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12:25 AM
@bad_coder NP, comments deleted, and you scored a šŸ‘
2 hours later…
2:34 AM
Q: Why has Community's profile picture changed?

OllieWhy has the Community bot's profile pic changed from the beloved MSE logo to this: A common Identicon? Accident, or conspiracy?

Q: My avatar icon has reset, but only on Stack Overflow

Vilx-Just now when I went to Stack Overflow I noticed that my avatar icon has changed. But only the little one at the top of the page, next to my reputation. When I open my profile, or even my Network Profile, all shows up fine. On further inspection, the URLs for the icon seem different. On SO it's: ...

Both are marked as Status Completed, but my icon is still different on Meta sites.
Did I miss something?
3 hours later…
5:26 AM
Resonating šŸŽ³ bong sound - Angelo Caro Narvaez is a hit at the Tokyo Olympics:
1 hour later…
6:47 AM
@Rob ouch!
@Alex on the MSE answer there is another user mentioning it isn't resolved for them either. Maybe leave a comment there as well.
Main -> Meta syncs are riddled with peculiarities
2 hours later…
8:34 AM
31 messages moved to Chimney
Well. The Dutchies certainly made things interesting in the Olympic women's road race today...
Blew up the peloton, caught the Israeli and Polish riders, and totally forgot about the Austrian rider. That was an intense end of the race.
(Obviously that was disappointing from my end, but did make for an interesting race.)
9:32 AM
They made it so interesting, I didn't even watch :P
9:59 AM
Q: Inconsistent Identicon between main and meta sites

Aaron MillerI was just browsing CGCC, and I went over to the meta, and noticed something strange: That's not the indenticon I've come to recognize. Somehow, my identicon changed sometime in the last day or two, and only on Meta. Across the entire network, my identicon on meta sites is different from my ident...

