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2:29 AM
just doing some research on SO chat rooms, but how many people are still logged in when the last message was 4 hours ago?
Everyone who just leaves the room open in a tab and checks it when the number in the title changes.
ok good to know. I always avoided entering a chat room that said last post x hours ago cause I assumed no one would see anything I posted
2:46 AM
and while Im here can I shamelessly promote this post? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/203495/…
If you post the link separately it will onebox and look nicer. :)
Q: Survey to collect data for Undergraduate Senior Thesis

jth41Best I can tell there is no way to share this without appearing spammy. I am writing a paper on stackoverflow.com and its users. Specifically on their motivations for contributing. I have found several explanations of why people think others contribute to online (example). But I have been unable...

3:22 AM
If the FAQ got retired ages ago, how could someone have got the badge 4 days ago? stackoverflow.com/help/badges/1306/analytical
@Qantas94Heavy Account merge.
4:08 AM
> This is a billing reminder that your invoice no. 34641 which was generated on 10/28/2013 is due on 11/02/2013.
Wait, I only get 4 days to pay?
4 hours later…
8:11 AM
@ThiefMaster What should a non-moderator do in that circumstance then?
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
Argh, I belive my google-fu is miserable.
Q: Allow OP to override the result of suggested-edits review

Johannes KuhnBackground Currently all suggested edits with code changes are rejected. Some people belive that a suggested edit that fixes the code should not be rejected, I don't see any other option because: If everybody would skip edits in code that he does not understand it would fill up the queue and w...

Aaaand duplicate.
10:07 AM
Q: Flags in chat are defective by design

Benjamin GruenbaumYes, I know the topic has been discussed before. I know that Meta already has threads that complain about how flagging doesn't work. I wanted to give a practical example. Today, a user came in to the JavaScript chat and asked the following question: Hey guys, as soon as I embed javascript,...

Can someone please implement this? It seems like a tiny fix and it would make our lives easier.
1 hour later…
11:35 AM
Ahah, just discovered "pinned tabs" in Firefox, which makes keeping this window open easier.
12:21 PM
Ooh, Chrome has the same I see. Brilliant
@DuncanJones "invalid flag"
12:53 PM
@Bart The downside on Firefox (at least) is you lose the tab title, so I'm not quite sure how to determine new messages have arrived.
Yeah, same here.
Ok, your latest message caused my tab to look a little different. Kinda shiny. Must be Firefox's way of drawing attention to it.
1:28 PM
Yes. I belive it is really nice.
I have several SE tabs open that way.
(and 4 others are glowing)
Don't neglect your little tab children now, Johannes.
They need your regurgitated fish.
... I might need some air.
1:45 PM
how are you../
2:30 PM
Thoughts on this question?
Q: How to use do while loops

user2932824I am trying to put a password onto this section of code, I am trying to use a do while loop but it carries on looping. Can you please show me where my errors are? The password I am using is 1234. import javax.swing.*; public class cipherprac { static int choice = 0; pu...

Back in the day, this would be "too localized".
Perhaps "minimal understanding of the problem being solved"?
Yeah, that's what I would go for I think.
Eeek, SO is offline.
Wow, and not just a little bit. Hard Runtime Error
@DuncanJones all the sites are..
right after bitbucket came back up, too.
2:38 PM
I second that Eeek, anyone know whats going on?
Eek! I'm quivering from lack of Stack-Overflow-ishness!
I can't imagine they are not aware of it.
#stackoverflow - We know.
I would not be surprised if that is merely a Royal we @AndrewBarber.
@Bart I would be surprised if it wasn't. ;)
Problem is - where are the SE devs going to find help with SO down?! :-)
expert sex change and yahoo answers, obviously.
2:43 PM
What @Wooble is saying is "We're going to die, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!"
man, hacker news is down too.
@Wooble under a 10Gbps DDoS
... and we're back.
I will randomly vote to close whatever is on the front page now... just to calm me down
2:48 PM
Someone, somewhere deep in the bowels of the SE corporate headquarters, is rubbing a '9' off a whiteboard that used to say '99.999'.
clearly that last question posted 16 minutes ago broke everything.
At least I get to close a bunch of meta question for the coming 30 mins
We are experiencing a network connectivity issue with our ISP - we are investigating and trying to resolve now #stackoverflow
@DuncanJones Just as long as it's the last one, and not the first ;)
@YiJiang How about "Jon Skeet answer is not accepted" or jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/82/embedded/result
2:55 PM
FYI : the infrastructure guys are working on it....
May be it hacked.
Names @MarcGravell. My pitchfork demands names.
Someone fooed the bar...
Nobody fooed me, ever ... ah, bar ... nevermind
at this point, best guess is a mixture of external DDoS and internal switch implosion - I'm letting the network guys "do their thing" to be honest
2:57 PM
@MarcGravell the wheel of blame picked you jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/82/embedded/result
3:13 PM
Testing, testing, did the chatter stop, or is chat down?
It's down. Nobody can hear you scream.
Thanks just checking
@YiJiang "It's the off-shore team's fault"
3:43 PM
@YiJiang Do you have "Robo-reviewers" on there as a blame source?

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