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12:41 AM
Oh man, I totally want that Eureka hat. Then I can have a lightbulb hat on a lightbulb.
@jmac I think you get it if you tell a dev/CM how to get the Yaeger hat
Not sure
Or maybe just mention it in chat
Makes me think of the TV show... There's a TV show called Eureka isn't there? On Syfy or something?
Or maybe it involves going to NY and running around the headquarters in your birthday suit.
But....I don't see why SE would want to encourage that behavior with hats
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish But the devs already know how to get the Yeager hat! Why would I want to tell them? That seems like a poor use of their resources.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish They give you the hat to cover up for the walk of shame back to where you came from.
Anyone want to flag this comment?
A: In .NET, is finally equivalent to try-catch-throw?

Jon SkeetNo - a finally block is executed even if no exception is thrown, and also even if another catch block catches the exception. (That's true whether the catch block then throws an exception itself or not.) Oh, and a finally block will also be executed if the try block returns from the method. Basi...

I upvoted it a while back, but now it's obsolete
I flagged the others, and they were deleted
12:48 AM
@ColeJohnson Flagged :D
Undo has interfaced his brain with the flag button
Manish wrote me a userscript.
window.postMessage("brain","'hello world") is useful
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish That's a really good idea, actually. Where can I get a mind reader that hooks into jQuery?
@UndotheSnowman $.get('mindReader')
jQuery can solve all your problems
12:51 AM
@Undo Did you just use LOAD XML to import the XML's into MySQL?
@hichris123 Yup.
I finally installed it, and it works after 5 tries.
@UndotheSnowman Yo dawg, I heard you like jQuery so I loaded your jQuery with jQuery so you can jQuery while you jQuery
me: Brain("left").StackExchange.FlagComment("That one");
@Mr.Peanut But couldn't jQuery be your problem? So how would you solve it?
12:52 AM
@UndotheSnowman that. is. not. jquery
chat privileges revoked
Yeah, whatever.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish You can't touch me here ;)
Also, CamelCase. Nooooooo my eeeeyeeees
It's braincode, of course!
braincode would obviously be in the superior language
A language that needs to make all its variables proper nouns is not a True Language
me: $("brain").stackExchange().flagComment("all of dems");
^ Is that better?
12:54 AM
@Undo How'd you create a table with all of the correct columns?
@UndotheSnowman much better
@hichris123 Hacked it together myself. Want the schema?
Someone needs to make a brain run jQuery.
@Undo Yes, please.
12:55 AM
$().something() also returns a jquery object. Here, it clearly doesn't
k, just a minute.
Brown points?
@hichris123 :
Brownie points?
12:56 AM
CREATE TABLE `physicscomments` (
  `Id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `PostId` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `Score` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  `UserId` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  `Text` text,
^ That should do it.
@hichris123 BROWN points
Oy, @jadarnel27, teach this guy about brown
Thank you, @Undo.
no problem
Let's see how long it takes my 2 core laptop to import all of the SO comments.
Another thing to think about: It was taking me 300 seconds just to SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments
(Although I have a machine from 2003)
1:01 AM
But that's still physics, right?
So many less comments than SO.
No, that was SO.
Everything else is snappy.
Oh, well nevermind then.
But SO has 24,000,000 comments.
And other sites (i.e. SF) have maybe 500,000
So I just use SF's set.
Next step for me is posts. That's going to literally take forever.
Good luck :P
1:03 AM
While I'm at it, I should flag some comments!
Flagging stuff is fun.
Did you design it not to work with IE9 (log-in box doesn't pop up)? Just so I wouldn't use it?
What is up with Suggested Edits on SO?
53 edits.
This person is suggesting so many edits: stackoverflow.com/users/1895303/…
And they're just editing tags on questions.
1:21 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish wouldn't the spiders just cling to the unbrella?
