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12:07 AM
!!/watch fonfix4u\.co\.uk
@SonictheMaskedWerehog That pattern looks like it's already caught by Potentially bad keyword in body and Potentially bad keyword in answer; append -force if you really want to do that.
12:21 AM
@MadScientist Sometimes those business types (think pointy hair) see "experience and critical" personnel as "expensive" and think "why not hire a new person at half their cost!"
I wouldn't think that was what happened here but I can also not deny it as possible based on the current decision making track record
@LinkBerest I don't think "hiring a new person" was part of the plan at the time
that's part of the headache for me here. I do think that the current upper management is actually pro community. But its going to take a while to resolve a lot of obvious internal tensions, and I don't know if in 6-8 years, a future CEO/CPO/CXO is going to feel the same way
1:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek ehh, I'm doing triple workloads on certain projects (double on others) because covid means skeleton crews and upper-level people keep referencing how this will become the "new normal" - i.e. why can't we keep this up all the time?
They are only now seeing how the burnout is causing more mistakes and quality issues (which cost more) but ..... they still keep referencing it :\
So my opinion of c-suite decision makers is at a particular low point right now (and SE has been low enough for a while) - so I just cannot discount the possibility of that type of thinking (when it happened) whether change happens now or not
1:52 AM
@LinkBerest SE 's community side is basically skeleton sans morrow right now 😁
2:08 AM
@LinkBerest also its probably as much "We could probably use the money elsewhere and make more money" not considering the main people who would push for teams are people who use SE
and its semi trivial to set up an internal Q&A site
heh, I've made a few intrawebs (w/forums)
i tried to run a small Q&A community once
didn't do that great. I'm good with herding, not so good at actually getting people in
I always thought that was a big push for DOCs because if you could combine the forum and manuals (SOPs or whatever) that would be a big sell corporate side
in theory articles might do that
depending on how it works. I'll probably wax the opinions once it rolls out to the team(s) I am on
2:22 AM
hmm, I had a FR to use web notifications on SE as a "replacement" for one of the things I use the app for...
yeah, I haven't rolled my own intraweb since the late 90s but I do have a bit of an "essientials" list for when I do pick options (of which proper hosting of all documents from SOPs to CSRs is one - another one is proper automated forms which I don't think articles would handle)
apparently chrom(ium) is going to have a 30 day 'expiry' for notifications...
which might not be good ._.
@LinkBerest well my stuff is mostly small, disconnected personal projects :D
Yeah, I used to push for SE during boards but that stopped last year (ironically when my main job decided to finally follow my advice and try it out - cause covid - but we moved from it cause emojis)
New platform has some integrations which allow for Q&A (not as good as SE but better package as a whole for thousands of people so shrug)
Which returns to your point earlier - kill your advocates enthusiasm and well...
@LinkBerest yup
no one will use teams or jobs unless they use SE/SO
and "casual" users are not going to dig past google or asking questions
hell - I suspect some of my co-workers probably will/do know of SO due to my SE involvement :D
3:46 AM
@terdon Oh no. I just realized that I just finished book 2 of Inheritance Trilogy before reading book 1. What have I done?!
(just read book 1, then read book 2 again?)
What is this nonsense reasonable attitude!
This is an utter tragedy.
Also, I feel really dumb but it was actually partially Kindle's fault...
2 hours later…
5:21 AM
@Journey what was it that you did?
Apparently, your Iranian counterpart for our university's servers sucks so very much. Exam.universitysite has been down since last night, and this morning one of the students calls them at 9 a.m. "sorry, when is the site going to be back up? We have an exam on 10:30" "Oh don't you worry your pretty little head, the questions will be available for answering at 10:30" "BUT THE SITE IS DOWN" "Wha, really? Oops"
sysadmins *shakes head*
huh, what is this second-person reverse trilogy heavy novel...
5:37 AM
@M.A.R. it is a potato
also I'm not a sysadmin
I am the one who barks at the sysadmin when the srrver is down
5:51 AM
6:11 AM
You're kinda early? Workday today?
although yesterday I was even earlier
On a Sunday?
I slept really long yesterday, because the temperature dropped to a point where I could actually sleep ;)
6:27 AM
i got woken up at 2am and 4am, at 6 I was tuckered out and asked for help for walkies and my mom was pissed off at me :D
@Tinkeringbell I always wake up at ~6.30 am
or rather, most of the time
@Aibobot Those walkies need a schedule that isn't just you.
@Magisch Oh, the saw, right?
I keep forgetting about the thing.
