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12:00 AM
Fun little graph:
^ New questions on Aviation.SE
@Undo Sometime we should really flag tons of comments and make the mods go crazy.
Is it just me or does the zooming ability no longer work in Chrome?
@animuson Works for me.
@hichris123 Yes.
While animuson isn't looking.
@hichris123 How many flags do you have?
I think 54.
It gives me the littler magnifying glass with a minus in it, but clicking doesn't do anything. If I scroll around on the image and click, it always just takes me back to the top left corner and does nothing else. -.-
12:01 AM
I know you're maxed.
@hichris123 154 flags.
That would work.
We need more people, though.
Meta post?
Or just enlist people?
@hichris123 Just enlist them.
But not yet. We should plot more.

 Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
12:25 AM
We can't go to a room to plot for more than ten minutes and a mod shows up.
It's almost as if they don't like plotting.
Or maybe we're spying so we can equally plot against you.
@Undo I think that they created their own private room to talk amongst themselfs.
No fair.
@hichris123 We must do likewise.
How do you do that, @Undo
I thought that was a mod power.
It is. And I have a mod-friend :D
The problem with these SO mods is that it's really hard to hide from them. They're a mod on c.SO, c.mSO, and c.SE
12:30 AM
Where else do you go, then?
@hichris123 Umm...
Pick a random site?
raises head and taps fingers together mysteriously
@animuson Seriously, though, what could you mods plot?
You can't very well suspend us for flagging stuff.
12:31 AM
@Undo Ban, destroy account
You know how they hate flags.
True, very true.
Maybe we're all going to show up at the same time to handle the flags faster than you can even cast them!
@animuson You'll never guess the time.
@animuson @hichris123 I shall build a private site for the flaggers.
With a big countdown thingy.
That mods can't see.
And a private chatroom
And IP blocking
12:32 AM
We shall start as soon as animuson goes to sleep.
You realize I stay up until 2am?
@animuson Where are you, location wise?
So mountain time?
Or still central?
12:34 AM
@animuson 2am your time
I'm Eastern, so he'd go to bed at 3AM my time, @Undo
When's he wake up?
Depends on how well I sleep.
Oooo the lasagna is ready!
Quick! Flag stuff!
Sleep is for nerds!
12:39 AM
looks around @Bart want to join a flagging club?
Where we flag a bunch of stuff when the mods aren't looking and generally cause chaos?
Oh, flagging is fun!
Getting flagged is less fun. =[
Okay, back.
12:42 AM
What are you guys flagging stuff on, SO?
@JoshC Yes.
Oh - that makes sense. There are only 32 flags I can see on posts as a 10k user.
I like Undo's answer more than Chris'
@Cole How so?
12:45 AM
@hichris123 It's more accurate
Out of curiosity, how many helpful flags do you guys have?
@JoshC ~3400
Mainly comment flags?
12:47 AM
300-ish posts
I don't understand how you get so many comment flags @UndotheSnowman .. I only have 8 comments flags out of ~2300 helpful flags.
@JoshC I have... help.
I built a tool to do this.
@Undo can haz uzer skrip
@ColeJohnson Which one?
The autoflag one?
12:50 AM
The batch comment flagged
What else do you have?
Also, how do you get around the 5 second limit?
@Undo Does it only do obsolete ones?
@ColeJohnson I don't.
@Cole You don't.
12:51 AM
@hichris123 yes, but that could be changed.
Your script just waits
@hichris123 Uploading 14+GB worth of stuff every weeks seems ... excessive.
@ColeJohnson Whatcha mean?
You have to check the comments then click confirm.
@AnnaLear what did I miss?
Anna gets rid of all the cats in her profile picture and then doesn't even use the cat hat... Such a betrayal...
12:51 AM
@Umdo your script just flags one comment, waits, then flags another?
