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9:54 AM
Am I banned? I was able to ask qstn today on main SO, but when going to META, I am getting an error "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more." If I am banned, then for what???
Let me predicts the answer: we can't say you WHY you are banned and we can't say IF you are banned, all because this could help cheaters...
@SuzanCioc Looks like you are qBanned on meta.
@Oded why? what I did?
@SuzanCioc The ban is automatic
10:09 AM
@Oded ok, this automatic ban is for what?
Um. You get a notice when asking a question. With a link. Explains it all.
@SuzanCioc Mind if we have a quick chat in another room?
I'm Tim Post, a Community Manager for Stack Exchange,
(I work here, in other words)
@Oded No, no explanation there, just general note
@TimPost last time I was chatting was yesterday not sure you participated
1 hour later…
11:22 AM
@TimPost Hello
11:36 AM
Howdy :)
Hi Tim, is it possible here to ask these questions which would lead to a closure as duplicate on meta?
Why is there still a question ban on Meta. It sucks.
Just get rid of it and ban people manually.
@bummi can you make a specific example? Or just ask away?
Some familiarity with the existing questions would likely be required here, too
... or people will just point you to them
If you want to discuss an aspect that's not covered in the existing discussion, that may work well here
11:53 AM
@Pekka웃 We get the occasional gifted troll - the limits are much much higher on meta. It's exceedingly rare, but some people do ask back to back 'bombs' that trigger it.
@TimPost yeah, but is that not happening rarely enough that it could be made a manual process?
It does happen that people with stupid / controversial but non-malicious suggestions get banned and as long as the automatic process is in place, they can always cry foul with some justification.
@Pekka I have not got any question ban as far as I know. My question would adress sense or nonsense of the usage of e.g. stackoverflow.com/tools?flagtype=answernotananswer
@bummi that's two separate issues, sorry for the confusion
What I'm talking about with Tim has nothing to do with you.
sorry ..
@bummi can you clarify what you mean by "sense or nonsense"?
11:57 AM
@Pekka웃 We can fix it in truly undeserved cases. But it's better to be automatic because no person 'did this to you' when you're the troll wondering why you can't post questions or answers any longer. But seriously, it doesn't trip people that it shouldn't often at all.
@TimPost ok, fair enough. It's just that in almost every "META SUX!!!" discussion, the argument comes up that people are afraid to ask controversial questions because there's the q-ban looming. Hence, Meta is a place where group-think is encouraged and thinking out of the box is discouraged, etc. etc. it's BS but they kinda have a theoretical point as long as the auto-ban exists. That annoys me.
@bummi do you want to talk about the use of the flag in general, or the fact that it is in the review queue?
As far as I can see moderators have all informations to decide how to handle these cases, as I started using the tools I was of the opinion voting would be helpful, meanwhile I'm not shure if it's only anoing
@Pekka웃 You could post META SUCKS questions back to back 10 times not hit it. The trigger is really hard to pull. The only time it's come down on someone where it probably shouldn't have been when new users arrive very angry and post that way back to back.
I *think* voting in the review queue (or disagreeing) helps the moderators because it pre-filters the stuff they have to look at. But to be honest I know too little about the review queue to answer that authoritatively.
Anyway, that sounds like a fair Meta question in itself - unless of course it has a duplicate somewhere...
It has duplicates, but how to ask a question on a duplicate, only answers would be accepted
12:03 PM
@TimPost yeah, I see. What I meant above was something else, though - I meant that the theoretical possibility of someone running into a question ban is being used as an argument by those claiming that Meta is somehow broken, and an echo chamber for us elitist SO Nazis. On the other hand - if that argument were to go away, another would surely take its place....
@bummi so the duplicate doesn't answer your question fully?
Do you have a link? I could post a bounty on it if you want
That is one way to get a question going again
That's how I steal Pekka's hard mined rep. I wait to answer questions until he puts a bounty on them.
The questions has many answers and is highly voted, but does not cover all my doubts, a questions as comment on an answer could cover it, but this would not be OK as far I know
@TimPost I KNEW IT
@bummi a comment is always OK but it's hardly going to be seen by many people. You could ask a question pointing to that question and asking about the aspects you feel haven't been covered by the answers to it. Meta is more lenient about stuff like that. No guarantee but there's nothing you can lose, so....
ok, thank you, I'll search for more information and perhaps try to ask ...
