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12:13 AM
Now that I'm done impatiently waiting for my new phone, I can impatiently wait for my Stack Exchange Android App alpha testing invitation. Maybe I should have requested that while I was waiting for the phone...
1:02 AM
Hi? ?Can I ask question?
How I write SPA using websocket? Plz send codez.
waits impatiently
Please install the Stack Exchange Super Awesome Extreme Data Transfer Mechanism and the program will guide you through receiving your content.
The program can be downloaded from the Stack Exchange Super Awesome Extreme Data Transfer Network, which requires the Stack Exchange Super Awesome Extreme Data Transfer Mechanism to access. Good luck!
3 hours later…
3:40 AM
loves his new phone even if it doesn't have a Stack Exchange app yet
@animuson You will love it twice as much when it buzzes cheerfully every time you get a reply.
@animuson Is it an android phone?
@KasraRahjerdi The HTC One. I already submitted my request via the fancy form. I'm waiting for the fancy email.
You will get a fancy e-mail in the morning :)
5 hours later…
8:22 AM
I'm yet to receive an invite for the bloody Android app.
It's been about four or five months. I guess I'm not wanted :-(
@KasraRahjerdi Are you able to hook me up? :-)
Hi @Bart
Hola D to the UV
how you be
I have just taken the lovely decision to throw out a significant chunk of code and replace it.
What that says about me, I'm not sure.
8:27 AM
did you throw it at a marauding door to door salesperson?
It actually is on the train tracks behind our building
got the western theme music going?
There is a guy playing on an old piano. Don't know where he came from
they always appear, no one expects them,like the Spanish inquisition
8:31 AM
@Bart It means you have commitment issues
That's what everybody keeps telling me @DuncanJones. Though I can't commit to that view of myself.
Ah, denial.
@Bart Putting in a request with management for code disposal train tracks.
No it's not.
8:35 AM
@Asad They'll thank me. There is nothing like the satisfying splatter of code
"This Ruby's so bad it should be on Rails!"
Better than the jokes I was trying to make based on "lines" of code.
I didn't get and further than something something bugs something something Trac
Probably just as well, it would just derail the discussion if we all started making train jokes.
8:41 AM
God knows where that track would lead us
A disturbing train of thought, for sure
Although I guess we could let off a bit of steam
blows smoke, holsters pistols
I'll stop before you think I'm loco
Ok, that was a bit of a stretch.
Ah well, I guess humour was your "motive"...
@Bart Are you British? I notice the correct spelling of "humour" there...
Nope, I'm Dutch.
Now in my head all of your posts are going to have a Grolsch advert accent.
8:58 AM
Haha, I've got to look those up. (And they are the brewer from my region, where I used to live). But I can do you one better. This is my voice-over: youtube.com/watch?v=lys45y1iTmQ
That's brilliant. But I can't tell if you're being serious...
That that's my voice? Yes it is.
I work for Artanim
And am the only one without a thick French accent
Surely a thick French accent is the best choice for easing people into the idea that sex after a hip replacement is... bon.
lol, how childish that after a downvoted thread, someone went through my questions and downvoted even upvoted ones (of course without comments). I think meta is a kindergarden.
So, do you do medical research too? I vaguely remember a few of those abduction adduction terms from the PE course I got a D on, but it seems fairly involved for someone hired primarily for computer science expertise.
9:17 AM
Ah that reminds me @LaszloPapp. I think one of those is mind and I still have to reverse it. It was a test for another Meta question about rep history errors for suspended users.
Let me have a look at that.
could you please choose a different test subject next time? :/
There you go. Sorry about that one.
Haha, well, only remembered you as being suspended.
I do not find it funny, and I am politely asking please not to do this again.
We do a lot of stuff @Asad. Really anything related to motion capture, motion tracking, 3D scanning, etc. Most of the demoed work is medical though. The other stuff is all still under an NDA unfortunately.
@LaszloPapp I think it's quite reasonable for other users to perform tests on the system occasionally, especially if it helps others. No harm has been done here.
9:36 AM
Right, I will test on other users how many downvotes I can give.
and no need to respect others who are politely asking something.... that even makes it more sad.
FYI, it was a simple test for an idea I had related to this question. That's all. And it was a single downvote from me. Not "many". Not even two.
Again, please do not make benefits for other users' inconvenience. It has been explicitly asked politely. Ask the team to set up a test account for you. If it is important, they will do the favor for you, and especially not do this for otherwise well-edited posts to be able to make a dummy edit (and bump) afterwards.
9:52 AM
I generally don't do it, and consider this to be a one-of situation, but I won't make promises I can't keep.
Gah, it drives me crazy when I can't view the up/down votes on other sites where I have low rep.
Right no apologize, just abusive use. Go ahead if this is your way then. These are the kind of actions why I will stop visiting meta as much as possible.
@LaszloPapp if this really bothers you this much, and you think I'm overstepping boundaries here, by all means flag my for moderator attention and let them have a good look. As far as apologies go, I think I already said "Sorry about that one".
I wrote to the team already. I do not think it is fair, and I think they should make it clear not to do it, especially if users ask politely. They should provide test accounts, etc, if it is really that important. I personally fail to see why it was so important, but if the team considers so, they will help, I hope.
Okay, good. I'll see whether or not they contact me.
9:56 AM
I think you're doomed, @Bart.
Heh, might be @DuncanJones. I have a horrible track record.
Ah, I knew that had bugged me before...
Q: Any non-domain-specific privileges earned should be shared across all sites