@ColeJohnson cover the umbrella with soap or something
@Mr.Peanut are spiders afraid of soap, or to make them slip? Spider thread is pretty strong you know
@ColeJohnson good point
Oh, @hichris123, I should have given you this sooner, but here it is: github.com/Undo1/Undo-Userscripts
The flagcomments.user.js can be thrown into Chrome and used to easily batch-flag obsolete comments.
@Undo Thanks, I'll load it when I get a chance. Computer so slow from MySQL.
1:31 AM
It finished!
1971 seconds
32.85 minutes
@hichris123 Way faster than it was for me.
Or maybe not.
About the same.
It's probably also since I'm using an external hard drive (3TB vs. internal 500GB), so RW speeds are slower.
1:34 AM
32 minutes? Not bad
Comments though.
Some of my computations take a day
Also, this:
Well, at least the build didn't take 400 minutes :p http://t.co/W6o4wEDWed
What of?
@hichris123 molecular dynamics of point defects in graphene supercells
@Mr.Peanut English, please? I understand the graphite part and the molecules, but other than that...
1:37 AM
@hichris123 In simpler terms, I take graphene, put some defect in it, and then see if that defect is stable and the state it settles to
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Sounds fun.
That's quite cool.
No, don't take away the onebox!
That's only half the gif because SE's upload restrictions -_-
@hichris123 gets annoying after a while
1:40 AM
But... I can just stare at it and lose all sense of what's going on.
@Undo Hah! 98 seconds for SELECT COUNT(*) FROM socomments
Did somebody say annoying?
Should I flag... :)
@ElfSlice You were talking about a hat for being flagged?
To flag or not to flag, that is the question.
1:41 AM
If only you could flag as annoying. ;]
It's pretty darn close to offensive.
Or spam.
@UndotheSnowman ?
Both, I say.
And it's almost inappropriate.
1:41 AM
How so?
Are you offended by ladies' tongues?
I didn't get to flag it.
@Undo Start on making a script to generate things to flag in chat.
@hichris123 Hmmm...
That would tarnish my almost-perfect record.
Don't worry, I will probably generate lots of things to flag in chat.
@ColeJohnson um.
I... don't know what to do with that.
@ElfSlice I'm not even sure if that would count as offensive
Because I'm not talking to you
1:45 AM
@ColeJohnson I dunno, calling people 'fat idiots' is pretty bad.
Even I don't do that
It's offensive to people.
@ColeJohnson Really, though - you're within two flags of being suspended.
Flag that :)
What the heck are you doing?
@hichris123 nah. They're too busy spending their time striking to care
1:46 AM
That's not the same. I can say 'fuck' all I want, but as soon as I tell someone to fuck off it's flaggable.
@Undo trolling
Do you want it to be starred, instead of flagged?
Both of you.
@ElfSlice how do you know I wasn't addressing that to you
@hichris123 I really don't care
@ColeJohnson Getting banned isn't as fun as it sounds
There you go.
1:47 AM
@ElfSlice we're on Meta...
Remember that hat for getting banned?
that's what I'm going for
@ColeJohnson Seriously, what do you think you're doing?
Just approve the flag
@Undo I'm really bored
1:48 AM
Fine, flag marked valid.
Why bored?
@hichris123 I just am
It's more boring not being able to talk to anyone, you know...
You know, that was the most specific answer I've heard. It's much better than some SO questions that I have to flag.
1:49 AM
There's better ways to deal with boredom
Raptor Safari for instance.
@ElfSlice eh
@ColeJohnson Flag a bunch of posts/comments!
^ excellent boredom cure
And then VTC.
@hichris123 sounds like what you do
@Undo it's not that good on mobile
1:51 AM
You see how @Undo and I have turned out, though.
You know, where you can't flag comments
Fuck yeah this is awesome!
@Undo "Weirdness happens when trying to flag comments in an expanded chain"
I love weirdness happening
Does anyone ever just
1:53 AM
flag a bunch of comments? Yes.
Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?”
@hichris123 Here is a better one of one of the systems I'm analysing
@ColeJohnson This appears to be off-topic as it has noting to do with meta, SO, or boredom.
@Mr.Peanut Where do you work?
@ElfSlice May I recommend not using 4-letter words regardless of whether they are directed people or not? Aside from the fact that it's (generally) unnecessary, it runs the risk of tripping net filters and offending youthful eyes.
