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1:00 PM
I think they maybe mean code artifacts - i.e. samples?
this is the problem with the survey, different people apply different meanings to the same options.
Ah, questions and answers. Duh.
I think people said things and these are category labels
So not what people said, but what SOI said people said
@It'sOver yup, more likely
that'd involve manpower to apply the labels.
"I'm not satisfied with the quality of questions" ----> thrown into that category
1:02 PM
If so, then what is surprising about this graph?
People always have things to rant about, and I guess even asking them to specifically rant itself skews things a bit, but I'm no expert.
Also, if someones asking 1 question and leaving the site forever more
they've not even encountered the community
I'm pretty sure they separate anecdotes and data
I have an impulse to type anectode right now. So there. Anectode.
Take that universe
@It'sOver who said it's surprising?
Implied when there's some buzz over it
bee makes a buzz
1:08 PM
Granted, CEO's appearance still makes the headlines
Which is, uh, pretty boring BTW
There's not a single new thing to be enraged about.
@It'sOver CNN? BBC?
Take this!
Buzz ^
Reminds me of a customs officer stamping documents
An artifact is one of many kinds of tangible by-products produced during the development of software. Some artifacts (e.g., use cases, class diagrams, and other Unified Modeling Language (UML) models, requirements and design documents) help describe the function, architecture, and design of software. Other artifacts are concerned with the process of development itself—such as project plans, business cases, and risk assessments. The term artifact in connection with software development is largely associated with specific development methods or processes e.g., Unified Process. This usage of the term...
1:12 PM
Top, most perceived problems: Overmoderation (too many CM?), Unwelcoming Community (hic sunt leones), barriers to participation (because the community is unwelcoming) , voting (because the community downvotes too much)
16 mins ago, by It's Over
> Downvotes 99.985%
Bottom percentages: social friction (everyone is happy and users love the company), Welcoming backslash (everyone is happy about the wagon and its implementation) and job quality (Employees are happy???)
@BlueSoul No I think it means Careers
in the middle.... sacrificable stuff that even if disclosed is marginal (we can work on site design clarity)
1:14 PM
Waffles are an epidemic
@BlueSoul coded responses means probably some weighting occured as well
@Magisch yep, but those results seems kinda artificial if one was to be on the pessimistic side.
didn't mean that
just that some data analysis and weighting based on target audiences was probably at work
I know you didn't say that @Magisch. I am the one saying that the results are oddly fitting the "site is unwelcoming but that is the only problem" vision to the point of almost looking made up.
Now, I will not go to the esteem of saying those were really made up, but I wouldn't be surprise if some sort of positive reinforcement had some part in those.
Well, who knows.
1:22 PM
@It'sOver not me
But I guess "ads taking too much space" and "annoying top bar" and "messy nav" and all that were conveniently jumbled in a "design" category
@Shadow9 Yeah, or you would have been fired
@It'sOver yep probably, and I am not quite sure ADS should have.
Who filled in this survey?
@PM2Ring btw, since I noticed this in the star board just now.... those are one of the reasons I kinda quit serious contributions far before the recent mess. The system currently rewards that approach far more than actual effort.
@djsmiley2kindarkness To be honest? I don't remember if I did or if i quit when I reached the (unneeded) "race identity" questions
if I actually did... then the "other" should be something similar to
> company attempts to convince a community of developers that some code isn't trying to do what it does.
i filled in the loop survey
1:31 PM
@Magisch Thanks Obama 0.015%
I may be 0.015% but I'm at least 95% parrot
@BlueSoul I don't blame you for doing that. It can be discouraging seeing rep-farmers, especially when they have a huge rep & ought to be setting a good example. OTOH, I can sympathise with newbies doing a bit of rep-farming just to earn enough rep to get some credibility and privileges.
@Magisch I couldn't.
ah yeah it was 18+
FWIW, here are my thoughts from a few years ago on encouraging people to search for dupe targets: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/322110/4014959
1:36 PM
@PM2Ring hmm 😁
@It'sOver I was on fire already, so I'm immune
You can't fire an eye, too.
