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12:10 AM
Folks, I’ve spotted something peculiar (albeit benign) in an MSDN example. I’d like to post a question about that. Where would be the best place to do this: SO, Programmers.SE, or CodeReview.SE ?
12:42 AM
@NickAlexeev CodeReview is really for when you have some code you've written and works but want advice on how to improve it. What you describe does not sound like this is what you are talking about.
1:07 AM
yea, codereview is for code you've written... it can include some code you've borrowed, but most of it should be your own
wow, this is great news, love seeing changes being made to the close votes
albeit, would like to see 3 close votes for silver badge holders, and 2 for bronze badge holders
2:13 AM
fucking incredible
@GnomeSlice Seven Lions is cool
Yeah man
2:37 AM
Q: Why *not* parse `ls`?

mikeservI consistently see answers quoting this link stating definitively "Don't parse ls!" This bothers me for a couple of reasons: It seems the information in that link has been accepted wholesale with little question, though I can pick out at least a few errors in casual reading. It also seems as if...

That OP really grinds my gears.
@michaelb958 heh, I had to pitch in without a technical explanation :D
he's knowledgeable, through
@Louis Well, then where should I take this?
3:10 AM
A: Please answer about Database

user3630742Looks like you want someone to do your homework for you.

3:59 AM
this guy seems to be massively removing the hello world tag without editing the actual content when it would be necessary: stackoverflow.com/users/2615252/…
I tried to reject as many as possible, but other approve it. :/
@SwankSwashbucklers: Please do not make minor tag changes like removing the hello world in gazillion posts (i.e. mass minor edit) without actually fixing the content, too, where needed! — Laszlo Papp 29 secs ago
1 hour later…
5:26 AM
ehh, wrong link.
1 hour later…
6:38 AM
I always open to answer some questions, but always end-up downvoting and flagging some.
Guess everyone here saw this already?
7:17 AM
@Stijn yuuup
I am curious about one thing though. did he use "furking" as it's defined in Urban Dictionary, or just to avoid the (non existing) bad words filter?
I think the later, most likely everyone assumes Stack Overflow won't accept "bad words". :D
It took me 2 minutes to understand this and then there was an edit, which saved my life. phew
Used the hammer for the first time! Hoooray! stackoverflow.com/questions/23621740/…
@ShadowWizard Huh? How was that closed with 3 votes?
wizard used his gold badge in to activate hammer.
@Stijn yeah, I think we need indication when such thing happens.
7:38 AM
"global-♦ person". Nice term!
8:21 AM
Why so quiet? :(
I'm in a productive mood today
@Stijn Oh no, so it means we won't see you a lot here, eh?
@ShadowWizard depends on how long I stay in this mood :)
8:49 AM
I think I've been posting way too much low-quality content on Meta. Most egregious of all is this.
So I'd just like to publicly say that I"m sorry for clogging Meta with junk, and I will be more careful with my posts in the future.
@Cupcake You can't fail if you don't try ;)
9:39 AM
Oh wow, I got a big hammer in MSE too meta.stackexchange.com/questions/231535/…
@ShadowWizard Oh damn, that is cool. I need some more answers...
9:57 AM
Seem I wasn't the only one to discover the ability to put arbitrary html code in a calculated field formula on SharePoint. Just answered a related question ^_^
Does anyone know if there is a page to see the total of votes cast on a site in a specific period?
I found some copypasta:
Q: put returns between paragraphs ► for linebreak add 2 spaces at end ► _italic_ or **bold** ► indent code by 4 spaces ► backtick

Sara Tine0 down vote favorite I'm getting an Illegal Argument Exception when running this Activity. Could someone point out why? My comment about the Specs will hopefully lead you to my misunderstanding of this code How to Format ► put returns between paragraphs ► for linebreak add 2 spaces at ...