@Tinkeringbell The saw isn't responsible
6:32 AM
Oh. That's weird :P
I usually wake up 1-3 minutes before my alarm
curiously when I don't set an alarm I sleep longer
Might be some form of conditioning?
Maybe I just really dislike being woken up by an alarm
Heh, yeah... I do dislike it too but not enough to be totally awake before it goes off...
6:48 AM
Problem solved: The runaway alarm clock
i don't get why people use snooze btw
15 minutes or so is exactly enough time for being woken up to feel terrible again
7:06 AM
@Magisch Yeah, that's one thing I can't do either... because by then I'd just be entering a sleep cycle again.
7:50 AM
@Magisch 15 minutes is indeed pointless, my snooze setting was always 1 minute.
@Aibobot woken up by what/who?
8:14 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Since it was for walkies, I bet it was Ash ;)
One of them:
user image
@JourneymanGeek They could try to get shog back
one shog is always better then no shog
@Magisch tbh he is probably better where he is :/
you may be right
8:59 AM
Unless they put him higher in the ladder, no point to bring him back, IMO.
9 Shogs is always better than 1... or none
9:37 AM
With 9 Shogs, 99% of the users would feel good using SE...
Long time, no hear, @Cole - what can help to change that? Perhaps....
sdc coffee Cole
@ShadowWizardWearingMask brews a cup of Ristretto for @Cole
10:02 AM
@ArtOfCode I thought he was the 9th shog, always wondered what happened to the other 8.
Apr 30 '18 at 20:27, by Shadow Wizard
So the 9th Shog was finally able to create this glorious Tavern, and so he survived. :P
Found the answer by @rene I was looking for...
Apr 10 '18 at 8:57, by rene
They were closed as opinion based ...
@Art you still got all of this?
Mar 18 '19 at 11:53, by ArtOfCode
user image
10:26 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Coffee always welcome. I pop in here quietly most days... Suppose I should say something sometimes.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Ooh, throwbacks!
soon I will have speedy catcus picture
to use on discord
10:54 AM
@Rubiksmoose Ha! I've been there with another series. Kindle does make it easier to screw up the order.
11:08 AM
@terdon thats my #1 gripe with my kindle
often times a series will not be sorted by # of book and it will also not be in the title, and I have so many books by now that sorting by acquired is useless.
11:25 AM
@Magisch It's not just Kindle. My Kobo does it too, even though that might be because most of the books I were acquired by sailing the seven seas.
I'm weirdly sketched out by pirating art tbh, which I count books under
Pirating art is a book?
Pirating a book = pirating art = weirdly sketching out Magisch ;)
Just remove the redundant letters
weird Magish
I know it's not right, it's just that sometimes I can't find the book to buy a paper copy, or I already own a copy and it's not digital and easy to take with me ... I haven't used the e-reader for a long time too...
meta.stackexchange.com/a/352575/369802 < can I get some eyes there (and please read the question carefully too...)... I have a feeling I'm going slowly crazy but I can't see how the first part of that question (which I addressed in the first part of my answer) is supposed to be general and how the rest of my answer isn't answering the general case of election moderation?
11:47 AM
@Tinkeringbell Like I said I'm just weird about it. Lately i've even been feeling bad using random pictures as avatars
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I'm guessing someone's laughing at me right now but I thought I'd check.
so I paid for the last 3 ones
@Magisch Which is actually pretty good :)
It also means if I want a cactus that is also a cat with flowers on the ears I can has it
finding that specifically in a good quality on google is just not possible
11:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell I think part of it is OP wants a specific answer and isn't getting it
I might've ordered an avatar if I wasn't saving up for an apartment.. I saw an artist that did pretty nice bird drawings on Twitter (I think it was portfolioday or something?)
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I hinted as much in my last two comments...
My avatar is ... unique? :D
i saw a leaf owl earlier today
same artist as my avatar. I think they only charge 40$ for a full picture
11:50 AM
That's nice! :)
(for me it's still money I can/should use on getting my apartment properly furnished first)
But it's really not that expensive :)
fair point
@Magisch It's getting pretty bad lately though... Every purchase I make it's 'do I need this or only want it, in which case I could better save the money for later?'... I'm annoying myself sometimes XD
A window into my day-to-day heh
although I do sometimes make frivolous purchases
see this picture, for instance
I bought a game two weeks ago.
Oh, and new puzzle books.
i saw another one of their pictures on twitter and had the idea of a catcus
11:55 AM
See, I still spend money on things I don't really need too :P
it's actually amazing that it was so affordable
I'm not sure what most artists would ask for a commission like that :)
The ones I see on Twitter usually range between 30-60 dollars?
