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1:31 AM
Can't believe an IE bug report I recently filed would reach 100 score...
1 hour later…
3:05 AM
Around 15:30 the conversation turns to SO, "I'm not the right person to be the CEO", IPO plans, etc.
Jobs brought in $44M last year.
Ads: $16M in a year.
About SO Enterprise (27:50): "big corporations are paying 1M plus, and there are 28 of them right now".
Unclear if recurring or one-time.
At 28:20 "we have chatrooms... they're weird, we can't get rid of them"
3:23 AM
heh, and SE is "Bigger" than SO...
that's an interesting thing to hear...
.... heh, the talk about the internal SO instances is hilarious. "Oh, we sent copies out to people and 7 years afters... turns out people use it... a lot."
More interesting than the podcast about making a podcast, sure.
The CM one?
Its still early - Its one of those things that, well could work - if they can keep on it, but probably would get better with time
3:41 AM
Yeah, I'm just reflecting on the CM podcast being featured all over, and this interview being pretty obscure, despite being a remarkably frank account of the history and plans for the network.
Well, I suppppossseee
Outreach is one of those things SE has always struggled with. Coulda been something for the marketing blog that's been a bit quiet? ;p
Interesting... we can suggest a site's content to be featured on SE's Twitter. Perhaps the next move is to suggest SE-related content on non-SE to be featured on SE's Twitter...
Does anyone actually suggest content for that? The last tweet of this kind I see is from April 4 about blowing into cartridges.
What'cha mean?
3:56 AM
@VoteDukakis oddly enough, I THINK you just did.... ;p
But stuff like this is probably in the funny place where its more for the broader public or folks who're hardcore users who stalk everything SE does ;p
... and now I just realized Twitter had a new look on desktop-view
I found out about that... on Twitter
@VoteDukakis Joel has the advantage that he can speak as freely as he likes. For what it's worth, our pilot episode hit our goal (300+ listeners), so we're recording more to put in the backlog. Probably we'll never have the really good gossip, but hopefully it'll be useful for understanding how we think about community management.
it oddly reminded me of... , with oddly-placed Twitter logo on the bottom :/
Apparently I don't have it.
@VoteDukakis Well... it's an obscure enough interview that I wasn't aware of it, either. :/
4:05 AM
@JonEricson eh, I doubt the bit about never having the really good gossip ;)
Not everyone's concerned with the 20,000 foot view of things.
I think Abby knows all the good stuff.
Oh, an app? I just use the browser.
that's on Chrome browser on Windows 10 :/
did I get A/B-tested for rarely accessing Twitter~
But you have some sort of theming?
4:12 AM
looks ok for me on vivaldi
@Catija stock dark theme
They have that? :P
Who has dark themes? That's just silly.
.... yes
@Catija Nick apparently is a fan
I actually have an extention that dark themes all the things
Nick uses a dark theme for chat, too... so that doesn't really mean much. :P
something something holding out on the rest of us something something
@Catija I find it easier to read - something about reversed colours helps dyslexics it seems ;p
I think he just uses one of the userscripts.
4:15 AM
On the other hand, I literally swap around... 4 PCs?
and a phone so... its not something I have on every box I run
4:34 AM
Hhh... can only help myself ignoring the users who rejoining the chat room repeatedly with annoying entering/leaving animation...
@NoDistractionWizard hands perception filter
Try not to stare directly at any alien lizard overlords. Apparently gives you a headache.
Yeah, the "ignore" feature works perfectly by removing the animation :D
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
@Bart beat me to it. Morning!
@Tinkeringbell can you decline my comment flag on this post please: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/327292/…
The comment has a (not absolutely clear) meaning in the context of the question (what I didn't see at first)
decline all comment flags for @MEEthesetupwizard, noted
purges all the comments
@rene only on that post
7:15 AM
drop table comments?
//jshint ignore:lime
@JourneymanGeek Ey! I got that ping.
In a manner... of speaking...
He's stealing my flags :(
for the lime is unimportant and shall be ignored
7:16 AM
@rene I think Stack Exchange would prefer (for some reasons, and not much) a TRUNCATE TABLE comments...
but drop table solves the unfriendly comments problem once and for all
much like drop table chat would solve the chatrooms
DROP TABLE users -- No more unfriendliness!
7:46 AM
Q: Feature Request: Require comment for downvotes if user reaches reputation threshold

hisairnessag3So the idea behind this is quite simple, and I have also not seen any similar solution suggested in meta(after a quick search). Succinctly, I have seen both on my answers and questions(as has anyone) that even on topics for which I consider myself an expert and follow guidelines in producing an o...