Duncan JonesIf one examines the privileges earned above 100 reputation, they are split into two camps: Privileges that are dangerous in the hands of someone unfamiliar with the domain. Privileges that are simply rewards for good participation. These include: view close votes established user (i.e. viewin...

@Bart: scores will not make you a great person. If you cannot stop downvoting people (even if it hurts them like me) for your fun, I personally think that is a problem. Covering such behavior by scores is also improper IMO.
A lot could be said @LaszloPapp. But luckily you don't at all have a habit of misrepresenting situations, nor of slathering anything with a sauce of poor interpretation. If you've notified the team, let that be it. They'll deal with it. And I'll see what happens on my end.
10:19 AM
... not a good day today, grr.
11:19 AM
And again, @Laszlo, you go with the overreacting. And the not reading.
2 hours ago, by Bart
There you go. Sorry about that one.
See there ^^^ apology?
@Oded hiya - can you get the attention of a community mod? We've got an underage user on SU.
@tombull89 One CM pinged, as requested
Oooh, you're doing requests now @Oded? Can I get a coffee?
Sure - how many sugars? Milk?
Wait... that's not milk..
11:22 AM
I like my coffee like I like my ...... no, wait ... let's not go there.
If I'm not around this is the user - superuser.com/users/267082/esmeralda
FWIW I've flagged the question with the statement as well @tombull89.
Also flagged too, but I guess it goes flag > mod > community team and I thought it was better to go direct.
Dear God, I hope the limit required for meta is higher than 13... They're just not ready for freehand circles and unicorns at that age.
Nor oscillation. Don't underestimate oscillation.
11:36 AM
I'm curious.. would it be legal for a US company to write something like "because of COPPA you must be 13 to use this site. If you admit being younger than 13 we need to delete your account in case we ever find out about it" in their terms?
From what I've read COPPA only restricts personal information collection
It requires parental consent for that. And most companies are not setup for that (or not willing to deal with the hassle).
Starting to see why Skippy was suspended.
Hallo my old friend!!! I'm suspended and mooching about reading pet chat and reading posts... peaceful without me hey?? How are you?? and your pug and how's the parents boxer going with the pug?? — Skippy 2 mins ago
nm, deleted already.
@Oded And they require snailmail/fax, right?
12:05 PM
@tombull89 Thanks, I took care of it
12:16 PM
@ThiefMaster - Not clear on the particulars, but I believe you are right. Paper is required, making it a real hassle for just about everyone.
12:34 PM
@Oded: well, it seems to me you have not read it all, the apology was meant for saying that "I might do it again". I personally hope that is not going to be done again.
And you beat that point to death. Once was enough. But no. You had to go on about it.
the apology was meant for saying that "I might do it again" ... say what now?
@Bart "But luckily you don't at all have a habit of misrepresenting situations, nor of slathering anything with a sauce of poor interpretation."
I don't know where you got that quote from, but the man must be a visionary.
2 hours later…
2:59 PM
Kevin Monstrous
Haha, where did you get that from?
We put up a few new ads :)
I was told that these would only go to the US and Canada, however.
Because that's just the kind of thing to attract the North Americans?
@Oded I am in the US until next May.
Whereabouts? Doing what?
3:06 PM
Philly, studying
A 2-semester exchange thingy
Nice - not far from NY. If we have our next meetup around April, perhaps we can organize a meetup
What is the correct closure reason for:
Q: C1=1214F, C2=2121F Capacitance

Juliet CavallaroI am Juliet from New York. I am stuck in a problem, and I am no electrical engineer. Can anyone please help me with the following question? What is the total capacitance of capacitors connected in series, C1=1214F, C2=2121F ? Result must be INTEGER (without -F-)

