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12:29 AM
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4:44 AM
Ben Popper on May 26, 2020
The software industry has become a kinder, more welcoming place. Has it finally left a certain kind of leadership behind?
5:19 AM
@Feeds the pros and cons of sociopathic leadership
uhhh why????
The SEI management is longing for the days they would dare bully the core part of their userbase, maybe?
(disclaimer: I don't listen to podcasts)
But yeah... that phrase is worrisome even in the best of days.
6:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek podcasts were always with a taste of "wild wild west", weren't they? That's what makes them special.
It's like @Tink's forum.... if it will have 100% politically correct language it will be boring and nobody will want to listen. ;)
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance I don't want to comment without listening, but I'm not inclined to listen to the podcast either :D
6:21 AM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Excuse me... the forum is for trading stuff, how much politically correct language do you expect? XD It's just people saying 'please' if you're lucky! :P
7:10 AM
> Yo bro! Give me that cat or I'll throw my dog on ya!
This? ^
7:54 AM
They actually have a pretty 'nice' system... You can put stuff up for trade, or sell things. People could reply with 'X for Y', or 'X currency'. But they've made the system so that longer sentences reward some fake internet points. So each post you make, if you make a full sentence like 'I'd love to trade your X for my Y, please', you get a fake internet point.

It's quite a lovely way to encourage a bit of phatic expressions.
People then use those fake internet points to trade further stuff...
8:42 AM
for those who like to know this stuff, I left a writeup of the way that the follow button works on the client-side (trying to debug an issue that I can't repro). It is on unix meta, so posting here for more exposure.
9:03 AM
reposted in SOCVR as well
@Tinkeringbell no badges?
@YaakovEllis cheers!
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Depends on your definition of badge ;) You can use some of your fake internet points to buy badge like things that display with your avatar ;)
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance (I posted this specifically with you in mind 😁)
@YaakovEllis lol, I'm honored! :D
@Tinkeringbell yeah, good enough. And do they have winter bash? ;)
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance I haven't been around that long! There's a pretty heated chocolate vs. vanilla thread though :P
9:16 AM
*goes to pour a drink of vanilla soymilk*
And teamchocolate is winning :P
but- but- the statistics are on vanilla's side!
@Mithical Apparently you're using the wrong statistics: belltreeforums.com/threads/chocolate-vs-vanilla.359262 and the current score is -238 or something like that: belltreeforums.com/threads/chocolate-vs-vanilla.359262/page-284
*grumble* heathens
Yup, fully certified :P
9:22 AM
please provide your certificate for routine examination
rummages through drawers
finds certificate of baptism with a big red cross through it
Does that work?
especially since that was nullified
well, i suppose then...
a nullified certificate of baptism is a valid certificate of heathenism. you may pass and have chocolate
Yesss! :D
10:05 AM
Uhh. I'm not actually sure if I count :D
@Mithical I wonder how that compares to the stuff here :D
Of course you don't. Your online presense is basically an anagrammed god.
Watched a fairly fun monster movie
also my temp storage hard drive keeps corrupting and my linux download box keeps hard shutting down so... er... I ordered a new one :D
10:23 AM
@Tinkeringbell chocolatejs vs. VanillaJS? ;)
@JourneymanGeek new linux download box?
@JourneymanGeek Is it an SMR drive?
@SonictheStay-HomeHedgehog no
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance yes. It runs Linux and downloads 'linux live cds'
Basically I have a low power Linux box running for some background tasks. Long running downloads, torrents etc
The current one has a sata connection they dosen't work for some reason... And has been hard shutting down, which apparently corrupts the ext4 USB hard drive I use for storage
10:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek with its own WiFi?
Uhh. No?
It's wired into my network