> and I have also not seen any similar solution suggested in meta(after a quick search).
As some people would say, lolwut.
Your results might depend on what you searched for. after a quick search for "monthy python" ...
@rene I'm pretty sure even that would bring up require-comment-downvote FRs.
I think I once experimented a bit with adding keywords in posts on MSO to get them higher up in the search result. I realized I know nothing about SEO ...
8:13 AM
@rene and knowing that means you know more than many SEO experts
@Margarine true:
2 hours later…
10:19 AM
I guess that's one possible choice for AQW on MSE: Is your question about requiring comments for downvotes?
11:05 AM
11:15 AM
@Mithrandir Nice!
That flower looks very papery though.
11:25 AM
Hello, how do I invite a user to a chat room?
Do I just @ mention their username?
No, they need a chat profile. Then you can invite them to a room
@ahorn find their chat profile, from there you can invite to your chat room
Or create a new room just for the two of you :)
@NoDistractionWizard Got it, thanks.
@Tinkeringbell Odd. It's a real flower...
11:33 AM
@Mithrandir I realized that... it was just that at first I got the impression I was looking at a wad of red paper :P
I have competition ...
What kind of flower is it?
@rene I'm not sure if you even are a flower, or just one of those plastic garden decorations.
Garden roses, according to Google :/
@rene Actually... that makes a pretty good insult. I won't do it again ;)
@NoDistractionWizard That's... a pretty broad category ;)
11:43 AM
@rene is a uncommon blurry dandelion
@Tinkeringbell I'm actually not entirely sure
1 hour later…
12:53 PM
uh oh, I'm getting old notifications on SE Android app slowly but surely
1:03 PM
Is this erroring out for anyome else?
I would expect anything on the /error path to display an error message
That is valid link @JohnDvorak ... it errors on GET
Ah, there's a redirect I'd missed
Yeah, might be merging issue
hmm... actually many of them... users/10967353, users/10967354, users/10967357
Meta.SE is down?
1:16 PM
All Metas are down
@Machavity not for me
Meta.SO is, though
@Glorfindel Give it a sec. Someone said that about another meta and it went down
... did I crash SO?
@NoDistractionWizard We knew it was you! Shog9 will not go easy on you this time
let's try one-boxing the errored user while they're at it...
walterderhalter, Heidelberg, Deutschland
1 1
nope, no problemo... that means the problem might be on the Profile page...
1:26 PM
So I guess I was wrong. Meta.SE and Meta.SO are down, but nothing else apparently
Working on it. :/
So it took only one DAG to fail ...
Hm? Not sure what caused it at this point.
The appropriate people are being flogged hounded in their cubicle as we speak
@Catija just check if the SqlServer dashboard is all green?
1:31 PM
We don't have cubicles.
I don't think it's related to that. They were pushing something to production. They always start with SO and MSE as tests and if nothing breaks, it rolls out to the whole network.
And back
@rene you're supposed to stop and drop first
The people who work in the HQs in NYC actually have hexagons but they're full-height walls. There's a chunk of people... in sales, I think... who are in open plan.
Can someone ping me?
1:35 PM
@Catija I can try
@Catija can do
@Catija or do you prefer a plain at-mention over a chat reply?
Does pinging a CM breaks all meta sites?
Meh. Testing chat notifications... they're suuuuuper slow and my inbox number won't clear.
@rene It's like that Jimmy Stewart movie. Every time a CM gets a ping, Nick Craver gets a phone call
1:41 PM
Still never got those notifications, just didn't want to clear them by responding.
I can't imagine getting a phone call every time Shog got pinged. :/
there is a bug from @Glorfindel on MSE for the same issue
Shog's pings are measured in per second
Yeah, my inbox won't clear now
@Glorfindel did you get a notification of my comment?
... the futility of pinging ...
Well, the in-chat notification noise etc works, so I guess it's not a total loss.
@VoteDukakis I take this as an opportunity to do some math: the blog mentioned 70M in revenue, so that breaks down as 44M from Jobs, 16M from ads, and 10M from Enterprise/Teams.
Which is also relevant to the discussion we've had with @TravisJ about whether Jobs or ads bring more revenue to SO.
1:51 PM
is the political messaging in username really necessary?
Yes. It is critically important that Dukakis wins.
If he does, Bush Sr does not become president; hence Bush Jr does not even get a chance. And we escape the dark timeline we're currently in.
Considering he's currently 85 and not running for office...
Wait, are we not talking about Game of Thrones here?
Michael Stanley Dukakis (; born November 3, 1933) is a retired American politician who served as the 65th Governor of Massachusetts, from 1975 to 1979 and again from 1983 to 1991. He is the longest-serving governor in Massachusetts history and only the second Greek-American governor in U.S. history, after Spiro Agnew. He was nominated by the Democratic Party for president in the 1988 election, losing to the Republican candidate, Vice President George H. W. Bush. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts to Greek and Aromanian Greek immigrants, Dukakis attended Swarthmore College before enlisting in the...
Then please stop your online political activities immediately
1:53 PM
Yes, some time travel is necessary here.
Ah so this is a goof and not early start to the 2020 us presidential race
I was preparing the batteries of sigh already
Sorry if this sounds stupid. I'm going to refer to the SE network in a formal document. Should the word "network" be capitalized in "the Stack Exchange network"?
legal page does that because they continue referring to it as the Network.
"The The Network". :/
Similar how you would see "the Company" in that company's ToS, but not elsewhere.
1:57 PM
I always capitalize it, if that counts for anything.
Capitalize Network only if you are mad as hell and can't take it anymore.
isn't there branding guidance somewhere
feels like some flame that'd rise properly on ELL
@MetaBugWizard Trademark guidance does say "The Stack Exchange Network refers to the collection of Stack Exchange sites and services." Oh well.
2:01 PM
that implies capitalizing "network" is the correct option
good, thanks.
Speaking of usernames, for some time I thought @NoDistractionWizard was referring to that catchy tune by Beck.
I know it isn't but it's catchy enough that I'm reminded of it every time I see the username.
Delayed chat pings: a bug or a feature?
2:07 PM
Q: Top bar notifications (global inbox, +reputation) don't really clear

