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6:48 AM
If that puddle of ketchup was a sausage it would be a much better smile!
aw man
oka's not coming
BUT ANYWAY: There are no more questions with "concatination" in the title on Stack Overflow. I couldn't have done it so easily without @okalevi
/me tails it outta here to sleep :D
4 hours later…
11:25 AM
Oh, hrump
Q: Detailed Moderator Election statistics site not updating

CalebThe (brilliantly useful) site that pulls up extended statistics for candidates running in elections across the SE network does not seem to be updating for current elections. In particular Christianity site isn't showing up up at all and elections are already in primaries.

The site hasn't been updated in... a billion years. cc @TimStone
Isn't the server suppose to pull in the contents from the repo at code.google.com/p/stack-exchange-election-stats regularly?
12:03 PM
@YiJiang I've pinged Geoff (I think he's the one who set it up)
12:40 PM
Jul 17 at 15:28, by Tim Stone
@Shog9 There was a reason I did that rewrite... :P
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3:56 PM
1 hour later…
5:16 PM
Q: Where can I learn to develop Google Cast Applications

Les Vogel - Google TV DevRelGoogle announced it's Chromecast device using Google Cast technology. How do I get started?

6:01 PM
I thought moderators were allowed to close questions that were doing something illegal
im gonna run a dll and and exe but i really dont want them to be stolen, there must be no way to get dll and exe. what can i do then? — user2596732 25 mins ago
not the best link but it gets to the right area of the comment torrent
7:00 PM
Can't believe Python Newbies the troll roped me into responding.
Can a mod please nuke stackoverflow.com/questions/17841291/… nuke and associated user account?
@Mgetz: moderators do not enforce 3rd party agreements. That includes licensing.
7:17 PM
@NickCraver: Just poking random diamond carriers, to get stackoverflow.com/users/2615746/debug-info closed down a little faster.
nvm, Brad Larson took care of it.
@MartijnPieters not the license agreement part
the breaking the law part
@Mgetz: I see no law breaking going on.
There is speculation it may be breaking the law, people warn the user about it, the question got closed as OT.
@MartijnPieters See Blizzard vs. Glider
modifying another programs memory without the explicit permission of the rights holder is both a violation of the computer fraud and abuse act and copyright law
Q: Should an answer that encourages illegal activity be marked as "Offensive"?

Dave Van den EyndeIf I see an answer that involves some illegal activity, such as breaking license agreements, should I then mark this as Offensive or should I simply down-vote it?

Q: Dealing with questions of nefarious intent

MiffTheFoxHow should we treat questions that are, or have seeds of, evil or malicious purposes and actions, such as writing spambots and malware? Should they be answered like regular "everybody keeps their pants on" questions? Or should there be some other type of response to this bad behaviour lot?

Q: Should virus or illegal-activity related questions/code be allowed?

dylanisawesome1I've seen posts pop up every once in a while on virus coding, and I went to flag them, but I didn't see a category under which to do so. After further investigation, I've had no luck finding rules against it, so I presume this means that there are no rules against it (correct me if i'm wrong). So...

7:33 PM
I see your ahem points
and last but not least
Q: Should I have flagged a question for moderator attention if it covered a "dodgy" topic?

Duncan JonesI recently flagged a StackOverflow question for moderator attention because related to the decompilation of third-party software, which smelt a little dodgy. The response I got for the flag was: declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their inte...