I was sure that new cars these days come with their own, independent, WiFi connection - but turns out they just connect with the driver's mobile device.
11:29 AM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance No, just chocolate vs. vanilla ;)
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance oh, the old one does
the new one dosen't so I can save a few bucks
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance that's the new one I have on order
11:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell blasphemy! :D
@JourneymanGeek looking very... similar to the old... :)
12:01 PM
Naw. The old one is a nuc type machine
My router is a very similar machine, sure
12:36 PM
@JourneymanGeek Heatsinks come with USB ports these days!? :P
@terdon it's an industrial PC. They're fairly cheap if you don't mind older laptop chips 😁
One might say they are.... Cheap as chips....
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, it just really looks like a heatsink. And yes, I know it is a heatsink, which is why it looks like one, but you know what I mean:)
My router is one too...
1:14 PM
@terdon Its a heatsink with processing power :D
Can a heatsink sink?
it can even sink heat
@Journey won't need anything warm for the winter
@M.A.R. actually these things run pretty cool
1:26 PM
@M.A.R. he has a dog
Or is it the other way around?
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Dogs have small surface area, and shed
@M.A.R. but they can't sink
They swim
And they don't have USB ports
Well, depending on your definition
hehe.... just bumped into something odd. SE staff with a name of kids vest.
Some staff members don't use their real name, that's fine.... but such odd name is a first. e.g. Grace Note is something more... familiar. Or isn't it? lol
1:50 PM
I think you have it wrong
What exactly did JC007B do to have kids clothing named after them?
Wait.. Product Marketing... so it's all a plot to increase sales!
2:23 PM
Morning all. I'm wondering if people have discussed language / framework / whatever versions as a core part of StackOverflow? Answers go out-of-date and then start to be downvoted as languages evolve and there are better ways of doing things, and often it's a long climb to get another answer up to be the top voted one containing more recent, significantly different information.
yea, that's been discussed quite a few times over the years
Looks like there haven't been any changes. What were the good points from the opposition?
> People use outdated technology all the time. For many reasons, upgrading is not always an option. We shouldn't be "handling" them, we should be answering them!
There's just no good way to version real-life information. Period.
I see. Previous versions are also important. Perhaps a way for both sets of information to co-exist in a clear way might work? Other than potentially sabotaging the top post?
2:29 PM
the problem is, version number isn't always the best... tool for deciding which answer is the best for a given question.
What about answers that are version agnostic? who gets to decide that?
aaaalthough, if you do have a central authority on collecting and redistributing information, you can determine which of two versions definitely isn't the up to date one by comparing publishing dates.
assuming... the new answer is a good answer and not just a copy paste from somewhere else
(which is more often the case than not)
Here, so. In the case I'm thinking about, not so.
@James here is an MSO attempt: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/314172/…
I've been out for a bit. How's the company-community culture at the moment?
2:44 PM
Sara Chipps on May 26, 2020
We received a bunch of requests to share how we use our feedback framework on specific features. We got excited about this, and given that we just released Dark Mode (and “Ultra Dark Mode”), we thought this was a great opportunity to show how we arrived at our solution.
@canon looks like it's.... calm.
one thousand percent expected that to be a rickroll... and clicked anyway
@rene Wooohoo!
@rene and another related MSO discussion:
Q: How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

BasicI was prompted to ask this after reading this answer (scored +749/-3) Note: The answer has been edited and is now correct. Previous version The answer wasn't bad when it was added, but the information is woefully out of date. jquerylatest.com is no longer updated/maintained and is only pre...

