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1:43 AM
@rene ...why?
That just seems like lazy programming.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica some say lazy, others say smart
2:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek Atomicity is great for filesystem transactions, but not so good for a bot that needs to modify multiple distinct parts of a post.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica What's better is not breaking things un-necessarily, and failing safe
especially where there's no guarantee anyone will see the post during the transition period between SE specific markdown and commonmark
What break would a simple s/^#/# /g cause?
possibly lots.
But it already did s/^##/## /g without problems.
If I am not mistaken the bot erred on the side of caution
2:11 AM
What makes two octothorpes special, though?
No idea. Not like I could understand the code, even if I read it ;)
You're not a programmer?
Bots tend to have pretty simple code.
I think that's been pointed out a lot :D
I do many things, just not coding
2:12 AM
I mean it's not like a big deal. I can edit my own posts. It's just a little weird.
I forget... does SE have an API for bots?
Wait. Chat or site?
I remember reading about the crap behind the horrible chat interface. :P
I think there's a general API for Q&A that folks use. There's no chat api
A looooot of stuff is just bodged together I suspect off client side userscripts
2:18 AM
I have notes for an irssi plugin for SE chat, but I'm not sure what drive I left it on.
on the 'bright' side
major changes for chat are unlikely
there's a few good frame works, depending on your preferred language to crib off too
heh probably
It'd be so, so nice if they just switched to something like XMPP.
And the chat was merely a web interface for it.
XMPP sadly is dead
Hell, even something as shitty as CGI:IRC would be nice.
It has such good promise but ugh.
2:20 AM
@Aibobot Huh? It's not dead at all. Lots of things are based on XMPP.
Even Kik is based on it.
what's kik? :D
A stupid app that kids use to send nudes to each other, basically.
At one point, nearly every major chat network had a bridge to it, officially or otherwise
(matrix looks nice, but its kinda nicher than XMPP, though its got its own pros and cons)
Matrix is cancer. Every time I see someone on IRC with [m] in their name I want to die.
Oooh. That's a feature not a bug :D
2:23 AM
Yeah, it marks them as not knowing the server's culture.
And probably not understanding IRC etiquette.
more seriously - as a standalone chat system - its fairly painless to set up, federation just works, with the current recommended settings, it needs a single open port...
uh. That's been a feature of IRC as long as there's been IRC
folks who walk in, not knowing the culture or IRC etiquette
Yeah but Matrix ships them in by the truckload.
that's kinda a problem between the matrix transport admin and the irc server admins
yeah true
And at least they're mostly segregated in their own channels.
We run matrix almost entirely on its own. and well..
2:28 AM
I've never even used it.
Federation is seamless, set up was fast, and its resilient to a federated homeserver dropping out (a bit too much)
I've used IRC, XMPP, and various more obscure protocols. Never used Matrix (or Slack).
But by far my favorite has been IRC.
That's where the clever people are. :P
since we don't know if a server dropped out - but its basically https so you can just throw a simple http monitor somewhere and keep track of servers
The same is true with IRC, although if there are enough people, you'll see the netsplit.
oh, no netsplits
2:31 AM
200 people suddenly leaving and then there's always that one newbie who asked what happened and why they all left. Answer: The universe split in two, of course.
@Aibobot Ride the split, baby!
Unrelated, but are there any SE sites for sexuality? I know that a Sexuality.SE didn't get enough members to pass Area51, but would a question related to sexuality be relevant on any existing site?
(Assuming it's about social aspects, not biological aspects that'd go on Biology.SE)
No idea
I mostly stick to the tech sites, and sometimes pets
@TheforestofReinstateMonica probably Psychology & Neuroscience
2:48 AM
IPS appears to me to be the blind leading the blind, to be quite honest.
But Psychology & Neuroscience looks promising.
Really depends on the question, and what kind of answer you want - there's D.I.Y.se too. :)
DIY apparently closed a sexuality question (improperly, in my opinion), so that's a no-go.
2:58 AM
Q: Would a "Gender and Sexuality Studies" site be useful?

Rebecca J. StonesI'm tempted to propose a "Gender and Sexuality Studies" site. However it says... If you do not yet have a community organized, ready and eager to build your site, please do not submit this proposal. So I'm asking here to see if it would be perceived as useful. Question: Would a "Gender an...