Data dumps.
@animuson Leave. Now.
@ColeJohnson Yes.
It has to.
Are they not stored on SE server?
@Undo ah
I wa confused when you said that it could be changed
@hichris123 I was going to play video games anyways. ;P
@Cole Oh, I was talking about the reason.
Ya know, I should pull in some new comments.
12:53 AM
Video games!
@animuson Yay!
@animuson I don't have the cat hat. This is causing me much sorrow.
So, y'all better get on with starring my chat messages.
@AnnaLear That was like the first hat I got. :P
@Undo how does it work?
Quick! Get Anna some stars!
12:54 AM
Do you just visit a page and it adds a button?
@ColeJohnson click the little arrow in my message; you'll see what I'm responding to.
@ColeJohnson I download CSV's from SEDE, and import them into my app.
@Undo is app opun surs
wait, wait... my psychic powers are telling me... you're on mobile! sorry.
@AnnaLear any ETA on an iOS SE app?
12:57 AM
@ColeJohnson Yes... but you have to set up the infrastructure
@Undo I don't mind
@ColeJohnson 6-8 weeks
Found it
It's releasing without built-in chat, though.
12:58 AM
Fork it, make it better, etc.
@AnnaLear That's a horrible idea
@AnnaLear A real six-to-eight weeks, or an Atwoodish 6-8 weeks?
@Undo yes
@UndotheSnowman The latter. There's no specific release date.
I really want it so I can wireshark it to find a flagging API.
evil laugh
12:59 AM
@ColeJohnson Yes and no. I'd really love to have mobile chat, but chat right now doesn't have an API and delaying app launch for that doesn't make sense.
Yay! Anna has cat hat!
Q&A is the main feature, not chat.
@AnnaLear set a deadline, then it will actually get done. Even if incomplete. I mean, look at HealthCare.gov
@ColeJohnson Or take a page out of Blizzard's book and release when ready. It's not like our devs are slacking off.
Hey, I don't have the chat hat.
1:00 AM
@AnnaLear you can always do a screen scraper style thing for chat. Open it in the BG and run javascript
Me want stars.
@ColeJohnson ... no.
@Undo Out of comment flags.
@hichris123 Good.
Well, not good.
But ok.
@hichris123 Good
Beat me to it
1:00 AM
Animuson probably handled them while eating lasagna ;(
I still have like 15 unhandled.
There should be an auto "helpful" user script for Undo's flags
Uh oh. The flag counter is almost to 100!
Quick! Flag stuff!
1:01 AM
I better get flagging too.
@animuson let's times that by 1000
Anyone have NAA's?
Then well have the close vote queue
@hichris123 I do.
Where do I point them?
@animuson oh my god. this is the literal best.
user image
1:02 AM
@Undo Just give them to me.
@Undo put them where they belong
@animuson How are we doing?
I'm priming my app with new comments.
1:03 AM
What's the diff between Charcoal and SECommentFlagger
@ColeJohnson One's a webapp, one's a client-side app.
Oh wow. I was half-playing games and half moderating and at one point I was confused why my mouse wasn't moving while using the analog stick on my PS3 controller...
"Oh wait... wrong input device..."
@animuson That should be grounds for diamond removal.
@animuson Devote all of your attention to moderating. You're going to get into a crash.
1:04 AM
Or at least getting beaten with your diamond.
If only I could actually control my computer with my PS3 controller.
What game are you playing?
@animuson You could make yourself an FPS that is built on the flag queue.
@JoshC I've been playing the Assassin's Creed 4 multiplayer; it's a lot more interesting than the single player.
1:06 AM
@animuson How many comments can I flag tomorow?
Do you have access to that?
To your flagging limit? No I don't believe so.
@animuson Aww.
@animuson Is multiplayer any better than it was in 3? I thought it was awful.
@JoshC I only ever really played the Wolfpack mode, which now has three difficulty levels in 4. But they also added in a couple of extra things that pop up in between sequences that I don't really care for.