He said it will be fixed on Monday, but forgot to say which Monday.
So can be in 6-8 days, weeks, months, or years.
Personally doubt it will be fixed as it starts to look like a bug that simply requires too much dev time, which isn't worth spending on something minor.
@Rob I don't think this edit should have been approved. It injected more problems into the post than fixing actual errors. Other editors had to waste time fixing those new errors.
But meh what's done is done, maybe better lock this as "official post" to prevent further messing around with it?
Time to feed the lurkers...
10:23 AM
Just what I need.
Weather is finally cool enough to work effectively.
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 How're things going with you?
10:55 AM
@ColeValleyGirl :)
You'll remember how busy I am? Well, naturally, the ideal flat/apartment for me has just come on the market. So I'm selling/buying/moving (hopefully) in the next few months -- and I have 19 years-worth of accumulated stuff in this house that won't all fit in the smaller next place. :(
@ColeValleyGirl fine, thanks! COVID slowly rising in Israel but vaccine keeps it at bay, to some extent. So many new cases, but very few fatal (about 6 deaths in a month or so). Personally not much news, kids are the only dynamic thing, but guess it will bore everyone here if I talk about them too much. :D
@ColeValleyGirl oh wow, that's a big change.
You have kids/family/friends to help you? (Not only physically, morally as well. :))
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 Everyone (or the sane ones) here (UK) are worried about the Government effectively declaring a free-for-all on Covid precautions when numbers are going up rapidly especially in the young.
@ColeValleyGirl yeah, media here also called this "the biggest and most insane experiment with human lives in history".
Friends and neighbours. The neighbours are mostly helping when I put things on the village FaceBook 'free to a good home'.
Boris Johnson likes doing big and insane things... especially at no risk to himself or his cronies.
11:01 AM
@ColeValleyGirl hehe, so they come and take things?
@ColeValleyGirl if it fails, he'll get kicked from power and possibly sewed at court... so there is a risk.
*jury comes in, holding a needle and thread*
lol I'll keep it for fun then :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 Yep. I will give a lot of stuff to charities, and sell a few things where the effort is worth it, but for example I gave away two paint-covered step ladders yesterday (no charity would take them) and a pet ramp (for elderly cats and small dogs (too niche for a charity).
@ColeValleyGirl that's very nice... people win stuff they need, you get easier moving out. :)
Makes me happy.
Re Boris, I suspect he'll resign before he's kicked and go back to earning more money as a newspaper columnist (I won't say journalist because real journalists have real principles, whereas he has principles like Groucho Marx). But before he goes, he'll change enough laws to make it impossible to sue/prosecute him.
11:12 AM
@ColeValleyGirl so much love, lol. :D
But yeah, looks like he's doing lots of extreme things...
Hello @Susana welcome to the Tavern! Guess you're here as part of the Community-a-thon? :)
No worry we don't (usually) bite.
@Susana I've never been bitten, I can confirm. I have occasionally disappeared into a time void and emerged blinking asome hours later wondering where my day has gone.
(BTW, something in the profile sync borked, the SO profile name got reset somehow.)
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 I can accept a government that isn't in total alignment with my political views if they're competent.
This UK government is a government of none of the talents.
@ColeValleyGirl of course, same happened here, and it worked.
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 do you hear that @JourneymanGeek? No biting!
11:17 AM
@Mithical his bites don't count, he's too cute to do damage. :P
@ColeValleyGirl whoops, that's my fault, spell gone wrong. shudder
My sister has consulted a cat psychologist (yes really) to help her understand how to stop her ex-feral pet cat biting her when he's bored. The answer: spend much more of her own time entertaining him. (There is a reason dogs have owners but cats have staff).
hmm.... maybe Susana can't post in chat, despite the employee bit? @Catija any idea if employee with less than 20 rep ever took active part in chat (i.e. posted) without getting explicit write access?
I do hope we haven't scared her off already.
@ColeValleyGirl nah she's still here.
@ColeValleyGirl huh, that's interesting!
I get a "Users must have at least 20 reputation to talk" error trying to add them to the explicit write access list.
11:23 AM
@Mithical sure, only mod can.
That's too much power for flesh and blood RO. ;)
12:22 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 See the part about skipping, if you don't know what to do, if you did that more frequently you'd be wrong less often:
The rules for reviewing Suggested Edits have lightened up so it's possible to let stuff like that barely slide by.
As you can see I do reject when I can, and that user has a record number of rejections for a couple of days work, surprised that they are not banned yet, must be on the line.
There's no a bunch more errors, there are fewer.
Approve and Edit, would probably have been the actual best choice.
12:37 PM
@Rob ban only if there are like 5 rejections in a row.
I tried to fight bad suggested edits by rejecting them, it was totally futile, I gave up.
Dozens of such edits to highlight random words as code.
Those drove me crazy and when seeing they're being approved anyway I packed my things and stopped reviewing suggested edits, it's pointless.
Sadly it's not robo reviewers who are the problem, that I can live with. It's people who actually believe that using inline code formatting is legit way to highlight words in a post, instead of bold or italics.
2 hours later…
2:26 PM
I'm not asking JNat to nuke since on SO he does mention he's working there so the SO answers are valid. But on other sites he didn't bother.
2:46 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 5 in a row is a lot, I think that's how they squoze through. --- Yes, thanks for leaving us the work, I think some of what I got were audits; but it was certainly a busy day. šŸ˜… - Lucky we don't have to review and fix MathJax on MSE.
3:03 PM
@Rob I did my part, got tired of fighting battles I can't win. :)
hearing munching sounds
Yes, it's optional; but the reviews do award a gold badge every 1K, not just one like before. Chum, look at Ed Chum!:
