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5:08 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 6 hours to continue reviewing.
@TGMCians I'm seeing the same message. Any idea where's the problem?
oh I'm sure you are kidding :)
I am seeing the same message.
because you did your work
I want to more, though
5:14 PM
oh then come back in x hours to continue
it's amazing to see the tons of link-only answers that our past brings us
No audit for today, yet.
I had it two times and result : passed
/me going now to review cv queue
@TGMCians don't forget your hazmat suit home ;-)
5:18 PM
yeah sure
Bart gave the coup de grace
Q: add support for pasting images

Nathan FellmanI was very happy to learn that you had added support for directly uploading images to imgur. However, I would like to see this taken one step further, if it is even possible. Today, if I want to upload a screen shot (and let's face it, this is probably the most likely case in the computing-rela...

This deserves some upvotes! (and possibly downvotes on the outdated answers)
5:52 PM
@ThiefMaster Errr... that already exists. All that post needs is an answer and a [status-completed]
It does? :o Then it's undocumented!
it was implemented a few months back
Doesn't work for me. At least not in Firefox.
Pasting is already possible, but you need to open the "add image" popup from the editor or by pressing CTRL+G. Just as I posted the comment, status-completed.. — 3ventic 1 min ago
@ThiefMaster I refunded your bounty :)
5:55 PM
Anyway, I tried exactly this. Nothing happens. Neither in chrome nor firefox
Hrm. It's working fine here - the screenshot in my answer was pasted in.
It doesn't work in firefox for me either
Chrome works
Post a bug report?
5:57 PM
I know firefox is a bitch when it comes to pasting images from websites copied using "copy image data" (since for some stupid reason firefox copies URL along the image data which causes the paste then fails due to cross-origin restrictions in the contenteditable hack needed in firefox). But images not attached to an actual URL should work in Firefox, too.
Don't waste your votes. That will go by itself @LaszloPapp
So.. I'll post a bug report later
@Bart: I have nothing better to spend on.
It doesn't actually say pasting is supported when using firefox ^
5:58 PM
@3ventic huh. I didn't know that
so it's actually..
Umm, i'm not talking about drag an drop. I'm talking about actual CTRL+V pasting
Yeah, me too
It says "or paste" in Chrome, but not in Firefox
Hm, for me in chrome the paste message is missing, too :o
and I can paste with CTRL+V in Chrome, but not in Firefox
5:59 PM
@ThiefMaster What version of Chrome on what OS?
Windows 7 / 35.0.1916.99
Windows 8.1 / 34.0.1847.131 m
@ThiefMaster Which version of Windows?
6:01 PM
Disabling adblock didn't change anything
That's a beta version of Chrome
true, but it's somewhat unlikely that they broke anything related to it
Mind you, I've no idea what would be different about it or how our pasting code works...
@oded hey, you worked on the paste/drag-and-drop in the image uploader, right? is it supposed to work in Firefox?
@AnnaLear It's not working for me also in Chrome
@TGMCians version, OS
6:04 PM
Windows 8
6:15 PM
I feel sorry for this guy :(
Q: Why am I still banned?

averrokenCan you explain why I'm still banned? Is this definitive or could the ban be lifted in future? I've read the Help Center articles and this FAQ entry. It says I need to improve my questions, but unfortunately all my questions were very simple typographical errors. I understand that Stack Overflo...

