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12:20 AM
I'm not seeing an active topic on it, but did something just change in the fonts? suddenly a line takes fewer words, or am I imagining things?
Fonts are done based on your own browser/OS, so I doubt SE changed anything
wasn't the font changed recently? there was a big fuss about it, browser default is to use whatever the site has chosen unless overridden (I didn't change any settings)
12:49 AM
@ymb1 uses a default based on OS
1:33 AM
Q: We are switching to system fonts on May 10, 2021

Aaron ShekeyUpdate 3 - The changes from round 2 are live, but with one notable exception: On Linux, we spec’d “Liberation Sans” and “Liberation Mono”. Did some digging on that PR and installed a few Linux VMs and found Liberation to be the best way to normalize across Linux distros. It also solves an issue w...

1:56 AM
my bad, I was wrong; the compose-a-question preview is wider than a typical post, and long story short, I thought something changed -- also thanks for the link; so it wasn't OS-based and now it is, got it
3 hours later…
5:18 AM
Jun 29 at 5:26, by Meta Andrew T.
@Feeds How onebox on chat has devolved
What happen If I edit my 7 years old post which upvoted today , It's bump question on front page ?
2 hours later…
7:14 AM
Q: What can cause a question to be bumped?

EarlzWhat can cause a question to be "bumped" to the first page in the Active tab of a Stack Exchange site? (Changing the "Last Active" date.) Return to FAQ Index.