The infection thing drives me nuts.
@JoshC Oh? I thought it was kinda neat in 3. Didn't play much of it, though, so maybe that's why.
1:11 AM
I don't know, I loved singlerplayer.. maybe multiplayer was just too slow for me. I'm more of a COD fan
Though that franchise is declining.
They aren't making quality games like they use to.
I finished playing Freedom Cry last night. I thought that was a lot better than 4's main story line.
I have to say my favorite new feature in 4 was the ability to fast travel to any syncronized viewpoint without having to actually visit a fast travel location. You can just pull up your map and boom you're there. Loved that.
Huh. Completing Freedom Cry must give you a bunch of Abstergo credits in MP, because I don't remember having 5500 when I signed off last night. I think I had more like 500.
Sounds like a good game. I'll probably get it.
I'm still in the first third or so of single player in AC4. They made free-running controls somehow worse than in 3 (where they rocked), so it's been annoying to play.
1:32 AM
@AnnaLear Have you gotten to the underwater controls yet? Those were by far the worst for me.
No, not that far yet.
1:48 AM
Is today video-game night, or what?
Everyone's so quiet.
I love video games.
<3 Skydrift
That looks a lot like Slipstream 5000 from the good ol' days.
@AnnaLear Just googled that because I am young. Yeah it does kinda!
Skydrift is awesome. That's me playing, too!
I'm gonna have to check it out.
It'll give you a steam code
1:58 AM
@AnnaLear Do it! =D
This game is awesome
@ElfSlice wanna gift it to me?
@ColeJohnson I've spent too much on games recently as it is. ;]
@ElfSlice plz
It's like $2, buy it yourself?
Totally worth it.
I don't even know you
2:05 AM
@ElfSlice I'm broke.
@ElfSlice looks pretty nice. a bit like mario kart (or, as a pc guy, sonic allstars racing)
@ThiefMaster Yeah, it's a similar kind of thing with the pickups and stuff.
I really really recommend it, but only if you have a controller.
@ElfSlice keyboard doesn't work?
@ColeJohnson It does work, but it's definitely not the way to play. It's horrible compared to playing with a controller.
@ElfSlice I refuse to use a controller on a PC
2:07 AM
Then you probably shouldn't play Skydrift.
Also, that's just silly.
Some games play far better with a controller.
Skydrift, Just Cause 2, Party of Sin, Dustforce, Super Meat Boy, Blades of Time, etc
And pretty much every racing game ever
^ Free game, and totally rad.
I've played Just Cause 2 on PC w/o controller. Don't mind it. I like it more.
(Compared to on my friend's Xbox)
2:38 AM
Weird. In my opinion that game is definitely better (and easier to play) with a controller.
I'm entirely inept with a controller. Racers are fine, RPGs are fine. Anything that requires aiming - forget it.
That seems to be the general sentiment, so I don't think you're alone.
I will almost always choose the controller over mouse + keyboard though. There are a few games where I don't, but not many.
^ This is a game I want to get.
@AnnaLear What about dual-stick shooter type games?
If you know what that is.
@ElfSlice *sob*
@animuson or @AnnaLear Could you give me and Undo unlimited comment flagging? Please? :)
I try to play them on the PC if at all possible.
2:51 AM
@AnnaLear ;_;
But... but those even have 'stick' in the genre name!
@AnnaLear Like that one ^
That game is sick by the way. But sadly still in development.
30-second unskippable commercial. >.<
3:06 AM
@AnnaLear =[
3:30 AM
@AnnaLear Let me know if you decide to grab Skydrift, we can totally play together. ;]
3:41 AM
What's with the accepted answer not being on top?
Like this question
Q: How to get the Entire Function from a file