I hate surveys, but I did complete the Through The Loop survey. Hopefully, my data was simple enough to be encoded into that bar graph. I suspect that answers which weren't clearly correlated with one of the bar graph categories were ignored... But I might be totally wrong.
@Shadow9 that is immediately disputable
@Mithical ahahahaha
1:41 PM
@PM2Ring I am especially fond of the "guessing what the OP meant because gotta-go-fast"
It's funny when it's you
@It'sOver *pouty face*
@PM2Ring So, more complicated reputation rules? :P
Also, there's sites where people might be a little too enthusiastic on the dupes, so perhaps don't reward that behaviour.
I'm trying to write a document about serial voting and finding out just how few citations and examples I have because everything I'm talking about is not visible to non-mods
1:45 PM
@BlueSoul HEY, holding pee might lead to urinary tract infections!
Just ask @Sha. He's an expert
@It'sOver no, u
@Magisch make things up like I do
@Magisch Citations... as in about how the mod tools work?
@It'sOver Congratulation! You won!
@It'sOver I don't hold pee
1:46 PM
@Shadow9 ur face
I have a lot of ... experience that boils down to incidental sightings and hearsay
nothing that I could cite in a report that needs to be credible
HMU on Discord, I can walk you through some of the tools by memory, I trust you enough
will do when I get home
Should be quick, you're a parrot
1:47 PM
Great. Probably about five hours from now is the best time
if that works
I dunno, parrots look a bit sleazy if you look at their face for a while
@It'sOver try and see
@BlueSoul I am blessed on this day!
@Mithical that'll work
@Shadow9 no u try n see
1:49 PM
Polly wanna cracker.
@It'sOver I eternally stare
@Magisch I can play Spy Game music while you do your intelligence stuff
@Shadow9 complain - pupil is not hourglass shaped.
@It'sOver Spy Game the movie? Yeah nice tense soundtrack. Love that movie.
How can you not love Redford being a smartass
1:52 PM
@BlueSoul it was, still is in my Microsoft profile
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, that's also a tricky issue, and I expect that it needs different rules on the more subjective sites vs the scientific / technical sites. I understand people downvoting answers to questions that should be closed, OTOH, I feel uncomfortable downvoting answers that are technically correct. On Physics, we have a very strict homework policy & it's common for correct answers to bad homework questions to collect downvotes. I think that may confuse casual readers of the site.
@Blue ^
@Tinkeringbell Well, we want to reward good dupes, not something that's only vaguely related & unlikely to help the OP or future readers. But we also want to encourage people to exert some effort to search for dupes before writing an answer.
@PM2Ring Shog tweeted about it, did you see?
TL;DR: there's something big related to it planned.
He was part of it, but it's still ongoing.
BTW, I'm melting here. We finally had a few days of solid rain here in Sydney, which has cleared up the smoke haze. But today the temperature got up into the high 30s. It's now after midnight, but it's still around 28°C here, and rather humid.
@Shadow9 Not yet. I don't normally use Twitter, but I have looked at Shog's & George's recent Tweets.
2:00 PM
at least it's not literally on fire anymore
@PM2Ring is it so bad you've got chances of flooding? ;/
@PM2Ring >>>>>Start Here<<<<<
@djsmiley2kindarkness not chances, there were huge floods already
@PM2Ring "technically correct" doesn't exist on most subjective sites... and I wrote that answer before IPS had the citation expectations firmly established, so I'm 99.999% sure those answers weren't even backed up.
2:08 PM
one problem is that many people take downvotes to mean different things
the idealistic view is downvote = technically inaccurate or wrong, unsubstantiated
but there's people that use downvotes as disagreement (outside of meta)
@Magisch The system just says a downvote means 'not useful'.
because they think the question should be closed
because they think OP should have looked more on their own
basically the list of motivations to downvote is very broad
@Magisch close + downvote is a pretty common combination to make sure the question is cleaned up asap if not improved.