7:44 AM
morning :)
8:26 AM
That question is... What does getting cancer have to do with getting mud in your hair?!
@Tinkeringbell I have no clue, but it aint spam.
the "blacklisted" user makes me wonder too
True :D I'll give the monstrosity a suggested edit.
@JourneymanGeek cause it had 3 TPU's on it
8:30 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 9 mins ago, by Luuklag
Hey guys, what am I missing here. This doesn't look all to spammy to me: https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/posts/uid/lifehacks/25087
Anyways I flagged it as needs more focus
tink, journey, mind to delete this? meta.stackexchange.com/a/370071/361484
@Luuklag Given how it mentioned cancer, a deployed husband losing his mind if he sees the hair cut too short, never being a girly girl, not having a mother and the long hair being a way to 'act as a real female'.... I think I polished a turd but whatever XD
@Luuklag The answers are slightly, but meaningfully, different. When loaded from the question link, the one you linked does not reload the page (as it notes).
8:50 AM
@RyanM The other answer mentions that as well:
> Note: You need to add the number twice (with a # in between) so that the page doesn't reload if you click multiple times.
@Luuklag twice is different than once
A demonstration is perhaps in order. Click this link, then click the link in the answer I just linked to. Note that the page does not reload, though we've jumped between answers.
Note also that loading the question, then scrolling down to that answer, then clicking the link, also does not reload the page.
Finally, note that not reloading if you click the link once is a somewhat more practical feature than not reloading if you click the link twice.
9:16 AM
@Luuklag gone
9:34 AM
What are your people's thoughts on having specific version tags for windows on MSE?
@Luuklag Meh. It might be better to have version tags for SE screenshots :P
e.g. the ones here are outdated :P
@Tinkeringbell yeah or close those as no longer repro, as the site doesn't look the same anymore ;)
Just updating the screenshots may work as well :P
But I'm meh on the idea of version tags, even for SO. Mostly because I don't believe every answer/question will ever have the correct tags, so they'll become more noise and another source of frustration. Instead of hearing that the answer was outdated, now the problem will just move to the tags being incorrect or not present.
Yeah, I just created a plain Windows tag now
Why does MSE need a windows tag anyways?
:( My edit on lifehacks got accepted, then the post immediately deleted... Waste of time/rep :P
9:42 AM
@Tinkeringbell cause a bug appears to be specific to the windows OS
the place I was interviewing at didn't work out
apparently they feel I don't have enough experience...
@P.Mort.-forgotClayShirky_q, that question, this question itself, and your SO sample question. None of them caused this behaviour for me on FF on MAC. Fun thing is I'm on a windows PC right now, and can replicate. So this appears to be OS specific? — Luuklag 10 mins ago
@JourneymanGeek ahh too bad!
@Luuklag Hmm... weird, but okay :)
@Luuklag was kinda looking forward to it. Current job suuuuckkks...
@JourneymanGeek :( Do you have other stuff in the air or?
9:46 AM
Not at the moment
buncha applications out
fingers crossed then
But its the lovely vicious cycle of work leaves me no energy to do anything, and I need energy to be more proactive about the stuff that needs my attention and isn't work
vacation days?
Not really that many and the night shifts kinda eat away at my energy to do anything the next day
Contractual hours?
9:52 AM
I don't think anyone's really paying attention to that and they're playing kinda fast and loose with it
(Like, I know my mom sometimes just doesn't take shifts because she's already done her hours for the week)
... Okay, I'm out of solutions. Maybe someone else has a better one.
@Tinkeringbell coffee
tbh, quitting pending a job would be nice, if it was an option
So, work towards making it an option?
@Tinkeringbell I had a couple of years when I was unemployed...
and singaporean employers are a bit... picky over things like that
10:04 AM
Oh. I assumed it would be a money thing instead, dumb of me. XD
I live with my parents, take public transport, don't eat out, have no social life...
I'm actually alright on money
11:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, like I said... dumb :P
11:34 AM
happy time of day. :)
@Philippe I thought you were referencing 13:37, but you were a few minutes early
So my next best guess is that it's Whiskey time :)
@Luuklag Also, I don't think Philippe is on CET
It's always 13:37 in Iceland.
@VLAZ I know ;)
I'm in US-Central
11:39 AM
@Luuklag Isn't every time of the day whiskey time? Provided you have whiskey available.
So it's 6:39AM :). (Arguably, whiskey time still)
@Philippe That would mean the bar would still be open for another 21 minutes at my old fraternity
The bar closed at your fraternity?
yeah, city ordenance. You can't be open 24/7
so it was closed between 07:00 and 16:00
as far as alcoholic beverages goes
Your fraternity obeyed city ordinance? :). Things ARE different.
11:42 AM
Well yeah, if they didn't and the Uni got wind of it, the would probably lose the scholarships for the boardmembers
which would be kinda costly ;)
5 * 5k/month
Yeah, that would probably be.... what's the technical term?... oh, yeah, "teh suck".
@luuklag thanks for the pointers, btw... I'm gonna try to get them to update that alt text today.
@Philippe much appreciated. It's always a struggle with these kind of graphics
I had to write one for an online published report recently. The figure was about half a page, the alt text turned out to be more then a page :/
anyways, im off to a team meeting / bbq
Don't BBQ the team.
Even if its tempting, and you have a flamethrower handy
11:52 AM
Yeah its at a colleagues place, I'll see if she has a flame thrower.
Also need to keep in mind not to bbq her horse
@JourneymanGeek pro-tip
@Luuklag stay safe!
we once shot a cannon at a team meeting. At a photo of a boss.
I shouldn't say that in front of my team, probably actually. Where's my men-in-black-like flashy thing?
If there wasn't a pandemic at the time, it was probably safe ;)
@Philippe all fun and games as long as it is an actual photo ;)
11:56 AM
I'm concerned that with the advent of video calls it's difficult to tell the difference anymore.
I'm pretty flat and two dimensional in real life too :P
:-P to whoever starred that :P
Guilty as charged
I'll let it slide this time, but I'm gonna need a photo of you. For the, uh, wall of fame..
Now that's just not fair.
.... look into my eyes.....
12:00 PM
Snow, you're amazingly fast on the trigger, or you had that loaded and sitting in wait.
Either way, well done.
It's in my pictures folder. Ready to be deployed at a moments notice.
you're a planner.
It's just there to use as an online avatar photo. I have a different one for the SE network though.
It was my Teams avatar at work, until someone high and mighty demanded we use real photos so people would feel more "connected".
dumb rule. That poor guy whose pic I've been using for years.....
(OK, no, it's really me. But wouldn't it be funny?)