GlorfindelNormally, when you click the Inbox or the Achievements icon in the top bar, the notification (x new messages, +y reputation) clear. They still do, but upon refreshing the page, they're back to their old values.

Both? We technically give you the option to have them come in after 15 minutes or immediately.
Yup. And chat pings are really delayed. I usually get them within a minute and they're taking much longer, if they ever turn up. — Catija ♦ 25 mins ago
even if you have fast ping enabled, there's a delay
and when you respond or ack the ping in the delay, there will be no ping
@Catija Notices aren't clearing, but only on Meta.SO and Meta.SE. No other SO/SE site does it at present for me
what about IRQ-driven hard ping?
2:09 PM
@Machavity Ah, interesting. Yeah, that's what I'm seeing, too.
@Magisch Yeah, but it's usually 15-30 seconds.
38 mins ago, by Catija
I don't think it's related to that. They were pushing something to production. They always start with SO and MSE as tests and if nothing breaks, it rolls out to the whole network.
@VoteDukakis hey, that's a catchy tune!
I like how whenever I tweet Nick Craver, he always makes a new tweet that indirectly refers to mine, rather than pressing "reply"
How do tweet @replies work?
2:13 PM
@NoDistractionWizard click the "speech bubble" (reply) button
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Replies are not seen by people who are not following both of you.
@VoteDukakis they can be, but you have to click tweets & replies on the person specifically
Yeah. The majority of Nick's followers are looking at their timeline, not at his Twitter page directly.
Yeah, AFAIK, if you're replying in a thread, then it's not shown on the timeline. So the easier way to do it is to post on your timeline and... ninja'd
I miss Google Buzz.
2:22 PM
I miss Google Wave.
I miss welbog at googlewave.com
I miss sci.math.research. Well not really. Last post in 2017...
But that was a moderated group, so as soon as moderators retired, it would have to stop.
OTOH, unmoderated sci.math is still active, but I'm not sure that is a good thing...
2:37 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Not sure how accurate that can be. Nick hates binding redirects almost as much as I hate jira...
Huh, the userscript to show badge on pinned chatroom tab disappears from my Monkey :/ derp, it's a Chrome Extension
A: Top bar notifications (global inbox, +reputation) reset after refreshing or visiting another page

Nick CraverThis was an issue with a library update we just pushed out which seemed fine but depending on assembly load order created a race that exposed a binding redirect issue with System.Numerics.Vectors because the .NET assembly loader is just oh so fun. The net result was this library which gets a fir...