In short, it is the act of using the technique that may be illegal, but talking about it is not. As long as it doesn't directly infringe on copyright or is against the Terms of Service of Stack Exchange, there is no problem.
@TimStone Hows it goin?
hmm, I could make an argument based on the answer of the last... but it would be tenuous at best. Ultimately the best thing to happen is what did happen
@MartijnPieters in the US modifying another program's memory is considered (by law enforcement none-the-less [and questionably so] to be direct infringement) that said your point stands
thank you for your clarification
8:20 PM
Anybody can unsuspend me from chat please? Somebody doesn't know southpark... :(
@gordon / @ThiefMaster :-) tnx
@PeeHaa Link is to "Page Not Found".
Somebody was showing his wheel of fortune script and asked for puzzles. So obviously what I posted was:
@PeeHaa An offensive joke does not magically become less offensive because it's a reference to an offensive TV show.
@TRiG uhhhm yeh...
And I have no idea why the mods decided to unsuspend you for that one.
8:26 PM
Sorry I missed the memo where humor was banned on SE
Was it around the same time they banned [closed]?
@PeeHaa Humour? no. Disgusting racism? Yes. Disgusting racism dressed up as a joke? Also yes.
Let me guess. You're from the USA?
@PeeHaa Ireland.
hmm you don't say
@PeeHaa how does being from one country suddenly invalidate claims of racism?
8:28 PM
@PeeHaa Yes. I do say. I just did, in fact.
we try to be enlightened, regardless of our country of origin
Agreed. It's just that certain people from certain parts of the world get offended faster than others. That's not "invalidate claims of racism" that's culture
I would hope everyone would get offended equally fast for equally poor jokes that rely on racism for humor
You're just not acting like an adult, that's all.
@PeeHaa Well, the general culture of our chats is "don't be racist". So that's the end of this argument right there. I appreciate that you were more than likely posting that link with a different intent, but let's just move on. Not wanting to be uncomfortable or offended in one of our chat rooms generally trumps wanting to making a joke.
Speaking of racism, hey @jcolebrand we're spiritual neighbors apparently. :P pbs.twimg.com/media/BP9pa6PCAAAemMu.jpg:large
8:40 PM
@mootinator heh
I'll reserve comment on the ridiculous banner.
I won't. You can have that one
Everyone knows the Sun is always right
something like that anyways
Known hippie makes comment! SUN READERS MOBILIZE!
9:13 PM
@AnnaLear Fair enough. My message in here could have just been deleted instead of flagged again though. Especially considering at least you recognized the way I meant it.
Wat. Talking about chat flags are we?
I don't know what room you were in.. but you risk teh flags when you post anything. At least, that has been my experience.
@Seth In all fairness. Whatever I posted which was pretty funny to most some might have been offended to some.
Than again. Everybody is offended by some thing
However also banning me on here was pretty weak.
But meh nuff said about it
Ah, did it get flagged here too?
yep :)
You have a point there.
Anyway, do you use the pro forma comment script?
9:18 PM
@Seth I still have to install it after my mahcine reinstall
Well the "auto" link totally disappeared today.. I was just wondering if it happened to anyone else.
I know I'm not the only one.
@Seth 1 sec lemme install it
@PeeHaa I wasn't the one who handled the flag, but I agree. I probably would've just deleted the message.
@Seth Sorry that took longer than expected :P Chrome canary + tampermonkey goes bananas on me sometimes. But nope. Indeed it is gone :P
@AnnaLear Glad we can agree on something tonight ;-)
9:26 PM
@PeeHaa Hmm. Thanks. The script hasn't been updated recently so it's probably something else.
@PeeHaa Let's not get used to it. ;)
@Seth Are you running chrome or FF?
@AnnaLear :-)
@PeeHaa Chromium, but another user tried Firefox and it didn't work there either
@Seth Let me check the sauce and whether I survive looking at all that jquery :P
This isn't really a good sign:
      var posttype = $(this).parents(".question, .answer").attr("class").split(' ')[0]; //slightly fragile
What? No. That's not possible. Needs more jQuery.
9:31 PM
lol @mootinator
I'm going to file a bug report on MSO
I believe this is an SE issue.
Stopped working in Chrome too. Stack Exchange probably pushed an update that altered the DOM in some way. — Madara Uchiha 1 hour ago
I used to think that until people started answering every single question no matter what tags with $.doShit()` @mootinator :)
@Seth Yes think so. Should be easy to fix though
sorry caps
Q: Did SE change something that caused the pro-forma comment script to stop working?

SethI noticed today that the pro-forma comments userscript created by Benjol stopped working. Instead of the nice "auto" button next to the "add comment" button there is nothing: There hasn't been an update to the script recently and it doesn't appear that any resources aren't loading, so I (a...

@Seth Give me a sec. So I can send you a work around
@PeeHaa Sweet.
make that 1 minute. I have to get myself some batteries for my mouse. It's acting up
9:45 PM
Change line 683 to $('#' + divid).append(newspan); and in the meantime I will fix it properly :)
That didn't do anything.
Let me just make sure I did it right.
Nope. Didn't do anything.
hmmmz works for me. Let me see what I screwed up this time :)
Well I need to go now. I'll check back later.
I'll ping you
10:10 PM
@Seth not sure what has changed, but by the time the script tries to inject the HTML based on the selector the items being selected aren't loaded into the DOM yet.
My really crappy workaround is a timeout:
setTimeout(function() {
	$('#' + divid).find('.comment-help-link').parent().append(newspan);
}, 1000);
line 683
Setting the timeout to 100 also works for me
10:25 PM
Some dynamic loading perhaps
@mootinator Exactly that. Not sure whether 10 miliseconds timeout will work for everybody, but it works for me :)
10:48 PM
Night all
11:15 PM
So, I've got to ask @GeoffDalgas...what are mobile apps giving you over the mobile site interface?
11:35 PM
Aye, I'm curious if they'll use the commenting API and/or new private ones.
(Possibly relevant: specifying version 2.2 in API urls works for 2.1 methods (but specifying 2.3 does not work). This suggests that new methods may have been implemented.)
Ah, yes: /questions/add and /questions/ID/answers/add now exist. Cool!
11:53 PM
@TimStone D'oh, I mis-read your message.
It's okay, I'm also interested about that too ;)

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