there's a guy in Canada with my name. I should use his photo.
Yeah, people on the Teams chats loved seeing photos of my dog. Now it's my face, no one cares a hoot.
12:06 PM
We have an internal channel for fur babbies :). It's pretty popular. I use a photo of me with my guinea pig some places around too.
Guinea pig steals the show.
We should let animals just run everything. Will be better all round.
I'm not sure. My guinea pigs don't show much interest in the internet.
Or maybe that's not a bad thing.
I once accidentally set a picture of Ash as my work DP... HR complained...
(So now its the teams standard initials, and it gets people confused cause our team lead has the same initials :D )
Of course, if they abandon the internet, I basically don't have other skills... so I'm back to annoying people in call centers :P
Sucks. Pets should be celebrated.
12:11 PM
@Snow Works for meta
@Snow We're a serious souless american megacorp
Dunder Mifflin?
Almost. DXC
@JourneymanGeek And my company is fast becoming a souless British megacorp.
Nudging right up against the soulless, yup. Personally, I traded my soul for +admin on Wikipedia a few years back.
(formerly CSC, and HPe - they stitched up pieces of 2 Souless American Megacorps into one big american megacorps)
12:12 PM
Figured it was easier than keeping track of it.
@JourneymanGeek I’m guessing DP didn’t mean displaced person, but I’m not sure what that means.
display picture
@JourneymanGeek Hehe. My company is the company that bought up HPe. How souless is that?
@Snow Oh... the consulting part they never should have bought?
12:13 PM
We wanna talk soulless, I'll see you HPe and raise you AOL.
@Philippe We've had 2 logo changes :D
@Philippe AOL? I think I still have one of their drinks coasters.
I basically had a room papered in the small frisbees.
AOL 5.0! 1000 hours free!
@Philippe basically our business is building and maintaining insanely complicated bits of software, as cheaply as possible
(rebilling automatically until you have the patience to sit on hold for two hours to cancel)
12:15 PM
I fondly remember the days when updates to Netscape Navigator were sellotaped to the front of magazines.
Them was the days.
^ The best coasters.
@Snow and you got an IE cd with a box of floppies...
When our email addresses were 2305927@compuserv.com
I think I didn't get an email till yahoo...
12:16 PM
Stupid autocorrect
no respect for the past
I used to run a FidoNet hub.
you win
Relatives used to get annoyed when they called me and got the modem instead.
@Philippe Allow me to abuse my mod diamond for a bit :D
That's like my standard geek "throw down" line.... "I used to live with Mike Godwin. Of Godwin's law."
12:16 PM
Such a pleasing greeting.
I proooobably have a bacon number?
whoa, and we had a contender.
(since I worked in VFX so... someone somewhere...)
That one got some mail.
For a brief period of time, I had control of "anyone@aol.com"
12:19 PM
@JourneymanGeek In uni, one of the assignments we had was to calculate the Bacon number of various people. If I dig up the old code for that, I'd first wonder why I still have it and then probably throw it away. But in theory, I'd be able to calculate yours.
When we worked there, we got word of username recycle day, and I was quickest on the keyboard.,
@VLAZ I literally have ONE film credit... so it would be challenging :D
But also the program needs to read a dataset that has movies with actors in them, so you'd also need to provide me a full file that has all movies with people worked on them. The bigger we were given was about 100MB but was far from complete. And it also listed actors only.
Well, I don't suppose I can dodge work anymore. Although, amusingly, this IS productive time for me now, so...... but the other stuff still has to get done. Ya'll have a good $time_of_orbit
12:23 PM
@Philippe ._.
I suspect that sorta schnanigans arn't possible these days :D
Nice of Philippe to leave those doughnuts. Top bloke.
2 hours later…
2:11 PM
I guess you count as part of the 20K+, @Tinkering?
Yeah but please don't start pinging me here ;)
I will get those as I see them on the front page, or not :)
2 hours later…
4:19 PM
@Ollie .KO
@ShadowWiz What will your next username be?
@Ollie still don't know, might be Shadow Wizard Fighting Mu if that variant will keep wreaking havoc.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Might provide some inspiration...
The name.
4:27 PM
μ fighter ? :D
@JourneymanGeek seems slightly dangerous.
@JourneymanGeek yuuup
♥ Fighter might be when it's all over :D
4:49 PM
Can someone vote to close something and then retract it?
And then link me to the post?
@Catija Done.
What are you testing?
I wanted to see what the post history event looks like.
"Cleared" isn't as useful to me as "retracted" :P
@Catija ahh, I see. Shouldn't "Cleared" be used for mods only?
4:57 PM
Mods can't clear close votes. The best they can do is close the post and reopen it, which marks the votes as completed, not cleared.
@Catija blast.
@Ollie we occationally end up doing that on meta. :D
close and reopen to clear close votes
5:06 PM
So... clearing, but in a workaround. Why couldn't clearing just be made an option in the mod toolkit?
Not really used much
In most cases we can reopen after closure.
22 messages moved to Chimney
5:43 PM
Don't we need a different emoticon? Or is that the eMetacon now?
clearing by closing/reopening prevents those same users from being able to cast another vote on that post, which can be considered a useful side-effect
So if its a small group of people trying to close a post 'incorrectly' - it kinda helps slow things down
however, by not waiting for it to actually get closed, you're leaving a few votes on the table
5:47 PM
i don't particularly have an issue with mods doing that, but normal users doing it... rubs me the wrong way
on the gripping hand, seeing less current closevotes makes it tempting
Well, with normal users you still need a certain uh...
like someone using a dupe hammer then reopening, simply because a few others were about to close it
ah the dupehammer
i've only seen it once
in theory, someone with a gold badge has demonstrated some degree of mastery on the tag + probably is in a position of trust
6:01 PM
Oh yeah, I'm totally an expert at
6:32 PM
mods forcing things to remain open that clearly should be closed, is a separate issue,
Define clearly...
a reasonable person would believe so
I'm pretty unreasonable so don't ask me
Yeah, you always manage to blur the lines.
6:36 PM
7:14 PM
Even a half hour later .. not a single star? :( Disappointing!
7:52 PM
begging helps ;)
Closing in on a month of being here. Just came to photos site for a question and got interested. Here we are 27 days later
@JcbJoe \o/
8:23 PM
@JcbJoe happy one month in SE!
@Ollie urinals unicode symbol?
@KevinB any example?
no, it's been months
(and not mse related)
@Glorfindel heads up that one of your suggested edits linked to the archive.org landing page for picking the revision to view rather than directly to the blog post (I've since added a follow-up edit to fix that and one other issue).
8:48 PM
@Glorfindel and most of the links in this suggested edit don't work properly. They just go to the blog homepage.

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