@Oded great idea!
It's off topic, clearly. But not programming..
> This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community
3:09 PM
@Oded Ok, thanks. That would have been my guess.
.. although, I would say that now, wouldn't I? :-)
Myeah, that's what I would have gone for ... if a certain user didn't get there before me robbing me of my fun ...
... rolling into town with his big moderator dick flapping in the wind
3:10 PM
Who would that be? I only have a big developer dick flapping in the wind
Oh, I thought the diamond signified moderator powers...
Yep. But we don't have differentiation between elected mods and SE employees. You would have to look at the mod tab on the users section or in the profile page (we employees say that we are)
Ah, I see.
Us devs, we are humble. We make and break moderators. We make and break community team members. Yet we only show a diamond. Aren't we nice? :-P
Are you guys then not bound by the moderator agreement? Or does that more or less come with the contract?
3:18 PM
The contract has some conditions, yeah.
I also signed the mod agreement
Just so you could break it, I assume, being the rebel you are?
@Bart I think they, like comm team members, can reveal non-PII information that is private. Like if a user is a sockpuppet, or the reasons behind a suspension. At least I've seen Comm doing that, not sure about the devs
Shog is probably a bot written by the dev team anyway
@Manishearth There is no telling what devs will do. They be crazy!
mod agreement explicitly doesn't apply to employees - we essentially have a more binding contract anyhow, with similar expectations (basically, "don't be an idiot, don't publish private data, etc")
3:24 PM
I assumed as much. But good to know. Always wondered when seeing a dev take moderation actions.
@Manishearth Shog is actually a very nice and relatively shy person. I know so because I've programmed^H^H^H^H^H^H^H met him personally.
@Bart I have the advantage of also being an elected mod, at least historically
Does questions search for input and/or discussion from the cummunity?
likewise Marco, obviously
3:26 PM
Thanks for the info @MarcGravell.
@JohannesKuhn What do you mean?
I don't think that "
This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community" is a valid close reason for support questions.
Got an example @JohannesKuhn?
Or you mean the capacitance one?
yop, that one :P
That's basically so off-topic that the makes no sense.
3:30 PM
@MarcGravell Thought so.
@MarcGravell hahahaha
But I believe that This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community could apply to many questions.
If they are real support questions where community input is no necessary/desired, that reason won't be used all that often @JohannesKuhn.
I guess in that particular case it's the friendliest "go away" one could think of.
Or perhaps a "not here" rather.
@Bart: seems your last comment became obsolete here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/196243/…
What comment @LaszloPapp?
@Bart: I do not see it anymore. Have you removed it?
3:45 PM
Nuked it.
I'm working with such a flaky piece of hardware today. Yet another reboot "solved" the problem..
4 hours later…
8:05 PM
Time for coffee. I just mis-clicked a suggested edit review, accepting a terrible edit on what wasn't even an answer. .... now we wait until an angry user rages about this on Meta. :)
Paging @minitech - @Bart needs a review ban!
Oh sure, go for the jugular, why don't you.
I never received my fancy email this morning. :(
That lazy @Kasra.
Unless... He's driving to your house right now, dressed up as a Google invite!
Trick-or-apping all around your neighbourhood
8:16 PM
I did receive a notification that my domain expired, though. (Good, now they'll stop sending me those insistent emails that my domain is about to expire.)
8:56 PM
Y̥͔̠̯̓ͦ̌ͩͯ̒ͬȍ̴͚͉̺̮̱͎û̶̥̰̖̦ͭͩͬ ͎͔̭̻̥͠r͚̣̈́̇̄̆ͦ̈́́á̱̪n̺̗̊̌̓g̰̺̘ͅ?̙̹̞͎ͯ͑̾̐͂
whistles innocently
2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Oh goody goody gumdrops. I'm a lone security officer at an ice arena for the night. My life is just so full of excitement.
11:46 PM
Is there any way to check what tags were made synonyms in the recent past?
jmac: the best way is probably the api:
(other than checking @animuson's activity in the tag)
@JohannesKuhn Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. Man, I checked the API and didn't find it. Didn't look hard enough
@JohannesKuhn Is there any way to check this including who approved the synonyms? I have a strong feeling that most are @animuson.
@shog: creator field for tag_synonym in the API.
@JohannesKuhn That works incredibly well. But many are showing only one 'creator', it doesn't show who approved the synonym request like it does on a suggested edit? Does that information get lost to the void?
mhh, data explorer can be an option..
11:54 PM
@JohannesKuhn And thanks for that. This will all get tossed in to a feature request in a bit.
@JohannesKuhn would that be the person who proposed it then?
(toss this up on stackapps.com as a feature-request either way)
ah, right
@JohannesKuhn Time to try to figure out SQL again. That does work as it has the ApprovedByUserID field.
Ultimate goal is to figure out how many of the recent synonyms were actually voted by community folk, and how many were unilaterally implemented by mods. A quick glance says that mods are the ones creating virtually off of them
Intresting: I got a OwnerUserId and an ApprovedByUserId in the Data Explorer. But not the full list of all users who approved.
11:59 PM
@JohannesKuhn If one of them is a mod, it can be unilaterally implemented and may not have a full list.

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