Yeah, that's around normal.
maybe one day I'll have this printed or buy another one and hang it on a wall
not just does it look nice it's also sort of mine so it feels special
Yeah, I can imagine that. I should probably get a few artsy things for my apartment too...
get a nice red parrot to hang on a wall :3
12:01 PM
I've been thinking of redoing the african flower dinosaurs I crocheted in more natural colors (and bigger) and putting those in a corner somewhere :)
I think a red parrot would be too red for my apartment, even for me ;)
@ColeValleyGirl yeah, anything will be welcome. ;)
So, how are you?
@Tinkeringbell oh, you got one too?
@Magisch not here? :(
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Yep :) Way back when.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I'm more active on discord these days
Already managed to break the drink bottle.
@Tinkeringbell the sippy one?
The nalgene is pretty solid
12:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell oh, the last swag event to ever exist, right?
Which reminds me, @Magi did you get yours?
@ShadowWizardWearingMask no
don't think I'll ever get it tbh and I'm not about to ping jnat again
@Magisch good for Discord... ;)
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, the sippy one. I already had a nalgene one that one really is unbreakable.
Though the lettering doesn't like being dishwasher washed.
12:10 PM
@Magisch yeah, it's not in his hands, as far as I can tell...
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Was the giveaway the last one, or the watch?
I can't remember... got them both.
@Tinkeringbell hmm... good question...
I got the watch
I still didn't get the stuff-a-way
@ShadowWizardWearingMask i became a mod in a reasonably large (I think 50k members?) gaming community
And there's lots of opportunities for the kind of detective work I like doing that I never got the chance to really do at SE
@Magisch At least you got that! The watches are very nice.
they are
unfortunately for the utility of the watch I have a cellphone
12:20 PM
That's... kinda the thing with most swag though: They're not usually wanted because they're useful ;)
I already had a bottle before I got the SO one. I also already had pyjama's before I got my stackexchange shirt.
speak for yourself I used the pen and the notebook from an earlier giveaway
The only thing I didn't have yet was a dedicated cheese board, though a cutting board and generic knife would've worked too :P
@Magisch Oh, I use those too!
I kinda wanted to write a poem for the cheeseboard but really couldn't justify making them buy me an expensive cheeseboard I would not have used ever
But I would've just been using other sources of ink/paper if I didn't had them, that's the point I was trying to make ;)
@Magisch Heh, yeah. Lactose intolerance?
also because I am a lazy git and my cooking efforts consist of scrambled eggs or fried rice with whatever needs cleaning out of the fridge exclusively
12:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell I have like... 3 or 4 su shirts 😁
One or two is clapped out
Mine is so clapped out it's clapped in
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Still keeping on keeping on. As a practiced hermit I haven't found "shielding" to hard but I'm lucky enough to have a garden and a pension I can live on. Whole swathes of people aren't that lucky and Boris J and his government are not covering themselves in glory, the way they're mismanaging everything. Not that I think I could do better, but I didn't finagle my way into being PM.
Ah, the good old times, the feeling you got when a mailman appeared on the door with SE swag
@Magisch That's not a bad way of cooking :)
The feeling of figuring out the journey from NY to the border was free, and now you have to pay for the delivery fee from the border to your home
12:29 PM
@M.A.R. Hey, those were great times! :)
@M.A.R. Ah yeah that sucks :(
Yet you embraced the package, opened it with sheer excitement
Only to find out Santa isn't real, not even in Israel
@Tinkeringbell Ditto. My shirt (from the stuff-a-way) is still in good condition. The pens are lurking somewhere in the pen drawer (with 101 other free pens, none of which will work when I finally get round to needing one.) The hard cover notebook is lurking somewhere n my study -- I'm sure I'll think of a use for it one day. The drink bottle didn't survive being knocked onto the tiled kitchen floor by a cat.
That was a catastrophe
a cataclysm, truly
What can I say -- my cats have cattitude.
@ColeValleyGirl The shirt is indestructible. It's been washed many times here, yet the lettering is still almost as new.
12:35 PM
I did however replace it with a much more sturdy can-like item that is much easier to drink from (no spout.)
My Stackoverflow pen is lying on my desk and being used almost daily, the superuser pen not so much, it's a weird one. There's also a sharpie somewhere that European me couldn't figure out how to use (open) at first...
@Tinkeringbell I hope it lasts as long as my two favourite Ts, which are nearly 30 years old and a little faded but still perfectly usable.