tl;dr there were two attempts at launching such a site, both of which failed, so SE's not willing to relaunch it again.
There's really over a half dozen choices (surprisingly?), including RPG (amusingly).
Yeah I know they didn't succeed simply due to lack of interest.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Interesting reading: meta.stackexchange.com/a/350159/377214
> Gender and sexuality studies: Similar to the Startups site above, there have been two failed attempts at launching this type of site, and the SE team has decided they will no longer be accepting proposals for this site without a large organization rallying to create the site from a fresh perspective.
huh... so they did actually ban them?
> Unfortunately, we would not be interested in restarting this site at this time.
The exact same sentence was used to immediately close new Startups site proposals on sight.
So yes, it is "banned", so long as there's no large, significant organization backing it.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Mi Yodeya has a tag (and I'm sure other sites do too), but that's probably not what you're looking for.
Yeah I'm not a Jew. :P
And religious views on sexuality are irrelevant to me.
not really 'ban'
Christianity has one also.
Lets say if an organisation goes "we do stuff on the topic, and we have a pre-existing community and a plan" it'll likely be something that can be worked on
3:11 AM
Yeah not surprising. I believe religious views on sexuality are regressive.
Islam has better questions.
As does Islam, Buddhism, etc.
Probably all the religion sites.
Even Philosophy has a tag.
I wouldn't say regressive, but they kinda would be more useful to people of the faith
3:13 AM
See my link above; really not going to link directly to the question.
And Literature.
@Aibobot Well, believed by people of the faith, at least.
But regressive and highly inhibitive. I saw a question once by a young Islamic girl asking if there would be homosexuals in heaven and if she should just wait for death and avoid homosexual relationships while she's alive. Of course, all the answers suggested essentially depriving her of what she loves, forever. I can't imagine how that much screw with a developing mind.
Reading some of the questions would be enough.
Your last sentence.
3:37 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I stick to technical sites... :D
Does anyone here know anything about trans culture? I literally just looked up someone whose software I'd used for some years who seemed to be a generic, well-adjusted dude who did embedded programming and hung out on IRC, with a very technical Twitter. Now they've changed their name and are presenting as a female and their Twitter is entirely full of stuff about trans-this and trans-that, with barely a hint of the tech that used to be there. What causes this?
Like, is it a sudden realization, or?
Often they just don't talk about it
and well, its a relief to stop pretending you're someone you're not cause society expects you to
Yeah but... nearly everything about them changed. I almost sent an email to them telling them their account was hacked before realizing that they changed their name on their website.
Sometimes, having that 'clean' break helps a lot
That's so strange. I've known trans folk before but only after they transitioned.
3:46 AM
(obviously, not talking from direct experience, just from the folks I know, so take it with a very healthy dose of salt)
4:12 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica The word for it, as explained by Christians, is the Great Commission - The need to pass on the knowledge.
I think that's a christian-specific word, isn't it?
4:43 AM
It is, but what's the word for evangelizing? - I don't want to suggest that they are selling people on how they discovered a great idea, like a better way to clean your tiles or change a tire. It's important to them, and they're letting you know. Some people choose not to share.
Some change and act like they never changed; their current form is as they always were; it's your misunderstanding.
There's no one way that I have seen.
5:02 AM
@Aibobot @JourneymanGeek Spam account: meta.stackexchange.com/users/924300/nzisd
I guess I'm just too unfamiliar with trans culture to understand this.
5:28 AM
Well, there's that. I kinda accept them for who they are, and just deal with it. There's a lot of things I don't understand, but can accept/respect
Perhaps "brainwashed" is too strong, but "evangelizing" may be suitable... not only for trans-culture, but also specific diets, environmentalists, flat-earthers, etc...
there's a difference
there's joy for being yourself, and wanting to share that joy
and wanting to convert people
None of the trans people I know are trying to convert me to being a lady or anything
But imagine living a lie for twenty or thirty years. Or worse, feeling something is off, and finally realising and exxepting it...
I think people can be forgiven for being a little enthusiastic
hmm, true... not about converting people, but more about public awareness...
Word choice is important :D
@JourneymanGeek My not first hand experience, but witness to the actions of others, is that they convert and then (~50%) a few years later either don't go to completion or change their mind and go back to how things were. It's something that they had to do, to decide that they didn't want to do it. --- Like having to try X just to decide if you'd like it; but with a fairly large commitment / investment in the idea.