2:10 PM
well a lot of closable questions also meet the criteria for a downvote
rather, if you take it to literally mean not useful a question that needs to be closed is often not useful in its current state also. And like a close vote, you can reverse a downvote later if necessary
haha @GeorgeStocker has it nailed down in that twitter thread. A few years ago the UK government got the idea into their heads about looking at drugs laws.
A few funny/insane things happened
@djsmiley2kindarkness I don't think so, but we're expecting more rain. And floods after drought and fires aren't uncommon here. And of course heavy rain after fires can cause a lot of erosion.
1. They issued a review of the current laws, to various experts in various fields around drugs culture, usage, etc. etc.
2. the review basically said "legalise soft stuff, punish hard sellers"
@Shadow9 Thanks.
3. Government decided they didn't like that, and got rid of all the experts.
4. Did another review, internally.
5. Got same result as 2.
6. Binned entire thing
7. Government started talking about possibility of leaving Europe. Asked experts. Didn't like experts responses. Asked internally. Didn't like internal responses. Asked the uneducated general public. Got a draw, which 'just' fell their way. Pushed onwards with ultimate power because it was going the 'right' way.
Can you see some patterns here?
2:15 PM
talking about the UK?
people voted for brexit, allthough many were misinformed. After years and years and years of bickering about how germany controls everything, I'm rather inclined to let them leave and make their own fortune imo
@djsmiley2kindarkness leaving Europe would be a feat ;)
they can come back without rebates under standard conditions in a couple decades
@Tinkeringbell teehee
you know what I meant :P
@Magisch 52/48.
If it was the other way.... they'd of kept having referendums.
@djsmiley2kindarkness britain can deal with that on its own terms
it was high time to revoke all the special treatment and rebates they had anyways
EU plz can we haz loan
2:25 PM
who knows, maybe britain will prosper
And in the meantime, turns out even IDF pilots have some sense of humor...
you've not been here have you xD
@Magisch BritCoin, will beat BitCoin
@djsmiley2kindarkness I have not, although I want to migrate to scotland at some point
Land of Scot... must be awesome.
2:34 PM
@Magisch Interesting, Scotland. Any specific reason why Scotland is the winner?
that wasn't fun
@JourneymanGeek of course, no doubt
the work VPN on the brand new laptop (yay!) didn't work
@Gimby I love scotland and scottish culture
it is most definitely my jam
reinstalling through our software center failed until I uninstalled it propery and reinstalled :D
2:36 PM
@JourneymanGeek ouch... whose fault was it?
@Shadow9 uhm
@JourneymanGeek yours? ;)
I was handed the laptop in the office carpark by the vendor
@Magisch And they have a government with a better set or priorities than Westminster IMO. I'd move there if it wouldn't take me so far from my family and friends.
2:36 PM
@Magisch Fair enough. It's also incredibly fun to shout "Scotland!" in a Scottish accent.
already imaged with the corporate image
@Magisch jam isn't enough, is it also your cup of tea?
!!/tea Magi
@Shadow9 brews a cup of earl grey tea for @Magi
2:37 PM
@Magi ETA for that? When you retire, or before?
@Shadow9 I'm waiting on brexit to resolve (so might be a while) and then I'll look into what it takes to get a work visa and finding work there
@Magisch oh, so it's soon. You don't like your current job and/or place of living?
not particularly, just preference
3:27 PM
If you ever think SE is a mean place, just remember Aviation.SE was nice to this guy
could you imagine if that was actually real
@Machavity Pff. Very likely it is a joke. But there is always that "what if" feeling.
@Magisch Oh my! I am trapped on this airplane, I manage to actually get flying, now I don't know what to do.....
I will just ask on Stack. Someone will answer.
30' later..... no answer, maybe I should try a bounty?
@BlueSoul there's a few issues :D
mobile connections don't work on planes that well
What if you lose your signal when getting your answer?
@JourneymanGeek we had the boat developer once.
3:32 PM
@JourneymanGeek Just keep flying, just keep flying, just keep flying flying flying...
Now we can proudly say we conquered airspace too.