2:53 PM
hey, I remember that question
@Tinkeringbell a fan \o/
I wouldn't call me a fan... but that song isn't too bad ;)
@AaronHall comes here often to complain about outdated answers sticking on top...
@Feeds umm.... I'm pretty sure the raise in views/logins/signup etc is not dark mode, but rather Corona. Millions of people got stuck at home with more spare time to waste than before.
And no, I'm not data analyst. Just using some common sense.
Dark times brought them here ...
Why does it seem like every time a post comes from the blog showing data as evidence of X, there's usually a much simpler and more probable explanation for for said data, rather than (X new feature/initiative drove this traffic!)
@user400654 can't blame them. When you're inside something, it's really hard to look outside.
But anyhow, one thing is for sure, the Dark Mode is a great feature, and splendidly done.
That can't be taken away. :)
3:20 PM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Thanks. Seems like not many people know about this, but it's an interesting solution.
I use dark mode for some things, but i don't like to use it on websites. This chat for example i like dark, but not main/meta.
If they ever revamped chat, it'd break what i'm using to get dark mode and additional features, and it'd never get updated as the people who created/maintain it have moved on from SO
3:39 PM
Porkchat ftw
3:51 PM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance If that's true though, the spike should've started starting before the dark mode (which, IIRC, went live to beta around April Fools)... Corona was already there causing lockdowns and massive amounts of free time across Europe by then!
When did it explode in the USA and in the India?
I know one of the IPS mods was on work from home before I was. And she's from the USA
I'm guessing that means next to nothing since it's the USA...
2 hours later…
6:19 PM
@JohnDvorak late
Hmm... Meta's chatrooms have a slightly different GUI...
Not really. Any room hosted on chat.SE that's parented to chat.Meta will look the same as here, I believe.
@Mithical Nah! The other normal chats have rounded edges around the containers which contain the messages. There'll be many other subtle differences, but this was the first one which I observed.
6:30 PM
Same goes for the different buttons.

 SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer

Discussion related to the usage of Stack Exchange's Data Explorer
I know I am being pedantic here :P
Try visiting that room and tell me if it's different as well
@Mithical It's the same as this room, but different from other rooms (for example, the h bar, the one in which I am usually in).
That's because the style and design of the room is inherited from the parent site - which for the h bar is Physics.SE, and for the SEDE room (and any room on Chat.Meta) is Meta.SE.
Nothing to do with which server it's on per se.
6:33 PM
@Mithical BTW, it doesn't matter at all. I just said that because I was bored and I wanted to start a conversation. "Hi!" seemed too mainstream :D
@Mithical Oh, I see...
Anyways, Hi, everyone!
@FakeMod Oh sure, but the intricacies of SE and especially chat are a topic I enjoy discussing :P
@Mithical BTW, I don't really know why these (Meta) chatrooms are hidden from the users of other SE sites. Seeing the starboards, it's quite a fun place to be ;-)
What do you mean by "hidden"?
Like any chat room that's parented to a room, it shows up occasionally on the sidebar of the main site (in this case, Meta.SE), which is about as discoverable as any other chat room.
6:43 PM
@Mithical By hidden, I mean I never really knew about them for quite a time (this is my second account, so don't judge my experience from its age). Whenever I go to the chat from Physics SE (the site on which I participate the most), I always end up seeing the site chatrooms. Atter that, clicking on "all rooms", I get to see all the rooms over the whole network except SO and MSE...
@Mithical Well, I am not quite active on Meta.SE :-) My statement was for those users who aren't quite active on MSE.
6:56 PM
@FakeMod They're on different servers, so . . . technicalities
@M.A.R. Hmmm... But it doesn't take a lot of work to notice that MSE has a "special" different chat, if you visit MSE main a few times and (as Mithical said) notice the chatrooms on the side bar.
@FakeMod exactly?
2 hours later…
9:19 PM
@FakeMod next time use coffee to break the ice. ;)
@M.A.R. maybe?
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Eh?
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Sure?
@M.A.R. pee (well it's a sure thing ;))
Now we need some warm...
Oh well. I'll watch Killing Eve then.
Fitting mood ^
9:38 PM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Is Eve about to get killed?
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance perhaps SmokeDetector was just taking a nap
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance I feel like they made the same claim in a past post (on the blog or elsewhere), and someone challenged it with the same reasoning, and a staff member might have responded with the relevant data?
10:52 PM
@M.A.R. yup
She's always about to get killed, that's the whole show. ;)
@V2Blast or staying away due to my previous message...
@V2Blast yeah, answer on MSE posted after that message.
11:14 PM
What do the election results mean? e.g. ell.stackexchange.com/election/download-result/4
11:30 PM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance No, I mean earlier than that. Like, at least a few weeks ago, or maybe more.
@Daniil There's a video linked in the election FAQ that explains how it all works.
In the particular case you linked, it was a two-candidate election, so the threshold was about one third. Both elected moderators received more than a third of first choice votes each, and so both were elected without any further recounting or rebalancing.

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