@hichris123 I'm a student. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
1:56 AM
@jmac I was just using it as an example. I'm working on it though, sorry.
Hey guys, how does this look so far: jmp.sh/v/uYXfoVy10NIbNeKMpBTY
Something I'm working on
Well, was working on in the past
gonna finish it up soonish
☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste
/▌him so he can take over
/\ the Tavern
@Mr.Peanut That looks like so much fun.
@ColeJohnson nothx ;]
@ColeJohnson Not brown enough. Make him brown and then we'll talk
@Mr.Peanut I could read that as racist...
1:57 AM
@ColeJohnson Brown is a Tavern meme :P
@Mr.Peanut I know. I'm just saying
I tried. And failed.
Really though. I want the Eureka hat.
What's with all the flags? Are we having a parade?
Bob is holding a pencil! Awesome!
No, wait, it's BIONIC BOB with a pencil for an arm
Did anybody take a look at my link?
2:01 AM
Because that's just the way he rolls.
@Mr.Peanut Why aren't you using jQuery to build Bob?
5 mins ago, by ElfSlice
Hey guys, how does this look so far: http://jmp.sh/v/uYXfoVy10NIbNeKMpBTY
I find that bob immensely humorous because his head is in the middle
2:02 AM
Nobody huh?
I looked, but don't have time to watch a video.
Nope Elf, because I don't trust your links.
@hichris123 It's shortish
@jmac What, why?
2:03 AM
@hichris123 meh
@Mr.Peanut Exactly.
You use foul language and post videos a lot -- some with questionable cover art. So clicking on blind links isn't on my list of things to do.
In this case, it's an animation I am working on
Your oneboxes are coming back to haunt you.
Hey, I'm working on it okay
@jmac I didn't realize you felt that way. I'll make an effort to do better.
2:07 AM
I'm one person, others may not feel the same way, I ask you to use your judgment, and not to be shocked when others (like me) use our own and don't feel the need to click through on blind links you post. That's kind of how things work in the real world too.
I don't expect anyone to click blind links, to be honest.
I don't do that either.
Who knows where it goes
What's the link to get to a comment by its comment id?
@hichris123 'share', isn't it?
Oh, a comment.
Click the timestamp
@ElfSlice Ah, the rickroll and goatse generation
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish ugh
2:09 AM
@ElfSlice No, I mean I have it's comment id, but I need to get to the comment (data dump)
I am often ashamed to be a member of said generation
Never really gotten hit by either, but .... still wary of links
@hichris123 Oh. shrug
For the record, this is the kind of work I do
It's apparently just www.stackoverflow.com/posts/comments/commentid
@hichris123 That looks right.
2:14 AM
How do I hyperlink all websites that are text in excel?
I'm a little late, but @hichris123, you lost brown points because brown is awesome. And Manish determined that you were being less than awesome.
@Mr.P Lesson taught.
Thank you, my good sir
@jadarnel27 I deducted Undo's brown points, actually :P
Thank you for the brown lesson, @jadarnel27
@Krazer Welcome. =]
Get ready for the comment flags.
I'm doing all of the accept my answer ones.
2:26 AM
@hichris123 =HYPERLINK(url)
Thanks @jmac !
You can add a name on it if you'd like too, with =HYPERLINK(url,name)
Next mod to review comment flags sees 30-ish flags.
@jmac No need, I'm just using it to flag comments.
SELECT Text as Text, Id as id, PostId as PostId
FROM socomments
where text like '%accept my answer%'
Just delete the backticks, and use the 'fixed font' post option to get it as code
SELECT 'fixed font'
FROM 'options on the right next to upload'
WHERE 'chat message is code'
There, thanks.
Some of these comments are gold, look at this one
"you're welcome. Don't hesitate to accept my answer... you know, for the reputation :)"
2:31 AM
You must onebox all comments.
Otherwise it's not official.
Be that way.
you're welcome. Don't hesitate to accept my answer... you know, for the reputation :) — PierrOz Mar 5 '10 at 13:41
2 upvotes, also.
It seems to have worked, I don't see much of an issue with it?
Is this one obsolete?
what do you mean by accept my answers?? im new in this site.. — Leon Mar 4 '10 at 20:01
Or too chatty?
It seems to still be valid.
That's true.
2:35 AM
Q: C programming question. float a = 6.1; int b = a*10; what is b ?