SE: from land to sea to high in the sky, answering your questions everyday.
that kinda reminds me of the poor paranoid folks we get who are convinced they got hacked
maybe it's that airplane from scp that is actually a room with a dimensional door
that never stops
@Magisch Not really. One does not simply get in a private jet and "take off" without at least knowing how to do things like start and steer said jet
anyway - solution is quite simple.
Just fly towards the Himalaya and when you see a weird looking temple point toward the nearest mountain and jump down in the inflatable lifeboat that should be standard equipment for any private jet.
4:12 PM
@BlueSoul I detect a Temple of Doom reference
though that was a prop plane
with chickens
@JourneymanGeek Sounds like the chickens is revolting
4:25 PM
Poor @Nick
@Shadow9 Meh, he survived to tweet about it.
TWoB is unwelcoming
So, I have wrapped a react component in an angular component that is wrapped as a web component in a SharePoint web part that will run on a web part zone on a SharePoint web site page.
This is starting to look like a matryoshka doll
And that's where PHP came from...
4:40 PM
nope, it is just hate for React .jsx files and a desperate attempt at wrapping them in some actual components and forget about React.
@Shadow9 Funnily enough, I returned home from Israel today on Birthright
5:18 PM
@Stevoisiak Oh cool. I work with Birthright groups sometimes. Where'd you visit?
What's birthright?
Birthright sponsors trips to Israel for young Jewish adults
Got to visit the Western Wall
And climb Masada
@Mithical Nice!
Did you happen to visit the north side of the country?
5:24 PM
Hmm, today would have been the day to visit Yad Vashem
@Mithical Yes. We visiterd Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Tiberius
@πάνταῥεῖ I saw Yad Vashem on Thursday
The airport home was busy yesterday due to diplomats visiting
@Stevoisiak Ah, nice.
I also roomed with a programmer who worked on Any.do
@Stevoisiak Ah good. But today they had the event for 75 anniversary of the relief of Auschwitz.
@πάνταῥεῖ I'd imagine it would have been closed to the public
5:31 PM
Could well be, yes.
It is surreal seeing photos in the news of a center I was standing in 6 days ago
5:44 PM
Regarding this: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/342802/how-do-i-migrate-a-question-to-a-more-appropriate-se-site

I am unfortunately not able to see that close reason at SO, but IIRC Super User was one of the standard sites to migrate questions from there.
What would happen if the OP themselves would vote to close?
I think the unilateral self close is only for dupes?
@JourneymanGeek I also think so, but wasn't sure about migration.
Might be a good FR to avoid friction about agreement.
@πάνταῥεῖ though to an extent, it has potential for abuse too
or site shopping - folks don't always know what's on scope for another site either
@JourneymanGeek Hmm, yes. I didn't think that over well and in depth.
@Journey "or site shopping ..." Well, it could be made applicable if the question already had such close vote proposal for the OP.
@πάνταῥεῖ which is why I mentioned "folks don't always know..."
5:57 PM
OK, that applies for all folks involved, not only the OP :)
including the initial closevoter
So... potential for blind leading the blind
So I think my answer to the mentioned question lists all of the appropriate actions (I'll add self CV, but mention that it wont take imediate effect).
6:12 PM
Also worth considering that in many cases, the barrier for entry, so to speak for a good migration is pretty high
Also, that's probably a better fit for SF
@JourneymanGeek I hope I am considering every aspect now (included a footnote). But basically it's a dupe as proposed by @sonic.
6:33 PM
7:03 PM
@Rob Are you kissing Zoe?
always ask first!
@πάνταῥεῖ Correct. There's "It's about general computing hardware and software. The post author may be able to get help on Super User." and "It's about professional server- or networking-related infrastructure administration. The post author may be able to get help on Server Fault."
General note: sprints are exhausting
I just CV'd it with the Server Fault reason, it had 2 votes for the Super User reason, so they took precedence for the closed post notice. (I'm still getting used to the 3 votes to close rule on SO).