Oh, actually, it's a self-vandalism. I'm rolling back.
10:25 AM
Ok, so yesterday some of us closed a question, which George Stocker then edited, reopened, answered, only to show that the OP's issue cannot be reproduced. So the said question should be closed again, for no-repro. Those who voted yesterday won't be able to vote again, but for those who can:
Is it right to answer a question in such manner:-
"which George Stocker then edited, reopened, answered, only to show that the OP's issue cannot be reproduced"
@DroidDev I would say that this is not right.
@Louis my thinking was also same on given topic, but, seeing that answerer is diamond user, that is what put doubt in my mind
@DroidDev I think the mod was genuinely trying to teach the OP something, but the whole thing was pointless, and I'd say harmful in the end, given that we're not supposed to encourage bad questions with answers.
Rightly said, and IMHO it is also not productive for any of us, because now, said question has to be flagged again and then reviewed and then closed for some another reason.
10:41 AM
@SPArchaeologist not a page, but probably possible via Data Explorer.
Yep, if my efforts are going to end up being undone arbitrarily, I don't see much reason for me to flag or vote to close anything at all. I can let the mods sort it out among themselves.
I've not reached the point of boycotting flagging and vtc but the more I run into things like this, the closer I'll get to making that choice.
@Louis I don't think it's a bad question to begin with. The OP had a real problem and was trying to solve it, sharing what he did. Can't see how he could have done it better. As it turned out, the problem was elsewhere.
@ShadowWizard Look at the first version of that question. That's how it was when it was closed. There were also comments (now deleted) pointing out the solution to getting the question reopened. What you see now is the result of a mod a) editing the question into a shape where it would not have been closed in the first place, b) reopening, c) cleaning out the comments (which became obsolete), d) answering.
@ShadowWizard thanks.
@Louis so what is wrong with this? The moderator improved quality, saved a question from oblivion and posted a solid answer. So why "harmful in the end"?
10:55 AM
@ShadowWizard The OP has only learned that bad questions will get an answer if he makes enough of a fuss.
He's got nothing more to do than just complain until someone swoops in and fixes everything for him.
That's the wrong lesson.
@Louis nah, don't think so. In most cases such users will be ignored or nuked.
Think George wanted to repro thus gave all this help.
And in the end of the day, the question is still at -6
As I said earlier "I think the mod was genuinely trying to teach the OP something" (emphasis added).
So if he'll keep this pattern he will get Q-banned even if he will get couple of answers in the way
@Louis I think George was just trying to help this specific case, without really trying to teach a lesson about closing/reopening. Unless I missed some comments?
11:16 AM
Apparently suggested edits on Mathematics get approved blazingly fast.
11:26 AM
@michaelb958 faster than SO? Can't be! :)
@ShadowWizard I'm used to Stack Apps, where you can wait for weeks. Getting +2 inside of three minutes is a pretty exhilarating experience.
@michaelb958 true, and it almost got rejected! Also don't forget the badge! :D
2 hours later…
1:06 PM
Can a developer from SE review this again, please?
Q: Convert diacritics to normal letters in the profile link

Ionică BizăuMy real Romanian name is: Ionică Bizău. You can see ă letter that is very close to a (in both: writing and pronouncing). After setting my username as Ionică Bizău the link to my profile became: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1420197/ionic-bizu I know that if I write http://stackoverflow.com/...

@IonicăBizău again? Doesn't look like any dev reviewed it before :)
@ShadowWizard Who is the dev?
@IonicăBizău think we talk about two different things here... you said "review again", I was referring to the "again" part. There's not just one dev, there are many. If you want to try and summon one here, try Oded or Anna.
They're your best bet to get real attention to bugs. :-)
Ah, you're right. again should not be there. :-)
@Oded Can you review this?
@IonicăBizău - already talking about it with the other devs.
1:17 PM
@Oded I am glad to hear that. Thank you!
That doesn't mean it will be fixed... just that we are discussing it...
@Oded I heard this many times and to be honest, many times it does have a good ending :-)
@Oded The fix it's very simple: just add ă character in this list: meta.stackexchange.com/a/7696/205508
This is just another fix that is shorter than the bug report. :-)
By the way my Den finally got some real activity, other than the WAG
@IonicăBizău Or...
@Jeff, why in the world are you hardcoding all those? Use the Unicode Collation Algorithm and compare at the primary strength, which works even better than canonically decomposing and then removing Grapheme_Extend characters. The UCA1("ð") is the same as UCA1("d"), etc. Otherwise you fight a losing battle. Use the Unicode facilities; don’t hardcode stuff. — tchrist Apr 29 '11 at 4:12
I wonder if this has even been checked by anyone in the team.
1 hour later…
3:14 PM
Reject? I can't get which password the user want to change, and the edit does not fix that
> Approved 2 mins ago
I expected that. But I wanted an opinion anyway
as far as I am concerned the problem is not that it is too minor - we get one edit review every few hour....
the problem is that I cannot make out what the question is about and the edit does nothing to fix that.
3:25 PM
It's a tough one. On the one hand the edit fixes spelling mistakes, on the other hand the question may get closed in its current state. Personally I'd press skip and let someone else think :D
1 hour later…
4:40 PM
@TGMCians It's been eaten by a grue before I got to it.
Yeah I see
> This question has an open bounty worth +100 reputation from Community♦ ending in 2 days.
really ?
Q: Write a script file 'account.awk' that from a file 'orders' creates the formated printout of account