SoLoGHoSTOk, I'm reading through a file now, line by line. I know each functions name in the file, since it is defined elsewhere in an XML document. That is what should be this: function function_name Where function_name is the name of the function. I get all of the function definitions from an XML ...

@hichris123 Accepted self-answers do not float to the top.
@animuson Didn't know. Thanks.
@animuson Is there a way to search the length of an answer without DE or data-dump?
@TimStone That sounds like it would be an interesting story haha.
@TimStone Hang around in the bridge and the next time I post an image you'll get fired.
If you believe what the other users say. :P
3:57 AM
@ElfSlice Where is the message you're replying to?
6 hours ago, by Tim Stone
@animuson I (essentially, by saying I'd like to be) tried to get fired and wasn't. Disappointing.
@hichris123 Click the little arrow and it will take you to it
@ElfSlice Well, I work from home most of the time, so that would mostly only get me in trouble with my girlfriend I suspect.
@TimStone Depends on what she's into I guess
But hah
@jadarnel27 The short of it is that I'm very burnt out from being responsible for everything.
@ElfSlice I'm on mobile.
And I hate it.
3:58 AM
@hichris123 Oh, fair enough.
Mobile chat stinks.
The actual story is probably a bit more interesting, but that would be a long retelling. :P
@TimStone We have time...
@TimStone Well that really sucks. I remember feeling that way, and it being very, very...stressful. And frustrating.
Such a cool thing
Yeah...unfortunately I'm not sure where else I might enjoy working and would be able to do so remotely, so I'm a bit stuck. Also the associated guilt of leaving everyone else out to dry, but. >_>
4:01 AM
@TimStone Become a writer!
Or a painter!
See you tomorrow, people.
4:49 AM
Anyone here have the Android app and a copy of wireshark?
I want to know what method the app calls to flag comments.
(It does that, right?)
@hichris123 I've tried that already. CMs and devs are a tough crowd when you want unlimited non-rate limited stuff.
@TimStone Isn't that a weird feeling? I was very conflicted about leaving the place I left to come to my current job, and a big part was due to me being the only developer.
So I was sort of leaving them "out to dry."
They probably had to pay the next guy more too.
I was a bit underpaid at that job. I think they low-balled my offer because I had just been fired from my previous job, so they knew they could probably get away with it.
@UndotheSnowman I have the Android app.
Can you run Wireshark on Android?
I just did a quick search of the Play store and didn't see anything that I could use without rooting my phone.
5:06 AM
@jadarnel Meh, wire shark is just one way. You need to be able to see what requests are being made by the phone - any method to get that would work.
Blerg. That looks like a lot of work.
If you're really talented, you could just stand between the phone and your router and feel the electromagnetic waves traveling through you, and find out which API method it is that way.
I'm trying that, but it's not working.
I don't think.
5:21 AM
Try harder.
@Undo Haha, I would actually be happy to help you. I'm just...lazy, maybe? Busy? If you would send me step by step instructions on how to sniff the traffic on my Android phone, I'll give it a shot =)
I'm also not confident that the traffic captured would contain something as meaningful as a specific API call name.
Have any of you cool kids in here used Bootstrap or Foundation?
5:35 AM
I've used Bootstrap. It's pretty nice.
@jadarnel I'll look for some decent instructions for doing it - and I'm pretty confidant something will poke it's head up. If not, I'll just wait for them to release the iOS app and then use my dev tools to get it.
@UndotheSnowman Cool, man =)
6:24 AM
Hurrah, the close vote review queue is dropping! Sure it's at least in part due to the fixing of the scripts, but still.
Woohoo! Under 100k! We did it! dances
It also appears there are a lot more reviews happening. I think there were over 5k yesterday, if I remember correctly.
There were around 3.5k / day happening the last time I checked.
6:46 AM
> We get it here in Omaha and are seeking high quality, guest service minded individuals interested in interviewing for the following positions: - Greater / Front Desk
What's a Greater?
Presumably someone who stands near the entrance to the store, creating shredded cheese and providing it to incoming customers.
7:04 AM
That... is pretty bad.
I bet they make their employees use IE6.
7:17 AM
I really want to make meta stories out of all the different fables, but I'm afraid yodeling or Tim Post's head are just too tough to fit in to most of them without repetition.
A: Should employees with head injuries be allowed to post on meta?

jmacTim Post's Head and the Unicorns (One of Atwood's fables) In Meta Stack Overflow one summer's day, Tim Post's Head was hopping about, chirping and yodeling to its heart's brain's content. A Unicorn passed by, bearing along with great toil an Old Hat it was taking to the nest. "Why not come and...

2 hours later…
9:06 AM
Do I get bonus points for a haiku?.
9:50 AM
Clearly not! :-)
@Duncan - missing the Kigo.
Challenge.... ACCEPTED!
@Duncan - Also, I tried with an haiku when asking for a Rainbow Dash hat to be featured in this year bash. All I got was a Rainbow Dash head in the hat sprite sheet :P
Seems that posts are now greyed out once you've handled the flag in the 10k tools.
Much better!
@Duncan - at least I know they put that there to specifically mock me. I am in their though :P
2 hours later…
12:12 PM
hi, why is the close votes number going down apart from the bug from the other day?
It seems to be weird....
HATS <-- that's why
People are trying to earn hats, so the queues are getting extra attention.
Why? What is the point of hats?
It is a bit of seasonal fun
Well, OK. :)
when does it end?
Abby T. Miller on December 15, 2013

The gatherings of family and friends, the giving and receiving of gifts, the making and/or breaking of New Year’s resolutions – however you and yours celebrate, the end of a calendar year heralds many traditions.