I wouldn't fit in clothes from 30 years ago XD (I'm only 28 :P)
I did get one of mom's old nightshirts when I was younger, it was mintgreen with a print of Tweety. That one was old before I got it, I know that... and I wore it for at least 15 years as well.
12:39 PM
@Tinkeringbell You've gained so much weight
@M.A.R. Ouch. :(
But yeah :P
These days I'm glad if I fit in the clothes from last year.
90s fashion be like they grow up so fast
@M.A.R. damn you really did roll snake eyes for social skills
coming from someone with terrible social skills
@Magisch they hatin'
@Magisch He's got a good sense of humor ;)
12:42 PM
2 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
@M.A.R. Ouch. :(
@Arjun Hey
Welcome to the Tavern
I think
@M.A.R. i love your avatar
@Tinkeringbell You remember the time where I got in trouble at school for a similar remark?
I also love my avatar
@Magisch I know. You know that meme with a quote like 'The internet made you to used to being rude without getting punched in the face for it'? :P
12:43 PM
@Magisch Uh
Processing the new information, pls wait kthx
12:44 PM
@Tinkeringbell so it did
but i'm like 95% sure you're not the punching type
@Magisch There's a big surprise then :P
@Magisch then that extra 5% will bite you in the butt :)
good thing then that I never plan to insult tink in person
;) I can take a lot of jibes and friendly insults.
Speaking of insults...
12:46 PM
M.A.R. didn't do anything wrong, he knows his audience ;)
@Tinkeringbell something you get used to when you have a group of 3
...what can we do about a Meta troll who keeps returning and won't go away!?
@Ollie Flag and move on. Custom mod flag, link to their previous troll posts. The mods know that user by name (or aliases, your preference).
@Ollie Be more persistent.
If a mod's nearby, that troll gets dealt with pretty quickly.
12:48 PM
@Arjun Heh. Two brothers, but yeah. You get used to them and you learn to retort too ;)
I've flagged this troll 5 times, I think...
Is that all we can do?
@Ollie Yeah.
Unless you can get a CM to give you a diamond, or you get hired by SE, yep :)
By the way, does anyone have good recent fantasy books to recommend
I must have gone through at least 30 in july
@Spevacus I aim to get the diamond :)
12:48 PM
@Magisch Have you read the Stormlight Archive by Sanderson?
I don't think so
I have read others by sanderson though
read buckowski
It's pretty high fantasy, and it's pretty good.
Quite long but it's good.
Also not quite finished yet
12:50 PM
@SmokeDetector hi
@Spevacus It's gonna be a rothfuss again isnt it
@Arjun hm?
Could damn well be
@Magisch charles buckwoski
I'm still a bit mad at rothfuss
and the guy who wrote the gentlemen bastards series
for making 2 really good books and then just taking years for the third
George R.R. Martin is currently the back of the room, trying to be as invisible as possible.
12:52 PM
@Ollie starving them of attention works
I didn't care for GoT as much as for rothfuss' books
@Magisch Off the wall suggestion: Juliet McKenna julietemckenna.com/?page_id=44
@JourneymanGeek I guess...
@JourneymanGeek so just flag and don't bother speaking?
@Magisch Scott Lynch
12:53 PM
@Ollie Followup on what JourneymanGeek said, I recommend you don't engage with that user at all when they post. I'm not condemning anything you said in them, but it's best to just leave them alone in their bubble of hatred. It'll eventually get lonely enough that they'll give up.
sdc tea JourneymanGeek
@Ollie brews a cup of lemon tea for @JourneymanGeek
No comments. Just flag and watch them go into /dev/null
wasn't sanderson the guy that finished the wheel of time series?
@Spevacus okay...
12:53 PM
@ColeValleyGirl are these a series or all standalone?
Elon Musk tweets
If you don't care much for GoT read GoT until you care much for it
@M.A.R. *hiss*
I read GoT
I found it okay ish
the TV series was awful
Pre Season 4 was legit imo. A couple things missing but all in all pretty acceptable.
After that it was... Mmm...
12:55 PM
Fast forward to the next thirty messages
@Magisch Mostly a bunch of series, a lot of which are set in the same world but with different sets of characters.
We all know that stuff, but IMHO there is some often overlooked excellence in the books
I guess though there's always the lagging effect of trying to catch up to something that's been getting a lot of attention. If you want to get impressed, you won't be.
That effect needs a good name to prevent so many fights on the internet. The Big Lebowski effect?
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