist, maybe
i would never sleep in public transportation
too many weirdos D:
a long hot shower makes does not wake me up, but the opposite
makes ya sleepy?
2:50 PM
@SergioTapia yeah, like those weirdos who sleep in public transportation
@JohntheSeagull well, you have to stand up and the hot water kinda helps you soothe the pain of waking up. Eventually you wake up and start actually cleaning up.
who showers laying down on the shower floor?
@JohntheSeagull I do. Unfortunately I also drool when I sleep. Which can get weird on the bus.
Finally you are awake enough to feel bad for Africa, but then it's too late.
anyone see Get Him to The Greek?
"Do you know the lyrics to African Child?"
"No, I just play the drums and put on an Africa face."
2:52 PM
@SergioTapia did, I'd presume
go see it, it's funny
i bought myself an xbox after the one i bought in 2006 RRoD on me two years ago. what cool games have I missed that I should buy?
I thought starring was there to replace lines like ":D", "+1", "lol", "ha!" and the such, btw..
Sad, very ironic story...
> Segway Owner Dies in Segway Crash
2:56 PM
@radp We have too few votes. Also, for things not worthy of an entire star, well +0.5 or +0.25 star will have to do
@radp Sometimes you just deserve an upvote.
Can someone please read these comments and tell me if I am being an idiot?
A: What do I do when SO and SE are disfunctional and legitimate questions get terminated no matter what?

Joris MeysIf you checked that it wasn't asked before thought about the question and its relevance for the SO community added some own effort in the form of code, examples and/or links really really want to know this and not just suck out a question to get some reputation then you should mark that kind...

That said, I will immediately cease to upvote any of your messages, posts, comments, and whatever other content you may produce.
@Diago tbh I just don't see the point of CW mode anymore
I use it for those times when I feel like I don't deserve any reputation for what I'm writing
@Diago He's saying he doesn't see the point of CW if not for this, which I somewhat agree with; I don't know what the legitimate use of CW is anymore
3:01 PM
Thanks. I am being an idiot then. Will clean up comments and revert.
@Diago I agree CW is not a way to get subjective questions on the system
because they're often bad, CW or not CW
@radp Thanks. The point I was trying to make all along. But anyway. Moving on...
@radp My Gaming question asking for a list of all items that can be sold to certain NPCs for more caps than you'd get at a regular merchant.
Maybe I know most of them but I don't own a particular DLC; someone else can fill those in, if it's CW.
3:03 PM
A: Handling game recommendations - how can we solve these two problems of quality?

badpI have developed my new position on this topic on chat and it's high time I do it here. A game recommendation answer must link to a webpage that does the actual listing of games. Why don't we keep lists up to date here? Because it is a bad idea. Every edit pollutes the homepage, stealing visibi...

@PopularDemand Caps.. that's Fallout 3, isn't it?
HA HA HA HA he he he he ho ho ho ho ... ha...
We hate list questions :)
Still objective, with a finite number of answers.
@YiJiang Yes.
@PopularDemand Well, you wouldn't have one answer per item still.
3:04 PM
@radp Of course not. One big community-edited superanswer is always the way to go with these things.
See also the list of evil SO clones. And the list of non-evil ones, for that matter.
@PopularDemand Yeah, but there's a big problem with that generally speaking.
It is probably fine with MSO, mind you
but generally speaking, if your list needs much maintaining I disagree it should stay on SE
@Diago So should I still be looking for examples here, or what?
@radp What if it doesn't need maintaining?
(Wow, I never thought I'd end up on the pro-list side of an SE debate.)
@PopularDemand To be honest this whole discussion started badly, I linked to something that really wasn't relevant on the topic at hand. I'm sorry.
We need more laughing in here..
@PopularDemand I guess that would be a kinda okay use of CW
3:08 PM
@radp Honestly, I didn't even click on that onebox; based on the title I didn't think you meant for it to be part of the same discussion.
We should all end our messages with "lol" lol
@PopularDemand btw I'm also on the pro-list side here. I want list questions to be objective, answerable and allowed. The only way is to do so is to not vote on single items. (The alternative there was to just ban 'em completely.)
@PopularDemand Actually that doesn't sound too bad as a question, I mean, I've never tried to find an econ exploit like that in FO. lol (retroactively applied)
K? lol
@Chacha102 LOL! lol. lol?
3:10 PM
@TheUnhandledException You're getting it! lol
@Chacha102 Sadly I now need to return to work again, which means less laughing, more coding. I'll bring the lols when I return
@TheUnhandledException Have fun
@PopularDemand My idea is that if we were interested in maintaining collections of facts, we'd be editing on Wikipedia, not answering on SE
(contributing to @Chacha102)
I don't know.. I mean, spamming lols doesn't really make this feel more light hearted
We'd have to go all the way with the txtspeak
3:14 PM
@Chacha102 I brought the lulz before I started talking business ;)
Let's go ahead and not do that
lke dis, ya now, wee shuld tttaly spk lke dis!!11!!elevenlolz
Or maybe not
Even on Programmers SE?
Q: WTF moments in Python programming

OTZWhen did you think 'WTF?' in learning or experimenting with Python.