Here at Stack Exchange, we wanted to get each of you an awesome, personal gift, and mail it to you as our way of saying “thanks.” But our accountant pointed out that there are 4.5 million of you, which promptly reminded us that the holidays aren’t about gifts. The real spirit of the holidays can only be captured with… …

All the information it there ^^^
12:23 PM
Anyone here up for a mini c# brainstorm?
What did you have in mind, @Benjol ?
Sometime soon I'd like to do a presentation to explain some 'new' tech to my colleauges
@LaszloPapp the drop in Close Votes number wasn't a bug as far as I could see, it was result of refactoring or fixing the vote aging mechanism and of mass deletion of old questions, which is a weekly process.
Ahh, the good old "It's already the 20th somewhere".
12:26 PM
I'm trying to come up with an idea for a 'demo project' which could take us through Thread -> Task -> Async/await
@Oded if I'm wrong please correct me :)
and also events -> Rx
Not too complicated, but not so simple that threads is 'easy'.
@ShadowWizard there is also that. The scheduled task was failing for a while and when it did run, bam 4k removed from the queue.
I know the standard one is downloading stuff of the internet, but I'm not sure I'll have a connection wherever the presentation is
Hm. You can always simulate slowness with sleeps, so...
12:27 PM
WTB a starred message for great love and justice!
@Benjol A colleague of mine configured a TCP stack with simulated latency. I think it's based on an open source project - I can find the name if you wish. If you have a Linux box, you could adopt that approach and "download" files from a localhost webserver.
netem @Duncan?
@Duncan Well I could just create an interface and stick Thread.Sleep in it, as Oded says
@Benjol - parallel processing of a very large file? Perhaps a map/reduce combo?
I started off calling something from a Console app, but I'm wondering whether that isn't a bad idea: as things progress, the 'lack of interactivity while I'm waiting' is kind of going to suck.
@Oded, nice, yes
It's amazing how difficult it is to come up with a problem for my solutions! Good job I don't have such a problem the other way round, otherwise I'd be jobless :)
12:31 PM
A: Should employees with head injuries be allowed to post on meta?

jmacThe Cat-Maiden (One of Atwood's fables) The devs were once disputing on Philosophy.SE whether it was possible for a living being to change its nature. Joel said "Yes," but Jeff said "No." So, to try The Question, Jupiter turned a Cat into a Community Manager, and gave her to the Yodeling Public...

Console can be OK - if you go with an ncurses library, or oldstyle overwriting positions. Looks better in a proper UI and progress bars though
@Oded, yup. Hm, I'll mull this over a bit more. Thanks for your input.
@Bart Not sure, I've just Skyped my colleague to ask him.
That name doesn't ring a bell though..
Yes, I think it'll be slow 'download' followed by slow 'processing'. Chained threaded stuff with returned values is where stuff gets ugly fast.
@AnnaLear omg wtf is it? a laughing zombie cat?
12:38 PM
@Telkitty it's a hat
Q: Implement the Hacker Badge

Jeremy Banks from Stack Overflow Badge Feedback - Blog - Stack Overflow I’m specifically referring to the secret Stack Overflow hacker badge. It does exist, though it has yet to be awarded. (There might even be some other secret badges out there.. who knows?) It’s just taking a while ...

The guy who found the internal.SO flaw a few days ago should totally get that badge!
@ThiefMaster what internal flaw? Think I missed it... BTW your avatar was devoured by that giant cat! :D
done - posted a story in the competition on meta.
Had to.
What's going on with hats? Are they the new unicorns?
@Telkitty . No, they make you become one. See the "I don't see your point" hat...
12:51 PM
<--- @Telkitty
@Telkitty they are the new badges as in everyone going to hunt them down.

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