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 111 Gold Steward Badges
3:43 PM
greg-449 has 209 Steward Badges!
3 hours later…
6:55 PM
29 messages moved to Chimney
Dropping by to say hello. :-). Hope everyone is doing well today.
*waves, yawns*
Hey Mithical. :-)
@Mithical brews a cup of Espresso for @Mithical
!!/coffee Philippe
6:56 PM
@Mithical brews a cup of Espresso for @Philippe
I'll accept that, gladly
I am drinking iced coffee atm
ooh, nice
It's too hot here to be drinking a hot beverage
Coffee at this time of the night is probably a bad idea, but I've never been one to have great time management of a sleeping schedule.
6:57 PM
@DavidPostill licks ice cream cone
I'm right there with you
Getting interesting answers to your question?
"Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule?" -- my body
yeah, I truly am. I love origin stories, and I keep driving my team nuts with data requests.
Currently eating Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Even had one of our brand new community managers running queries for me on Friday afternoon.
6:58 PM
Unfortunately, my story for "how'd you find the site?" involves too many personal details, so I won't be posting it. But reading some of others' are interesting/
(Which covers for my lack of SQL)
@Philippe Ooh... the ones we haven't met yet? (:
Yep, one of those.
I think you'll get introduced this week.
Cool cool.
(but i say that without checking, so Rosie will no doubt beat me tomorrow)
(can't get no respect.)
6:59 PM
(If you're looking for a next question to ask, I'm a fan of "What's your pet peeve?". As in, something that isn't urgent or a major problem, but something that you personally would love to see changed.)
Adding it to the list, that's a good one.
I wonder how many people in this room can guess mine, knowing my SE history... :P
Mithical, if I ask it, is it okay to say you suggested it?
Fine to say no.
I don't mind either way.
Great, making a note
7:01 PM
i've got a pretty good list of questions, and it's roughly following Moore's law, only weekly.... so who knows when i'll get through them all.
I think it's interesting, though, that this one has more answers than the last. Maybe because it's easier to talk about origin stories than community theory?
@Philippe Objectively, the longer it takes to get through them the better, actually. Continued engagement in the community in this manner will help build trust, show activity, and help show that the previous culture of not engaging is changing. So... the more questions the better, I say.
I agree. Provided that I'm able to balance it with other work.
Pssshh, actual, other work? That's not important ;)
There is an AWFUL lot of work to be done and just one Philippe. Though my team is terrific.
7:05 PM
(</sarcasm>, to avoid any confusion)
Believe me, I'd far rather be engaging with the community than, say, budgeting.
Hey maybe that's why i"m a community manager and not a budget manager, huh?
Yeah... I guess that's where the "demoted into management instead of hands-on" comes into play.
Yeah. Or the Peter Principle. Promoted to the level of your incompetence? :P
But no, I truly mourn that I dont get the time to do community engagement that I used to.
The Peter Principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "maximum level of incompetence": employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.The concept was explained in the 1969 book The Peter Principle (William Morrow and Company) by Dr. Peter and Raymond Hull. (Hull wrote the text, based on Peter's research.) Peter and Hull intended the book to be satire, but it became popular...
I love that ref.. "Tim got demoted into management"
7:10 PM
I love how the text of that answer hasn't really changed in ten years.
(Although given how things have changed - such as A51 basically being killed off, or the pro-tem system changing - it probably does deserve an update.)
7:26 PM
@Mithical Images without text?
Or useless tags?
Nope, although fair guesses.
Very mysterious.
Keyboard accessibilty?
That has to be it.
If we're going for a really niche thing that personally is a pet peeve, it's gotta be this, I'm afraid.
Though that was after you were no longer a moderator, so I guess it didn't affect you personally, other than the message behind it.
Doesn't affect me personally, no, especially since I turn 19 this week. But like I said in the answer, it's got that slap-in-the-face feel.
7:33 PM
I get that. When I was at Wikipedia, one of the best admins I had was 13. And, like, nobody knew it until he "came out" during a discussion similar to this one.
he was so helpful to me that I tried to give him a trip to our conference in Poland. he told me he would have to ask his mom. And that he'd have to tell her what he was doing for wikipedia. I was flabbergasted that she didn't know. I asked what she thought he was doing on the computer all the time. "I dunno, porn?"
That is pretty epic.
(We took them both to Poland. And wrote him the best damned college admission references you've ever seen. Jimmy Wales, the founder, signed one.)
he's amazing. I think of him often, though our paths don't cross much anymore. Anytime the "under 18" debate comes up, I get sad because I remember how much it hurt him.
...yeah, I keep coming back to the expression "a slap in the face" when it comes to that issue. But... not something I want to dwell on at the moment.
I keep meaning to become more active on Wikipedia, but writing articles from scratch takes a lot of effort to dig up references.
(Which I've done... once so far. And have some drafts in a text file somewhere.)
8:05 PM
@Philippe yeah. You messaged me at 1:30 am šŸ¤£
@Catija, you know my rule. You're to ignore all messages from me until your next scheduled work time! :)
@Philippe I was expecting you to clap back with when I replied. šŸ¤£
Well, you're already tilted, @Catija :)
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
@Philippe well at this point you have an actual team. As opposed to what was left after multiple cuts,, budgetary or otherwise
@Philippe hah. After 3 years on shift it's turned into 'catch it when you can'
1 hour later…
10:49 PM
@Ollie you can add the bounty you wanted to here now (at least Iā€™m pretty sure it was you who wanted to add the bounty, I hope Iā€™m not getting confused here :)
11:00 PM
Done. Thanks for the note, I'd completely forgotten.
Out of curiosity, which answer will you award the bounty to?
There are 3 answers in particular that are top-notch in my eye (hint: Shog isn't on the list, for once :D), but I'll keep the authors' names to myself for now.

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