I thought WTF when I read that question. I was coincidentally programming some Python. Does that count as an answer?
@PopularDemand I think that's a bad question. And anyway, don't we already have the "Strangest language features" thread which would qualify as an language agnostic version of this?.
3:17 PM
Eh. I'm inclined to reopen because Prog SE is still in beta/definition phase. Though I don't expect it to stay open for long if it does get reopened, at this rate.
@PopularDemand Also, isn't there a question on Meta opened for this already?
Yeah, it's the one Diago was commenting on (but not to the OP); that's how I found it.
in Chat feedback, 39 secs ago, by The Unhandled Exception
Chat Feature Request: The ability to use Markdown in the "About Me" section of your profile
Is posting in Chat Feedback enough for a feature request or should I ask on MSO also?
@PopularDemand If you take it in the context though, he was posting a string of questions in the same format on SO, which is quite annoying to most.
@TheUnhandledException Post it on MSO so I can downvote you
3:21 PM
@Chacha102 Doing so now :-)
@Chacha102 But why? I so want to stick a lolcat into that tiny space
@YiJiang Hey, if I saw that on SO -- and had 1200 more rep -- I'd be the first to close.
Ha, I'm golden! My day is complete!
@Chacha102 Reticulating Freehand Circles to mitigate your downvote; please stand by...
Guess I can stop trying to earn Fanatic, now.
@TheUnhandledException No good unless you work in at least one of the following two words: "reticulating" "splines"
@PopularDemand Thanks. Corrected.
3:26 PM
@TheUnhandledException Ahhhh, much better.
Yet another 5k rep idea
So, my class is watching Absence of Malice
A: Cross-posting on Area 51 sites

radpIdea: If you have {x} rep (500?) on the source site and 5k rep on the destination site (rationale: you need to be truly sure the question belongs there; 2k rep beyond close voting access sounds reasonable for this), you can nominate a question for cross posting. This appears on the destination s...

or something like that
and in it a character has an alibi that she wont tell till the end of the movie
the teacher says if anyone can guess what it is, they'd get candy
Wikipedia FTW
I like butterfingers..
3:28 PM
Can't you downvote a chat?
@Chacha102 You want us to cheat for you for Butterfingers?
btw is the webappspocalypse today or tomorrow?
3:29 PM
Gunman on my campus, classes canceled for the day
This is crazy
@PopularDemand No, I used Wikipedia to find the answer
@NullUserException Did you implement a phone/text notification system after VTech?
@Chacha102 Oh, well, that's okay, then.
@PopularDemand Yes, I got the text
Q: Chat Feature Request: Ability to use Markdown in "About Me"

The Unhandled ExceptionCan we have the ability to use Markdown in the "About" section of our Chat Profile?