7:11 PM
@PM2Ring I can probably end it over to SF it its on SU
got a link?
hm, not migrated.
Yeah. Just closed.
...I could tell that it was wolf + kissing. Hence my question.
7:18 PM
@Mithical Never go work in software then ;)
specific note: do not talk to a bunch of technical minded people about sports training
I'm not 'technical minded' :/
I'm just good with languages.
I don't do either kind of sprinting :D
@Tinkeringbell You're literally a software developer
7:22 PM
@Magisch I'm just good with languages ;)
You solve logic puzzles and do math for a living!
There's absolutely no math where I come from...
unless you mean 10 cm = 100 mm ;)
boolean algebra is a form of math
Programming languages are languages :D
there's a reason a computer science degree is basically a math degree
7:25 PM
You're forgetting that my degree is in archaeology.
yeah but you're good at software development
'good' is subjective...
a profession that commonly requires what is basically a math degree
Okay so since when is math 'technical' ;)
I mean I sincerely dislike doing math
7:29 PM
@Tinkeringbell Not technical?, Try any of these questions: mathoverflow.net
TBH: I hate math, it almost always proves my algorithmic attempts to be wrong :P
8:10 PM
Just throwing it out there this is a fairly funny typo:
> Stackoverflow.blo
@Mithical better to make the standups sitting
everything is way chiller
9:08 PM
@Mithical Not all math is bad; sometimes it's like a puzzle. Not all puzzles are suited for everyone. Some people like jigsaws, others crosswords. I'm a firm believer that people just need to "find their puzzles" :)
Not that people choose to do math in their spare time, so I guess the analogy falls apart there :P
I mean, some people do. Those people are weird though. ;)
I like back-of-the-envelope calculations. They're often quick, easy, accurate enough, and I get the dopamine rush from solving a problem
@Mithical I guess I do math in my spare time if you count the fact that my phone's alarm makes me do math before it shuts up
Wh... why would you inflict such torture open yourself?
Otherwise I'll fall back asleep
My wife has said she's seen me get up, walk across the room, turn off my traditional alarm clock, get back in bed, and continue sleeping.
And I'll have absolutely no memory of this
The math is to make sure I'm fully awake before the alarm stops
It's not as bad anymore, but when I was consistently getting <5 hours of sleep during school, it was a necessity.
9:24 PM
i do that often, but i usually have recollection of it
it's just i'll do it repeatedly then realize i need to be out the door in 10min
Yeah, that's what was getting me. Too many absences from 8am classes
Now I have a job that doesn't really care when I get in, but I still like to be there bright and early
i ocne made sandwiches for school, while asleep
at 3am
Nice, asleep you doing future-awake you a favor. What a cool person they are
@Das_Geek I'm not even that productive awake!
9:38 PM
I feel that on a spiritual level
9:56 PM
@Shadow9 Rather than waiting for the class to catch up and following along with the discussion, I would just hyperfocus on reading the next thing, tuning out the current discussion. Especially if it was just reading aloud as a group, I would be silently reading way faster, way ahead of the class. It wasn't until the last few months that I realized this sort of hyperfocus and complete inability to stay focused on something unless it immediately grabbed me was a symptom of my ADHD.
Evolutionary advantage for hunters and fps players. :P
10:37 PM
@V2Blast oh.. I see.
@djsmiley2kindarkness what did you put inside?
@Stevoisiak yup Israel decided to throw a huge party for any world leader out there that agreed to arrive. Trump didn't come, but Putin did. If you would have departed today you might have bump into him... ;)
@JourneymanGeek a way to draw (young) people to Israel. :)
1 hour later…
11:46 PM
The repcap does lead to some interesting scenarios.
Like, I somehow managed to earn 10 rep total for this answer... including the accept. meta.stackexchange.com/a/342788/294691
Since it was posted after I had repcapped already, only the downvotes registered, (and the downvotes were being canceled out reputation wise by upvotes on other posts) until I downvoted an answer and then got an upvote (so at that point I had -5 total rep for the post). It was then accepted, so at +10.
I find that interesting.
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