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2:00 PM
Hey, I didn't say it'd be easy to find that extra keyword ;-P
It's all you can saaaayhaaay
Yes it is.
2:16 PM
@Bart that's actually today's listening though
It's pretty neat.
2:31 PM
hey everyone !
hey hey
Hola, @TGMCians
@Louis yup, it is, done
still need 3 more
@TGMCians Thanks
no problem :)
2:41 PM
Damn.. It is so so hard to find a answerable, non-duplicate question on now.
@Oded: Eh? Why am I being rate limited for posting an answer when my last answer was 27 minutes ago?
I managed to post now, but that was surprising.
@MartijnPieters what did the message say?
That I could do the action again in 60 seconds.
I normally only see it if I post a new answer within a minute of a previous answer.
Maybe other user sharing your IP
2:49 PM
I've only received it once. That was when I accidentally posted an answer to a different question.
I have a fixed IP address for my home-office network connection.
Luckily, nobody downvoted me for that. Phew :-P
@MartijnPieters hmm.. you should have taken a screenshot :)
I perhaps should have.
I'll post a second answer within 60 seconds of my next answer perhaps, just for you..
2:51 PM
Yup, but if it goes by I won't clean your mess :D
/me closely watches @MartijnPieters's answer feed
@MartijnPieters what's really weird is that you should have seen a Captcha
No, I don't get captchas unless my IP address changes.
@MartijnPieters Think you should, anyway no repro on MSE
Don't want to test on SO, so counting on you to try and reproduce :)
I get it when I post to different questions.
2:59 PM
@MartijnPieters any chance you have background stuff that keeps polling Stack Overflow, e.g. review user scripts? Long shot, but who knows...
So we really need a dev here. @Oded will hopefully have a better answer! :)
aw, forgot to post another answer in time.
3:20 PM
> Users < 100 rep can't answer their own question for 8 hours
Users < 125 rep, 3 minutes
Users > 125 < 10k rep trip Captcha if more than once per 60 seconds
Users > 10k rep trip Captcha if more than once per 30 seconds
3:30 PM
@MartijnPieters wait wat?
I was rate limited on my initial attempt to post this answer.
Red box, try again in 60 seconds, blah blah.
To resolve that we require a bit more information @MartijnPieters. Browser? Middle name? OS?
@Bart Nice try!
@Oded: my previous activity was 20 minutes prior, when I had edited this question.
Being hit by a rate limit was surprising.
3:35 PM
Yeah. Not sure - reading code.
I've only posted 6 answers so far today, it's a slow month so far.
6 answers in a day = slow?
I haven't posted 6 answers this month.
anything under 10-12 is slow.
3:41 PM
Then again, every time I look through the web forms questions, they are all awful, and I get discouraged.
@Martijn - could be that an old cache expired (possibly from the last time you got a captcha).
Not really seeing anything else this would be.
@Oded It's been ages and ages since I last got a captcha.
Months, easily.
That may be it. Possibly some caches got recycled. Will need to look at the seeekrit dev room.
e.g. Martijn, change your IP more often so you get captcha'd once in a while, you are being too steady.
4:23 PM
wants in seeeekrit dev room
Someone give me the seeekrit dev room URL so that I can poke at it
Basically, "my question is in another castle."
(To reuse Shog's phrasing.)
@MartijnPieters aaaand... destroyed.
Nice cloud.
4:38 PM
Missed it.. no worries, I can still google it by pressing the link it suggests! :D
@MartijnPieters - Programmers seems to get a steady amount of this specific kind of spam.
So far I've only gotten to destroy one thing on SR as spam :(
Now, the only thing the mod destroy tool is missing - a guided missile to the poster address.
makes userscript
4:46 PM
@Oded: btw, I take it the tag-updating-script timing out more days than not is a thorny issue that is still on the devs radar with top priority, right? :-)
thorny issue. Check. still on the devs radar. Check. top priority. ummm... let me get back to you on that?
@TGMCians Yeah, saw that a few minutes ago, flagged it as rude.
well done
4:49 PM
Braiam, yes not rude
@Louis I also flagged and it removed
@Braiam Were you asking about your comment?
@Louis Yes.
yes, he was
4:52 PM
Ok, well Braiam's comment was not rude.
Is there a chat message that somehow was not delivered to me that indicated a change of topic from the OP's rude comment to Braiam's comment?
@Oded Well, if Shog's idea for insta-close votes ever was implemented, we do need a working tag score script.
But I understand it'll need an overhaul, the script must've hit a scale limit but the SO scale isn't going to dial down.
Yeah, Nick is looking at perf this week, so may get to it too
5:07 PM
Do devs follow feature requests the same way as bugs?
I think the CMs follow feature requests, then poke the devs with sharp sticks if they want them implemented.