You can feel Nick's rage through all that italic.
@VoteDukakis He doesn't seem all that angry to me.
@Magisch Its a joke, ironically that most americans won't get
I did, though I'm confised over whether its actually funny
It isn't really.
2:47 PM
But you would literally need to have half a clue to who Dukakis was
And I had about that much ;p
Probably dependent on my browser history, but the movie reference is immediately suggested by Google:
@Magisch sigh
@JourneymanGeek It takes the one Google, dude
Oh it's that guy from the meta post. Go do something useful with your time, dude.
for all I know, it might as well be a Dark Souls boss
Yep, that's what I originally thought as well
With annoying spawn abilities.
Does sound like a good name for your Nemesis
2:54 PM
Bosses with names like that don't really look cool but are extremely egotistical and always go like MORTAL YOU MADE SUCH A BIG MISTAKE
And they won't admit to defeat and smack talk even after we beat them
I can imagine that sentence coming from DT's mouth.
Either that, or they look cool and emo and all but are pretty weak because they're only the second boss
@NoDistractionWizard Yeah that's the idea
I prefer Martingale.
Well, remind me 30 days later
2:57 PM
I prefer just ale
@VoteDukakis But how many make you go "ugh margarine"?
Marlon Brando
2:59 PM
M.A.R. Keting
M.A.R karena
@Margarine Are you a lady?
No I'm a laddie
No images of Missy Elliot pulling off a pair of silk gloves then?
3:02 PM
Voulez Vous Mange Fromage....
or something
@JourneymanGeek pretty good!
@JourneymanGeek non, merci
I learnt french for a bit
@JohnDvorak No it's a Mr. Elliot pulling off gardening gloves
Gonna restart my Deutsch this summer when I get more time
Darn genders really put me off, and I've got better things to do than find the appropriate article for Ashley.
Poochy Poochy papa yaya?
3:08 PM
Who's that?
You don't want me to pull out the reference.
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?
Speaking of, Physics still has no mod candidates; 3 are needed for the election. I expected a bunch of crackpots to show up early..
3:26 PM
@KevinB Because that's what crackpots do best?
Show up early and often
why why
3:41 PM
@NoDistractionWizard Good movie!
2 hours later…
5:52 PM
@NoDistractionWizard By coincidence, yesterday, I happened to be listening to songs from that movie.
6:52 PM
Hello @balpha!
7:15 PM
@MEEthesetupwizard 👋
So happy you still remember me 😁
Who are you?
hey @balpha
Hello @balpha
7:46 PM
Something just happened to the Featured on Meta box.
@MEEthesetupwizard This is part of a project to slightly reduce the amount of dog-piss yellow on the site. The big win is the help center.
So am I right you didn't like that yellow color? I somehow get that feeling ...
It perfectly sums up my feelings about the sidebar: don't drink it.
Credit where credit is due: "dog-piss" was Shog's adjective of choice.
7:58 PM
8:36 PM
The Jon himself, circa 2015
> I worry about activities such as the review queues, which perhaps over-promise the good they do. Is it really helpful to close a question that would only get a handful of organic views and never be answered anyway?
From the associated blog post
Is the volume super low or am I growing old and deaf?
@VoteDukakis I did a SQL training the other day and one of the exercises I assigned was counting the number of SO users with the first name of each person in the group. I considered asking to calculate average reputation, but realized it wasn't really fair to the non-Jons.
Use a robust measure of center: the median.
Not affected by outliers.
And that's why I find myself using R more and SQL less.
A: Function to Calculate Median in SQL Server

Justin GrantThere are lots of ways to do this, with dramatically varying performance. Here's one particularly well-optimized solution, from Medians, ROW_NUMBERs, and performance. This is a particularly optimal solution when it comes to actual I/Os generated during execution – it looks more costly than other ...

8:46 PM
Was that (Oct '15) the last company-wide meetup? Potentially ever?
@VoteDukakis No. We had another one on Halloween 2016.
Right, 2015 San Diego and 2016 Philadelphia.
Forgot the phillycheesestack
9:02 PM
I don't know if this yellow-ish on yellow-ish combo is really an improvement.
the red text is what bothers me the most. Maybe it was always red, but it just sticks out like a sore thumb with how it is now
It's natural to see red when reading Meta.
9:53 PM
I don't know what red you're talking about...
I don't know either. Maybe this one.
TIL it's a cover version.
10:17 PM
@balpha You are dead to us sir. DEAD
We will remember you with a capital first letter...
JK. How's the new adventure?

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