5:42 AM
@Rob there may be other issues, but maybe its the communities I've been around being more liberal, but I don't think I know anyone who went back
and if they do - well, its their personal issue, and the important thing is they're happy as they are.
the problem with 'they could go back' is it feeds a lot of toxic political movements (like forced conversion 'therapy') and marginalising folks who are not
Liberal, I thought you were conservative.
the communities I've been in are :D
my political leanings are another topic on the whole :D
But on this particular topic, I'm pretty much on the 'the rights of the individual come first'
Which is an interesting point - straitstimes.com/singapore/… - as a "concervative" this completely filled me with outrage
Because it was a clear example of government overreach, without the willingness to take responsibility
@JourneymanGeek What confused me is how this one person is now associating with trans people seemingly exclusively, as if they have changed not just outward gender but entire personality.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Or yanno. They couldn't be themselves before.
they had to fit a mould, and that's broken
and its wonderful to know you're not alone
@Rob That's my experience as well, although it is true that many have suffered gender dysphoria their whole lives and are much happier the way they are after transition.
5:54 AM
I mean, I've really leaned on the communities I am part of for far less... fundamental things
(pardon the spelling, remoted to my home PC :D )
@JourneymanGeek Maybe it's just my own perceptions that are making them seem more different than they were, but now they're super into politics and fringe-left ideas (not that I disagree with all of those...), and seem to have become a "stereotypical" trans person.
You don't really know anyone
I know a few, and they're all different.
Yeah, and I didn't know this person very well either. It just caught me way off guard!
maybe you know them better now than you did before.
But hey, if she's happy now, I can't fault her for that!
(old habits)
5:57 AM
I know
(I'm mindful of stuff like that, but sometimes I slip too)
I have a particularly difficult time because I classify people based on what I assume they are based on name, looks, personality, etc. so it's mentally difficult for me to remember some of these things.
But I try to remember if someone transitions.
(Now, using "bizarre" pronouns on the other hand... that's something I just won't do)
But if a man wants to be called she and no longer be treated as a man, I have no problem with it.
I just have to get reminded by them from time to time. :P
I barely have a two dozen people sample size, so it's not a particularly large enough sample to draw conclusions from. I could probably say the same thing about other groups / categories (Snowboarders, Shoplifters, Stunt persons; just covering the S's) - It's difficult to know enough people to say something conclusive about the group as a whole.
Neopronouns. Eh, slightly more difficult for me, but if they're serious, I'll try to make the effort.
I'm ok with the singular they, but that's a concequence of bilingualism
Singular they is fine in most situations.
Personally, I won't change how I use the English language just because someone wants me to, but singular they is pretty ancient and well-accepted, found in pretty much all modern books.
Although it's not a "true" gender-neutral pronoun. It is a gender-indefinite semantic singular pronoun, so it can be used where "one" could be used.
> One should wash their hands before they leave the bathroom.
> I love my spouse. They are a wonderful person.
The former is grammatically correct and has been for centuries. The latter was only pushed for in the 70s in the US and didn't gain much traction except in fringe groups.
6:13 AM
both kinda... work?
(And yeah, I know it always breaks grammatical numbering, but so does singular you)
@JourneymanGeek Kinda, yeah, but the second example is more awkward. At least that's my opinion as a native English speaker (and it's apparently a much less common use of singular they).
(so in tamil - there's he, she , it, and the singular they is gender neutral, and a singular of the word we use for they...)
more accurately its a singular respectful term of address
(so a human is he, she or singular they, a dog or cow is 'it' though in casual speech we use the other ones, chair is it, your parents or elders would be singular they)
Let's all just switch to Lojban!
We need to have an SE site on firearms.
Lots of experienced people could participate, instead of on obscure forums.
I got an answer yesterday on a question I made (a year ago) on Parenting.SE which basically summed up to "guns r bad m'kay kids are too delicate for guns zomg". Very frustrating.
I THINK there was one
not enough interest I think?
Let me guess... shut down?
Eh, would need to have been advertised better outside of SE.
6:26 AM
I wasn't interested enough to check :D
It would, but a lot of communities are like that, hence the requirement for an existing community willing to handle a lot of the initial set up
Ah, that makes sense.