menckenwhile a = 0.1 、1.1 、8.1 、9.1 、10.1 , b = 1 、11 、81 、91、101; while a = 2.1 、3.1 、4.1 、5.1 、6.1 、7.1 , b = 20 、30 、40 、50 、60 、70; tested in VC2008 and gcc, why ? Thanks

what is this I don't even
> Page Not Found
Nevermind me, I'm dumb.
while a = 0.1 、1.1 、8.1 、9.1 、10.1 , b = 1 、11 、81 、91、101;

while a = 2.1 、3.1 、4.1 、5.1 、6.1 、7.1 , b = 20 、30 、40 、50 、60 、70;

tested in VC2008 and gcc, why ? Thanks
Noooo, someone just spoiled winterbash's special pointy hat!
2:38 AM
@jmac ?
Not me
I just gave the correct Shog hint
the other dude spoiled it :P
I want the Eureka one. Lightbulb on lightbulb action.
Doge hat is the only hat for me.
I fixed the spoiler to be less spoileresque. I wonder if anyone will notice.
@jmac Already reverted.
2:42 AM
@hichris123 Uncool.
Hey, I didn't do it.
But thanks for telling me how to get it.
Yeah, I know, but now everyone will have that hat.
Okay, you may only attempt to flag a comment every 3 seconds, but you can only flag one every 5 seconds.
And not through careful investigation, but through cheating.
@hichris123 Yeah. Annoying, no?
I have become so acquainted with that dialog...
2:45 AM
17 mins ago, by hichris123
SELECT Text as Text, Id as id, PostId as PostId
FROM socomments
where text like '%accept my answer%'
He added spoiler tags. That is hardly the point.
@hichris123 I have comments matching '%please accept%' in the tool already, but that's not a bad one either.
I tried to get Shog to change the rate limits, but he said he had nothing to do with it @Undo.
I'm suprised at how many are still there.
@hichris123 Hopefully we get a full write API soon.
Fingers crossed
I wonder what the flag queue looks like now, hmm?
2:48 AM
@hichris123 Ping @animuson and ask him.
You kinda already did.
Or is it the only 1 rule in chat, too?
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by ManishEarth
@ElfSlice Last year there were a bunch of meme/troll images in the hat sprite too, just for the heck of it
@Undo Someone's going through my flags.
@hichris123 Yeah.
Someone went through the flag queue and handled all the flags a while ago.
So they don't have a big backlog yet.
2:50 AM
@Undo Sometime, we're just going to flood the flag queue with NAA, comment flags, and anything else.
@hichris123 If we can get about five of us, we could really freak out the mods.
Flag to close doesn't count, though, since there's already a huge backlog.
@Undo Let's do it.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish ruins test
I take it you have to earn a guru badge during Winterbash for the "Oh the Horror" hat, @balpha?
2:51 AM
@TimStone yep
Should it look different?
@hichris123 We could all be running an app that would make it so that any of us could add a flag task and the next available person would automatically flag it.
@animuson Someone just handled all 30-ish of my comment flags.
Also nothing to see here, we're not talking about flooding the flag queue at all.
@Undo Can you "legally" sock-puppet accounts to flag?
DDoEFQ (distributed denial of empty flag queue) attack.
@hichris123 Ask the Shog.
@Shog9 Is it legal to sock-puppet for flagging purposes (given they're good flags, of course)?
2:54 AM
@hichris123 Undo just Shog-sniped you
Some questions are not meant to be asked
Watch your account dissolve slowly
Hey, I have 431 helpful flags. I don't think he's too worried about me.
Maybe I should delete that.
@hichris123 Naw, don't.
I'm curious about the answer.
(note that we would have to post something with the fake accounts to get them to 15 rep)
I actually am curious what a slowly dissolving account would look like, too.
It's kinda disgusting.
2:56 AM
The flags queue has actually been staying around the 20 mark. You guys are clearly slacking.
@animuson We're working on plans - you don't expect us to plot and flag at the same time, do you?
@animuson That's why we're planning.
We're letting you rest before opening the flag deluge.
Review all of my flags that go into CV queue if you're bored, I still have like 70-ish @animuson
I've been playing video games.
2:58 AM
Bad mod! Y U NO IN FLAG QUEUE?!?
I vote to impeach animuson.
Nah, he handled some of my flags really well.
(do we have an impeachment process?)

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