Once you get post-banned, it's like a black hole.
@AmalMurali Your avatar at small size looks to me like a pet wearing a Stormtrooper helmet. For a while, I thought that's what it was until I clicked on your avatar to get a closer look.
Wait ... who is this fresh-faced individual entering the Tavern is sophisticated black and white?
@AnnaLear I worked on it. It uses feature detection - and the text tells you what the browser supports. IIRC, copy/paste is not supported in FF, but drag-n-drop is. Don't have FF handy to see what it says.
@3ventic ^^^
@ThiefMaster ^^^
@everybody ^^^
6:27 PM
@Bart ^^^
Ah thanks @Oded. Would have missed it.
Good thing we have ping in chat, eh?
Whoever developed that is a geneu..giniou...geene... smart
6:44 PM
@Oded Strange... then it should work in chrome
I guess image pasting in Firefox is still a huge pain?
@ThiefMaster is should. If you see the words on the popup, that should work. As for pasting in FF - need to support the paste events (IIRC, been a while since I touched that code)
@Louis haha
The words didn't show up either
Lazy to read scrollback. What is the issue you guys are talking about, if I can ask? :O
Yeah - again, feature detection. If the browser doesn't support the events/object model, the words won't show up.
6:49 PM
I remember a few months ago Firefox required an invisible div set to contenteditable. And when you pasted something copied from a website (even when using "copy image" instead of "copy image location") it pasted an <img> tag with the actual image URL instead of the base64 image data, making it subject to the same origin policy...
@AmalMurali Image upload - copy/paste and drag-n-drop are supported, so long as the browser has the right support.
Which is incredibly retarded...
@ThiefMaster exactly. It was a real pain to try and support, given that there is some standardization in that space (it all works in Opera, fer instance)
Neither works for me. (Google Chrome 32.0.1700.102 / Ubuntu 13.10)
The upload dialog says "(or paste or drag-and-drop)".
same for me
6:54 PM
@Oded: Do you have the link to the unminified JS? I could have a look what exactly fails in Chrome for me (maybe it's caused by some extension) but I'm too lazy to dig out the link ;)
@ThiefMaster not on a computer where I can get such a link easily :/
what's chess.js by the way? :D
Ha. A chess game for chess.se - not sure it is even working anymore.
rev 2014.5.8.2228 — Is this the most latest revision?
By definition, it is, @Amal ;)
6:59 PM
:-P Then I have no idea why it doesn't work on mine.
You're sure you're not keeping the good revisions to yourself @Oded?
Probably because my Chrome's not the latest version. But dunno.
@Bart my precesssiosss revissssionssss
@Oded has grown too old for this stuff. Look at his profile picture. All black and white. TOO OLD :-P
Oh. I thought that was just on my monitor.
7:02 PM
That's not old @AmalMurali, that's sophisticated.
Listen to the pair of glasses hanging in the air. They know what they speak of.
These glasses have seen things
Q: Can we implement a replayer for chess analysis on the site?

AndrewI think that a javascript game replayer would be interesting and useful. For a brief list of requirements - something that can display several variations and move comments as well as be fairly easily edited (at least for minor edits). UPDATE: This has now been implemented!

Say @ShadowWizard, you said that users shouldn't be suspended for their Meta contributions, right? ....
@Oded: window.Clipboard === undefined - that breaks the feature detection
7:07 PM
@ThiefMaster on Chrome?
What OS are you on?
win7, chrome 35 beta
> Clipboard was renamed to DataTransfer in the WebKit source, which was merged into Blink/chromuim/Chrome:
Oh, those words... "beta"... ;)
So many SE sites, so little time...
7:09 PM
beta === [status-declined]
So I guess you'll have to check for either (window.Clipboard || window.DataTransfer) once 35 hits stable - it seems like something that'll end up in the non-beta v35
But will look into it tomorrow.
Say @AnnaLear, if users (purely hypothetically cough) start to troll a Meta to an extent that would normally see them banned if they tried on the main site, is there anything that can be done about that?
@Bart They get suspended on the main site and if they complain, well, tough.
Okay. So nothing without an effect on their main site participation as well?
7:11 PM
Correct, @Bart. That's normal child-meta behavior.
Okay thank you both. Getting used to this new-fangled child-Meta stuff
Yay, trumpet, the winsock to rule them all is here!
7:13 PM
/ \
7:19 PM
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
7:33 PM
@Bart told you so, you didn't have to go ask the big diamonds :D
@Oded oh no. We all know what it means, right? ;-)
@ShadowWizard That everything breaks tomorrow and will be broken for the weekend because no-one's working?
@ShadowWizard my mother told me to never trust a wizard.
@3ventic nope, I'm pretty sure seeing a dev saying in comment to bug report or feature request "I'll look at this tomorrow" and it was years ago and still nothing done.
Tomorrow is even worse than 6-8 weeks! :D
@ShadowWizard Maybe they did look into it but broke it in the meanwhile and are now spending 6-8 years fixing what they broke
@Bart sure she didn't say "lizard" and you misheard her?
@3ventic of course, this is always a possibility :)
7:38 PM
That would explain those whole "scales" and "split tongue" thing @ShadowWizard. I never got that.
I like to think that every time someone speculates on development, a developer somewhere laughs
Because I always giggle a bit when I see people speculate on the development of my community
lol ^
Especially if they're wrong
Questioner is 8k rep, showed no effort to acheive a solution, and to top it off, is using jquery 2.1
So why should it be closed?
7:45 PM
too broad of course
dang, nevermind, he just edited it in finally
@ShadowWizard It's ... How do I put this. Area 51 is a very old fork of the original SE codebase. There be dragons in there (probably literally). I don't know exactly where the challenges for fixing this would be, but in any event, we're not putting any significant time into A51 dev at this point. — Anna Lear ♦ 2 mins ago
dragons alert!
/me deletes account
@Bart nooo, that's what the dragon(s) want you to do! Be brave!
i thought area51 was suppose to be a place where people tested amazing new technologies that could end humanity at a moments notice
Given the doom scenarios that surfaced when proposing "Stack Overflow in Portuguese", you'd think that's exactly what it does @Stilly.stack
7:57 PM
@Stilly.stack that's what they want us all to believe. Truth is it's just a place for the USA president to have rave parties in private.
alien orgies are the best orgies
@Stilly.stack "hey, that's a hand, you silly!". Yup.
8:26 PM
A: Convert a nested array into a flat array with PHP

webbiedavehttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/1222821/php-flatten-multidimensional-array http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1319903/how-to-flatten-a-multidimensional-array http://stackoverflow.com/questions/526556/how-to-flatten-a-multi-dimensional-array-to-simple-one-in-php http://stackoverflow.com/ques...