@Pekka웃 See I got the idea when your rep mining company was in full operation, and the plan to simply skim your profits became obvious. All I had to do is get hired here and wait for you to bounty questions. Flawless execution, I must say!
Yes, I'd totally have done that just to get meta rep and Yes, I ... have a problem.
12:34 PM
@TimPost a perfect plan. And I can do nothing to prevent it, for to keep my shady business out of the press (and away from the authorities' scrutiny), I have to appear like a philantropist who throws reputation points around.
That's like riding on the coattails of Monsanto. Or Nestle.
Speaking of rep, I need less than 800 and Stack Overflow will finally trust me!
2 hours later…
2:44 PM
eh, @YiJiang... Any idea why this is doing nothing useful?
@NullPoiиteя o.O
3:21 PM
howdy folks
apparently I now have enough shiny points to chat here
@Shog9 There was a reason I did that rewrite... :P
@TimStone where's the code for that?
(and what needs to happen for deployment beyond... y'know... copying files?)
Node needs to be installed with npm, then just pull the code, npm install, and then it just needs to be run and made web-accessible.
Hm, I did say I'd write instructions didn't I? That's my bad. |:
There's an additional step or two for running on Windows, let me find my notes and I'll throw up a quick README.
4:13 PM
@Shog9 Added a quick installation file which should work...I meant to add some logging and such to help if anything goes horribly wrong...Should work reasonably well regardless, but I will make a note to do so.
4:34 PM
@TimStone Got a public SSH key handy? npm is borking and throwing very cryptic deprecation errors
@TimPost Whoops, stepped away, sorry. Yeah, privatepaste.com/6b1e00a044
Let's see..
@DanielFischer You've been robbed. D:
4:50 PM
@TimStone The only thing in stack-election/node_modules/jsdom/node_modules is request/
jsdom@0.6.5 { [Error: ENOTEMPTY, rmdir '/home/noc3270/stack-election/node_modules/jsdom/node_modules/cssstyle/lib/properties'] It's .. not even there
I can't install jsdom at all, even separately
Does it tell you anything different when you try to install jsdom separately, or just "tee hee file not found"?
Same thing
Broken dependency? jsdom issue?
Lemme tries its on debians
Just reinstalled it locally and it seemed to work, so I'm not sure.
5:03 PM
Wait, didn't I quit programming?
Something something Hotel California something you can never leave something something.
Oh, there we go.
Why the hell is that reported as an info?
> info contextify@0.1.6 Failed to exec install script
Gimme a second, I'm installing a-patchy-server and node on a clean debian box
Issues with contextify are usually related to build tools. Wish it was a little more explicit about what went wrong, though..
I gotta hop into a meeting here in about 10 minutes
If I can't get it to 'just work' on this box, I'll send you the info, added your key
Alright, I'm sure I'll be around whenever you have time to pick it back up. Thanks! :)
5:14 PM
Building node now, I'll be back in about an hour
See webkit. See webkit build. Build webkit, build.
enjoy: curl -L 'http://git.io/ZZhKUg' 2>/dev/null | cat
5:38 PM
@TimStone FYI, there is another opportunity for that terrible Hotel California joke in the Chat Feedback room now =P
Can someone with over 3K rep tell me how the closevotes are going on stackoverflow.com/questions/17706542/…? I don't want to start writing an answer if it gets closed later.
@hexafraction 4 on it now
Joy, not going to make it probably.
And on hold it is
I actually made it with a halfway answer on its way to being finished.
5:49 PM
Normally I'd say try giving the question some editorial love so you can get it reopened and post the answer but I'm not sure it's salvageable
@TimPost I posted an answer that is workable but unfinished.
@JeremyBanks Yeah, totally unacceptable. You bet I won't vote for him in the next elections!
7:02 PM
@Pekka웃 Are you here?
@PopularDemand chiclet, chocolate... it's basically the same amirite
Amirite is not the same. Amirite is more like Unobtainium.
I forgive them because they sell 18" SATA III cables for 61 cents each. Less if you buy more than one. (Compare to Best Buy, where a 24" SATA II cable was going for over $20 yesterday.)
@PopularDemand You have to pay for the limousine that transports them from the warehouse to the showroom, and for the employees in blue shirts that can't tell you how to use them.
7:17 PM
Is it possible, using a touchscreen in Windows 8, to just write notes on the screen at any time? I don't care if it's supported natively or by some third-party app/program.
@RobertHarvey I figured it was one of those "it's cheap to start, but then they really get you on the last six inches" sorts of deals.
Basically I'm envisioning a program that acts like an overhead projector transparency (remember those?) and markers.
I would Google for it, but I have no idea what search terms to use. The few things I've tried have given me results that aren't related to what I'm looking for.
@RobertHarvey I am now!
What's up?
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
Q: How to reverse PHP array after each time it loops

