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12:47 AM
Sure is quiet around here...
1:46 AM
crap. tweetdeck has become completely unusable for me...prompts because of a certificate name mismatch, and twitter status error "item requested was not found". tried both the streaming and desktop versions
1 hour later…
3:11 AM
anybody lurking? chrome users?
3:23 AM
yo, what os / browser do you use / have installed?
Windows 7
k, don't need that one anymore
3:37 AM
@rchern 5.0.376 on Linux
can you check this and see if you work or see the issue? code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=56095
@rchern Works for me. I'm actually the first comment on:
Q: Blockquote glitch in editor in Chrome 6

DanWell, I would just bump up this question with an edit, but my meta rep isn't high enough. So I'm posting this as a new question. Here's the problem: in the latest stable version of Google Chrome (6.0.472.53) -- now out of beta -- clicking on the "Blockquote" button in the editor results in a str...

d'oh! i even link that in the ticket i created
5 hours later…
9:10 AM
It's all _2's fault
So I'm the only one starring that ticket?
@rchern Chromium 7.0.523.0 on Linux
May I help you?
I see nothing I can check in that ticket.
make that 7.0.528.0 in a few seconds
2 hours later…
I now think that the "Idiocracy" movie is quite a good guess...
@badp, could you, please, explain what is funny in the last one?
@PavelShved "Humour frequently contains an unexpected, often sudden, shift in perspective, which gets assimilated by the Incongruity Theory. This view has been defended by Latta and by Brian Boyd. Boyd views the shift as from seriousness to play. Nearly anything can be the object of this perspective twist; it is, however, in the areas of human creativity (science and art being the varieties) that the shift results from "structure mapping" (termed "bisociation" by Koestler) to create novel meanings."
12:23 PM
my memory is fading...
I feel dizzy...
and horribly wrong...
maybe I'm safe now...
yeah I'm saf��=4�=̌0+9��jD�)E53��/�Q�:��w`�6�#<��`D�L���$�p����Bva��U- T�����P�?���G��䱈&.��x�s**�i0RұJ��[��+��~;;LXй �|s��#�ܔ�D7cu���>c'���,���ǹ�C5��� O�i.���ZႬ�<B�T�Ψ�T�CARRIER LOSS
2 hours later…
2:31 PM
Oh no, we've lost @badp!!!
> He's dead, Jim
3:09 PM
He might need this to survive:
(This video does not involve Lady Gaga, but it does involve bananas) :-D
2 hours later…
5:05 PM
I am survivor!
I lost 10 more IQ to VBA but I still can remember to breathe
more or less
We are very glad @badp :-)
I am off to remind myself that there's a world outside my office...
Going to experience this "life without walls" thing I keep hearing about
In other news I probably need to write zalgo.py
more diacritics for everybody!
Except for real -- that is to say, without walls, I have no need for Windows :-)
@badp That sounds... fun...
if I put a 140 chars restriction it prolly is, yes
5:18 PM
now I just need to remember whether diacritcs go before or after the letter they modify.
I'll need Py3k for this.
5:38 PM
"".join(["".join([k]+random.sample([chr(i) for i in range(0x300,0x342)],9)) for k in "ZALGO"])
> Z̵̯̠̱̻̄̂̋̕A̢̘̺̰̲̯̒̀̕L̡̖̭̙̗̏̎̿̂Ģ̴̠̹̫̩̈̄̀Ŏ̵̥̟̳̹̞̀̽
I even wasted a couple chars there
now to discover the Zalgo code golf already had been run on SO
oh well, a topic for next friday.
@badp: Haha, didn't think of that... Should've send that into the system. :D
6:05 PM
@badp Hahahaha, that is SO AWESOME!
Too bad you didn't @Tom :-)
I would have loved to see the look on a reCaptcha employee's face
It's from a sentence so it will sure come back I think...
I feel like sitting here the rest of the day and doing captchas just so I can do that... but instead I'm going to the art museum :-)
Have a good day everyone!
@TheUnhandledException I've been sending TeX to reCaptcha for quite a long time
one needed me to answer, S_{A_i \cup A_b}
We could write a re-reCAPTCHA system... :-)
Instead of OCRing books, OCRing captchas. xD
And the best test is to let the system work onto itself. :D
1 hour later…
7:34 PM
@TomWij it's already implemented
@TomWij porn site captchas solved by watchers usually come from other sites, and the owners of porn site have thus a network of people solving them
7:58 PM
man, the second domain question on Gaming is being quite horrible
currently, 5 answers at the top with 4 net votes each
If there was actual activity I'd ask you what you liked the most
@badp, I did a glitter theme for StackFlair :P
@rchern wooooo :D
How can I upvote again your stackapps entry now?
I also have the url formatting for you
I've only done the html version of the glitter theme though. I'll do a publish once I get the image version done
ie, probably tonight.
1 hour later…
9:22 PM
Hello everyone
How goes Satuday?
If you want in some activity:
Q: Last Chance -- Top domain name: pauseforhelp.com. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Robert CartainoJin is ready to start working on your logo so we need to finalize the site name choice. The top-voted choice, quicksave.com, is not for sale. The only viable candidate is "Pause for Help" (pauseforhelp.com), which we are currently holding. If anyone has any awesome, last-minute brainstorming su...

1 hour later…
10:42 PM
˙ʇɐǝɹb :201ɐɥɔɐɥɔ@
An event is starting in 14 minutes in The Tavern of Saturdayness (General) - "Happy Hour" x 3...
Known bug. Will fix when "in the office"
Ok, I work from home, but you know what I mean.
It is about midnight here... So "not now" is the best I can offer.
11:05 PM
The 'charCode' property of a keydown event should not be used. The value is meaningless.
The 'charCode' property of a keydown event should not be used. The value is meaningless.
The 'charCode' property of a keyup event should not be used. The value is meaningless.
The 'charCode' property of a keyup event should not be used. The value is meaningless.
times several million
11:42 PM
(allso, hello and salutations and such)

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