Shouldn't this be nuked? What do you think?
@AmalMurali dv and flagged
watches the downvotes pour in
It's the first result in Google for "array flat php" as the comment says. And it's not particularly helpful either.
@AmalMurali yes
I found it, thanks to this guy:
-1. You just copy-pasted another answer. — Amal Murali 7 mins ago
WHAT IF that guy has a TIME MACHINE and HE copy-pasted ME??????? — Gershom Maes 4 mins ago
8:29 PM
I was going to edit his answer and remove the list of links, but after seeing this comment, I don't really want to. (His function doesn't work anyway) :-P
another -1 and community can removed it
@AmalMurali the duplicated is good!
answer is bad :(
NAA flags go to LQ review
So let me see. You need to ask a question which you yourself answered a long time ago, and the answer you immediately get is the same as your original answer? .... stackoverflow.com/questions/18118528/…Bart 26 secs ago
no need to wait for VLQ flags
8:32 PM
Ah, bingo. Sock-puppet ring. Yay. :D
And you lifted this from this forum post. Plagiarism isn't welcome here. Please see stackoverflow.com/help/referencingAmal Murali 7 secs ago
WTF copied content getting upvotes :/
socks, plagiarism... people are just hungry for rep
@ShadowWizard It is tasty. Like cookies. Who doesn't like cookies?
@Andy my daughter, to be honest
8:36 PM
Flagged. That should be sufficient.
@ShadowWizard wtf
She's the only child I know that doesn't like sweet things
Good for her teeth while it lasts though! :D
She makes her own jerky from the animals she kills on her hunts?
@ShadowWizard Mine doesn't like ice cream, but she scarfs down cookies like there is no tomorrow
I like cookies and hate candy
8:37 PM
@ShadowWizard in Japan guys don't like sweet things all the time
@Andy at least there's a balance! ;)
@3ventic and chocolate? :D
Chocolate is awesome and I eat too much of it
but I don't consider chocolate as part of candy
@Braiam I heard more bizarre things about guys in Japan so yeah :)
8:40 PM
@Undo WHERE?!
it's brown
@AmalMurali At a well-stocked supermarket near you!
@3ventic :-(
like all the TV commercials say
@3ventic of course not, chocolate is best served pure!
8:41 PM
Chocolate is best served with cold milk
@3ventic or inside the cold milk
Cold, Finnish milk
Chocolate is best served with more chocolate
Milk tastes weird in other countries
pure chocolate is bitter :/
8:41 PM
There was this answer I read when I was on bus. It looked like it was plagiarized from elsewhere, but I can't find it now. :/
actually, cocoa is bitter
I like cocoa
@Braiam yeah, it's like pure gold is too soft
@3ventic not in my country, our cows produce excellent milk!
I guess people get used to what they grow up with
@3ventic very true, but if you come over for a visit you can judge by yourself ;)
8:43 PM
I've been all over the world and milk is pretty much all I drink, so I know where I like milk
@ShadowWizard I'll probably try to avoid Israel as long as religions exist..
@3ventic Israel is unique in many things, milk might be one of those things
Liquorice! God I miss that stuff ... good thing though. I'd eat it by the bag full.
All that talk of milk...
@3ventic so no milk for you!! :D
I don't have a problem with religions, per se, but I have a problem when they argue with each other and pretend to coexist in peace..
but let's talk about milk
discussing religion is a bad idea
8:45 PM
@Louis +1 for Red Dwarf
Dog's milk? :DD
@AnnaLear My pleasure.
@3ventic nobody is pretending we coexist in peace.... but yeah, let's not defile this tavern! ;)
(come over to my Den if you like :))
Time to head to youtube before I get dragged into discussing religion
(That never ends well..)
Can we get some delete votes up in here? stackoverflow.com/a/23552023/229044
8:47 PM
Watching his activity stream for his next post
That was probably his first post.
No; he had an answer which got a downvote
And the last too, I hope
So he edited it to a "fuck you guys this site is stupid"
had a minor edit war with him continually defacing it before he deleted it
then he posted that answer
8:50 PM
I'm sure he'll be fine. He'll realize he's on the wrong path and will become a valuable contributor.
@meagar Yeah, your comments there weren't helping anything.
I think they started out pretty helpful, but really, what was I going to say by the end of the conversation?
... "conversation"
@meagar Nothing. Just walk away when it turns unproductive. ;)
But ... but ... then there will be no drama @AnnaLear!
8:52 PM
I usually do, but I honestly didn't see the harm since this guy was so obviously looking to burn his account
Oh my god! Anything but that!
... somebody cast an undelete vote on his first answer?
Eh. Like you said, it was one bad interaction. Theoretically could've turned around. Now I have to keep an eye on him, suspend him, etc.
Interesting... I just discovered that the guy mentioned in this Meta post has several accounts.
You're a dev now Anna. All you have to do now is carefully insert bugs into code.
8:55 PM
@Bart Yeah, that's practically my job definition.
@AnnaLear I could have been more helpful than "Millions of people do, not our fault if you don't know how to use the site." but really, he wasn't looking to be helped at that point
@meagar That was fine. It's the later "lolz butthurt" stuff that was unnecessary.
@meagar not me!
Anyway, he's suspended. Let's see what happens.
@AnnaLear things had kind of escalated by that point, not normally something I'd leave if there was any hope of salvaging the situation. Won't do it again, anyways.
8:57 PM
I hate not being able to see deleted content :(
@AnnaLear looking into crystal ball... hmm... I can see new account... clean slate... more trolling... :/
@3ventic Get 10k rep. Go answer some questions :-P
@meagar Sounds good. Thanks for attempting to step in, too.
@ShadowWizard I foresee... running face first into spamram.
@AmalMurali Getting one site to 10k was enough
8:58 PM
@3ventic But then you can't see deleted content on Stack Overflow!
You should be. There's all sorts of interesting posts :-P
I can't even see deleted content on meta
@3ventic tell that to Gilles
If you get 10K on SO, then it's like two in one.
8:59 PM
9 x 10k's
@AnnaLear what is spamram?
A: Can SE block actions from Tor exit nodes?