bigmike7801How to do a snake loop in PHP or How to reverse PHP array after each time it loops I'm not sure what this method or technique is called so I'm just going to call it a snake loop. Basically what I'm trying to do is loop through an array and then reverse the order of that array the next time it lo...

why everyone keeps reversing the array instead of just calculating the index?
@ajax333221 You should comment on the post in question itself.
I posted a whole answer
Asking us here may not help as we didn't write those posts. If you still have a question directed at them, ask the authors directly.
I wasn't asking in the whole sense of the word, I was just posting this as a material of making fun of the way of thinking of 99% of the ppl who answered there :)
tavern used to be fun -.-
i am not sharing funny material anymore bye
8:46 PM
@ajax333221 it still is!
I'm just no fun :D
NO YOU ARE NOT! (•ˋ _ ˊ•)
Hey, that's a neat emoticon.
it can be used as a sad face too (•ˊ _ ˋ•)
What is it with specialized emoticons on SE?
I'm going to have to make a nose using an interrobang with combining diacritics.
Why did they ever rename ECMAScript? So many mistags...
8:53 PM
@Oded Character not renderable on my end.
I just realized that this project is probably way too complicated for a simple Excel table...
@hexafraction I don't expect it to be renderable in most places (from Unicode 2010). Just wondering if anyone would figure it out :)
@animuson Memories from my last Excel project.
@Oded Is that a dog?
Yeah. Face of a dog, to be specific.
I've been frustrated trying to keep track of all my hours and pay rates via a calendar, and I don't trust my employer to always get my pay stubs correct. So I though "oh a simple Excel table will solve this." So then my mind started flooding with ideas like "oh we could subtotal this at each pay period, and I'd also need to subtotal each week so I can determine number of overtime hours." And well, I'm lost on where to go with this.
8:57 PM
Oh. Used to be free for personal use :(
I don't work on my computer. ;P
Ah. Assumption is the mother of all ...
Mac or Linux ? Or is your OS more exotic?
I'm a security officer, which requires me to go to a lot of different locations at a lot of different times, and certain jobs pay more than usual. As you can imagine, it's quite difficult keeping track of it all.
Yep, can imagine. Though something on your phone would probably help. GPS tracking can at least tell you where you were and for how long
Generally they just round to whatever times you're scheduled to be out there. The only time they really change your hours is if you leave really early or stay really late (like more than 15 minutes). I'm just tired of always recalculating things. It'd be nice to have a spreadsheet where I can just type in my start and end time and the rate and have it always calculated there for me.
9:06 PM
@animuson looking for a time tracker?
I used to have a really cool one on Windows, hold on
❤ that one
not sure whether it still works on W7/W8, though
On OS X, there's this one tracker that I bought in a bundle recently but haven't used so far
Hold on
There's web-based time trackers as well
But I think I didn't listen quite closely enough, re-reading your posts
... although I'm sure there are time trackers out there that can handle overtime.
I'm not so worried about it automatically handling overtime.
I just need something simple that will let me keep track of what I'm working on a week-by-week basis, so I can easily see how many hours I've worked and how much I've earned from it, without having to go through my calendar with my calculator all the time.
So you'd need a tracker that can deal with different hourly rates?
Then the Allnetic tracker might work for you.
Which OS would you need it for?
Or must it be web-based?
I only started this project after my company sent that global message "A lot of people are reporting that their latest pay stubs are missing hours, please check yourself and get back to us with any discrepancies."
I use Windows, but web-based would be fine too.
9:23 PM
The Allnetic thingy sits in your task bar and can be activated from there using a right click. It can do different projects (with different hourly rates). It detects when you're away from your machine (say talking on the phone, or taking a leak) and offers you to subtract the time away from your time sheet when you return.
As said, I'm just not sure whether it'll work, but you could try it out.
There seem to be a number of web based solutions but I don't know them so I can't recommend any
Gotta love when all the links on Yahoo! Answers send you to Danger: Malware Ahead! Chrome alerts.
@animuson Knowing Yahoo answers, that is actual malware unlike the other 99% of warnings.
I wish Excel just had a convenient way to subtotal each week within a table.
like some sort of group sum?
Maybe I should ask a question on Super User? xP
1 hour later…
10:46 PM
woo @animuson you really became a mod, I voted for you :O, I think somehow without my specific vote you wouldn't have made it (or at least I prefer to think it that way)
11:03 PM
@ajax333221 that's probably a reasonable way to look at it. we just went down the list of people who would've been elected if we had picked more open slots.
> They tell me I won by one vote which makes me think that I voted for the right person.
^ Brownie points to whoever knows what that's from.
Q: Has one vote ever made a difference?

Thomas OMy friend told me that he doesn't bother voting any more in elections, because "it's not like one vote ever made a difference." I will vote when I can and I think it is important, and although I share his sentiment about politicians... it got me thinking. Has there ever been any major election ...

^^ @animuson
@hexafraction: Ha, interesting.
@TimStone Bahhh you beat me >_>
11:23 PM
Lol Yahoo would buy Tumblr, it's the perfect addition to their pile of total crap that they offer to the Internet.
11:40 PM
@animuson don't diss Tumblr, son
thems fighting words
The only way I've ever interacted with Tumblr is filing DMCA notices.
I never got into Reddit, so Tumblr is where I get my fill of weird crap that happens on the internet.

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