user64047Write a script file account.awk that from a file orders creates the formatted printout of account. The file orders is as follows: http://pastebin.com/kPF5B0c0 Beside the column Cost the account displays the column Total. To the total cost the measure EUR should be added. The last row is summary...

link please
oh weird
4:43 PM
A: How Does the Community User Set Bounties?

Jeremy BanksCommunity doesn't add bounties. Both of the bounties that are currently attributed to Community were actually added by a user who has since been deleted. When the user was deleted the bounty was transfered to Community's ownership. If you look at one of the the bountied question's revision histo...

Oh Nice @ProgramFOX thanks :)
5:01 PM
Ok, so I take a couple minutes to post a nice comment to help the OP maybe get their question reopened. Click post, get an error. Refresh and discover that OP deleted their question. Why do I bother again?
5:12 PM
Hi I wonder why I earned edit privilege. I have 1995 rep now.
Then you don't. But you did
Someone must have upvoted you, resulting in the privilege, and then retracted it again
That will mean you've lost the privilege again as well though
I see. There was green notification about gaining it.
Yep. That gets triggered by the rep level
There's no notification about losing it.
Can be confusing once the rep has dropped again
5:19 PM
When MSE/MSO were split, I lost enough rep on MSE (due to migrations) to get below 1k for a bit. No notification about that.
I mean, I saw the red rep drop, but not notification that I lost the privileges due to >1k rep.
5:37 PM
6:13 PM
part of my faith in the review system has been restored again... stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4803100
@JanDvorak That user made the same suggestion 2 hours ago: stackoverflow.com/users/3632716/user3632716?tab=activity
@Andy there should be an autoflag for that
And now just completely changed that question
there goes said part of my faith...
6:32 PM
God that OP is a twat
What is he trying to achieve?
And deleted again.
@Bart And it's back
This is like a bad magic act
Yep @Andy, but now the answer has an upvote, so the OP can't delete it again.
6:44 PM
That's good
Why the frick does he keep abbreviating team names? Did he mistakenly paste the data from his homework assignment or something?
I bet he did
Are those 6 dv enough to keep that OP from posting again
With the -4 on the other post which got closed ... perhaps
2 hours later…
8:47 PM
The Java runtime helper in IE11 tries to take over my session. I checked 'don't ask me this again' and clicked decline for over 20 times now...sighhh
Java is evil
If it works like this I rather have malware...
Java can supply that as well. Why the frick is it still bundled with this Ask toolbar?
checks if Ask still exists
Strange localized site...
Pretend to be in your local language, except their main content....
9:37 PM
it seems like it's harder to get comment upvotes on metaSE than it was on the metaSOSE
does anyone know why beyonce's little sister was throwing slaps at her husband?
9:56 PM
Should this and this really be rejected as too minor? I thought those are fine for a tag exerpt?
But perhaps I'm misunderstanding what should be there.
10:13 PM
@Stilly.stack the rumour I heard claims it was because he rebuked her (the sister) for being high and asked her to calm down with drugs. But of course it's just a wild rumour, dunno if she's really using!
@Stijn look OK to me too. People probably expect a perfect tag wiki before approving, dunno.
10:37 PM
> Defining what [tag] is does not make for a good wiki excerpt. Excerpts should describe why and when a tag would be used. See bit.ly/hYcNWz
@hichris123 exceptions exist
@3ventic Usually not, though.
Arqade is full of exceptions
Well, the Bridge == exception. So...
Mainly because it's not really good if all the excerpts on a site say "Use for questions about the game called X"
where X is the tag
shutdown initiated
Good night
10:41 PM
10:56 PM
is the API down for everyone?
@Braiam Are you using v1/v1.1?
> Request URL: api.stackexchange.com/2.1/…
Request Method: GET
Status Code: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

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