Pretty much what @Undo said.
5:20 PM
@AmalMurali Thanks for letting me know about that gif. It has made me a very wealthy man. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/231112/… Too bad there's not a way to transfer reputation, or I'd give you a couple hundo.
5:35 PM
@rene Hey !
Howdy @TGMCians
Well, thanks, what about you
5:38 PM
@TGMCians "Howdy" is like "Hello". Folks don't typically expect you to mention how you are actually doing.
oh gotcha :-)
@Louis Even in real life, when people say "how are you" , they really don't care
@Louis How are you doing? (please elaborate...)
@Stilly.stack True. But sometimes when people ask "how do you do", they really want to know. I'd say it is extremely rare that someone saying "howdy" wants to know.
@rene My muscles are hurting from the home improvement I did this weekend. How about you?
@Louis @rene's fingers hurt from all the downvotes and close votes she's closed this weekend.. she almost broke a fingernail too
5:43 PM
What happened to you @rene? What did I miss?
I hiked on saturday, started with a light drizzle, ending in pooring rain...so all was great.
lol, sorry @rene , how chavonistic of me
@Bart sssttt :-)
chavonsitic? chauvinistic maybe?
I'll let you share it with the world when you're ready @rene ;)
5:44 PM
@Louis Some words are too complicated to try to spell correctly
5:55 PM
> This client needs to press any key to continue, but they can't find the 'any' key.
Guys stackoverflow.com/questions/23353173/… Should I vote to close this question ?
Perhaps poke the OP into extending it a bit into "I don't know how to approach this" territory to make it a better question.
I don't do android development but it appears useful.
It is true that if the question were asked without the self-answer, I'd vote to close.
6:30 PM
@Bart but shouldn't it CW ?
6:54 PM
@Bart oh okay thanks :-)
7:15 PM
Eerlier in this room:
yesterday, by Laszlo Papp
only the badge-whore badge :P
7:25 PM
@Stilly.stack: I demand credits!
Q: Give low rep users a little rep for being correct about close votes

durron597There has been a lot of talk lately about how to improve question quality. When I got 2000 rep, I was annoyed that I couldn't get rep for editing anymore. Until I thought about it for awhile, and realized that I was already committed to making SO better and I didn't really need the random 2 rep...

Is SE down for anyone other than myself?
MSE or the whole network?
The whole network
7:36 PM
@ɥʇǝS No
@Undo +1
Guess it's an issue on my end then.
Weren't there some DNS changes yesterday?
I think that was weeks ago :P
@Undo No it was more recent than that
7:37 PM
I was thinking of
We are aware of connectivity issues to our New York data center. Internap is having a device issue upstream they’re working to fix ASAP.
The Stack Exchange read-only test is starting now, DNS failover will happen over the next 5 minutes.
Odd, it just started working again.
yeah, that
7:49 PM
@ɥʇǝS If your call your service Internap, then you're just asking for trouble
lol. No kidding. I hadn't even noticed that.
1 hour later…
9:08 PM
how can I figure out why I have just lost 2 rep without any record in the late history?
You have the "deleted posts" checkbox checked?
Check the 'show deleted posts' checkbox in your rep tab?
Which site is this?
have been checked for ages.
double check (no pun intended)
9:15 PM
I had 17700 and it got 17698
Screenshot of the reputation page?
Did you make sure the box was checked? It might have gotten unchecked somehow.
well, I have been using it for a while... that was kinda the first thing to triple-check without asking. ;)
yeah, I have just no clue how -2 sneaked in without track record.
Eeps, pointless tag adding suggested edits are pointless.
Someone is adding 'ambiguous-tag' to MSE retag-request posts. Those are all going to be closed anyway.
I will try to recalculate my rep explicitly. I think I can request that once a day.
Let us see if that brings the -2 silent drop back.
There's about 12 suggested edits to reject on MSE right now, if anyone wants to gather review kudos.
Ah, ChrisF is jumping in.
10:13 PM
Thank you to whoever marked the binding duplicate vote thing as an event
if they're in this room
@durron597 Not following what you're talking about...
If you look on the right side, there's an event
"New Binding Duplicate Close Votes" etc.
there were about 6 duplicates of the same topic (maybe more) in meta
err in MSO
Oh, that.
10:28 PM
Ok, so I was in the low quality queue and hit "Looks Good" by mistake. (slams head on desk) I went back, clicked the link for the answer that I incorrectly reviewed and flagged it as "not a answer." I wonder how this is going to be handled by the system. If anyone knows...
@Louis What review? We can fix it for you. ;)
@hichris123 I lost track. I was just curious about how the system would handle one person saying "Looks good" and then flagging the same answer as not an answer.
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