And a lot of SE/SO users are liberal Silicon Valley types who think guns are self-aware murder machines that shoot up schools on their own by virtue of their very existence.
So SE would have to find a community from outside SE to help populate it.
@JourneymanGeek In English "cow", "chicken", etc. are always female, "bull" and "rooster" are male. Other animals, where it isn't obvious or you wouldn't check (example: Skunk), are often "he". Inanimate objects, like a ship, are female.
rob - but there's also neutral terms for like fowl and cattle
and gender terms like 'tom' and 'tabby'
6:29 AM
@Rob Only certain inanimate objects are female, and that's out of respect as ships are seen as motherly, protecting seamen from the ocean like the womb protects a child.
in german ships are 'He'
But he is often used as gender-indefinite to mean he or she (a fact often misunderstood by those who think that sexism is anywhere and everywhere in the English language, the same types who don't understand the etymology of man and woman).
Yes, it's complicated.
but is also the idea that the craft has a 'spirit' or soul
6:33 AM
It's easy to get all spiritual about an object that keeps you alive.
This Duplicate is linked in the Banner to both examples:
Q: Why are ships always female?

confiqI was reading wikipedia about a ship and it it's always refered as female. Is it unique to ships? I've learn in school that words in english does not have a sex, you can call a cats and dogs as "it".

> In my sailing days it was explained to me that women carry life. Any vessel that can sustain life in an environment that people could not normally sustain life functions without her body should, appropriately, have a feminine name.
That's what I was taught.
A: Is it a good practice to refer to countries, ships etc using the feminine form?

HugoDepending on who you're talking to, it is definitely good practice to use the feminine form for ships. My friend once worked for the Ministry of Defence and had to telephone the Royal Navy to ask for a ship's current location (let's use HMS Victory). "I'm calling about HMS Victory. Please can ...

@Orbling - Yeah. Just try calling one of their ships a "boat", and see what different shades they turn. — T.E.D. Sep 9 '11 at 18:59
6:56 AM
morning... first time in a long while I see more than just SmokeDetector rambling in here while I was asleep...
Another one, not a duplicate, with several good answers:
Q: Pronoun question: referring to inanimate objects as 'he' or 'she'

AugustinI read the following claim concerning pronouns referring to inanimate objects: Anything that is meant to contain you, protect you or provide you with something beneficial is [often referred to as] a she; anything that is a perceived threat is a he. That's why cars, boats and some countries a...

Yeah... it's halfway normal here too, though luckily most things can also be referred to using it.
I find the whole fight over language to be rather silly.
It is, until you realize not everyone thinks like that and language is used a lot to influence those people.
But can you say that in Lojban?
7:05 AM
@Tinkeringbell Thank me for getting too high and being stuck on SE because I'm not able to work and have nothing else to do. I kinda spammed this place with my random questions. lol
@TheforestofReinstateMonica You honestly should probably not be chatting when you're "too high", it got you into plenty of trouble before.
@Tinkeringbell I agree when it comes to rude or insulting language. I meant more things like English man and woman not being harmful (some people claim it implies that a woman is just a man with a _wo_mb, but that's not at all what the etymology is. Woman came from wifman and man came from werman. We can see remnants of this in "wife" and "werewolf")
@Tinkeringbell Nah not high anymore. Just feeling a little ill.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica "until you realize not everyone thinks like that"
@Tinkeringbell Etymology isn't a matter of opinion or how one thinks. The fact that woman comes from wifman is not up for debate and no one thinking of woman as an insulting word can change that.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica "until you realize not everyone thinks like that" :P
7:07 AM
I don't subscribe to that whole "alternative facts" view...
Thinking about something differently does not change reality.
You don't have to agree with any of it, but fact is that people think about these things differently. And while it doesn't change the facts, it does influence people.
Sure, but the solution is education.
And etymology (and linguistics in general) is an under-appreciated field.
So if someone thinks that the word person is masculine and excludes women because it has "son" in it should be taught that it comes from the Latin persona (we actually don't know where "son" came from)
Hey, you said you found the fight silly, I agreed, but with a caveat :P No need to start one now
The irony of fighting over language using language.