Downvote away!
3:31 PM
Apparently only the gunman is dead from a self-inflicted wound
@NullUserException wow, "enjoy!"
dude was armed with an AK-47
too much Urban Terror
Translation for the graphically impaired: "If you see someone drowning LOL"
3:33 PM
@JohntheSeagull Oh dear... I'm graphically impaired...
@Fosco LOL!
Anyone here read Hacker News?
@Chacha102 crickets
you all suck...
@Fosco On the drowning topic, someone drowning typically does not throw their arms in the air. mariovittone.com/2010/05/154
They typically don't even make a peep.
3:41 PM
true, true..
And they don't LOL, either
maybe their mean friends do
@spoulson I think that's instruction for the people on the shore
LOL first, then call 911
@YiJiang to laugh at drowning victims?
you're fully trained!
^ it works if you say it out loud :)
3:44 PM
anybody have a link to the jquery how to add 2 numbers question?
@Chacha102 How many more times does Chacha need to post this before it's an official meme?
@rchern The image with bobince and fishnipples?
don't remember who
3:46 PM
@rchern This should be the one
@YiJiang got it for you @rchern
"Related: What is the best number?" is possibly my favorite part
The best number is obviously 73
I'm still stuck on the CW discussion. Is there a place for CW in today's Stack Exchange?
@LasseVKarlsen 42. Everybody knows that the answer
3:56 PM
@PopularDemand What do you mean @PopularDemand?
@PopularDemand the people claims for it
@LasseVKarlsen If @badp^H^H^H^Hradp and @MichaelMrozek don't really see the use for CW anymore, I wonder how necessary it really is.
It certainly gets misunderstood more than it gets understood.
It is usually used as a crutch for questions with no clear answer
the name is awful
@JohntheSeagull I agree
3:57 PM
I've said so in meta only to be shot down
heavily and mercilessly
I think I understand it, but if I'm correct, the use case is so narrow that it's barely useful.
@JohntheSeagull are you really a seagull?
But what is the use-case really?
@JohntheSeagull Because eh... there's not really a better name for that?
3:58 PM
I type with all my beaks
Once a question is tagged as CW, it is usually not something that fits on the site at all
@YiJiang you have demonstrated to be unimaginative, so you're disqualified
How can there not be a better name than CW
@JohntheSeagull (obvious response) go on, name one
I've concluded that you can find an article on the internet that supports your opinion no matter what it is
@Chacha102 worst case, you write it yourself, so it's true
4:00 PM
@LasseVKarlsen I don't think so - the best practices threads are clearly useful, and shouldn't really be written in any other manner
@YiJiang plain old "wiki", for example. "Community editable" is another one.
Isn't everything community editable?
After 2,000 rep, yep
And when CW?
4:01 PM
@JohntheSeagull How would that be obviously better?
I could go make Jeff look like a moron to anyone who doesn't know what 'Last Edited By' means ...
@LasseVKarlsen CW also carries the implication that everyone has permission to edit without asking.
@YiJiang to me it is, you seem to like that "Community wiki" trash, so nothing will be obviously beter
I wouldn't edit a non-CW post to change its content without explicit permission; only grammar/formatting fixes.
@JohntheSeagull I don't say I like it per se, I'm just saying that the name isn't part of the problem
4:03 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah, OK, I can agree with that sentiment
So CW means "I donate this post to you all, do with it how you see fit"?
But is most often used as "I will make this CW so that fewer people want to close it"
@YiJiang I was writing something along those lines. The problem is that the intent isn't clear The name helps not making the intent clear
Yeah, I think that's the real reason that you can't reclaim it.
@LasseVKarlsen Good point
The FAQ has said "to prevent exploits/gaming of the system" or something similar since time immemorial, but really, how can you take something back from the community? Maybe if nobody else has edited it yet, but that's probably not worth the code it takes to implement it.
> I donate this post to you all, do with it how you see fit
is a great idea
but it's not being used that way all the time...
4:05 PM
community owned reflects that definition a lot better
@JohntheSeagull Agreed
I'm tempted to write a new answer to the CW FAQ entry, but I'm not sure how much good it'll do.
(My guess: not much.)
Only possible good is to raise the subject in meta
4:25 PM
Hillary Demon!
@Fosco keeps @Chacha102 's dream of LOLs alive :-)
@Fosco LOL. Did you read the study that most religious Americans failed a quiz on religion, while most atheists/agnostics passed? Second ironic news story of the day, LOL
I don't know why, but last night I had a fascintation with the history of alcohol...
I just spent the last 10 minutes reading of the wikipedia page about the history of alocholic drinks
anyway, onto my next class
4:31 PM
@TheUnhandledException doesn't surprise me!
<This message is no longer needed>
that was weird
@Fosco me neither
@Fosco Looks like I was editing instead of posting, oopsie :-)
@TheUnhandledException shouldn't that have been 'move along, nothing to see here'?
the link to the quiz doesn't work
4:35 PM
@PiersMyers Damn, too late for me to be able to edit!
@rchern I've been trying all morning. Looks like they've been slashdotted, er, CNN'ed
I got through 4 questions before getting HTTP 500 Server Error s
4 easy questions
ah, loaded now
@TheUnhandledException some higher being is preventing you from completing it
heh, same. can't get 5
4:38 PM
@rchern Don't spoil it for me by posting questions :-)
i meant i was able to load 1-4 but 5 won't load
@rchern you need to believe more
@rchern What I meant was, don't post what the questions are, I want to try the test later without cheating :-)
meh, that goes without saying
what is it with multiples of 5? 10 having a problem too lol
4:42 PM
@rchern Ok, just making sure :-)
dangers of CW: editing an answer you disagree with ends up attributing it to you...
A: Is JavaScript 's "new" Keyword Considered Harmful?

Mihir GogateI think new is evil, not because if you forget to use it by mistake it might cause problems but because it screws up the inheritance chain, making the language tougher to understand. JavaScript is prototype-based object-oriented. Hence every object MUST be created from another object like so var...

@Shog9 I think his posting that as CW was probably unintended
He apparently joined the site purely to post that answer. So, yeah.
Yay, I aced the Pew quiz.
@mmyers Good for you
4:53 PM
Although probably everyone here would get at least 14 right. The last question is the only somewhat obscure one.
Lemme see if it loads for me now
I had to refresh questions 5, 6, and 7 before they would load.
I wonder if there's some Pew sysadmin over at serverfault chat hysterically asking questions? "HELP GUYS!!! OUR WEB SERVERS ARE OVERLOADED!!!!11" ;-)
Geez these are easy

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