Mad ScientistI think the existing blocks triggered by spam flags and user destruction (SpamRam) is enough, and we don't need to preemptively block all Tor users. The existing mechanisms will block Tor exit nodes temporarily and of course also affect innocent users, but that is a necessary evil in this case. B...

@meagar the super special spam detectorizer-blockerizer gizmo
@Braiam well I don't spend all my day on SE (although it's open all the time)
Ah, awesome
9:01 PM
... does Meta SE count? :P
Oh Wordpress, you make my life so easy with your automatic updates
Account one:
@Bart my wordpress has been sending me an email about some update like once a week for the past month.
He keeps making the same typo in most of his questions ("varibale" instead of "variable") so it's somewhat easy to find the dupes.
Same here @Undo. The first time that came in was a WTF moment
9:03 PM
I like how the calculate button on SteamDB is labelled "Get disappointed in your life"
How many of you agree that there should be some way to know when one of your MSO posts are upvotted?
@AmalMurali quite meh IMO
Don't care @AmalMurali
Not against it, but also don't think it's big deal.
9:05 PM
@AmalMurali Don't generally care about upvotes, they require no action on my part
But ... but ... it's nice to see when you receive upvotes!
I already get nice question badges :P
Downvote notifications would be nice though @AmalMurali, so I can hunt down the bastards who refuse to acknowledge my brilliance.
[status-not-really] @hichris123?
9:11 PM
Oh. I can't read deleted messages here.
@AmalMurali nice to have maybe but no real purpose
9:14 PM
I knew that
or not..
I haz fancy colorz
9:15 PM
I used to be able to do it.
@ɥʇǝS [status-*]
9:15 PM
@ɥʇǝS [status-YouStillCan]
404? Not found? ^
@ShadowWizard uh
@3ventic grr.. beat me to it!
@AmalMurali Did they change it then? [status-something]
9:18 PM
@ɥʇǝS I don't know. It seems to be only working on MSE chat.
@ɥʇǝS it must be the whole message and yes, it's MSE only easter egg
many sites have some sort of "easter egg" like this
MSE has the status-tags
@ShadowWizard Ah. That explains it.
Arqade rooms have "insert coin", which turns the room to a game
there's a list of them somewhere..
9:19 PM
Stack Overflow chat got cool easter eggs too
A: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

PopsMeta Stack Overflow/(any room): red tags Send a message consisting solely of [status-SOME_PLAINTEXT_STRING] and it will appear in chat like a moderator tag. Doing this as a reply to another message is okay, but other text or formatting will not work. The plaintext string cannot be longer than 50...

I agree with him.
@ShadowWizard my eyes
@ShadowWizard so the suggestion there is to make it pink?
9:26 PM
I didn't think Won't's meme image answer would get that many upvotes :D
10:22 PM
@Bart no, he's probably asking to change all profiles to Jon Skeet's
11:09 PM
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