Teaching people etymology and the facts is also part of the 'fight' for me, and it's something that needs to be done more instead of just dismissing this as 'silly'
Trust me, I've seen my share of people resorting to 'language' to solve their problems, and inventing words and concepts just so they don't have to face reality :)
7:12 AM
(can't tell if commentary on pronoun rules or not... if so it's a little offensive)
Not pronouns. Think more like religion or half the phobia's and -isms out there these days.
Though using 'attack helicopter' as a pronoun probably fits the concept too.
I think the pronoun is apache, and one with the apache pronoun identifies as an attack helicopter.
In the same sense that one with the she pronoun identifies as female.
Well then TIL. And I haven't even had breakfast yet.
7:14 AM
The copypasta is great.
As is the A10 Warthog one.
Meh. I think I'll leave diving into pronouns until after work and breakfast.
Prolly a good idea
Though after work is usually time for gaming, so I'll see which one I find more fun ;)
Say, has anyone reverse engineered the vote fraud detection system?
Like seeing if it checks how long between a page loading and an upvote/downvote occurring?
If we had we wouldn't tell you :P
I don't recommend trying that out either XD
7:19 AM
Well there are the test threads.
Though I imagine it would be hard to test it out in a single thread.
There were a few other security by obscurity tricks SE used. I forget them though.
> System mechanic ultimate defense reinstall
bad spam is bad
fix ur spintax, dammit!
@TheforestofReinstateMonica This will make you envious, legalization has brought the price of 100 dose pens down to 40 bucks:
man that's low res
I was into this before it was cool.
We were into this before your parents were born (?)
7:34 AM
Back then an ounce of crap (the best you could get) was around 80 bucks, now it's around 110 and 10x stronger. Back then an ounce would be at least a week in prison, now a pound (which is way more than you are allowed to have) will net you a fine (no estimate, but way less than the 2000 COVID fines).
There are more drugs out there than weed.
Most of which are pretty neat.
Except meth. Don't do meth, kids.
Too dangerous. So many people: one toke, dropped dead.
Unpopular opinion: drugs are fine for kids if they got a good sitter
fite me
nah. Addiction is addiction.
Not all drugs are addictive. Only the shit ones are.
7:38 AM
Addiction is bad. Not all drugs are addictive.
Not all drugs are bad.
I mean something like heroin or codeine... yeah that's dangerous.
Some like PCP are overrated. It's not as bad as people make it out to be.
What isn't addictive on the psychological level?
addiction is bad, no matter is it's drugs or not
We were crazy teenagers, and did whatever; but things were safer four score and seven years ago.
7:40 AM
Sometimes how addictive something is depends more on the person than the drug/game/food...
Yeah for psychological addiction, but many drugs are about the experience, not some rush or high.
Like, some people like datura. I don't get those people.
Then don't :P You don't have to fight them as there's none of those in here currently either :P
I don't get anyone who likes deliriants..
That I know of.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Very difficult to get, and almost completely unknown in North America.
7:42 AM
Difficult to get, wuuut?
It's like, the only drug that's actually really easy to make.
so much so that even a novice is probably better off making it themselves than buying it.
Tree bark, but the tree doesn't grow outside it's habitat.
@JourneymanGeek Cross-site spammer (on sites you moderate): stackexchange.com/users/20479393/jenniferleorado
One person's backyard isn't another's.
does it have the same tendency as LSD to get trapped in the bloodstream in capsules that pop at inopportune time and give you a trip when you don't want it?
We have frogs you can lick!
7:45 AM
Also that's not how LSD persistent psychosis works.
We don't know how that happens in LSD, but it probably has to do with excitotoxicity.
And it's extremely rare, anyways.
@JohnDvorak Wait wut... and here I thought they taught me all about the dangers of drugs like that ;)
The dangers of LSD are often made into myths.
Like that it breaks your spine and shit.
it does... if you hallucinate the window is floor and your friends aren't strong enough
in that case you will definitely have a bad trip
in at least four ways
DMT and LSD are completely different:
The lower left corner is the identical part, the portion that binds to the receptor.
not sure how much I can derive from the structure?
8:06 AM
Good conversation to get jumped into on the early morning
At least this reminds me of the course I failed the most times in Uni
drugs? :P
8:22 AM
It would be a cool uni...
"I failed the exam cause I wasn't high enough"
I was going to drop out of school... but then I got high. But then I got high. But then I got high.
Was it high school?
High school didn't even need drugs to be weird :P
8:29 AM
That's a nice comparison.
Now, most of real-life lock are really picky about what key goes into them. (or rather, they won't grab a key that doesn't unlock them)
@JohnDvorak @JohnDvorak It's like a key and lock. One key (chemical) can not fit any lock (receptor), it's inert (like water). A different key (chemical / inhibitor) can fit some locks (receptors) but doesn't turn (it's a blocker). Yet another key (drug) fits a specific lock (receptor) and turns freely, opening the lock. That is a chemical (drug) that is not inert like water, it does something.
To difficult to edit using mobile, but you get the idea.
@Tinkeringbell Organic Chemistry
Ah yeah that makes more sense ;)
In apartment (or hotel) your key probably fits every lock, but only turns in your suite (and probably one other, if you tried them all). The manager's key uses a different line on the pins, it's a master key, and opens all locks.
I had a native english teacher, but as it was a first years course it had to be taught in Dutch
Imagine someone explaining the difference between "Alkenen", "alkanen" en "alkynen" with a very heavy english accent
8:35 AM
alkaline ?
If not, blame Google voice typing.
@Luuklag 😂
@Rob In English (singular): "Alkene", "Alkane" and "Alkyne"
1-bond, 2-bond, and 3-bond, aren't they?
(without googling)
@Luuklag Ugh...
That sounds just as annoying as the e-mail I just got talking about 'de probleem' XD
@MetaAndrewT. most likely, just never managed to remember
8:41 AM
But with an added layer of not knowing what they're talking about
Hence I took the exam 7 times
Kina kene on the kane
not so bad in my native language, I think... Alkana (1), Alkena (2), Alkuna (3)
9:36 AM
So thoughfull of ArcMap to crash every hour or so. Reminds me that its time to get coffee
@Luuklag chewing noises
@Luuklag I wish my program did that too! Luckily I have meetings and the outlook reminders of those can serve the same purpose :D
10:10 AM
@Luuklag it throws an unhandled new CoffeeException()?
@rene It doesn't show what happend, just that it crashed. How helpfull!
Looks like it, mostly grey?
yeah, I wondered if it was on my end only
it looks almost intentional
Not sure if I would run just any script from a random stranger directly from github on my box with root permissions ...
11:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek Looks like a failed upload / failed storage to card on a camera
See how the last line is cut off somewhere about 1/3 - 1/2 way
11:41 AM
@Luuklag not sure, it's 50/50 chance. Might as well be a case of peeking duck.
Q: Why is there a peeking duck in my profile pic?

Mark GarciaIn my SO profile, you may see something odd: a peeking duck. I've just recently uploaded this new profile picture of mine. I checked it after the upload and everything's fine. After a few hours, I opened my profile and there it is, the duck has somehow become afraid of the people viewing it. ...

It still happens, though rarely, it's a bug on imgur side, failing to render the image propely.
@Alex using the app is risky, it's even worse than using IE6 these days: not only that it doesn't support almost anything, it gives you false feeling that it's working while you actually miss things, exactly like that example. It should really be nuked out of orbit.
It can be compared to driving ancient car that can get on fire any moment.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Yeah, I'd say thats a failed upload as well ;)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating sadly it's still the only way to get notifications
11:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek someone should just build a notifications app
The best bug of imgur was showing animation in a thumbnail, allowing someone to have animated avatar.
Saw it only once though.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating And ofcourse someone saved that
@Mithical well that doesn't count
This isn't animated anymore.
oh onebox removes querystring
Anyway, to prevent animation SE sends the ?s=[size] parameter, and I once saw animation even in such an image.
12:17 PM
@Mithical or SE used standard web notifications as an option
@JourneymanGeek so? Using the ancient car example, even if it's the only way to travel back in time, it's not worth the risk. :P
1 hour later…
1:35 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I mean, at worst, I'll never be born
More seriously - as a mod and a active member of my communities, I rely on notifications to get stuff done in a timely manner
@JourneymanGeek "You don't know what you're missing" goes for time-travel too. Unless there's some way to compare your current situation with all other possible situations, there's no 'worse' or 'better' ;)
@Tinkeringbell Personally I'd be more curious about me's sideways, than the past or future
the end results of different timelines :D
@JourneymanGeek Ah, that's the thing I was getting at.
There, fixed :P
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